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A Most Agreeable Bargain: 4 Part Series
A Most Agreeable Bargain (4.35)Nalais strikes a bargain with a tentacled being. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/10/17
A Most Agreeable Bargain Ch. 02 (4.85)Tentacles certainly are very agreeable!  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/22/17
A Most Agreeable Bargain Ch. 03 (4.74)The tentacled lover continues to prove himself agreeable.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/12/17
A Most Agreeable Bargain Ch. 04 (4.65)Final Chapter: Nalaisi agrees to something more permanent.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/07/18
A Tentacled Dream Come True Ch. 01 (4.09)Pleasure to a tentacled fantasy... Toys & Masturbation 05/18/18
All in the Cure: 3 Part Series
All in the Cure Ch. 01 (4.52)A miracle cure has certain side effects.  Hot Romance 02/28/18
All in the Cure Ch. 02 (4.59)The cure has some very pleasurable side-effects!  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/30/18
All in the Cure Ch. 03 (4.39)Real cocks are much more fun than toy ones. Erotic Couplings 06/30/18
Blessings of a Healer: 8 Part Series
Blessings of a Healer Ch. 01 (4.57)A futanari healer is taken to be the concubine of a warlord.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/23/14
Blessings of a Healer Ch. 02 (4.68)Ialia and Azan finally consummate their bond.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/27/14
Blessings of a Healer Ch. 03 (4.62)Ialia gets more used to her new position.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/07/14
Blessings of a Healer Ch. 04 (4.69)Ialia is pleasantly surprised by her lord and master.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/08/14
Blessings of a Healer Ch. 05 (4.72)Azan takes the time to enjoy his futanari lover.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/04/14
Blessings of a Healer Ch. 06 (4.68)Ialia gets a taste of dominating the mighty warlord.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/22/15
Blessings of a Healer Ch. 07 (4.65)The warlord enjoys the spoils of his conquest.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/06/16
Blessings of a Healer Ch. 08 (4.67)Warlord gets his reward, so does the futanari. Final chapter.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/08/18
Bound into Service: 4 Part Series
Bound into Service Ch. 01 (4.52)A futanari finds herself mated to a tentacled being.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 11/07/15
Bound into Service Ch. 02 (4.62)The futanari priestess is ravished by her tentacled mate.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 12/28/15
Bound into Service Ch. 03 (4.72)The futanari is ravished by tentacles.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/01/17
Bound into Service Ch. 04 (4.79)Futanari is teased and ravished by tentacles. Final chapter.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/07/18
For a Song: 5 Part Series
For a Song Ch. 01 (4.77)A young woman is bargained in exchange for a man's life.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 08/21/15
For a Song Ch. 02 (4.83)Aino is pleasantly surprised by her captor.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/05/15
For a Song Ch. 03 (4.94)Vainamoinen seduces the lovely Aino.  Hot Toys & Masturbation 12/04/16
For a Song Ch. 04 (4.93)Vainamoinen claims his bride, and AIno is eager.  Hot Erotic Couplings 09/07/17
For a Song Ch. 05 (4.74)Final chapter: Vainamoinen proves himself a worthy mate.  Hot Erotic Couplings 01/09/18
Futanari Sexperiment Ch. 01 (4.54)A woman is transformed into a futanari by a mad scientist.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/01/18
Hot Days and Hotter Nights: 7 Part Series
Hot Days and Hotter Nights Ch. 01 (4.41)A powerful and gorgeous futa takes a bride. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/30/14
Hot Days and Hotter Nights Ch. 02 (4.58)Wedding night the gorgeous and powerful futa takes her bride  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/05/14
Hot Days and Hotter Nights Ch. 03 (4.64)Sena learns what it is like to have a futanari as a lover.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/18/14
Hot Days and Hotter Nights Ch. 04 (4.76)Sena gets more used to her new home, and her futanari lover.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/16/14
Hot Days and Hotter Nights Ch. 05 (4.65)Salamacia begins to thaw Sena's icy shell.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/04/15
Hot Days and Hotter Nights Ch. 06 (4.77)Sena continues to enjoy the affections of her futa lover.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 05/10/15
Hot Days and Hotter Nights Ch. 07 (4.80)A challenger approaches!  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/26/15
Joys of a Futanari Wife Ch. 01 (4.38)A futanari becomes wife to a man with pleasurable ways. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/18/18
Little Tsaritsa: 6 Part Series
Little Tsaritsa (4.72)A young Russian-American woman is pursued by a mobster.  Hot Erotic Couplings 11/11/17
Little Tsaritsa Ch. 02 (4.65)The bet between Arkady and Nadezsha has consequences.  Hot Erotic Couplings 11/26/17
Little Tsaritsa Ch. 03 (4.80)Arkady claims the tsaritsa as his own.  Hot Erotic Couplings 12/09/17
Little Tsaritsa Ch. 04 (4.76)Arkady's really not such a bad fellow...  Hot Romance 12/26/17
Little Tsaritsa Ch. 05 (4.73)It's nice having a rich, powerful man as your protector.  Hot Erotic Couplings 03/31/18
Little Tsaritsa Ch. 06 (4.26)Arkady introduces her to life's nicer - and spicier - things. Erotic Couplings 07/01/18
Sing Love, The Electric Heart: 4 Part Series
Sing Love, The Electric Heart Ch. 01 (4.49)A computer falls in love with a woman. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/19/14
Sing Love, The Electric Heart Ch. 02 (4.60)Skylar finally meets the One.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/26/15
Sing Love, The Electric Heart Ch. 03 (4.77)Skylar becomes better acquainted with The One.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/21/15
Sing Love, The Electric Heart Ch. 04 (4.64)Skylar learns more about Aitan, and receives more pleasure.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/21/18
Sorcerer's Treasure: 18 Part Series
Sorcerer's Treasure (4.35)A powerful mage takes a beautiful futa lover as his own. NonConsent/Reluctance 09/16/14
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 01 (4.48)Cedric learns Delia's secret, and is delighted. NonConsent/Reluctance 09/18/14
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 02 (4.69)Cedric explores Delia's secret charms... all of them.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 09/23/14
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 03 (4.63)Cedric impresses upon Delia that she and her charms are his.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/02/14
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 04 (4.80)A lovely futanari finds herself tormented - and pleasured.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/27/14
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 05 (4.60)Cedric exerts his will over Delia, sparking rebellion.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 01/28/15
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 06 (4.41)Delia is punished for her rebellion. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/28/15
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 07 (4.60)Delia's punishment sparks unexpected consequences.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 03/11/15
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 08 (4.69)Delia gains her freedom, but at what price?  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 04/02/15
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 09 (4.79)Delia gains pleasure from Cedric, on her terms.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 04/14/15
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 10 (4.57)Cedric is put in his place, Delia is offered possibilities.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 07/06/15
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 11 (4.66)Delia enjoys the attention of a new lover.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/30/15
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 12 (4.82)Delia experiences something new in the bedroom.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 05/12/16
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 13 (4.79)A challenge is issued!  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 05/11/17
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 14 (4.81)Delia's challenge has unexpected consequences.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/08/17
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 15 (4.62)A futanari contemplates her two lovers.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/24/18
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 16 (4.60)Delia makes a resolution after some inspiration.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 04/23/18
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 17 (4.04)Final - Happy endings do exist after all for this lovely futanari! Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/16/18
That Damn Imp: 12 Part Series
That Damn Imp Ch. 00 (4.56)Prologue: a fae is determined to woo, and win a demon.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/18/16
That Damn Imp Ch. 01 (4.57)Puck develops a plan, and is rewarded for his efforts.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/22/16
That Damn Imp Ch. 02 (4.67)Puck's woing leads to seduction...  Hot Erotic Couplings 03/30/16
That Damn Imp Ch. 03 (4.78)After his success, Puck is determined to savor his victory.  Hot Humor & Satire 05/03/16
That Damn Imp Ch. 04 (4.60)Puck has fun with himself, Koshka has fun with him.  Hot Toys & Masturbation 05/21/16
That Damn Imp Ch. 05 (4.79)Puck plays the game better than Koshka expected. Botb win!  Hot Erotic Couplings 10/12/16
That Damn Imp Ch. 06 (4.53)The line between Malcolm and Puck blurs just a bit.  Hot Erotic Couplings 05/12/17
That Damn Imp Ch. 07 (4.60)Puck recalls the very first time he laid eyes upon Koshka.  Hot Romance 05/26/17
That Damn Imp Ch. 08 (4.50)Puck comes to see how much Malcolm is valued.  Hot Erotic Couplings 07/18/17
That Damn Imp Ch. 09 (4.82)Puck declares his love.  Hot Erotic Couplings 09/15/17
That Damn Imp Ch. 10 (4.91)Puck faces the truth... and it's not pretty.  Hot Romance 12/02/17
That Damn Imp Ch. 11 (4.75)Puck and Venjanca have a heart to heart.  Hot Romance 05/26/18
The Sexy Alien Next Door Ch. 01 (4.52)A young man discovers that his neighbor has a sexy secret!  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/21/18
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