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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

A Tennessee Education: 7 Part Series
A Tennessee Education Pt. 01 (4.10)Bobby, Sharon, Jasmine and Mariko introduced. Fetish 07/01/15
A Tennessee Education Pt. 02 (4.36)Disaster strikes Bobby and Sharon leading to drastic changes. Fetish 07/02/15
A Tennessee Education Pt. 03 (4.62)Sharon and Bobby bond & learn the ropes as mistress & slave.  Hot Fetish 07/03/15
A Tennessee Education Pt. 04 (4.90)Bobby is offered a chance at redemption.  Hot Fetish 07/04/15
A Tennessee Education Pt. 05 (4.71)Another slave joins Sharon's household.  Hot Fetish 07/05/15
A Tennessee Education Pt. 06 (4.73)Sharon moves things along with her two slaves.  Hot Fetish 07/07/15
A Tennessee Education Pt. 07 (4.68)Sharon surprises everyone with unexpected news.  Hot Fetish 07/08/15
Finding Travis: 11 Part Series
Finding Travis Ch. 01 (4.54)Travis meets Rachel and Tianna.  Hot Fetish 07/19/16
Finding Travis Ch. 02 (4.59)Travis gets his first taste of Rachel.  Hot Fetish 07/20/16
Finding Travis Ch. 03 (4.63)Travis tastes another and sinks deeper into this other world.  Hot Fetish 07/21/16
Finding Travis Ch. 04 (4.50)Rachel, Tracie and the girls have fun with the new boy.  Hot Fetish 07/22/16
Finding Travis Ch. 05 (4.64)Travis and Tianna become better acquainted via email.  Hot Fetish 07/23/16
Finding Travis Ch. 06 (4.55)Travis meets Tianna and the family.  Hot Fetish 07/25/16
Finding Travis Ch. 07 (4.43)Another day with the Johnson clan. Fetish 07/27/16
Finding Travis Ch. 08 (4.54)Travis learns the real reason why he is with Tianna.  Hot Fetish 07/28/16
Finding Travis Ch. 09 (4.67)Things between Travis and the sisters come to a head.  Hot Fetish 07/29/16
Finding Travis Ch. 10 (4.70)Travis' journey continues - thanks to Katie.  Hot Fetish 07/30/16
Finding Travis Ch. 11 (2.84)Epilogue: The unexpected happens. Fetish 07/31/16
The Best Gift Ever: 12 Part Series
The Best Gift Ever Ch. 01 (4.62)Deb inherits her sister's slave and brings him to Texas.  Hot Fetish 01/26/16
The Best Gift Ever Ch. 02 (4.59)Deb lays down the ground rules.  Hot Fetish 01/27/16
The Best Gift Ever Ch. 03 (4.73)Day one continues with Mistress and then with the girls.  Hot Fetish 01/28/16
The Best Gift Ever Ch. 04 (4.63)Deb and Bobby visit the doctor.  Hot Fetish 01/29/16
The Best Gift Ever Ch. 05 (4.83)The Week after the big fix things begin to change.  Hot Fetish 01/30/16
The Best Gift Ever Ch. 06 (4.71)Deb continues to enjoy the "new and improved" Bobby.  Hot Fetish 01/31/16
The Best Gift Ever Ch. 07 (4.77)Katie and Tyaja take liberties with Bobby.  Hot Fetish 02/02/16
The Best Gift Ever Ch. 08 (4.73)Things come to a head between Tyaja and Bobby.  Hot Fetish 02/03/16
The Best Gift Ever Ch. 09 (4.71)Disaster strikes. Jenny holds things together.  Hot Fetish 02/04/16
The Best Gift Ever Ch. 10 (4.78)Deb, Bobby and Jenny - things get complicated.  Hot Fetish 02/05/16
The Best Gift Ever Ch. 11 (4.65)Jenny joins Deb's household.  Hot Fetish 02/06/16
The Best Gift Ever Ch. 12 (4.60)The arrangement is finalized.  Hot Fetish 02/09/16
The Cabin: 14 Part Series
The Cabin Ch. 01 (4.47)Katie's fantasy of dominating Ken come true. Loving Wives 12/15/09
The Cabin Ch. 02 (4.40)Katie submits to Ken, or does she. Loving Wives 06/28/10
The Cabin Ch. 03 (4.38)Ken agrees to be Katie's sub; the adventure begins. Loving Wives 07/03/10
The Cabin Ch. 04 (4.28)Katie takes control of their relationship once more. Loving Wives 10/08/10
The Cabin Ch. 05 (4.40)Amber watches Katie lead Ken as his Domme. Loving Wives 10/11/10
The Cabin Ch. 06 (4.23)Ken challenges Katie to rethink their relationship. Loving Wives 11/03/10
The Cabin Ch. 07 (4.43)Katie has Ken introduce men into the D/s lifestyle. Fetish 04/25/11
The Cabin Ch. 07 Pt. 02 (4.45)Katie has Ken introduce men into the D/s lifestyle. BDSM 05/07/11
The Cabin Ch. 08 (4.46)Ken falls to temptation to a Russian beauty. Fetish 09/07/14
The Cabin Ch. 09 (4.53)Three submissives ready for a femdom party while wives shop.  Hot Fetish 09/08/14
The Cabin Ch. 10 (4.55)Four couples celebrate female dominance and male submission.  Hot Fetish 09/09/14
The Cabin Ch. 11 (4.55)4 couples debrief after a night of sexual pleasure.  Hot Fetish 09/10/14
The Cabin Ch. 12 (4.66)Tracy assumes control of Ken while Katie recovers.  Hot Fetish 09/11/14
The Cabin Ch. 13 (4.54)Katie addresses Tracy's antics.  Hot Fetish 09/20/14
The Farm: 14 Part Series
The Farm Ch. 01 (4.33)Jordy makes his way to The Farm and begins his journey. Fetish 11/03/17
The Farm Ch. 02 (4.39)Jordy learns a little more about The Farm. Fetish 11/04/17
The Farm Ch. 03 (4.28)Jordy becomes acquainted with the humbler and then Emily. Fetish 11/05/17
The Farm Ch. 04 (4.00)Josh and Jordy spend their first day with a new mistresses. Fetish 11/06/17
The Farm Ch. 05 (3.83)Back in Texas, things take on a new twist with Ty and Lisa. Fetish 11/07/17
The Farm Ch. 06 (4.24)Jordy spends his first full day free of the gag. Fetish 11/08/17
The Farm Ch. 07 (4.19)Jordy and Emily come to terms, Joshua is purchased. Fetish 11/09/17
The Farm Ch. 08 (4.12)Lisa finds a girlfriend to bring back to her mistress. Fetish 11/10/17
The Farm Ch. 09 (4.39)Holiday's at The Farm. The end of Jordy's time draws near. Fetish 11/11/17
The Farm Ch. 10 (4.17)Comings and goings at The Farm. Fetish 11/12/17
The Farm Ch. 11 (3.92)Home at last. Preparations are made for a celebration party. Fetish 11/13/17
The Farm Ch. 12 (4.06)Deb welcomes Jenny and Jordy home to a New Year's Eve Party. Fetish 11/14/17
The Farm Ch. 13 (4.05)Katie travels to The Farm seeking Travis. Fetish 11/15/17
The Farm Ch. 14 - Epilogue (3.74)Epilogue to the story of The Farm. Fetish 11/16/17
The Science Experiment: 6 Part Series
The Science Experiment Ch. 01 (4.37)Martin and Michelle bring a femdom dream city to life. Fetish 12/04/14
The Science Experiment Ch. 02 (4.53)Maya experiences an exciting first day at the Extraction Cen.  Hot Fetish 12/04/14
The Science Experiment Ch. 03 (4.53)Vira and Adi experience Revelation Day.  Hot Fetish 12/05/14
The Science Experiment Ch. 04 (4.14)Navy Seals kidnap two babes from the mysterious Testeekul. Fetish 12/06/14
The Science Experiment Ch. 05 (4.40)Maya Nadia and Vira enjoy play time with Bull males. Fetish 12/07/14
The Science Experiment Ch. 06 (4.65)The experiment goes worldwide.  Hot Fetish 12/08/14
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