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A Quick Burble About Dialogue (4.59)If you need help to wrangle your dialogue into shape!  Hot How To 03/23/12
Alone at the End of the World: 4 Part Series
Alone at the End of the World (4.69)Epidemic.  Hot Gay Male 09/19/11
Alone at the End of the World Ch. 02 (4.81)Interlude.  Hot Gay Male 10/28/11
Alone at the End of the World Ch. 03 (4.74)Inception.  Hot Gay Male 01/09/12
Alone at the End of the World Ch. 04 (4.80)Uprising.  Hot Gay Male 02/07/12
Cat and Dog (4.64)Three men brought together, in a world filled with hate.  Hot Gay Male 03/03/13
Character Description Dos and Donts (4.86)How to Avoid the mugshot description.  Hot How To 09/22/11
Eyes Like Winona: 8 Part Series
Eyes Like Winona (4.69)Times are hard.  Hot Gay Male 05/01/12
Eyes Like Winona Ch. 02 (4.71)Trying to eke out a routine.  Hot Gay Male 05/14/12
Eyes Like Winona Ch. 03 (4.65)Clients are rough, but Drake and Neil get closer.  Hot Gay Male 05/26/12
Eyes Like Winona Ch. 04 (4.83)Scars run deep, for everyone.  Hot Gay Male 06/11/12
Eyes Like Winona Ch. 05 (4.71)Bad pennies have a way of turning up.  Hot Gay Male 07/21/12
Eyes Like Winona Ch. 06 (4.86)Change of Heart.  Hot Gay Male 08/11/12
Eyes Like Winona Ch. 07 (4.81)An uneasy quiet.  Hot Gay Male 09/13/12
Eyes Like Winona Ch. 08 (4.86)The End.  Hot Gay Male 11/27/12
File 66 (4.73)the Unitarian church must fall!  Hot Gay Male 02/26/12
Fingering the Idol (4.62)Mating habits of the NPC  Hot Gay Male 07/31/14
Firecracker: 2 Part Series
Firecracker (4.75)A half-demon, and one who would swallow him whole.  Hot Gay Male 02/01/13
Firecracker Ch. 02 (4.88)Isaac proves invaluable against an ancient terror.  Hot Gay Male 08/11/15
Onus: 8 Part Series
Onus (4.47)A burden that Humanity must bear. Gay Male 05/13/13
Onus 02 (4.43)The Ordinary Man. Gay Male 06/02/13
Onus 03 (4.81)The man with half a face.  Hot Gay Male 11/10/13
Onus 04 (4.73)Into the city.  Hot Gay Male 03/18/14
Onus 05 (4.83)Exploring dark walls, and bright places.  Hot Gay Male 03/27/14
Onus 06 (4.84)A breach of mistrust.  Hot Gay Male 06/07/15
Onus 07 (4.83)The other eye opens. Sam's side of the story.  Hot Gay Male 02/03/16
Onus 08 (4.77)Broken barriers.  Hot Gay Male 05/03/17
Poor Simon: 12 Part Series
Poor Simon Ch. 01 (4.44)Simon is captured by an evil corporation. Gay Male 02/12/11
Poor Simon Ch. 02 (4.55)Simon meets his new Master.  Hot Gay Male 02/13/11
Poor Simon Ch. 03 (4.57)Simon gets to know Raine, and Thomas, and his Master better.  Hot Gay Male 02/14/11
Poor Simon Ch. 04 (4.62)Simon receives the Makeover from Hell.  Hot Gay Male 03/12/11
Poor Simon Ch. 05 (4.71)Master softens...  Hot Gay Male 03/17/11
Poor Simon Ch. 06 (4.65)Simon has to go to the Doctor!  Hot Gay Male 03/18/11
Poor Simon Ch. 07 (4.58)Simon wakes up, and learns a thing or two about bedplay.  Hot Gay Male 03/23/11
Poor Simon Ch. 08 (4.54)Simon meets Mr. Grey  Hot Gay Male 03/25/11
Poor Simon Ch. 09 (4.43)Simon has less time then he realizes. Gay Male 04/01/11
Poor Simon Ch. 10 (4.70)The beggining of the end  Hot Gay Male 04/02/11
Poor Simon Ch. 11 (4.78)The end is almost here.  Hot Gay Male 04/06/11
Poor Simon Ch. 12 (4.81)The final chapter.  Hot Gay Male 04/08/11
Shy Jared: 6 Part Series
Shy Jared Ch. 01 (4.61)A bullied teen finds an older man to take care of him.  Hot Gay Male 03/28/11
Shy Jared Ch. 02 (4.62)Jared is no longer quite as shy...  Hot Gay Male 04/02/11
Shy Jared Ch. 03 (4.67)Jared and Darryl take a shower.  Hot Gay Male 04/12/11
Shy Jared Ch. 04 (4.60)Jared gets to spend the night.  Hot Gay Male 04/22/11
Shy Jared Ch. 05 (4.71)Jared gives Darryl a little more then breakfast in bed.  Hot Gay Male 05/27/11
Shy Jared Ch. 06 (4.77)Darryl and Jared make love.  Hot Gay Male 08/06/11
Stars, Sulfur, and the Taste of Ash (4.72)An exciting and sexy fourth of July for a virgin gay boy.  Hot Gay Male 08/23/12
Tenderness: 7 Part Series
Tenderness Ch. 01 (4.71)A young man is brutally attacked, and finds love after.  Hot Gay Male 06/11/11
Tenderness Ch. 02 (4.75)Aaron begins to recover.  Hot Gay Male 06/24/11
Tenderness Ch. 03 (4.75)Father and Firefly.  Hot Gay Male 07/10/11
Tenderness Ch. 04 (4.82)We meet the family, and Aaron faces his fears.  Hot Gay Male 08/18/11
Tenderness Ch. 05 (4.76)Isn't love beautiful?  Hot Gay Male 12/20/11
Tenderness Ch. 06 (4.79)Everything's looking up.  Hot Gay Male 02/07/12
Tenderness Ch. 07 (4.84)The End.  Hot Gay Male 04/03/12
The Bottom Tier: 2 Part Series
The Bottom Tier (4.72)In a world divided unfairly, the victims find love.  Hot Gay Male 03/22/11
The Bottom Tier Revisited (4.66)An epilogue to the Bottom Tier.  Hot Gay Male 04/22/11
The Bottom Tier: Ari and Cato (4.78)A new pair of lovers in a broken world.  Hot Gay Male 09/04/11
The Boy from the Sea: 8 Part Series
The Boy from the Sea Ch. 01 (4.53)Christopher finds a strange boy tangled in his nets.  Hot Gay Male 04/13/11
The Boy from the Sea Ch. 02 (4.54)An understanding is met.  Hot Gay Male 04/14/11
The Boy from the Sea Ch. 03 (4.56)Adriel learns to cope.  Hot Gay Male 04/21/11
The Boy from the Sea Ch. 04 (4.60)Adriel learns, and teaches.  Hot Gay Male 05/09/11
The Boy from the Sea Ch. 05 (4.60)We learn Adriel's story.  Hot Gay Male 06/14/11
The Boy from the Sea Ch. 06 (4.71)All good things must come to an end.  Hot Gay Male 07/30/11
The Boy from the Sea Ch. 07 (4.65)A capture, and an escape.  Hot Gay Male 08/05/11
The Boy from the Sea Ch. 08 (4.53)For better or worse, this is the end.  Hot Gay Male 09/19/11
The Goats (4.74)A cruel ritual ends in happiness.  Hot Gay Male 06/20/12
The Half-Breed's Journey: 2 Part Series
The Half-Breed's Journey (4.47)A girl learns about herself, and falls prey to a demon. NonHuman 08/07/11
The Half-Breed's Journey Ch. 02 (4.43)The shopkeeper and the satyr. NonHuman 07/09/13
The New World: 7 Part Series
The New World (4.49)A werewolf starts the first painful segmant of his journey. Gay Male 04/24/11
The New World Ch. 02 (4.66)Matteo heals, and makes it to the New World.  Hot Gay Male 05/07/11
The New World Ch. 03 (4.60)Matteo finds a new home.  Hot Gay Male 05/22/11
The New World Ch. 04 (4.70)The hunt.  Hot Gay Male 06/17/11
The New World Ch. 05 (4.63)The Alpha has an unhealthy attraction.  Hot Gay Male 08/29/11
The New World Ch. 06 (4.63)An old foe.  Hot Gay Male 01/03/12
The New World Ch. 07 (4.72)The End.  Hot Gay Male 03/18/12
The Slave Boy: 2 Part Series
The Slave Boy 01 (4.72)A face from the past.  Hot Gay Male 03/28/12
The Slave Boy 02 (4.86)Leaving the Keep, and forging a new life.  Hot Gay Male 04/03/12
The Slave Girl (4.59)Ashram buys a virgin.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 07/28/11
Lies (4.73)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 11/17/11
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