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MsLaLa31's Biography:
Gender: Female
Weight: Large
Height: Average
Location: LaLa Land
Orientation: Straight
Interested In: Nothing
Status: Single
Smoke: No
Drink: Occasionally
Fetishes: None
Pets: None
User Number: 1279260
Member Since: March 14, 2011
Last Modified: November 12, 2016
Some words from MsLaLa31:


Thank you guys for all your emails and for saving me/my stories as part of your favorites! It warms my heart to know I have readers (old and new) who continue to enjoy "Perfume" and "Stardust."




Update: 6.26.12

Dear Reader,

Three months. It's been three months since my last update. I really, really am ashamed of myself. Some of you are e-mailing and wondering what happened to a sequel to "Stardust." In all honesty, I can't even say. My writing hasn't been flowing for a while; and if this is a block, then it's a BEAST.

Each time I sit down to write the outline or even work on the computer...nothing. I've got an endless number of notebooks, and all of them are filled with ideas and outlines I've scribbled for Rob's story, "Stardust" and several new stories I've been working on. But I'm very sorry to say that none are even close to being ready for your reading enjoyment.

I am of the mind that if I can't deliver stellar work that will blow your minds, I won't submit anything at here we are. I just thought I'd let you guys know something...that I'm still here, still living, still dreaming and still trying.

I really hope I can give you guys something to read soon. Don't stop doing those butt-naked rain dances to the literary gods for me!

All my love,



Update: 3.4.12

So you guys are gonna kill me. I've been kinda sorta working on the "Stardust" revisited chapter. But then I got bowled over by life. There's lots going on and I can't write as much as I'd like. THEN, a new story came running at me. So right now I'm working on that.

As it stands, I'm trying to juggle both the new story and "Stardust." I feel very excited about this one because it kinda overtook me the way "Stardust" did. So I'm committing today to writing the outline and doing some actual writing on my laptop.

You guys will be hearing from me soon. Take care and so sorry I've been gone so long. You have no idea!

Lots of love...



Update: 11.30.11

Hey everybody. I got a few e-mails wondering why you haven't heard from me. With the holidays, work and my kid I've been slammed; and I haven't had a chance to write one sentence!

As soon as things quiet down I'll be back. I haven't forgotten about Rob or a revisitation of "Stardust." When I begin writing again I will post an update on here. Thanks for your messages and concern. Happy Holidays!



Update: 10.9.11

"Stardust" is complete and submitted!

Playlist (and where my head was during the writing process):

"Protectors of the Earth" by Two Steps from Hell

"Soft Place to Fall" by Loni Rose

"Love is a Losing Game" by Amy Winehouse

"Endless Flight" by Ryuichi Sakamoto

"Nearness of You" by Norah Jones

"Good Man" by Raphael Saadiq

Link to "Stardust" Photobucket:

Hope you guys enjoy!



Update: 10.7.11

"Stardust" is almost done!



Update: 9.27.11

Hi guys. Just wanted to let you know that I've been super busy. I haven't been able to write as much as I've wanted, but I am writing! I don't believe the conclusion will be done as early as I wanted (I know, and I'm so sorry!). But please know that I work on it as much as I possibly can. Keep checking this page to find out when I've submitted.

Be back soon!



Update: 9.22.11

Slaving away on the conclusion of "Stardust." Also working on its Photobucket page! Will be back with more details!


Update: 9.17.11

Hey guys! Even though I've submitted Chapter 2 of the story, it's still in the "Pending" of the sucky parts of submitting here is that it sometimes takes eons for a submission to be posted. I just wanted to give a heads up...hopefully it will be posted soon!



Update: 9.13.11

Chapter Two of "Stardust" submitted!



Update: 9.7.11

I'm still here...slaving away on Chapter 2 of "Stardust!" I'll post another update once it's submitted. Hopefully we're looking at next week sometime...I dunno. But I'll be back soon!

Thank you for ALL your support and good vibrations you're sending my way!



Update: 8.31.11

So just re-submitted "Stardust." This time I put it under Interracial Love. Figured people would be more pissed if they realized they were reading an interracial story (if they're not into that kinda thing) than a fantasy. So there it is.

As I mentioned before, "Stardust" is a story of time travel, love and Vikings.

I sincerely hope you all will come to love these new characters and hopefully the story will be viewable within the next couple days. See ya soon!



Update: 8.30.11

New story "Stardust Part 1" submitted. Hopefully it will be approved soon. I will return with an update in a few days to give a brief description of the story. Omigosh, I hope you guys like it!!!!! I'll be back soon!!!



Update: 8.23.11

Hi all! Just thought I'd give a quick update. Thanks for the e-mails...I love, love, LOVE hearing from you! A lot of you have been wondering what's up with the "Perfume Sequel." The short of it is the story is in the works. I took a break from writing to breathe after the final chapter of "Perfume." I read, lazed around, that sort of thing.

I did begin Rob's story, but now I've taken a complete left turn. I'm focusing on the Fantasy I've been wanting to write. I think I will submit it under Sci-Fi/Fantasy or something. Not sure yet. Anyway, the day I submit Part 1 (which will be within the next week), I will post an update and tell you more about the story (title and all). Right now it's super-Top Secret!

I've got pre-submission jitters and I'm terrified about how you guys will receive this next story! But I aint no punk! LOL! Anyway, it's a 3-part story and not nearly as long as "Perfume." It's a story that has been begging to be told, so there it is.

Whew! That was a lot! Any questions, comments, all that, you know where to find me.

Oh! I think I should say that my stories are more stories with sex in them rather than sex stories...if you haven't already noticed. So...file that away for later. If you want a quick, sexually explosive thingamajig, my stories won't do it for ya...not right now anyway.

Ok! I'm done rambling! Be back soon!!!



Update: 7.29.11

Chapter 9 is finally viewable! Also wanted to let you all know that I've updated my Photobucket album to include a pic of Wynston's wedding dress. Here's the link again...enjoy:



Update: 7.24.11

Chapter 9 submitted!!!



Update: 7.19.11

Just stopped by to say that the conclusion is coming along nicely. I had thought I would be done with it in a couple weeks. But it looks like I will be finished much sooner. I will post on here when I have submitted.

Since Lit takes about three days to post, you can check out for the latest submission as I will post on there the same day I post on Lit. The only difference is the story will be ready-to-read on the same day I post at The Chamber. Hope that made sense!

Added another pic on Now there's a pic of the coral dress Wynston wore at Eric's birthday dinner.



Update: 7.15.11

Hello darlings,

So I took a tiny break from writing. Everything is going well in that area. I just needed a break. What I have been doing in my "off" time is looking for pics of the characters.

I know some people may get put off if my vision of the characters aren't the same as yours. But for those of you who want to see what they look like in my head, follow the link below.

Please keep in mind that it was nearly impossible for me to find people who 100% embodied all the characters. So they will differ a bit from the story descriptions.

I will also include a playlist for the story. Be Warned: the songs aren't necessarily about Wynston and Eric per se. They were just the songs that I listened to day in and day out, on my way to and from work. They bookmark a period in my life when "Perfume" was all I ate, breathed and slept. 20 years from now I will hear the songs on this playlist and think of Eric and Wynston.

Some of you have asked about the next story and what will happen when "Perfume" concludes. Rob will be getting his own story. I'm already working on that. Also, I have another story I'm working on as well. I'm not ready to divulge info on that one yet, but it will be a Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Interracial love story. More to come later.

Here is the playlist: Lemme know what you think...and BE NICE!!



"Dowehaveto" Musiq Soulchild

"Goin Thru Changes" Ledisi

"The Way" Jill Scott

"Breakin My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)" Mint Condition

"Nothing Left to Say" Mint Condition

"Chelsea Bridge" Ricky Ford

"Anytime, Anyplace" Janet Jackson

"Come Back to Me" Janet Jackson

"In Another Time" Sade

"Far Away" Marsha Ambrosius


Update: 7.11.11

Workin' hard, workin' hard on Chapter 9, babies! Good news is, it's all flowing! Be back soon with another update as I get closer to finishing the conclusion (IF this is in fact the conclustion)! :-)



Update: 7.7.11

Chapter 8 submitted!!!



Update: 7.6.11

Hey everyone! I'm still here! I'm finally back on my grind and I'm churning out the rest of the story. There just aren't enough hours in a day...but the good thing is I'm no longer blocked.

I'm hoping to finish the story by week's end...cross your fingers, get butt-naked and do a rain dance for me! Either way, keep checking my bio page...I'll keep you up-to-date here!!!



Update: 7.3.11

Just an FYI...many of you have been contacting me about "Perfume" being posted on another site. There is ONLY one other site that I post on (The Chamber, i.e., Valent Chamber). My pen name there is StoryWeaver. If you spot the story some where else, please be kind and let me know!

Thank you so much for your loyalty and for looking out for me. You guys are my Plagiarism Busters, and you are too good to me!!!



Update: 7.2.11

So, Chapter 8 is completely elusive right now. I've been able to churn out a few pages, but...I'm not pleased with all that I have. SOOOO...that means that I'm going to have to start over!

I know that sucks, especially after such a crazy cliffhanger; but just know that I'm always working.

I read your comments everyday, and they are a HUGE help! Keep watching my Bio page for more updates!



Update: 6.30.11

Hey guys,

I'm still working on the conclusion of "Perfume." There's a lot of tying of loose ends, and I'm trying to get into the rhythm...I want to give you all a satisfying conclusion but (of course), the story is taking a lot more time.

I can see everything plainly in my mind. I wish I could smear paper over my head and the words just magically appear...somebody needs to get on that!

Anyway, I just wanted to give an update. Thank you all for the votes, e-mails, comments and feedback!



Update: 6.24.11

Chapter 7 submitted.


***A bit of information***

It never really occurred to me that you guys may want to know a little about me, so here goes. I love all things written. I don't care if it's a book, a sign, or a person...if it's written, I will read it.

I love writing just as much. There's nothing more cathartic than putting your thoughts on paper in a cohesive, fluent manner. When I stumbled upon this website, I never thought that I would be an author. Like most everyone else, I came to be entertained. Now I'm the entertainer as well, which is pretty cool.

Like a lot of people, I'm really into the whole Alpha Male genre and Non-consent.'s always welcome. Sometimes, the writer becomes overwhelmed, or the story just isn't doing what it should. It can all be frustrating at times. But the encouraging words from readers mean a lot. Count on that! So, keep the feedback and comments coming. And please vote! If you leave your e-mail address along with your feedback, I will always, always respond. Check that junk mail!

**If you would like to leave just plain, mean comments/feedback, at least have the courage to show who you are. I've discovered that some people on here are just plain mean for no reason. But at least give me the opportunity to address the ugliness. It's only fair.

***Please don't copy/plagiarize my stuff and try to pass it off as your own. People always get caught...and besides, that's just plain shady!!!

If you find any problems with this profile, please report it to the webmaster.
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