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April 2, 2015

By now everyone who has access to the news knows that the state of Indiana has taken much grief and ridicule for their obvious attempt to discriminate against homosexuality.

No matter how they try to say that discrimination is not their intent, everyone sees through their ridiculous law as being anti gay.

To make matters worse, Arkansas tried to do the same, but like Arizona, that governor sent the bill back--he didn't want the notoriety that Indiana had brought on itself.

What is also obvious is that many of these states are doing so at a time when they full well know that the Supreme Court is to take up the issue of same-sex marriage this month. As I have said before, two of those justices will most likely vote against same-sex marriage, and three most likely will vote for it.

What will the other four justices do? That's a good question.

What is not in question is why those "conservatives" are so against same-sex marriage, and that is for religious purposes.

Though one is definitely not a Protestant Fundamentalist, he acts like one. What they all have in common is a belief in the god of the bible, and in those laws of the Old Testament.

Well, at least some of those laws.

It's a funny thing that they ignore some laws and only focus on those that they deem important to them. How so?

Yes, the bible says that man being with another man as he is with a woman both shall be killed (Leviticus, chapter 20, verse 13).

However, we all know of the ten commandments that say to keep the sabbath and not work, or be put to death (Exodus, chapter 31, verse 15).

And that law of the sabbath was literally, according to the bible, said to be executed, or more specifically, a man was executed as per Numbers, chapter 15, verse 32, for simply picking up sticks. You can read this when they took it to the Lord who, in verse 35, "...said unto Moses, The man shall be surely put to death: all the congregation whall stone him without the camp."

Now I ask, how many demand that men, or women, or ever young children, be put to death for mowing their lawn on their sabbath, or gardening, or even going out somewhere for leisure.

More pointedly, how many men, on what they consider their sabbath, do any work at all, say in their place of business, or in a court of law even, or work on a case of law, or for that matter, do anything other than rest?

Lesbians, as well as gays and any of a gender other than "approved" of by the straight church, need to be aware of where this came from, and why, as well as the selectivity of their adherence to only select commandmanments of the bible.

Ridiculous? Oh, you bet it is. However, please note the sudden rush to be included in letting the Supreme Court know of how they feel, that is, the conservatives who are passing these laws against same-sex marriage.

This is a travesty against all people of a free world. How many of these politicians campaign on Sunday or Saturday, or press the flesh in friendship and hopefully solidarity with rich donors? Most likely every single one of them. Talk of hypocrisy!

If you can, let your voice be heard just as loudly as they are making their displeasure heard. As I have shown in my stories and essays, the bible is not without error as the Fundamentalists say, but instead is full of errors and contradictions. The god of the bible is not a true creator god as they present him, and that god is a him. My, how convenient.

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