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Some words from lorana:


so wow it's really been this long since I updated this thing? well a lot has happened since the last update.. me and my boyfriend got engaged (yay!) my summer classes are a pain, work has cut my hours so finances have been a hoot and to end it on a more positive note my best friend is back from a semester abroad!

on the topic of my two random ass stories I've started and then left I've started working on them but I find it difficult to do both. so instead of making an arbitrary decision I thought it might be best to seeif you guys had any thoughts. so let me know through messages or comments which story you would prefer I continue first. if I don't hear anything (does anyone even check this after this long...?) then I'll just pick one at random.. anyways let me know!



These past few weeks have been crazy. With school coming to an end the assignments are piling up. On a positive note the things I have passed in have been getting good marks, on a more negative note several assignments are past due. Oh the joys of university.

That aside I have had no motivation or time to write/continue any of my stories. Honestly I'm not even sure if I want to continue them...but we shall see about that. In a couple weeks I should have enough free time to actually sit and try to write, resulting in either a new chapter or a new resolve to never write anything again *insert face palm here* ...

Anyways, to those who even bother to check this thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!



So I got an email yesterday that while was not outright accusing me of plagiarism said that they found some similarities between mine and two other stories. I have contacted both those authors and explained where I'm going with my stories to make sure that they understand I'm not intentionally taking ideas. I can see how people could see similarities but I promise there is a way different route that I am going with this story compared to the others. I have actually read one of the series mentioned, not the other one, but I can see how someone could make the misunderstanding. HOPEFULLY everything will work out in time. Just wanted to clear the air. Thanks for reading everyone and thanks for the comments :)Cheers!!


So I just posted Ch.1 of City of Lights. I hope everyone enjoys it. Should be up before the end of the weekend. Much love to everyone who reads my stories and takes the time to give me their feedback :)


So I've developed my idea for my other story a bit more. Any one who is reading this and has any comments PLEASE message me your thoughts. I have this thing where I think of a good concept and then when I sit down to right it I worry and fret that it's no good or it's too much detail or not enough detail and then I end up rushing it and well yeah, you can see the end result by whats going on with my other postings... ANYWAYS, here's a brief summary of what I was thinking of.

The setting is a dystopian future where immortals have revealed themselves and taken over. Immortals are a race all of their own ( so can't be turned you're born that way) that can change forms ( ie shifters). They have super human strength and speed. Together they all live in the City of Lights. Surrounding the city of lights are multiple villages of humans who are in charge of preparing certain things to make the immortals lives easier ( clothes, technology, farms etc). Beatrix Leroux is from the clothing district. She lives there with her best friend/ on again off again boyfriend Oliver Taison. Her parents had passed away many years back and she has been living with Oliver ever since. Oliver and Bee have fallen into a comfortable pattern where Bee designs and sews and Oliver packages and gets the products ready for shipping. That is until one day when Bee gets a letter in the mail. The letter is from the City of Lights where the Ivanov pack resides. The Ivanov pack wants her to come and be their personal seamstress. Once there Bee meets Alexander Ivanov who develops a dangerous attraction to her. Caught between two men Bee is uncertain of many things except the understanding that not everything is what it seems in the City of Lights.

( In case you couldn't tell... I'm going to name the series the City of


I'm sick and stuck in bed so I'm on my laptop 24/7 so if you want a response it won't take long :)


Just finished writing the next chapter. I wrote it out on looseleaf so i'm going to type it up tonight when I get home tonight. Sorry it took me so long... School/life had been crazy lately. Regardless it should be up Sunday or Monday. I have a feeling this story will be about 5 chapters long. I want to leave it open for continuation at a later date but resolved enough that I can take a break and write another story. I'm thinking of a dystopian style story with maybe some super natural elements... Its definitely going to have a love triangle going on! Anyways I hope everyone had a great Valentines day ;-) I look forward too hearing from everyone with their thoughts out ideas on the new story!


I'm almost done writing the next chapter, hoping to finish it up tonight. and YES it is longer :) I'll try to post it soon. I appreciate the feedback so much, it makes me feel less ridiculous for writing this story that's knocking around in my head... So THANKS! to all the readers who take the time to leave a comment both negative and positive :)


Just uploaded the next chapter last night, it's a short one again but the next chapter is going to need some thought with how i'm going to progress. I have so many ideas and I can't decide which way I want to go ( either one will take the story in different directions)... I thought I had it all figured out but I was discussing my story with my boyfriend ( We'll call him J-man for the time being), and he was commenting on a couple aspects of my story that really made me think. J-man is a lot more creative than I tend to be so the input was really helpful but it gave me a lot to think about. BUT regardless, I will get it written within the next few days. The one I just posted should be up on Monday and I'm planning on having the next chapter written/maybe posted by next weekend.



Canadian University student trying my hand at some creative writing. This just seems in my realm because of the books I read. Some of the authors I really like are Kelley Armstrong, Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, and Gena Showalter.

Also I'm a comic nerd...

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