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This page shows a list of stories, poems, and authors that this member enjoys. These are not submissions written by this member - they are some of his or her favorite Literotica submissions and people.

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A Drunken Dance - Stud takes advantage of my girlfriend on a horny night out.EnglishAries (4.23) 03/10/12
Can I Borrow Her? - Disgusting neighbor borrows wife - against her will.trappednebulous (4.00) 06/03/11
Wife's Older Man Experience - She confesses to sex with older man.Darla (4.33) 10/10/03
My Kinky WIfe Slips Up Again - Wife is seduced by a neighboring camper, he watchesOdeon (4.48) 07/24/13
A Photo-shoot with a Difference - A hot wife poses as a model with racy consequences.MickNeighbor (3.88) 08/01/09
A History Lesson - Husband learns what his wife has against porn.spence5969 (4.30) 05/24/08
The Glamour Model - Sexy wife relives her slutty past.Catesby (4.38) 09/03/08
A Bar On The Wrong Side Of Town - Wife gets slutty in sleazy bar.Catesby (4.41) 10/01/02
At The Grindhouse - Couple's visit to an adult cinema leads to a wild time.Catesby (4.48) 08/20/07
Our Trip to the Adult Theater - Couple visits adult theater to spice up their sex life.hatch68 (4.57) 03/04/06
Old Man Fetish - A teenage girl gains a fetish for old men.CumalotCastle (4.17) 08/13/08
Old Uncle Jack Visits Ch. 03 - Well-endowed older man gets beautiful young wife.tazsis1 (4.38) 10/18/10
Mom's Night In The Van - His mom gets nailed by one of his good friends.MarkEast (4.41) 07/28/05
Scold's Bridle - An antique evil has life in it yet.BlackShanglan (4.65) 10/04/05
CarousHell - Cock tease gets the ride of her life.Extreme Bohunk (4.59) 06/19/05
Bedroom Pet - Monica finds a new pet that changes her life forever.homealone_447 (4.22) 11/05/09
Bug Control - A sinister little creature is looking for a breeding partnerhomealone_447 (4.00) 11/07/08
Breeding Station - An exploration mission turns into a bizarre experience.homealone_447 (4.43) 08/21/08
Shadowland - She comes home to find her nightmare still lives.Kindasortacrazy (4.63) 06/11/12
Devil May Come - An old house, three coeds, and one nighttime visitor.lgreenwood (4.61) 06/17/07
House of Horrors - A young girl knocks on the wrong door on Halloween night.sds195 (4.58) 10/11/16
Cornholed - An antique scarecrow on Halloween. A trick, or a treat?RichardBacula (4.58) 10/22/13
Harvest of Blood - Enslaved to the study of Necromancy, she struggles to endure.Darkniciad (4.58) 10/01/06
Gothic Sacrifice - Virginity is sacrificed in medieval Europe.nushu2 (x.xx) 08/07/04
Gothic Redemption - Getting medieval on her ass.nushu2 (x.xx) 09/09/04
Trip to Transylvania - Maybe she should check the room before stripping.CelticGingerGoddess (4.54) 01/17/15
House of Spiders - A woman must confront her fears when her home is invaded.NightOwl64 (3.56) 11/06/11
My Slutty Valentine - My girlfriend gets it on with her boss.Totzman (3.66) 01/22/13
Ready For Some Football? - Wife looses bet and has to sit on another man's lap dressed.mohawk08 (4.02) 11/30/02
19 Year Old Girlfriend Cuckolded Me - She cuckolds him with a 53-year old black man.iwallbt (4.20) 10/01/08
Jess the Attention Whore - He ignores girlfriend; she cheats on him in the next room.cuckwannabe (4.05) 07/28/10
My Wife is a Party Girl - My wife goes on vacation and has fun at a party.happytreefriend (3.80) 05/02/13
The Poker Game - A poker game gets out of hand with my girl.Belgarion10 (4.51) 03/25/13
The Photo Shoot - My wife's photo shoot goes further than intended!Belgarion10 (4.37) 02/26/12
Beth and her Boss Ch. 01 - My girl is desperate to impress at work.Belgarion10 (4.28) 03/01/09
Beth and her Boss Ch. 02 - My wife does what she has to do.Belgarion10 (4.34) 03/02/09
Older Neighbors - Young couple taken under the wing of older couple.doctoryes48 (4.18) 07/02/08
Older Neighbors Ch. 02 - Wife again comes under the thrall of neighbors.doctoryes48 (4.47) 01/07/09
Older Neighbors Ch. 03 - Young couple continue with older neighbors.doctoryes48 (4.42) 03/07/09
Older Neighbors Ch. 04 - Wife continues her journey with older neighbor.doctoryes48 (4.18) 06/14/12
Our Start - Story of a young couple's first extramarital experience.doctoryes48 (4.10) 10/27/14
First Time - Young wife meets an older man with her hubby.doctoryes48 (4.36) 03/17/09
Wife Exposed - Wife entertains four men by displaying her body.doctoryes48 (4.37) 05/06/16
Big Old Daddy - Older man has escalating affair with son's wife.wittywill (4.59) 05/14/01
My Incredible Grandfather-in-Law - We accommodate my husband's grandpa Karl.Cecilie (x.xx) 08/16/13
Old Uncle Jack Visits Ch. 04 - Older man takes young wife as husband watches.tazsis1 (4.25) 01/13/11
Cleaning for Mr Quin - Dirty old man makes an offer the two cute girls can't refuse.geronimo_appleby (4.43) 05/25/12
Giving in to Temptation - I fucked a crazy homeless old man and nobody knows it.tooshytodare (4.17) 09/08/16
The Dirty Dick Encounter - Sandra meets Dirty Dick, the filthy old man next door.MonsoonMicky (4.25) 02/17/16
Rent Trouble - Maggie finds new way to pay overdue rent.jezebel wants you (4.40) 06/26/05
The Secret Life of a Loving Wife - A man accidentally discovers his wife's secret hobby.BuckRivers (4.63) 07/27/16
The Secret Life of My Loving Wife - A man accidentally discovers his wife's secret hobby.BuckRivers (4.75) 08/26/16
Mechanical Bull Show - Drunk wife is exposed to the crowd.Vetman (4.61) 06/05/05
Belly Dancing Wife - Wife gets bred by Arab shopkeep and his friends.DavidandMary (4.41) 08/22/12
Kate's Impregnation - Kate is fucked and impregnated by old Arab shopkeeper.Steve English (3.94) 12/29/10
My Wet T-Shirt Hell - How I led my lovely girlfriend astray and regretted it.westcoastjohn (3.66) 02/02/12
Dan's Dogging Disaster - A cautionary tale for all you naughty boys.westcoastjohn (3.94) 01/25/12
Johnny and Debs Try Swinging - The story of a young couple's first experience of swinging.westcoastjohn (3.68) 02/02/12
A Holiday Purchase - A beautiful wife is seduced on holiday.Gentlemanrelish (4.25) 02/05/16
Nice Mistake - Discovering dogging.tonyatll (4.13) 08/15/09
Young Finds Desire For Old - A story of a 21 year old who finds love with a 71 year old.Taylor79 (4.17) 09/30/13
A Maid In The Hands - She only wanted to tease, is wearing a skirt so bad?NiceBanana (4.33) 08/07/06
Rachel's New Neighbour Gets More - The busty blonde is 'maid' to please the old plumber.roganwriter (4.63) 12/10/14
Rachel Gets a New Neighbour - Busty blonde Rachel teases then pleases her new neighbour.roganwriter (4.75) 10/26/14
Rachel Visits Her Old Workplace - Busty blonde Rachel hates her creepy old security guard.roganwriter (4.57) 01/28/15
An Opportunity Not To Be Missed - Busty coed submits to an old man.bambigirl44 (4.51) 04/27/06
An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 02 - The old man wants more.bambigirl44 (4.64) 06/13/06
An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 03 - Her problem is doubled.bambigirl44 (4.60) 07/03/06
An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 04 - The neighbour gets her to himself.bambigirl44 (4.68) 07/31/06
A Foreign Exchange at Christmas. Ch. 02 - The lovely Maria finds herself in more trouble...bambigirl44 (4.73) 05/03/15
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