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The_Storyweaver's Biography:
Gender: Male
Weight: Average
Height: Tall
Location: USA
Orientation: Straight
Interested In: Nothing
Status: No Answer
Smoke: No Answer
Drink: No Answer
Fetishes: Yes
Pets: None
User Number: 1461461
Member Since: December 9, 2012
Last Modified: August 6, 2014
Some words from The_Storyweaver:

This is just a list so I don't have to constantly type out long winded descriptions. Also I will not claim that all of these are completely my idea, some are mine, some are borrowed, and some are changed. These are in no particular order. Right now I am really feeling 4 and 6, but will happily play any of the others as well.


1: We are from rival villages. Our villages have been at war for as long as anyone alive can remember. With one final raid, my village wipes out yours, killing everyone but you. You,the chieftain's daughter, are captured as a spoil of war. You are punished for the crimes of your people. As punishment, you are placed at the bottom of the village caste system, lower than even the animals and crops of the village. You are stripped of having a name and all worldly possessions, including your clothes. You are forced to wander the village, complying with the wishes of any and all above you in the village.

Note: this can be as extreme or tame as you want it. It usually involves bestiality and rough sex. Can be tailored to involve most hard-core fetishes. It can also be done as an extended multiple time roleplay.

Note: Can also be switched around where you come from a village of Amazon women. You destroy my village and capture me.

2: You are walking out of the store when all of a sudden, you are arrested. The cops pull out a bag of cocaine from your purse, which they also conveniently planted. You are drug off into the cop car. There are two men and there German Shepard. They tell you that they can make this whole problem go away if you do as they say. You are forced to please the three of them.

3: We are teenagers who have been dating for a couple of months. You have always been very interested in magic, specifically demonic summoning. I secretly think you are crazy, but I go along with it any ways. You finally find a book of summoning at the local pawn shop. After collecting the necessary materials, we try to summon some lesser spirit. Due to our complete magical incompetence, nothing appears to happen. However, we accidentally summoned a power succubus, who took over your body. It is hungry and I am its prey.

Note: This could also be flipped around where I get possessed by some demonic being of your choice.

4. You wake up and find yourself in the middle of a labyrinth. You have no idea how you got here or where you are. You must find your way out. The labyrinth is filled with sick sexual encounters essentially.

Note: you must enjoy intercourse with seriously non-human things. Also this is best done as an extended roleplay.

5. A sexual play through of Alice in Wonderland. We will play through the story with all of her various encounters becoming sexual.

Note: you must enjoy intercourse with seriously non-human things. Also this is best done as an extended roleplay.

Note: I am also more than willing to sexually play through another book that lends itself well to this kind of thing.

6. I want to do a blackmail roleplay, but take it to the next level. I need a girl who wants to be blackmailed. You will need to send me an email with compromising photos and her husband/boyfriend/boss's/father's email. You will need to give me a brief overview of who she is, what she does, and who she does it with, as well as all of her limits. I will then assume the role of a stalker who is blackmailing her. I will give commands that I expect to be carried out, and proven with photo or video documentation. If you fails a command, I will email her contact. If you are interested but are not quite ready to fully commit, then you can obviously make a fake contact email.

Note: This is a roleplay that crosses over into real life. I am looking for only serious and committed women.

7. You are one day trolling your local mall (or beach or any other location you prefer) when you find strange things starting to happen to you. Your boobs may begin to inflate 3 or 4 times their normal size. Your clothes may shrink. You may become a blonde. I, an alien watching you from space, am attempting to humiliate you before abducting you to use for my pleasure.

Note: This is great for bimbofication or transformation roleplay. The point is that I am essentially all powerful and can do just about anything to you.

8. You are at home late at night. Out of no where three men break into your home, kidnapping you and whoever else you live with (it can be parents, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, roommates or whomever you want). The three men force you to have sex with them or they will kill your people. This is all being streamed live on the internet, where perverts are paying $50,000 an hour to watch a girl get raped and gang banged live.

9. One day you come home to find a limo pulling out of your drive way. You are dirt poor and you imagine that it was the bank coming to tell you mother that they are repossessing the house. You come inside and find your mother crying. She tells you that she struck a deal with the bank. She gets to keep the house, and you are to be sent off to live with the bank owner, me. The next day the limo picks you up and takes you to a helicopter. You are flown to a enormous mansion in the middle of the alps. You are given a large room and a dresser filled with beautiful clothes to wear. You are to be my plaything for the next year.

Notes: You will be somewhere between 16 and 20 years old. This can be as vanilla or hard-core as you want to make it.

10. I am also really into television or movies, specifically cartoon, roleplays, historical roleplays, comic book roleplays, video game roleplays, sci-fi and fantasy roleplays.

This list is just the last couple of roleplays I have done and enjoyed. I will be adding more to the list as I remember/think of new ones.

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