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TheOriginalAnonymous's Biography:
Sex: Male
Age: 27 to 32
Weight: Average
Height: Average
Orientation: Bi
Interested In: Friends, Sex Partners, Love, Men, Women
Status: Single
Smoke: No
Drink: Occasionally
Fetishes: Big Black Cock, black men, interracial, cuckolding, humiliation / degradation / teasing (if it's sensual rather than mean-spirited), femdom, feet, ass, rimjobs, golden showers
Pets: None
User Number: 1487709
Member Since: March 24, 2013
Last Modified: April 6, 2016
Some words from TheOriginalAnonymous:


I love women, they are beautiful. Any feature can be attractive but I am very sexually submissive and I think that is at least partly to blame for the overwhelming lust I have for feet. I also have a weakness for women's asses. I would rather worship a beautiful woman's feet, or ass, or pussy than have sex with her, and I would never, ever choose getting a blowjob over any of those things. I love giving pleasure, it turns me on.

It's kind of a cliche that men can't even tell if another man is handsome; we find other men so unattractive that we aren't even able to evaluate a man's attractiveness to women. I used to be like that; I used to be the very epitome of that. I found men so unattractive that the presence of a guy in my porn would kill my erection. Not just seeing his dick, but seeing his body, or his face; even hearing him moan turned me off.

I don't just watch porn, I also like erotica; I like to be stimulated mentally. Obviously; I'm here. Erotica works as a nice complement to the visual medium of porn; I really enjoy how erotica can really get into a character's head and explore the kind of conflict that creates delicious tales of submission; erotica can really explore how sexy it is for somebody to fight his or her deviant desires when confronted with something that society says is dirty, and this really enhances the experience when the character finally breaks and gives in to his or her lusts.

Without the visuals I could read about men and women not just women and women as in videos. Reading about a man submitting to a woman does it for me because I can imagine myself as the man without having to look at a man. One element of femdom that I found that I enjoyed - in addition to obviously enjoying foot worship or ass worship - was women using strap-ons. I'm very submissive sexually: so the more submissive the act, the more it turns me on. It's as much about being submissive as about what the actual act is. I like depravity in all its forms; I like doing things for a woman that could be considered degrading.

I wanted to see if I could enjoy my newly discovered strap-on fetish in porn and discovered I couldn't... with one exception: black strap-ons were okay.


At first I found that I could tolerate black men in porn; I wouldn't lose my erection like I would with white men. After a while I started to become turned on by the Big Black Cock. Interracial porn made me bi-curious. I'm not sure if it was a gradual process or if it happened quickly and it simply took me a while to realize it and admit it to myself.

I'm not attracted to a man at all unless he's black. Even in that case I wasn't attracted to black men, only their big dicks. But eventually, thanks to porn and the internet, I have once again had my sexual desires perverted and I find myself strongly attracted to black men's bodies. I sometimes jerk off to pictures of muscular black men without even needing to see their dick.

I do not have a small dick, I'm not weak or wimpy like the cuckolds are typically portrayed in porn. I'm masculine, and unfortunately porn isn't really well-stocked in the type of scenario that I want. What I want is a woman who cares about me as a person and enjoys having sex with me, but also has such a fetish for black men and their BBCs such that she doesn't want to give it up... and with me, she wouldn't have to. With me she would be dominant; I would be "forced" to worship her feet, worship her ass, worship her pussy. Then when she wanted to be dominated, when she wanted to be fucked and used, that's when we would invite a black stud into our bedroom. I think it's much sexier when a white man in this scenario is masculine, and strong; that makes it even more powerful when a black man is more sexually powerful. It doesn't really say much when a black man is more sexually powerful than a weak, wimpy, unattractive sissy. Unfortunately, porn doesn't really see that.

Thanks to cuckold porn though, I've become more open to that scenario. I don't think that white men are naturally submissive compared to black men. I don't think that seeing interracial porn and seeing the powerful black men and their sexy cocks kind of brings out that submissiveness in white men. Maybe a few guys are like that, sure, but it's not like white men are somehow genetically predisposed towards being submissive to black men or anything like that. But when I'm turned on I start to believe it. The hornier I am, the more strongly I believe. Partially, of course, because I WANT to; not because I want to justify my bisexuality - I'm not ashamed, I don't feel like less of a man because of it - but because it really turns me on to hear about black superiority, it really triggers both my submissiveness and my BBC obsession in a wonderful way. So, I've started to actually get turned on by some aspects of cuckolding. I wouldn't tolerate a woman being mean-spirited or losing respect for me, but if she played up those themes - black men, black men's sexuality, black men's dominance, the power of Big Black Cock, the beauty of Big Black Cock, and the submissiveness of white men to BBC - I now enjoy that kind of teasing, even humiliating, in a way I didn't before.

I still enjoy lesbian porn, particularly lesbian foot fetish porn, but the vast majority of the porn I watch is interracial.


You can see many of what I find to be the best erotica on this site under my favorites; most all of them deal with themes of dominance and submission. Most will deal with a character being slowly seduced and engaging in depraved acts that he or she wouldn't have imagined he or she would enjoy at the beginning of the story; simply submitting to somebody sexually isn't nearly as erotically charged, in my opinion, as when somebody intellectually doesn't want to submit but is unable to deny his or her lustful urges. Some will deal with interracial themes, interracial lesbians - typically the black woman will be dominant but I enjoy either power dynamic - or interracial gay, but in that case it will always be BMwm, not WMbm, obviously. Some include multiple people, sometimes with the white man submitting along with his girlfriend/wife, other times he'll just watch. Some will simply be lesbian tales; I particularly enjoy it when a woman is forced to worship another woman's feet, or her ass, but as long as it contains elements of reluctant submission then I find it to be a turn-on. A few stories don't fall into any of those categories but are simply incredibly hot anyway.

But I think these few talented writers tackled the subject of "straight" white men discovering black cock and submitting to black men in a way that I want to acknowledge here as well as by including them in my favorites. Notables include:

pantyboy4mistress, specifically the story "Pumped;"

The Avenger, specifically "College Daze Pt. 03;"

floridaguy2001, specifically "Photography Lesson,"

and SilkStockingsLover, who handles white women submitting to black men and women, and white men submitting to black men with equal aplomb. "I Thought I Was Straight" stands out among an oeuvre that is already of particularly high quality.

My story "Black Cock College Threesome" was pretty obvious inspired by (or ripped off, if you are feeling less generous) "Hot College Threesome" by engine1844; despite it's obvious and disappointing lack of black men it's very hot. It's one of the very few gay stories that isn't interracial but can still get me all bothered. Very rare.


I don't really plan on following up "I Had To Ask..." It quite obviously is left open-ended but I really didn't have a plan for how to continue. Feel free to make suggestions; if something grabs me, I will continue it. I just am not inspired yet.

I do plan on following up "Black Cock College Threesome." I have the vague outline for the remaining few chapters but if you have suggestions, again, feel free to send them my way. I am not a terribly prolific writer, so expect some time before the next chapter. Seriously, I never write; I'm still here though, a sequel should come eventually.

I have a other few ideas germinating though. I definitely want to create a Conan rip-off. If you've ever read Conan, you know they are kind of borderline gay anyway, with all the rippling sinew talk. Also, it was written so long ago that R.E.H. actually used the term "negro," and it's just very anachronistic. I definitely have been jones'ing to see the powerful barbarian Conan meet a dark warrior or two and for once find himself outmatched and overpowered.

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