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A Moving Experience (4.15)A friend helped me move, and I got the load! Gay Male 10/29/18
A Wasted Life (4.46)Don't let this happen to you. Gay Male 09/28/17
ADAM (4.48)Older gay man picks up a cute young straight hitchhiker. Gay Male 11/14/18
DJ (4.39)A Teen finds love in the arms and heart of an old man. Gay Male 11/07/16
DJ - The Story behind The Story (4.21)How and why I write - short read. Gay Male 01/31/18
DJ Pt. 02 (4.36)DJ moves in, starts new job, Doug and Joe rekindle old flame. Gay Male 11/18/16
DJ Pt. 03 (4.51)DJ get his drivers permit and has the hots for Jamie.  Hot Gay Male 12/15/16
DJ Pt. 04 (4.54)DJ and Jamie get close, really close! Is it love?  Hot Gay Male 12/29/16
DJ Pt. 05 (4.59)DJ/Jamie get ready to start college Doug tries to adopt DJ.  Hot Gay Male 10/30/17
DJ Pt. 06 (4.30)DJ and Jamie attend the state fair, start college. Gay Male 11/08/17
DJ Pt. 07 (4.79)DJ is adopted, Doug & Joe are engaged.  Hot Gay Male 11/19/17
DJ Pt. 08 (4.50)Our F2M Trans and the boys share a sleepover-naked!  Hot Gay Male 11/26/17
DJ Pt. 09 (4.56)DJ & Jamie experiment with anal sex.  Hot Gay Male 12/03/17
DJ Pt. 10 (4.50)DJ's surprise 20th BD Party, Jamie & DJ virgins no more.  Hot Gay Male 12/07/17
DJ Pt. 11 (4.65)DJ's Surprise BD Party almost kills him, makes out like bandit.  Hot Gay Male 12/14/17
DJ Pt. 12 (4.68)Changes at the drugstore, Doug makes a confession.  Hot Gay Male 12/19/17
DJ Pt. 13 (4.68)DJ is propositioned, Christmas plans are completed.  Hot Gay Male 12/24/17
DJ Pt. 14 (4.80)Christmas Eve and Jamie's Birthday Celebration.  Hot Gay Male 01/25/18
DJ Pt. 15 (4.78)And the love story continues - awesome Christmas.  Hot Gay Male 01/30/18
DJ Pt. 16 (4.64)The boys get chased by some horny girls at Disney World.  Hot Gay Male 02/07/18
DJ Pt. 17 (4.45)Doug and Joe are newlyweds, spring semester begins. Gay Male 02/10/18
DJ Pt. 18A (4.22)New Semester & Jamie's Dilemma. Gay Male 02/11/18
DJ Pt. 18B (4.57)DJ and Jamie discover how fragile they can be.  Hot Gay Male 02/15/18
DJ Pt. 19 (4.70)The boys love is back on track.  Hot Gay Male 02/19/18
DJ Pt. 20 (4.74)Doug and Joe dance to a special song and get drunk.  Hot Gay Male 02/26/18
DJ Pt. 21 (4.71)Jamie talks his parents into letting Bryan and Phil move in.  Hot Gay Male 03/03/18
DJ Pt. 22 (4.16)The Cleveland Boys Discover Southern Hospi-nudity. Gay Male 03/06/18
DJ Pt. 23 (4.64)Four young men have some sexy fun in the park.  Hot Gay Male 03/11/18
DJ Pt. 24 (4.78)DJ & Jamie - The love story continues.  Hot Gay Male 03/25/18
DJ Pt. 25 (4.65)Matt and Marie confirm a date - someone wants Jamal.  Hot Gay Male 03/28/18
DJ Pt. 26 (4.47)Matt's first date - Jamal may have found a boyfriend. Gay Male 04/05/18
DJ Pt. 27 (4.72)Rusty & Jamal get caught hiking naked.  Hot Gay Male 04/17/18
DJ Pt. 28 (4.68)Love is all around us.  Hot Gay Male 04/22/18
DJ Pt. 29 (5.00)Fernando Gets Loving Foster Parents.  Hot Gay Male 05/12/18
DJ Pt. 30 (4.83)Fernando adjusts to his foster home and his new school.  Hot Gay Male 10/09/18
DJ Pt. 31 (4.55)Rusty and Jamal try Anal.  Hot Gay Male 10/12/18
DJ Pt. 32 (4.88)Granny has a heart attack.  Hot Gay Male 10/20/18
DJ Pt. 33 (4.71)Granny's life hangs on a thread.  Hot Gay Male 10/23/18
DJ Pt. 34 (4.84)Granny's path of life runs out - DJ is devastated!  Hot Gay Male 10/29/18
DJ Pt. 35 (4.83)Granny is laid to rest.  Hot Gay Male 11/04/18
DJ Pt. 36 (4.65)The cousins talk Jamie and DJ into a Circle Jerk.  Hot Gay Male 11/07/18
DJ Pt. 37 (4.72)Fernando helps celebrate Danny's birthday.  Hot Gay Male 11/15/18
DJ Pt. 38 (4.93)Fernando is a celebrity, Julia contests Aggie's Will.  Hot Gay Male 11/27/18
DJ Pt. 39 (4.93)Phil and Bryan's new close friends are lesbians.  Hot Gay Male 12/05/18
DJ Pt. 40 - Final (3.86)Catastrophe hits - Joe loses everything. Gay Male 12/09/18
Overnight Guest 1973 (4.27)I offered a young man a place to sleep for the night. Gay Male 09/09/16
Prison School: 31 Part Series
Prison School (4.27)four penitentiary inmates transfer to a prison school. Gay Male 07/08/16
Prison School - The Final Chapter (4.73)It's the End of the School, and end of story.  Hot Gay Male 10/21/17
Prison School Ch. 02 (4.48)The new guys settle in, & Mike fulfills his dream. Gay Male 07/12/16
Prison School Ch. 03 (4.44)Kurt suffers rejection, Mike falls for a little black guy. Gay Male 07/14/16
Prison School Ch. 04 (4.43)Mike and Vern have some fun, Kurt gets Crushed. Gay Male 07/15/16
Prison School Ch. 05 (4.60)Adam is had, Mike and Luke find themselves.  Hot Gay Male 07/20/16
Prison School Ch. 06 (4.31)Kurt works out and cums with William. Gay Male 07/22/16
Prison School Ch. 07 (4.68)Zach sucks Jose' and Adam falls for Nate.  Hot Gay Male 07/28/16
Prison School Ch. 08 (4.65)Mike pops Luke's Cherry, Nate captures Adam's Heart.  Hot Gay Male 08/04/16
Prison School Ch. 09 (4.69)Luke takes Mike completely, Adam winds up in a threesome.  Hot Gay Male 08/09/16
Prison School Ch. 10 (4.56)Adam and Nate commit their love to each other.  Hot Gay Male 08/13/16
Prison School Ch. 11 (4.48)Rick gives Jake his first BJ, Luke and Mike get watched. Gay Male 08/20/16
Prison School Ch. 12 (4.68)Skinny-dipping, Darin & Josh trade BJ's, Luke surprises Mike.  Hot Gay Male 08/24/16
Prison School Ch. 13 (4.53)Jesse is training his replacement, This week's new recruits.  Hot Gay Male 08/27/16
Prison School Ch. 14 (4.51)Sean gets to taste an uncut cock, Adam & Nate get shocked!  Hot Gay Male 08/30/16
Prison School Ch. 15 (4.56)Vern's New Love? Vern / Troy connect, feeding each other.  Hot Gay Male 08/31/16
Prison School Ch. 16 (4.53)Sean sucks a tiny cock, Zach traps Bryan for sex in shower.  Hot Gay Male 09/01/16
Prison School Ch. 17 (4.42)Chapter 1 correction, Authors Note, Some fun in the Pool. Gay Male 09/10/16
Prison School Ch. 18 (4.36)Two huge cocks meet, Kurt watches Adam fuck Nate. Gay Male 09/14/16
Prison School Ch. 19 (4.54)Adam gets to meet the family, surprise 4 way circle jerk.  Hot Gay Male 09/16/16
Prison School Ch. 20 (4.50)School in Jeopardy, Darin - Bryan connect -last week for 2.  Hot Gay Male 09/20/16
Prison School Ch. 21 (4.63)Jesse & Zach's last night - Schools future hanging.  Hot Gay Male 10/17/16
Prison School Ch. 22 (4.58)Bryan & Darin get closer, Mike and Luke receive bad news.  Hot Gay Male 10/26/16
Prison School Ch. 23 (4.35)Jeremy & David have some fun, Luke makes a decision. Gay Male 10/30/16
Prison School Ch. 24 (4.63)Nate meets Adam's parents, Luke's letter, David & Jeremy?  Hot Gay Male 10/31/16
Prison School Ch. 25 (4.83)Finally, CH 25, Luke is released & bad news from home.  Hot Gay Male 12/04/16
Prison School Ch. 26 (4.74)Mikes parents rescue Luke, Luke meets Mikes best friend.  Hot Gay Male 12/27/16
Prison School Ch. 27 (4.73)Mike and Luke both are tempted - Luke gains new friends.  Hot Gay Male 01/05/17
Prison School Ch. 28 (4.61)Luke continues to make friends, Bryan/Darin become boyfriends.  Hot Gay Male 03/09/17
Prison School Ch. 29 (4.44)Luke attends all male nude pool party & makes more friends. Gay Male 04/12/17
Prison School Ch. 30 (4.44)Mike 'almost' cheats - Ruben receives a startling fax. Gay Male 04/24/17
Taxi Driver's Dilemma (3.81)On the road with desperate need to pee. Fetish 03/27/18
The Best Blowjob Ever (4.32)A sweet memory from 43 years ago. Gay Male 01/10/17
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