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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

Chance Encounter (3.73)My wife gets laid right before my eyes. Loving Wives 06/01/16
Gang Bang My Wife Please (3.14)Wife wants to be gang banged. Loving Wives 07/25/18
I Cuckold (3.76)Cuckold for my wife on a date with another man. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 12/09/17
Ashesh and Melissa: 2 Part Series
Ashesh and Melissa (x.xx)My wife blows Ashesh9 Erotic Art 12/22/18
Ashesh and Melissa II (x.xx)My sweetheart and Ashesh have sex Erotic Art 01/04/19
Ass Fuck Mona (x.xx)Mona gets ass fucked Erotic Art 06/12/17
Ass Slut Mona: 6 Part Series
Ass Slut Mona (x.xx)Eating Mona's Asshole Erotic Art 06/16/16
Ass Slut Mona II (x.xx)Eating Mona's Asshole Erotic Art 06/16/16
Ass Slut Mona III (x.xx)I want to eat out Mona's asshole. Erotic Art 01/06/17
Ass Slut Mona IV (x.xx)Mona's big nasty ass Adult Comics 07/14/17
Ass Slut Mona V (x.xx)Eating Mona's asshole Adult Comics 07/14/17
Ass Slut Mona VI (x.xx)Mona eating my asshole Adult Comics 07/14/17
Autoerotic Show (x.xx)I cum a lot when I get xxxcited!!!! Erotic Art 09/02/15
Balls Deep: 2 Part Series
Balls Deep (x.xx)Sweet girl sucks me down her throat, balls deep. Erotic Art 10/07/15
Balls Deep II (x.xx) Bi- black dick blow-job Erotic Art 12/10/15
Bi-Cuckold Husband (x.xx)Getting dick ready for wife Adult Comics 09/15/16
Breed Me: 8 Part Series
Breed Me (x.xx)Friend has special interests Erotic Art 08/11/17
Breed Me II (x.xx)Sonja with two nerds Adult Comics 08/18/17
Breed Me III (x.xx)My friend Sonja gets laid Adult Comics 08/18/17
Breed Me IV (x.xx)Sonja blows two nerds Adult Comics 08/20/17
Breed Me V (x.xx)I'm a premature ejaculator Erotic Art 08/21/17
Breed Me VI (x.xx)Sonja DP fucks two hung nerds Adult Comics 08/24/17
Breed Me VII (x.xx)Sonja fucks Randy Adult Comics 08/24/17
Breed Me VIII (x.xx)Warren cums deep in Sonja Erotic Art 08/24/17
Chronic Masturbator: 8 Part Series
Chronic Masturbator (x.xx)I love to be watched masturbating. Adult Comics 05/21/16
Chronic Masturbator II (x.xx)Portrait of me Beating-Off. Adult Comics 01/08/17
Chronic Masturbator III (x.xx)Masturbating all over myself Adult Comics 02/15/17
Chronic Masturbator IV (x.xx)My friend Kenneth whacking off Adult Comics 05/22/17
Chronic Masturbator IX (x.xx)I prematurely ejaculate Erotic Art 02/05/18
Chronic Masturbator V (x.xx)I love to masturbate. Erotic Art 11/10/17
Chronic Masturbator VI (x.xx)I beat-off for Lily Erotic Art 01/24/18
Chronic Masturbator VII (x.xx)I love to Wank Off Erotic Art 01/27/18
Cock Slut Mona: 4 Part Series
Cock Slut Mona (x.xx)Sweet Mona gets two black dicks. Erotic Art 06/11/16
Cock Slut Mona II (x.xx)Mona takes on two at once. Erotic Art 06/11/16
Cock Slut Mona IV (x.xx)Mona blowing her boyfriend Erotic Art 02/02/17
Cock Slut Mona V (x.xx)Mona sucking BBC Erotic Art 01/17/17
Cock Whore Melissa: 2 Part Series
Cock Whore Melissa (x.xx)Robert and Melissa Erotic Art 06/12/16
Cock Whore Melissa II (x.xx)Gary and Melissa Erotic Art 06/18/16
Crankshaft (x.xx)She leaves me out. Erotic Art 09/07/15
Cream Pie Cutie (x.xx)Gary creams in my wife Melissa Erotic Art 11/15/16
Cuckold Collage: 2 Part Series
Cuckold Collage (x.xx)Wife needs sex from real men Adult Comics 07/28/18
Cuckold Collage II (x.xx)Date my wife please Erotic Art 07/23/18
Cum on Jenni (x.xx)Jenni's big tits creamed Erotic Art 04/05/17
David and Melissa: 4 Part Series
David and Melissa (x.xx)David kissing my wife Melissa Erotic Art 05/31/17
David and Melissa II (x.xx)My wife blows David Erotic Art 05/31/17
David and Melissa III (x.xx)David and my wife fucking Adult Comics 06/26/17
David and Melissa IV (x.xx)My wife Melissa sucking off David. Adult Comics 07/07/17
Day Dreamer (x.xx) Adult Comics 03/06/16
Dirty Mona (x.xx)My friend Robert's wife Mona Erotic Art 08/19/16
Dirty Sex Slave Mona (x.xx)Sex Slave Mona tied up Erotic Art 04/03/17
Double Penetrate My Wife: 3 Part Series
Double Penetrate My Wife 3 (x.xx)My wife has sex with two men Erotic Art 08/12/18
Double Penetrate My Wife Please (x.xx)My wife fucks two men. Erotic Art 07/28/18
Double Penetrate My Wife Please 2 (x.xx)My wife gets DP fun. Erotic Art 08/07/18
Double Penetrate My Wife Please: 2 Part Series
Double Penetrate My Wife Please (x.xx)My wife fucks two men. Erotic Art 07/28/18
Double Penetrate My Wife Please 2 (x.xx)My wife gets DP fun. Erotic Art 08/07/18
Eric and Valerie: 3 Part Series
Eric and Valerie (x.xx)Co-workers and friends with benefits Erotic Art 08/01/16
Eric and Valerie II (x.xx)Valerie going down on Eric Erotic Art 08/08/16
Eric and Valerie III (x.xx)My friend Eric fucking Valerie Erotic Art 09/12/16
Face Fuck Sonja (x.xx)I face fuck Sonja Erotic Art 08/29/18
Face Plant: Mark and Martha (x.xx)Me eating out Martha Adult Comics 02/17/17
Fat Ass Mona (x.xx)Mona gains weight for me Erotic Art 07/28/17
Friday Night Boyfriend (x.xx)My wife getting picked up Adult Comics 05/22/17
Fuck Face Mona: 3 Part Series
Fuck Face Mona (x.xx)Mona holds her mouth gaping. Erotic Art 08/09/18
Fuck Face Mona II (x.xx)Mona slobbers on dick Erotic Art 08/10/18
Fuck Face Mona III (x.xx)Mona gets used Erotic Art 08/10/18
Gabe and Lily: 6 Part Series
Gabe and Lily III (x.xx)Lily ass eats Gabe Erotic Art 12/16/17
Gabe and Lily II (x.xx)Sweet Lily blows Gabe Erotic Art 12/17/17
Gabe and Lily IV (x.xx)Lily eats Gabe's ass Erotic Art 12/21/17
Gabe and Lily V (x.xx)Gabe tit fucks Lily Erotic Art 12/22/17
Gabe and Lily VI (x.xx)Gabe screws Lily Erotic Art 12/23/17
Gabe and Lily VII (x.xx)Gabe cums on Lily Erotic Art 12/27/17
Gangbang Jenni (x.xx)jennijuggs gets gangbanged Erotic Art 04/16/18
GangBang My Wife Please (x.xx)My wife is gangbanged Erotic Art 06/22/18
Gary and Jenni: 4 Part Series
Gary and Jenni (x.xx)Jenni wants Gary Erotic Art 01/30/18
Gary and Jenni II (x.xx)Jenni blows Gary Erotic Art 03/07/18
Gary and Jenni III (x.xx)Gary and Jenni fuck Erotic Art 03/07/18
Gary and Jenni IV (x.xx)Gary creams in Jenni Erotic Art 03/08/18
Gary and Melissa (x.xx)Melissa kissing Gary Erotic Art 11/24/16
Gary and Mona: 7 Part Series
Gary and Mona (x.xx)Mona blowing Gary Erotic Art 12/22/16
Gary and Mona II (x.xx)Gary fisting Mona Erotic Art 01/06/17
Gary and Mona III (x.xx)Mona and Gary Erotic Art 12/03/17
Gary and Mona IV (x.xx)Gary fucks Mona Erotic Art 12/03/17
Gary and Mona V (x.xx)Gary fucks Mona Erotic Art 12/04/17
Gary and Mona VI (x.xx)Gary fucking Mona Erotic Art 12/08/17
Gary and Mona VII (x.xx)Gary cum dumps in Mona Erotic Art 12/09/17
Gary and Sonja: 4 Part Series
Gary and Sonja (x.xx)Sonja is so horny for Gary Erotic Art 09/18/17
Gary and Sonja II (x.xx)Sonja blowing Gary Erotic Art 09/21/17
Gary and Sonja III (x.xx)Gary fucks into Sonja Erotic Art 09/27/17
Gary and Sonja IV (x.xx)Gary breeds Sonja balls deep Erotic Art 10/05/17
Gary's Girls and Me (x.xx)I suck Gary in front of his women. Adult Comics 04/16/18
Gary, Melissa and Me (x.xx)Melissa jerking Gary off. Erotic Art 12/26/16
Gary, Melissa and Sonja: 6 Part Series
Gary, Melissa and Sonja (x.xx)Melissa and Sonja want Gary Erotic Art 11/20/17
Gary, Melissa and Sonja II (x.xx)Gary, my wife, Sonja threesome Erotic Art 11/23/17
Gary, Melissa and Sonja III (x.xx)Gary fucks Sonja Erotic Art 11/23/17
Gary, Melissa and Sonja IV (x.xx)Gary creams my wife, and Sonja Erotic Art 11/30/17
Gary, Melissa and Sonja V (x.xx)Melissa and Sonja belong to Gary Erotic Art 12/02/17
Gary, Melissa and Sonja VI (x.xx)Melissa and Sonja belong to Gary Erotic Art 12/01/17
Getting It Ready (x.xx)Making another mans dick hard for sweetie. Erotic Art 09/14/15
Gloryhole Wife: 2 Part Series
Gloryhole Wife (x.xx)Wife giving head at our local adult video store Adult Comics 03/07/16
Gloryhole Wife Two (x.xx)My wife Melissa sucking dick Erotic Art 01/06/17
Hellish: 3 Part Series
Hellish (x.xx)Sweet slut about to be ravished by a demon Erotic Art 12/10/15
Hellish II (x.xx)Demon using his sub-slut Erotic Art 01/22/16
Hellish III (x.xx)Centaur using sweet sub-slut. Erotic Art 03/07/16
Heroine (x.xx)Mark and Indra Erotic Art 01/16/17
Horny Housewife jennijuggs (x.xx)jennijuggs gets laid by three guys Erotic Art 10/05/17
Hot Michela (x.xx)Michela spreads 4 BBC Erotic Art 06/12/17
Hot Mona (x.xx)My friend Robert's wife Mona Erotic Art 09/12/16
Hot Slut Wife: 2 Part Series
Hot Slut Wife (x.xx)My Hot Wife needs real men Erotic Art 04/23/18
Hot Slut Wife II (x.xx)My wife wants cock Erotic Art 05/30/18
Hotel Room Date: 6 Part Series
Hotel Room Date (x.xx)Sweetie and two gentleman at the local no-tell-hotel Adult Comics 09/14/15
Hotel Room Date DP (x.xx)My horny wife having sex with two strangers Erotic Art 10/02/15
Hotel Room Date Gang Bang (x.xx)My sweet wife with five men for sex . Adult Comics 09/20/15
Hotel Room Date Gang Bang PtII (x.xx)Wife of cuckold having Gang-Bang sex. Adult Comics 12/30/15
Hotel Room Date Three (x.xx)Wife in a sleazy hotel room having sex with strangers Adult Comics 09/20/15
Hotel Room Date Two (x.xx)wife in bed with two strangers Adult Comics 09/14/15
Hotel Room Date Gang Bang: 2 Part Series
Hotel Room Date Gang Bang (x.xx)My sweet wife with five men for sex . Adult Comics 09/20/15
Hotel Room Date Gang Bang PtII (x.xx)Wife of cuckold having Gang-Bang sex. Adult Comics 12/30/15
Husband at Gloryhole (x.xx)Another big black cock appears in the gloryhole. Erotic Art 09/05/15
I Cocksucker: 8 Part Series
I Cocksucker (x.xx)Giving head to my new fwb. Erotic Art 05/21/16
I Cocksucker II (x.xx)Robert and Mark Erotic Art 06/18/16
I Cocksucker III (x.xx)Sharing dick with Melissa Erotic Art 01/06/17
I Cocksucker IV (x.xx)Watching my wife Melissa suck cock Erotic Art 02/02/17
I Cocksucker V (x.xx)Watching my wife Melissa suck cock Erotic Art 02/02/17
I Cocksucker VI (x.xx)Packing my mouth with balls Erotic Art 02/02/17
I Cocksucker VII (x.xx)My wife sucking big dick Adult Comics 05/22/17
I Cocksucker VIII (x.xx)I blow a stranger Erotic Art 05/30/18
I Masturbate: 3 Part Series
I Masturbate (x.xx)Rob and my wife Mel fuck Erotic Art 06/01/18
I Masturbate II (x.xx)I wank off Adult Comics 06/22/18
I Masturbate III (x.xx)I Prematurely Ejaculate Adult Comics 11/30/18
I'm a Faggot Locked in a Closet (x.xx)I suck a dildo Erotic Art 05/12/18
I'm a Gurl III (x.xx)A stranger kissing me Erotic Art 01/17/17
I'm a Premature Ejaculator (x.xx)I'm cum limp in my pants Erotic Art 12/08/17
Im a Gurl: 3 Part Series
Im a Gurl (x.xx)I love to be used for sex. Erotic Art 06/11/16
Im a Gurl II (x.xx)Homoerotic encounter Erotic Art 06/02/16
Im a Gurl V (x.xx)I am a chronic masturbator Adult Comics 04/19/17
Jacking Off On JenniJuggs (x.xx)Squirting my seed on JenniJuggs Erotic Art 02/15/17
James and Lily: 3 Part Series
James and Lily II (x.xx)I hook up Lily Erotic Art 07/10/18
James and Lily III (x.xx)Lily fucks James Erotic Art 07/11/18
James and Lily IV (x.xx)Lily sucks James Erotic Art 07/12/18
James and Sonja (x.xx)Sonja fucks James Erotic Art 08/31/18
James, Mona and John (x.xx)Mona sucks two dicks Erotic Art 11/29/18
Jason and Melissa: 3 Part Series
Jason and Melissa (x.xx)Jason and my wife kissing Erotic Art 08/08/17
Jason and Melissa II (x.xx)My wife sucking Jason Erotic Art 08/09/17
Jason and Melissa III (x.xx)Jason fucks into my wife Erotic Art 08/10/17
Javier and Melissa: 7 Part Series
Javier and Melissa (x.xx)Javier kissing my wife Erotic Art 03/24/17
Javier and Melissa and Mark and Dan (x.xx)My wife made me Homo Adult Comics 07/14/17
Javier and Melissa II (x.xx)My wife sucks Javier Erotic Art 03/26/17
Javier and Melissa III (x.xx)My wife blowing Javier Erotic Art 03/26/17
Javier and Melissa IV (x.xx)Javier fucking my wife Erotic Art 03/26/17
Javier and Melissa V (x.xx)Javier fucking my wife Adult Comics 03/26/17
Javier and Melissa VII (x.xx)Javier fucking my wife Adult Comics 04/05/17
Javier, Mark and Melissa: 2 Part Series
Javier, Mark and Melissa (x.xx)I suck, fuck and wank-off. Erotic Art 07/28/17
Javier, Mark and Melissa II (x.xx)I am an oral cuckold Erotic Art 08/16/17
Jeff and JenniJuggs: 2 Part Series
Jeff and JenniJuggs (x.xx)Jeff tit fucks Jenni Erotic Art 11/29/18
Jeff and JenniJuggs II (x.xx)JenniJuggs fucks Jeff Erotic Art 12/20/18
Jeff and Melissa: 2 Part Series
Jeff and Melissa (x.xx)My wife sucks big, Hard dick. Erotic Art 11/14/18
Jeff and Melissa II (x.xx)My wife fucks Jeff Adult Comics 11/11/18
Jeff and Sonja (x.xx)Sonja blows Jeff Erotic Art 11/29/18
Jenni (x.xx)Jenni spreads wide Erotic Art 01/24/18
Jenni and Me (x.xx)My Jenni shows her "stuff" Erotic Art 03/11/17
Jenni II (x.xx)Stranger's cum in Jenni Erotic Art 01/30/18
Jenni III (x.xx)I slurp cream pie from jennijuggs Erotic Art 02/05/18
Jenni Plays 4 U (x.xx)jennijuggs playing with herself Erotic Art 06/13/17
Jenni Plays 4U Again (x.xx)jennijuggs enjoying her big dildo Erotic Art 07/08/17
Jenni: 2 Part Series
Jenni, Jeff and Melissa (x.xx)JenniJuggs, my wife and Jeff Erotic Art 12/19/18
Jenni, Jeff and Melissa II (x.xx)jennijuggs and my wife want Jeff Erotic Art 01/03/19
Jenni, Jeff and Melissa: 2 Part Series
Jenni, Jeff and Melissa (x.xx)JenniJuggs, my wife and Jeff Erotic Art 12/19/18
Jenni, Jeff and Melissa II (x.xx)jennijuggs and my wife want Jeff Erotic Art 01/03/19
JenniJuggs: 4 Part Series
JenniJuggs (x.xx)JenniJuggs shows off her giant whoppers Erotic Art 02/15/17
jennijuggs Bum (x.xx)jennijuggs shows her hot ass Erotic Art 02/17/17
JenniJuggs Jacking Me Off (x.xx)JenniJuggs tit fucking me. Erotic Art 03/09/17
jennijuggs Undressing (x.xx)jennijuggs undresses for everyone to see Erotic Art 09/22/17
Jerk-Off on Jenni (x.xx)Jenni's big titties get sprayed Erotic Art 09/17/17
Joe and Melissa: 4 Part Series
Joe and Melissa (x.xx)Joe and my wife Melissa Erotic Art 12/22/16
Joe and Melissa 03 (x.xx)Joe screwing my wife Melissa Adult Comics 12/26/16
Joe and Melissa II (x.xx)My wife Melissa blowing Joe Erotic Art 12/22/16
Joe and Melissa V (x.xx)Joe and my wife Melissa Erotic Art 01/06/17
John and Melissa: 5 Part Series
John and Melissa (x.xx)John and my wife kissing Erotic Art 11/06/18
John and Melissa II (x.xx)My wife giving head to new BF Erotic Art 11/05/18
John and Melissa III (x.xx)John fucks my wife Erotic Art 11/06/18
John and Melissa IV (x.xx)My wife fucking John Erotic Art 11/29/18
John and Melissa V (x.xx)My wife gets a cum Face Erotic Art 11/29/18
John, Mona and James: 2 Part Series
John, Mona and James (x.xx)Mona sucks and fucks BBC Erotic Art 11/08/18
John, Mona and James 2 (x.xx)Mona has sex with John and James Erotic Art 01/04/19
Kenneth and Jenni: 3 Part Series
Kenneth and Jenni (x.xx)Kenneth and Jenni kissing Erotic Art 04/21/17
Kenneth and Jenni II (x.xx)Jenni blowing Kenneth Adult Comics 05/22/17
Kenneth and Jenni III (x.xx)Jenni sliding up and down on Kenneth's huge hard dick. Erotic Art 05/29/17
Kenneth and Melissa: 4 Part Series
Kenneth and Melissa (x.xx)Kenneth kissing my wife Erotic Art 04/21/17
Kenneth and Melissa II (x.xx)My wife blowing Kenneth Erotic Art 04/25/17
Kenneth and Melissa III (x.xx)Kenneth fucking my wife Erotic Art 04/25/17
Kenneth and Melissa IV (x.xx)Kenneth fucking my wife Melissa Erotic Art 05/29/17
Leather Slut Jenni: 2 Part Series
Leather Slut Jenni (x.xx)JenniJuggs in leather Erotic Art 04/15/17
Leather Slut Jenni II (x.xx)My model Jenni blindfolded Erotic Art 04/18/17
Lily: 2 Part Series
Lily (x.xx)Lily opens her blouse for me Erotic Art 09/19/17
Lily, Gary and Melissa (x.xx)Lily and Melissa suck Gary Erotic Art 07/12/18
Limp Dick Cuckold (x.xx)I can't get it up Adult Comics 07/28/18
Luncheon in the Grass (x.xx)My wife goes on a sex picnic with two men. Erotic Art 05/20/16
Mark and Chester: 4 Part Series
Mark and Chester (x.xx)Chester and Me Erotic Art 10/15/17
Mark and Chester II (x.xx)Chester mouth fucks me Erotic Art 10/15/17
Mark and Chester III (x.xx)Chester fucks into me. Erotic Art 11/10/17
Mark and Chester IV (x.xx)Chester mouth fucking me Erotic Art 11/10/17
Mark and Dan: 2 Part Series
Mark and Dan (x.xx)Kissing my friend Dan Erotic Art 01/06/17
Mark and Dan II (x.xx)Me blowing my friend Dan Erotic Art 01/06/17
Mark and Larry: 2 Part Series
Mark and Larry (x.xx)Me french kissing Larry Erotic Art 04/19/17
Mark and Larry II (x.xx)Me blowing Larry Erotic Art 04/19/17
Mark and Lily: 3 Part Series
Mark and Lily (x.xx)Eating out Lily Erotic Art 09/19/17
Mark and Lily II (x.xx)Lily sucks my whanger Erotic Art 09/22/17
Mark and Lily III (x.xx)Lily shows cum in her mouth Erotic Art 09/22/17
Mark and Mona (x.xx)Me fucking Mona Erotic Art 02/17/17
Mark and Sonja II (x.xx)Masturbating for Sonja Erotic Art 11/20/17
Mark and Tanya: 2 Part Series
Mark and Tanya (x.xx)New friend Tanya and I hook up. Erotic Art 11/10/17
Mark and Tanya II (x.xx)Tanya dicks me in the mouth Erotic Art 11/11/17
Masturbation Club: 4 Part Series
Masturbation Club (x.xx)Group of guys masturbating together. Adult Comics 12/30/15
Masturbation Club II (x.xx)Watch and be watched..also mutually help. Adult Comics 03/07/16
Masturbation Club III (x.xx)Transsexual JO party Adult Comics 06/10/16
Masturbation Club IV (x.xx)Wanking with other guys Adult Comics 08/15/16
Matthew and Melissa: 2 Part Series
Matthew and Melissa (x.xx)Matthew kissing my wife Erotic Art 03/24/17
Matthew and Melissa II (x.xx)Matthew fucking my wife Adult Comics 03/24/17
Mona Gets Fucked (x.xx)Mona fucking BBC Erotic Art 05/29/17
Mona Gets Laid: 4 Part Series
Mona Gets Laid (x.xx)My friends wife giving head. Erotic Art 06/09/16
Mona Gets Laid II (x.xx)My friends wife taking on two guys. Erotic Art 06/09/16
Mona Gets Laid III (x.xx)My friends wife ready a gangbang Erotic Art 06/10/16
Mona Gets Laid IV (x.xx)Sweet Mona with a BBC Erotic Art 06/10/16
Motel Room Mona: 5 Part Series
Motel Room Mona (x.xx)Making out with Mona Erotic Art 09/27/17
Motel Room Mona II (x.xx)Mona is an asslicker Erotic Art 09/27/17
Motel Room Mona III (x.xx)Mona fucking herself Erotic Art 09/27/17
Motel Room Mona IV (x.xx)Mona sucks my dick Erotic Art 10/05/17
Motel Room Mona V (x.xx)Sub-Slut Mona gets fucked Erotic Art 11/10/17
Motel Room Two (x.xx)Mona takes on two at once. Erotic Art 07/07/16
My Backroom Wife: 4 Part Series
My Backroom Wife (x.xx)Wife with two older men in the backroom of a bar. Erotic Art 09/20/15
My Backroom Wife III (x.xx) Erotic Art 10/02/15
My Backroom Wife IV (x.xx)My sweet wife with two men she picked up. Erotic Art 12/30/15
My Backroom Wife V (x.xx)Wife giving head to a stranger Erotic Art 06/06/16
My Glory Hole Husband (x.xx)My gurlish husband sucks dick. Erotic Art 11/19/18
My Hog Tied Honey (x.xx)Melissa hog tied giving head Erotic Art 01/16/17
My Husband Has A Limp Dick: 2 Part Series
My Husband Has A Limp Dick (x.xx)My husband's Limp, Flaccid, Penis Erotic Art 10/10/18
My Husband Has A Limp Dick II (x.xx)My husband has a small, limp penis Erotic Art 11/05/18
My Husband is Homosexual (x.xx)My husband likes dick Erotic Art 07/11/18
My Jenni Spreads 4 U (x.xx)My model Jenni nude for all. Erotic Art 03/11/17
My Stable: 2 Part Series
My Stable (x.xx)Melissa, Mona, JenniJuggs and Me Erotic Art 02/17/17
My Stable II (x.xx)My beautiful and sexy models and me Erotic Art 09/27/17
My Truck Stop Wife: 3 Part Series
My Truck Stop Wife (x.xx)Wife visits our local truck stop for hook ups. Erotic Art 02/03/16
My Truck Stop Wife II (x.xx)Sweetheart is picked up at a truck stop Erotic Art 03/06/16
My Truck Stop Wife III (x.xx)My wife is gone for the night. Erotic Art 06/12/16
Nerd Sex: 3 Part Series
Nerd Sex (x.xx)Gary fucking my wife. Adult Comics 07/20/16
Nerd Sex II (x.xx)My wife giving head Adult Comics 08/01/16
Nerd Sex III (x.xx)Wife on a sex date Adult Comics 10/15/17
Night Dreamer (x.xx)Loving sub-slut in a dream state. Erotic Art 01/22/16
Norman and Melissa: 3 Part Series
Norman and Melissa (x.xx)Norman and my wife Melissa Erotic Art 01/06/17
Norman and Melissa II (x.xx)Norman screwing my wife Melissa Erotic Art 01/16/17
Norman and Melissa III (x.xx)Norman screwing my wife Melissa Adult Comics 01/17/17
Odd Man Out: 5 Part Series
Odd Man Out (x.xx)Surreal sex party Adult Comics 06/09/16
Odd Man Out II (x.xx)James fucks Melissa and Sonja Erotic Art 12/28/17
Odd Man Out III (x.xx)My wife fucks Erotic Art 01/24/18
Odd Man Out IV (x.xx)James fucking my wife Erotic Art 01/25/18
Odd Man Out V (x.xx)I am rejected by jennijuggs Erotic Art 04/16/18
Older Artist and JenniJuggs: 3 Part Series
Older Artist and JenniJuggs (x.xx)JenniJuggs with older artist Erotic Art 05/30/18
Older Artist and JenniJuggs II (x.xx)Old man rubs his dick on Jenni Erotic Art 05/30/18
Older Artist and JenniJuggs III (x.xx)jennijuggs sucks old man dick Erotic Art 05/30/18
Oral Fixation (x.xx)Wife giving head to a stranger Erotic Art 10/22/15
Over the Hump (x.xx)My wife Melissa goes out Erotic Art 02/15/17
Pimp The Wife: 3 Part Series
Pimp The Wife (x.xx)I find men for my wife. Adult Comics 09/15/16
Pimp The Wife II (x.xx)I procure men for my wife Adult Comics 12/15/16
Pimp The Wife III (x.xx)My wife with an older man Erotic Art 02/02/17
Pimping Mona (x.xx)Mona and two Hispanic men Erotic Art 02/17/17
Pissing and Fisting (x.xx)Degenerate pissing and fisting Adult Comics 01/04/19
Pissing and Wanking (x.xx)Watching a woman pee herself Erotic Art 12/19/18
Play Date: 4 Part Series
Play Date (x.xx)Watching my wife suck Gary Erotic Art 08/01/16
Play Date II (x.xx)Wife gets laid I beat off Erotic Art 08/08/16
Play Date III (x.xx)Gary screwing my wife Melissa. Erotic Art 11/15/16
Play Date VI (x.xx)Gary screwing my wife Melissa. Erotic Art 11/24/16
Playing With jennijuggs (x.xx)jennijuggs and I play Adult Comics 07/08/17
Portrait of Jenni (x.xx)Quick sketch of jennijuggs Erotic Art 04/03/17
Premature Ejaculator: 4 Part Series
Premature Ejaculator (x.xx)I cum premature and limp Adult Comics 06/14/17
Premature Ejaculator II (x.xx)I love to self humiliate Adult Comics 11/10/17
Premature Ejaculator III (x.xx)I cum my pants premature Erotic Art 10/15/17
Premature Ejaculator IV (x.xx)I blow myself Erotic Art 11/14/17
Private Booth Wife (x.xx)My wife in our local adult bookstore booth. Erotic Art 02/03/16
Quick Sketch of Marie (x.xx)Quick diary drawing of fwb I met online. Erotic Art 05/21/16
Randy and Melissa: 3 Part Series
Randy and Melissa (x.xx)My wife wants Randy. Erotic Art 09/04/17
Randy and Melissa II (x.xx)My wife and Randy 69 Erotic Art 09/14/17
Randy and Melissa III (x.xx)My wife loves a cum facial Erotic Art 09/17/17
Raunchy Mona (x.xx)Gary's sub-girl Mona fucks herself Erotic Art 12/17/17
Red Cross jennijuggs (x.xx)jennijuggs in full uniform Erotic Art 07/08/17
Ron and Melissa: 3 Part Series
Ron and Melissa (x.xx)Ron making out with my wife Adult Comics 04/05/17
Ron and Melissa II (x.xx)My wife blowing Ron Adult Comics 04/05/17
Ron and Melissa IV (x.xx)Ron fucking my wife Erotic Art 04/05/17
Screw My Wife: 3 Part Series
Screw My Wife (x.xx)Hot Wife for You Erotic Art 11/29/18
Screw My Wife II (x.xx)Screw My Wife Erotic Art 12/20/18
Screw My Wife III (x.xx)I can't get it up for my Hot Wife Erotic Art 01/05/19
Seduced (x.xx)Gary screwing my wife Melissa. Erotic Art 07/26/16
Seduction (x.xx)Gary seducing my wife Erotic Art 07/26/16
Sex Therapy: 2 Part Series
Sex Therapy (x.xx)Wife is picked up by older man. Adult Comics 05/20/16
Sex Therapy II (x.xx)Ron fucking my wife Adult Comics 05/22/17
Sexcapade: 3 Part Series
Sexcapade (x.xx)Wife sucking big black cock Erotic Art 10/07/15
Sexcapade II (x.xx) Erotic Art 12/13/15
Sexcapade III (x.xx)Wife on a solo date with three strangers. Erotic Art 02/03/16
Sexpot Jenni: 2 Part Series
Sexpot Jenni (x.xx)jennijuggs in black Erotic Art 08/16/17
Sexpot Jenni II (x.xx)jennijuggs nude 4U Erotic Art 08/16/17
Sexpot Lily (x.xx)Lily spreads wide Erotic Art 12/16/17
Sexy Jenni II (x.xx)jennijuggs in white Erotic Art 08/16/17
Sexy jennijuggs (x.xx)jennijuggs pose 4U Erotic Art 08/16/17
Sexy Lily (x.xx)Horny Lily flops out her titties Erotic Art 10/05/17
Share The Wife: 2 Part Series
Share The Wife (x.xx)Sharing my wife with a stranger. Erotic Art 05/21/16
Share The Wife II (x.xx)My wife giving head Erotic Art 07/20/16
Slut Wife: 2 Part Series
Slut Wife (x.xx)Gary screwing my wife Erotic Art 06/22/16
Slut Wife II (x.xx)Gary screwing my wife Melissa. Erotic Art 06/27/16
Slut Wives (x.xx)Mona, my wife Melissa,and Robert. Erotic Art 07/07/16
Smack (x.xx)Melissa all tied up Adult Comics 01/17/17
Sub-Slut Melissa (x.xx)My hot slut wife Melissa Erotic Art 12/22/16
Sub-Slut Mona (x.xx)Mona tied up Adult Comics 07/28/17
Suck Service: 2 Part Series
Suck Service (x.xx)I am a good cocksucker. Adult Comics 05/21/16
Suck Service II (x.xx)Dick in my mouth Adult Comics 04/05/17
Suck Slut Mona (x.xx)My side chick Mona sucks bbc Erotic Art 03/13/17
Sweet JenniJuggs (x.xx)Jenni playing with herself Erotic Art 03/08/17
Swing Scene Fantasy: 3 Part Series
Swing Scene Fantasy (x.xx)erotic pencil portraits on canvas Erotic Art 08/29/15
Swing Scene Fantasy II (x.xx) Erotic Art 12/30/15
Swing Scene Fantasy III (x.xx)Wife with a couple for masturbation party Erotic Art 09/03/15
Swing Scene POV (x.xx)My sweet wife riding this older gentleman balls deep. Erotic Art 08/31/15
Swing Scene Sex Party: 5 Part Series
Swing Scene Sex Party (x.xx)Sharing the wife with another couple Adult Comics 12/10/15
Swing Scene Sex Party II (x.xx)My sweetie gets it on with a stranger. Adult Comics 03/07/16
Swing Scene Sex Party III (x.xx)My husband watching me with another man. Adult Comics 03/09/16
Swing Scene Sex Party IV (x.xx)Gang Bang sex for my wife. Adult Comics 05/21/16
Swing Scene Sex Party V (x.xx)I brought my wife to a sex party Adult Comics 05/21/16
Swingers: 2 Part Series
Swingers (x.xx)Watching my wife Melissa Erotic Art 09/09/16
Swingers II (x.xx)My wife Melissa likes older Erotic Art 09/12/16
The Cougar MLIF Club (x.xx)Cougar slut jerks off stud Erotic Art 08/03/18
The Embrace (x.xx)My wife in the company of an older black man. Erotic Art 09/01/15
The Exhibitionist (x.xx)She likes to show off. Erotic Art 10/07/15
The Pick-Up: 4 Part Series
The Pick-Up (x.xx)Pick-up my wife Adult Comics 08/08/17
The Pick-Up II (x.xx)Pick-up my wife Adult Comics 08/09/17
The Pick-Up III (x.xx)My wife gets picked-up Adult Comics 08/10/17
The Pick-Up IV (x.xx)My wife gets picked-up Adult Comics 08/11/17
The Voyeur: 3 Part Series
The Voyeur (x.xx)Watching my wife suck cock Erotic Art 09/22/15
The Voyeur II (x.xx)Bi-Sex fun while the wife watches Erotic Art 10/22/15
The Voyeur III (x.xx)Watching my wife suck cock Erotic Art 05/22/16
The Wife has a Dick (x.xx)Wife has a dick Adult Comics 04/05/17
Threeway: 3 Part Series
Threeway (x.xx)Gary, Melissa and me Erotic Art 06/21/16
Threeway part II (x.xx)Gary, Melissa and me Erotic Art 06/22/16
Threeway ptIII (x.xx)My wife Melissa sucking off Gary Erotic Art 07/07/16
Tit Fucking JenniJuggs (x.xx)Squirting my load on Jenni Erotic Art 02/15/17
Tony and Melissa: 3 Part Series
Tony and Melissa (x.xx)My wife french kissing Tony Erotic Art 08/29/18
Tony and Melissa II (x.xx)My wife needs a Real Man. Erotic Art 08/30/18
Tony and Melissa III (x.xx)My wife fucking Tony Erotic Art 09/01/18
Twenty One: 2 Part Series
Twenty One (x.xx)My wife invites twenty one year old friend for a "sleepover" Erotic Art 01/22/16
Twenty One ptII (x.xx)My wife's friend Renee has a visit with me. Erotic Art 06/06/16
Under the Table (x.xx)My wife gets a facial Erotic Art 12/22/16
Valerie: 4 Part Series
Valerie (x.xx)Older Valerie needs dick Erotic Art 11/20/17
Valerie and Eric (x.xx)Eric and older Val get it on Erotic Art 12/16/17
Valerie and Eric II (x.xx)Valerie blows Eric Erotic Art 12/17/17
Valerie and Eric III (x.xx)Eric fucks Valerie Erotic Art 12/26/17
Valerie and Eric: 3 Part Series
Valerie and Eric (x.xx)Eric and older Val get it on Erotic Art 12/16/17
Valerie and Eric II (x.xx)Valerie blows Eric Erotic Art 12/17/17
Valerie and Eric III (x.xx)Eric fucks Valerie Erotic Art 12/26/17
Warren and Sonja: 4 Part Series
Warren and Sonja (x.xx)Sonja wants Warren Erotic Art 08/25/17
Warren and Sonja II (x.xx)Sonja blows Warren Erotic Art 09/04/17
Warren and Sonja III (x.xx)Sonja mouth fucks Warren Erotic Art 09/04/17
Warren and Sonja IV (x.xx)Warren creams balls deep in Sonja Erotic Art 09/17/17
Warren, Sonja, Randy and Melissa (x.xx)My wife Melissa and our friend Sonja fuck two nerds Erotic Art 09/14/17
Watch jennijuggs (x.xx)jennijuggs plays for U Erotic Art 11/20/17
Watching Wife (x.xx)Watching my wife suck cock Erotic Art 10/22/15
What I Did This Summer: 2 Part Series
What I Did This Summer (x.xx)Gary and my wife kissing. Erotic Art 08/15/16
What I Did This Summer II (x.xx)Gary fucking my wife. Erotic Art 08/19/16
Wife and Stranger II (x.xx)Wife titty fucks and sucks on a strangers big erection. Erotic Art 09/14/15
Wife at Gloryholes (x.xx)I brought my wife to an adult book store. Erotic Art 09/01/15
Wife Collared (x.xx) Erotic Art 10/02/15
Wife Cradling Her Tits (x.xx)acrylic on canvas 20x16 Erotic Art 01/05/16
Wife Left Me Out (x.xx)My wife takes her new black bull to bed and locks me out Erotic Art 09/04/15
Wife Spreads 4U (x.xx)Title says it all Erotic Art 11/03/15
Wife Swap: 4 Part Series
Wife Swap (x.xx)My friend Dan and I trade wives. Erotic Art 06/11/16
Wife Swap II (x.xx)Jill jerks Dan and I off. Adult Comics 06/11/16
Wife Swap III (x.xx)Jill wants to screw Mark. Adult Comics 06/11/16
Wife Swap IV (x.xx)Mark, Jill, Melissa,and Dan Erotic Art 06/24/16
Wife Wants Gang Bang (x.xx)My wife begs for gang bang Erotic Art 07/28/18
Wife Wearing New Glasses (x.xx)Nude pencil portrait of my wife wearing new glasses. Erotic Art 08/28/15
William and Melissa (x.xx)Melissa mouthing William Erotic Art 12/22/16
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