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-Ripley-'s Biography:
Sex: Female
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Some words from -Ripley-:

I enjoy writing my stories and being able to share them and hear back from people about how they like them (or don't) is an important part of why I am here at Literotica. I appreciate all the kind things that people have said about my stories over the years, and the patience that they showed as I slowly wrote The Journey of Grace. Even the critical comments have value to me, although I am not sure I understand why some people choose to read stories where they hate the underlying theme and then criticize that instead of the story. But that is them, not me.

Update 3/31/2014: Despite the scores, I am still pleased with the response to It Didn't Work Out. I got a lot of nice comments and emails and actually relatively few negative ones. I understand the point a couple people made about predictability but I wasn't trying to throw people off. I was writing the story of someone discovering herself. At heart, I am a romantic so my stories are influenced that way. I like a happy ending but not all stories get one. In the end, it really just depends upon the story that is being told.

Update 6/6/2014: I've just posted a new story call Coming to Grips, and it should be out in a few days. I'm starting work on the second chapter. I've also have another new story almost done. Hopefully it won't be too long before I get it completed. There are several others that are started. So this may be a productive summer for me writing. I hope you enjoy the new one.

Update 6/10/2014: Well I finished the other story faster than I thought. Out of Bounds is now pending being posted. It is very long at 13 Lit pages, but I am fairly satisfied with it. It's a little different from the normal romantic me. Coming to Grips got rejected, requiring a change to the backstory. It's hard to do that once you have something written, but hopefully it flowed alright, and it is enough of a change. I am looking forward to the reaction to both.

Update 6/12/2014: I don't know how many people read my updates here. So perhaps I will also add a comment of my own on Out of Bounds but for now I will keep it here. Out of Bounds is a sad story. I normally write ones with happy endings. Some have called it predictable but generally, I am a romantic. As a writer though, I want to stretch myself. Some of my stories have lives of their own and they end up in a different place than I expected. I knew where this one as going to end. I wanted to have a story that left me feeling sad. In my introductions, I give my editor Terry a lot of credit. He and I talked a lot about this. He was the voice of those who wanted Isabel to give Rachel a chance. And he has a wonderful set of arguments to be used with Isabel. I don't know if I will revisit Rachel and Isabel. There are a lot of happy stories that I have yet to write; and Suzanne in Coming to Grips needs her happy ending as does Chloe. The list of stories waiting somewhat impatiently for me to write is long. Nevertheless, whether it gets written or not, the door hasn't been shut on Rachel and Isabel. After all, Isabel could have thrown the paper out the window.

Update 7/26/2014: I continue to work on Coming to Grips Chapter 2. I've said that I thought it would take between a month and two months to write it. As I have gotten into it, it may take longer. It is turning out to be a fairly long story, substantially more than chapter one. Although I am working on it every day, it could take more time than I originally guessed.

Update 10/1/2014: I confess. Coming to Grips Chapter 2 is long. Very long. I had no idea how much story there was until I was writing it. I am coming down the home stretch but it's still taking time. Trust me. I want to get it done as much as you do. I think it will answer all the questions that the first chapter raised but didn't answer.

Update 11/7/2014: The first draft of the end of Coming to Grips is close to done. I have one remaining bit to write but it is really close. I will hold off on saying when, because that seems to be a jinx. Nevertheless I'm making a lot of progress each day. Then the task of editing will begin. I'll get through it as quickly as possible but it is a lot to edit. Then I have a couple of editors who will help me polish it. Still I'm getting close. And although I've decided to break it up into two chapters, I don't want to stop and finish off the first one. I'm on a writing roll and interrupting that is not a good idea. The story will flow better if I do them both at the same time and then post them two consecutive days.

Update 12/16/2014: The editing process is underway. The first very rough draft conclusion to Coming to Grips is done. I'm working on getting to a more polished version that my editors can actually read. Still no way to predict how long this process will take. A busy work and personal life combined with the holidays means I have less time available but I continue to make it a priority for me!

Update 1/25/2015: I only have a few more pages and then the last section of the conclusion to Coming to Grips will be in the hands of my editors. The first two sections are already there, so it is starting to feel real. I made a ton of progress today and maybe will even get that last bit done tomorrow. That still means that they have to edit it and there could be changes, so it isn't ready for posting. It's real progress however! I have a new series underway as well. When I am not at my desk, it gives me something to do. I won't talk much about it now, but it is long one and I won't start posting it until I'm done. It's just easier on everyone.

Update 2/24/2015: Thank you very much for the wonderful response to the next chapter of Coming to Grips! It is overwhelming. I've tried to respond to all the emails and comments that people have made to let you know how much I appreciate them. Chapter 3 was submitted today. There is a small problem where the tags are not saving. I am trying to get that resolved and it could delay the story a day or so if I need to delete it and try again. If I don't, it should show up in a couple of days. The fourth and final chapter is in the editing process. I hope to have that ready to submit in a week to two weeks at the most. Thanks for being patient with me!

Update 3/6/2015: I just finished submitting the fourth and final chapter of Coming to Grips. That means it should probably be out on Sunday. I hope that it will live up to the expectations of those waiting for it. My writing is moving in some new directions now. I have a very long series that I have mentioned before. If I follow my outline, there will be 35 chapters although they will be substantially shorter than the ones in Coming to Grips. It is my first attempt at more of an ensemble cast of characters. While it is not a continuation of Out of Bounds, it takes place in that story universe. At least one of the characters from it will make a cameo appearance, and another one will be an important secondary character in the new series. I also won't post any of it until I have it done and edited, so that it can just come out. I also started another standalone story. It will be different in other ways. I don't want to say much about it other than I expect to post that before I start posting the new series.

Update 3/26/2015: I'm overwhelmed by the response to Coming to Grips. Thank you all for the nice comments and emails. I am glad that it resonated with people. Now that Coming to Grips is complete, I wanted to offer a couple of comments about Suzanne, Colby, Chloe and Gabriela. For the most part, I am done with Suzanne's story. It seems complete here to me. Chloe's does not. I don't know when I will do it, but I am fairly sure that I need to write Chloe's story. It will be different, and somewhat obviously darker. The good news is that we know how it ends; so even at the darkest point, there is some light ahead for Chloe. I am sure that Suzanne and Colby will make an appearance, but won't be significant characters, other than how the shade of Suzanne hangs around Chloe, just as Chloe haunted her. As I said, I'm not sure when I'll get to it. I'm deep into writing both my long series (around a quarter of the way done) and the other one on which I'm working. The latter is still most likely to be the next thing I post. I would guess that it is a third of the way done. Again, thank you all for your support. It really is a huge part of what keeps me writing.

Update 5/11/2015: I'm not being very productive right now writing. I changed jobs recently and that is taking up a huge amount of my time as I come up to speed on it. As it settles down, I am sure that I will find it easier to get back to it. It isn't to say I haven't made any progress, but just not as much as I would like.

Update 7/12/2015: I am slowly making progress on my stories. Part of the issue is that the two stories are both quite long. So even when I make progress, there still is a long way to go. It's a little frustrating at times though, looking out ahead and seeing it could still be a while before I have something to publish. I actually started a third story this week, one that I am trying to make short. Getting something actually done is a good motivator for me. And thank you as always to people who let me know what they think about my stories. It remains a huge inspiration to me.

Update 12/20/2015: I know it's been a long time since my last update. I continue to work on my stories. I just completed a chapter in one of them and it is with my editor, but of course it is also the story that I am waiting until it is completely done to post. I am jumping back and forth on three different stories right now. All of them are completely different from each other, and different from things I have done before I think. Two of them are standalone so I can post them when they are done. One is about a third done and so it has a ways to go! I'm taking some time off for Christmas, and I hope that I am able to work through a lot of writing in that time! Have a Merry Christmas, all!

Update 1/3/2016: Less than a month and already I have an update. I completed one of my standalone stories over the holidays. I am in the process of editing it, and then it will go to my editors. I also have to figure out a title and decide on what category to use. Lesbian, BDSM, and Sci-Fi & Fantasy are all legitimate choices. I'm excited to see if people like it as it represents a branching from my past stories. I won't give a time estimate, but hopefully it will be ready fairly soon.

Update 1/24/2016: My new story went through the editing process and did not emerge on the other side. There needs to be some substantial rewrites. I love both of my editors; they help me make my stories the best that they can be. As always, I won't give any predictions about when it will be done.

Update 2/27/2016: As I said last month, I won't make any predictions as to when I will complete the revisions to my new story. They are relatively far along, but it is more difficult to rewrite than to write the original. I feel very good about it though. At the same time, I'm making a lot of progress on my multipart story, finishing a chapter and well on my way through the next. The other story in-work isn't making nearly the progress, but there is some. It will be quite long and I'll have to talk with my editors about whether to break it up when it's done. Thanks for the comments and emails! They do help to inspire me!

Update 3/19/2016: Well it's done and dropped back into the editing process. It's quite a long story, one of my longest single chapter stories. As I said, it's different than anything I've done but I like it very much. More than anything, that seems to be what draws me to a story; finding something new to try in writing. I continue to make progress on my multipart story but there is still a long way to go. In total writing, this will be the longest thing I've yet written. The third story is stalled right now, though maybe with completing the long one I will find the path forward with that one as well.

Update 4/17/2016: Beloved of Ashura: Learning to Fly posted today. I won't talk to much about it other than the editing process was a positive learning process for me. Not only did I rewrite it, but even after my wonderful editors finished with it, I ended up going through it yet again with a fine tooth comb. I am sure I must have missed a few things but I really wanted it to be error free. As usual, I fell in love with my two characters and I may not be done with them. I've made substantial progress on my long series. I'm in the middle of Chapter 12, which means I am just over a third done so it will still be a while. I take it as a good sign that my editors eagerly rip the chapters out of my hand and (at least one) bemoan that it will be a little while before they get the next one. The other active story I've been working on seems to be slipping into inactive. Ashura and the series absorbed all the time and energy I have available.

Update 5/10/2016: Wow, the response to Beloved of Ashura has been amazing. It was really not sure how people would like it because it was quite different than a lot of my work. Thank you to all the people who commented or sent me messages. They really meant a lot to me. I am fairly sure that I will return to that world at some point as I enjoyed it, and like I said, I fell in love with both the characters. As is sometimes the case though, it might not be the story people expect. As far a progress on my other stories, I continue to work on Chapter 12. It is a fairly important one and it's hard to see how I shorten it. I'm closing in on finishing the first draft but there are some substantial rewrites needed. Fortunately I can be working on those and writing the next chapter at the same time.

Update 6/12/2016: Sometimes we take detours. I was diligently working on my series and closing in on finishing the latest chapter when I read a story here set at Burning Man. I can't say whether or not the author really has been there, but like most of the relatively few stories on Lit about Burning Man, it didn't have the feeling that I get when I go there. I've gone 4 times so far and each year is a new experience, different from the last. So my attention was diverted. I'm working on a new story that is set at Burning Man. And like my as yet unpublished series, it is part of the Out of Bounds universe.

Update 8/12/2016: The Burning Man themed story has turned into a full follow-on to Out of Bounds, although only told from the side of one of the two women. It probably isn't what some people want, but it's part of the path to get there. My longer series will help the story of Isabel and Rachel along as well, but there will still be another story at the end of that. I'm enjoying this new story and work on it often, but as always, it's not short. It has its twists and turns, and I'm also working on something new for me. I'll have to wait and see what my editors think. Hopefully, the story is what comes through the most, not Burning Man. It's the setting but it's also something I love so I can go on about it. Real life and my fiction will intersect in two weeks when I once again leave for the playa. My dream would be to come back with a finished first draft.

Update 10/29/2016: Happy Halloween! I'm still working on my Burning Man story, as well as the others, but in the middle of that I decided to write a quick short story. I haven't written one like that in a while, and I chose a vaguely Halloween theme. It won't be part of the Lit contest and won't even come out before Halloween, but so what! This is a new standalone story. It's unlikely I'll revisit the characters but you never know. There are vague plans to revisit a number of them that may or may not ever happen, except for "It Was Better Than She Imagined." I know I won't revisit that one! I like it ending where it did.

Update 11/13/2016: It took slightly longer to get the story worked out than I expected but I submitted it today. It should be out in a couple of days. Not only was it fun to get a story done and completed in a very short amount of time, it has jump started me on my long series. I completed a chapter and am into the next one. Turns out the thing to find your muse is to just write something and then it starts to flow again. Hopefully I'll remember that for the future. Not only is this my first shorter story in a while, it is also a little something different. I don't do a lot where both characters are in the 18-22 year range. Usually there is someone older, even if not always as old as me! I hope you enjoy it. As usual, I will try to get back to anyone who writes to me with feedback!

Update 12/24/2016: It's been a productive couple of months for me. I not only wrote and published a story, but I've completed two chapters in my long series. It took a long time since finishing the previous one, so that was a very good feeling. I'm still a long way from posting anything. I'm working in chapter 14 of 13. Some of the chapters are longer than others but still, I'm not even half way. Although the core of the plot is worked out, I am finding it interesting how it evolves organically as I write. In the last chapter, I found that I was falling in love with one of the characters who was more secondary and less fleshed out. All of a sudden she is much deeper and complex, which in turn is not only making the story better (I think), but is causing a change in another character. My editors are enjoying it as well. Unfortunately they do have to wait for me to have time and inspiration. They wait patiently, more or less, for me to finish the latest cliffhanger. Back to work, I've got a chapter to finish! Happy holidays to all!

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