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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

A Portrait in Blue (4.61)A tale of office seduction set in Edinburgh.  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/01/17
An Elegant Seduction: 6 Part Series
An Elegant Seduction Pt. 01 (4.56)Lynne is hired to teach a young actress how to ride.  Hot Romance 01/03/17
An Elegant Seduction Pt. 02 (4.66)Dinner and an unusual unveiling brings them closer.  Hot Romance 01/06/17
An Elegant Seduction Pt. 03 (4.70)Dinner, wine and a massage with unexpected consequences.  Hot Romance 01/10/17
An Elegant Seduction Pt. 04 (4.72)Petra makes a determined effort to seduce Lynne.  Hot Romance 01/20/17
An Elegant Seduction Pt. 05 (4.70)Fatima has a surprising proposal for Lynne.  Hot Romance 01/24/17
An Elegant Seduction Pt. 06 (4.79)The final chapter: a breakup and a seduction.  Hot Romance 01/31/17
Ashes of Camelot (4.70)The Phoenix rises from the ashes of Camelot.  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/08/16
Breaking Out: 2 Part Series
Breaking Out Pt. 01 (4.63)Two policewomen come together in the line of duty.  Hot Lesbian Sex 08/23/17
Breaking Out Pt. 02 (4.71)Recuperating was never this much fun...  Hot Lesbian Sex 08/25/17
Breaking the Drought: 2 Part Series
Breaking the Drought (4.49)A one night stand finally breaks the drought. Lesbian Sex 12/13/16
Breaking the Drought Pt. 02 (4.64)It was supposed to be a one night stand but then...  Hot Lesbian Sex 01/25/17
Crossing Over: 4 Part Series
Crossing Over Pt. 01 (4.77)My crossing over began with the death of my sister...  Hot Lesbian Sex 02/15/17
Crossing Over Pt. 02 (4.80)Louise is falling for Sigrid but she is still holding back.  Hot Lesbian Sex 02/16/17
Crossing Over Pt. 03 (4.74)Unbridled passion ignites as fate steps in.  Hot Lesbian Sex 02/22/17
Crossing Over Pt. 04 (4.86)Louise has taken the first step, will she keep going?  Hot Lesbian Sex 02/24/17
Irish Eyes (4.64)A mock audition suddenly turns serious.  Hot Lesbian Sex 10/31/16
Katie's First Time (4.56)Katie went looking for Denise and found Penny instead.  Hot Lesbian Sex 05/02/17
Melanie's Story: 4 Part Series
Melanie's Story Pt. 01 (4.53)Inspired by Louise's story, Melanie shares her own story.  Hot Lesbian Sex 03/23/17
Melanie's Story Pt. 02 (4.72)As her marriage disintegrates, Melanie starts fighting back.  Hot Lesbian Sex 03/30/17
Melanie's Story Pt. 03 (4.81)When Jeff takes his own life, Melanie starts making changes.  Hot Lesbian Sex 04/04/17
Melanie's Story Pt. 04 (4.87)Could their one night stand lead to something else?  Hot Lesbian Sex 04/23/17
Platinum Service (4.60)A wealthy client asks a chauffeur to strip for money...  Hot Lesbian Sex 08/25/17
Sandy's Girl (4.68)An Aussie rock singer finally meets her match.  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/12/17
Satin Dreams: 2 Part Series
Satin Dreams (4.53)When Karen books an escort girl, a new world opens up.  Hot Lesbian Sex 01/03/17
Satin Dreams Pt. 02 (4.62)The escort girl has awakened Karen's desires.  Hot Lesbian Sex 01/28/17
Seducing Anita (4.53)Anita claimed to be straight, until she met Colleen.  Hot Lesbian Sex 08/03/17
Snowbound (4.57)Two women stranded by a blizzard decide to get cozy.  Hot Lesbian Sex 06/30/17
Stepping Out (4.40)I remember the first time I saw her. Lesbian Sex 10/04/16
Taking Chances: 4 Part Series
Taking Chances Pt. 01 (4.57)Jodie was the hottest woman Kelly had seen in a while.  Hot Lesbian Sex 03/07/17
Taking Chances Pt. 02 (4.67)A long bike ride, a longer talk and a dinner invitation.  Hot Lesbian Sex 03/09/17
Taking Chances Pt. 03 (4.66)The two women are drawing closer but is Jodie just flirting?  Hot Lesbian Sex 03/13/17
Taking Chances Pt. 04 (4.76)A week apart has only strengthened their desires.  Hot Lesbian Sex 03/17/17
That Australian Woman (4.60)It was unlike any Valentines day date she'd ever known.  Hot Lesbian Sex 02/01/17
The American Reporter: 3 Part Series
The American Reporter Pt. 01 (4.61)A chance meeting in a souk brought them together.  Hot Lesbian Sex 12/22/17
The American Reporter Pt. 02 (4.54)On their first date Helga begins her journey to freedom.  Hot Lesbian Sex 12/28/17
The American Reporter Pt. 03 (4.69)An intimate encounter in Harriet's room opens Helga's eyes.  New  Hot Lesbian Sex 01/16/18
The Borderline: 2 Part Series
The Borderline Ch. 01 (4.66)Wistful memories of innocence, I was only 19.  Hot Lesbian Sex 10/10/16
The Borderline Ch. 02 (4.64)Is it possible to rekindle an old flame?  Hot Lesbian Sex 10/27/16
The Irish Girl (4.65)An erotic coming of age story set in Liverpool.  Hot Lesbian Sex 04/11/17
The Long Weekend - Day: 4 Part Series
The Long Weekend - Day 01 (4.67)Lindsay becomes a tour guide for a German model.  Hot Lesbian Sex 01/21/17
The Long Weekend - Day 02 (4.77)The second day brings Lindsay and Melina even closer.  Hot Lesbian Sex 02/04/17
The Long Weekend - Day 03 (4.82)Lindsay is starting to fall for Melina but can it work?  Hot Lesbian Sex 02/05/17
The Long Weekend - Day 04 (4.83)Lindsay decides she must make a decision...  Hot Lesbian Sex 02/10/17
The Mountain Girl: 4 Part Series
The Mountain Girl Ch. 01 (4.51)A new housemate brings new opportunities for Heidi.  Hot Lesbian Sex 07/13/17
The Mountain Girl Ch. 02 (4.67)The relationship between Heidi and Zoe is slowly changing.  Hot Lesbian Sex 07/18/17
The Mountain Girl Ch. 03 (4.75)Heidi takes a step into the unknown, how far will she go?  Hot Lesbian Sex 07/23/17
The Mountain Girl Ch. 04 (4.75)Heidi and Zoe finally take the plunge...  Hot Lesbian Sex 07/27/17
The Rescue (4.75)An impromptu rescue has surprising consequences.  Hot Lesbian Sex 01/17/17
The Sandman: 2 Part Series
The Sandman Pt. 01 (4.57)A quiet night at the drive in turns into something else.  Hot Lesbian Sex 05/08/17
The Sandman Pt. 02 (4.63)Tracey continues the story from her perspective.  Hot Lesbian Sex 05/20/17
The Therapist: 6 Part Series
The Therapist Pt. 01 (4.37)The private confessions of a swinger. Lesbian Sex 05/26/17
The Therapist Pt. 02 (4.55)The next session gets juicier and more arousing, for Valerie.  Hot Lesbian Sex 05/30/17
The Therapist Pt. 03 (4.49)Valerie reveals more of herself to Karen as they get closer. Lesbian Sex 06/04/17
The Therapist Pt. 04 (4.64)In this third session, Karen talks about Janine.  Hot Lesbian Sex 06/11/17
The Therapist Pt. 05 (4.72)A sudden betrayal draws Valerie and Karen closer together.  Hot Lesbian Sex 06/18/17
The Therapist Pt. 06 (4.69)Valerie decides to do some experimenting of her own.  Hot Lesbian Sex 07/07/17
The Vicar: 3 Part Series
The Vicar (4.67)Constrained by dogma, the vicar longed for release.  Hot Lesbian Sex 12/15/16
The Vicar Ch. 02 (4.72)Katie decides to bring one of Janine's fantasies to life.  Hot Lesbian Sex 12/26/16
The Vicar Ch. 03 (4.81)Janine and Katie find themselves at a crossroad.  Hot Lesbian Sex 04/18/17
The Waitress: 2 Part Series
The Waitress (4.54)The pretty litle waitress drew her attention.  Hot Lesbian Sex 12/05/16
The Waitress Pt. 02 (4.64)After their sexual encounter, Marina takes Lynne on a date.  Hot Lesbian Sex 01/30/17
The Woman down the Hall (4.74)An editor and an assistant D.A find love in NYC.  Hot Lesbian Sex 02/28/17
Toni's Awakening: 2 Part Series
Toni's Awakening Pt. 01 (4.67)Toni had never considered herself gay until now...  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/22/17
Toni's Awakening Pt. 02 (4.78)The next morning sees Carina recalling an earlier affair.  Hot Lesbian Sex 12/03/17
Undressing Tamara (4.79)A slow undressing followed by erotic loveplay.  Hot Lesbian Sex 01/12/17
Working Holiday: 5 Part Series
Working Holiday Pt. 01 (4.56)She was supposed to be on holiday, until she met Nickie.  Hot Lesbian Sex 08/28/17
Working Holiday Pt. 02 (4.67)Kay investigates a cold case and Nickie gets closer to her.  Hot Lesbian Sex 09/05/17
Working Holiday Pt. 03 (4.69)A night of steamy passion as the investigation intensifies.  Hot Lesbian Sex 09/08/17
Working Holiday Pt. 04 (4.76)The investigation becomes ever more complicated...  Hot Lesbian Sex 09/19/17
Working Holiday Pt. 05 (4.75)The dramatic end to a case and a new beginning.  Hot Lesbian Sex 09/26/17
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