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The_shadow_rising's Biography:
Sex: Male
Age: 33 to 40
Weight: Average
Height: Average
Location: The Shadow
Orientation: Straight
Interested In: Nothing
Status: No Answer
Smoke: Occasionally
Drink: Yes
Fetishes: **Cheating/Infidelity**, Incest, Risk, Erotic Situations, and so much more
Pets: None
User Number: 477083
Member Since: February 5, 2005
Last Modified: July 10, 2016
Some words from The_shadow_rising:

Writing (but work has picked up again, so slower) - sex scenes.

**Update: I am writing the sex scenes. They are coming on really well, but I just wanted to share something with you all. This story and its sex scenes are very different to the other stories I have written. This story is not a quick 'fuck yourself' story, and it is not even a long 'fuck yourself' story like my other stories. With this story I wanted to write something different, something specific, and that means it is a a very long, very detailed, very deep set of sex stories. While nothing is set now as I will no doubt make changes/smooth things out during the editing, as I am getting deeper into the sex scenes I can see the huge difference with the others. The other stories, while long, are 'wham, bam' hard and rapidly described sex scenes. These are anything but. As they are my stories, they do have that similar style but it is much longer and focused on what this story is about and how I want it told. What it is meant to 'feel' like, rather than just do. This story will have a huge disclaimer before it as it really is different and a lot of people won't like it because it is so long. Let me give you an idea - the sex scenes altogether will likely be longer than the entirety of HP just themselves. Now I have said that, I will clarify that I won't be writing a story like this again. It is an idea that I wanted to write and I wanted to write it in a different way - a way that fit the idea behind the story. It has given me a lot when it comes to writing ebook stories, and it is a story I want to write and will be glad to have written. But I wanted to give you fair warning, and also fair notice that many of you may not like it (I always get complaints about how people want quick masturbating stories), even if you like my long stories, but that I won't be writing stories like this all the time. Even so, whether you like it or not - I will be happy to have written it.**


(1) I've been asked what I think of the supposed 'Angelina Jolie incest kiss'. First, I generally don't care about celebrity stuff - it bores me, unless it inspires story ideas. Second, I hadn't heard anything about it till yesterday, but what I saw when I read it is the claim that it has been debunked. My thoughts on that - just by looking at the kiss and expressions it could be either, so honestly I don't claim anything about it. What I would say is that IF it were an incestuous kiss, I don't see either what is wrong with that or why it is anyone else's fucking business. My opinion on it if it was: it would be their life, who gives a shit? They are adults, likely consenting, so don't care what they do. Now, having said all of that I will say this. I generally don't find Angelina Jolie attractive (I know, shocking, right). She is pretty and I always live by the idea that beauty has nothing to do with some standard, but is rather in the eye of the beholder, so no knocks to her. (Though in the black dress she is wearing in that kiss, she does look hot!). My point here? If that was an incestuous kiss, she just got a whole lot fucking sexier in my eyes ;) ...More so if she were fucking him behind her husband's back ;) So in answer to the question - from an actual real life perspective, whether it was or not I wouldn't care and say more power to them regardless of if it was or not. From a hotness perspective, though I don't generally like AJ, the whole thing (and especially if she did do it in public and then 'explained it away') just makes her as sexy as hell to me. So if it was and you read this AJ - hot and delicious ;) But not saying it was or wasn't as I don't know and have no care if it was or not. Hope that answers your question.

(2) So I have been made aware that some have suggested to Naughty America - at least one public suggestion that I have seen, and some private - that they make more cheating films based on scenarios like I and TalkMan write about. So I just had to reply that if people want hot ideas for cheating videos, all they have to do is contact me and we can discuss collaborating. I have several hot ideas in mind. Who would like to see that? I even have ideas for directing a really hot series of videos based on Shorehaven Tales... ;)


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