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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

Closeness: 5 Part Series
Closeness Ch. 01 (4.56)Archer's Adventure.  Hot Gay Male 01/01/13
Closeness Ch. 02 (4.72)Changing things.  Hot Gay Male 01/02/13
Closeness Ch. 03 (4.60)Archer makes his move.  Hot Gay Male 01/03/13
Closeness Ch. 04 (4.72)The Great Mistake.  Hot Gay Male 01/04/13
Closeness Ch. 05 (4.61)The Decision.  Hot Gay Male 01/05/13
Complete Complicated (4.54)"Complicated" series with all chapters included.  Hot Gay Male 02/03/11
Eli's Promise: 3 Part Series
Eli's Promise Ch. 01 (4.53)Setting limits.  Hot Transsexuals & Crossdressers 02/11/11
Eli's Promise Ch. 02 (4.65)More enthusiasm than common sense.  Hot Transsexuals & Crossdressers 02/12/11
Eli's Promise Ch. 03 (4.36)Impasse. Transsexuals & Crossdressers 02/13/11
Falling (4.65)Sage lands just where he's been dreaming about.  Hot Gay Male 10/29/10
Fraternal Love: 2 Part Series
Fraternal Love Ch. 01 (4.64)Braxton hasn't seen his brother for ten years.  Hot Gay Male 08/09/11
Fraternal Love Ch. 02 (4.68)Decisions.  Hot Gay Male 08/10/11
Goaded: 2 Part Series
Goaded Ch. 01 (4.62)Conquest turns tables on twin brothers.  Hot Gay Male 07/17/10
Goaded Ch. 02 (4.70)Sultan and Rajah reconcile.  Hot Gay Male 07/22/10
Hero Worship (4.65)Xavier is in love with his brother.  Hot Gay Male 11/09/09
Hopes and Dreams: 2 Part Series
Hopes and Dreams (4.67)Hopes and dreams force Kennedy to act.  Hot Gay Male 01/05/11
Hopes and Dreams Ch. 02 (4.73)A long-held dream fuels Lucius's hopes.  Hot Gay Male 06/02/11
Leaving the Past Behind: 35 Part Series
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 01 (4.32)Introducing Dorian and his uncertainty. Gay Male 05/09/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 02 (4.39)Introducing Eric and his dilemma. Gay Male 05/11/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 03 (4.32)Dorian's uncertainties are shaken. Gay Male 05/12/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 04 (4.34)Eric's memories, mistakes, and decisions. Gay Male 05/13/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 05 (4.30)Dorian's distraction and acceptance. Gay Male 05/14/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 06 (4.32)Eric tiptoes out at work. Gay Male 05/15/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 07 (4.39)Dorian's mother. Gay Male 05/16/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 08 (4.59)Eric reconciles with his past.  Hot Gay Male 05/17/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 09 (4.65)Doiran pounces.  Hot Gay Male 05/18/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 10 (4.63)Eric acts impulsively.  Hot Gay Male 05/19/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 11 (4.65)Dorian and Eric chat and play.  Hot Gay Male 05/20/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 12 (4.67)Eric's doubts, confusion, and denial.  Hot Gay Male 05/21/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 13 (4.57)Dorian's visit before lunch.  Hot Gay Male 05/22/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 14 (4.50)Eric is shocked by all of it.  Hot Gay Male 05/23/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 15 (4.49)Dorian meets Klaus and Darwin. Gay Male 05/24/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 16 (4.67)Eric acts desperately, then confesses.  Hot Gay Male 05/25/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 17 (4.60)Dorian offers comfort and breakfast.  Hot Gay Male 05/26/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 18 (4.68)Eric meets Agatha.  Hot Gay Male 05/27/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 19 (4.60)Dorian does some shopping.  Hot Gay Male 05/28/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 20 (4.67)Eric's secret meeting.  Hot Gay Male 05/29/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 21 (4.69)Dorian listens.  Hot Gay Male 05/30/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 22 (4.65)Eric makes some discoveries.  Hot Gay Male 05/31/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 23 (4.82)Dorian is ambushed.  Hot Gay Male 06/01/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 24 (4.68)Eric protests some more.  Hot Gay Male 06/02/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 25 (4.64)Dorian carries out his wishes.  Hot Gay Male 06/03/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 26 (4.72)Eric goes with the flow.  Hot Gay Male 06/04/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 27 (4.76)Eric admits his fear.  Hot Gay Male 06/05/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 28 (4.74)Dorian entices Eric.  Hot Gay Male 06/06/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 29 (4.76)Eric is confused.  Hot Gay Male 06/07/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 30 (4.75)Dorian visits Klaus.  Hot Gay Male 06/08/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 31 (4.61)Eric meets the new lady of the house.  Hot Gay Male 06/09/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 32 (4.61)Dorian seeks his mother's wisdom.  Hot Gay Male 06/10/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 33 (4.70)Eric meets Emmet.  Hot Gay Male 06/11/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 34 (4.77)Eric realizes his wholeness.  Hot Gay Male 06/12/10
Leaving the Past Behind Ch. 35-36 (4.82)Dorian talks to Klaus and Eric realizes his love.  Hot Gay Male 06/13/10
Neutral Territory: 14 Part Series
Neutral Territory Ch. 01 (4.46)The setup. Gay Male 11/01/11
Neutral Territory Ch. 02 (4.48)Pushing limits. Gay Male 11/03/11
Neutral Territory Ch. 03 (4.65)Visiting foreign territory.  Hot Gay Male 11/04/11
Neutral Territory Ch. 04 (4.64)Breaking things.  Hot Gay Male 11/05/11
Neutral Territory Ch. 05 (4.60)Compromises.  Hot Gay Male 11/06/11
Neutral Territory Ch. 06 (4.54)Pushing more limits.  Hot Gay Male 11/07/11
Neutral Territory Ch. 07 (4.61)Going too far.  Hot Gay Male 11/08/11
Neutral Territory Ch. 08 (4.31)The difference. Gay Male 11/09/11
Neutral Territory Ch. 09 (4.56)Facing the truth.  Hot Gay Male 11/10/11
Neutral Territory Ch. 10 (4.69)Illness vs. limits.  Hot Gay Male 11/11/11
Neutral Territory Ch. 11 (4.74)Weary mind.  Hot Gay Male 11/12/11
Neutral Territory Ch. 12 (4.64)Drew's opinions.  Hot Gay Male 11/13/11
Neutral Territory Ch. 13 (4.60)All hell breaks loose.  Hot Gay Male 11/14/11
Neutral Territory Ch. 14 (4.59)Culmination.  Hot Gay Male 11/15/11
Obstructed View (4.63)Fonzie gives in and finds love.  Hot Gay Male 07/01/10
Patience: 5 Part Series
Patience Ch. 01-02 (4.49)Sol's frustration and Toby's reaction. Gay Male 09/12/10
Patience Ch. 03-04 (4.60)Honesty.  Hot Gay Male 09/13/10
Patience Ch. 05-06 (4.65)Waking up to the truth.  Hot Gay Male 09/15/10
Patience Ch. 07-08 (4.72)Giving in.  Hot Gay Male 09/16/10
Patience Ch. 09-10 (4.70)Acceptance.  Hot Gay Male 09/17/10
Reunited (4.61)Hilliard's appearance is unexpected in more than one way.  Hot Gay Male 03/09/10
Seeking Submission - Azriel (4.69)Azriel lets himself submit despite his doubts.  Hot Gay Male 02/02/12
Seeking Submission - Noah (4.69)Noah gets submission from the man he wants it from.  Hot Gay Male 02/02/12
Something Lasting: 6 Part Series
Something Lasting Ch. 01 (4.63)From white lies to truths.  Hot Gay Male 05/11/12
Something Lasting Ch. 02 (4.62)Taking a chance.  Hot Gay Male 05/12/12
Something Lasting Ch. 03 (4.74)Making connections.  Hot Gay Male 05/13/12
Something Lasting Ch. 04 (4.72)The corner.  Hot Gay Male 05/14/12
Something Lasting Ch. 05 (4.70)Removing Shade from the equation.  Hot Gay Male 05/15/12
Something Lasting Ch. 06 (4.74)Erasing all the lines.  Hot Gay Male 05/16/12
Taking Advantage: 4 Part Series
Taking Advantage (4.61)The situation is perfect.  Hot Gay Male 04/10/11
Taking Advantage Ch. 02 (4.59)The morning after and then some.  Hot Gay Male 06/29/12
Taking Advantage Ch. 03 (4.68)Developing misconceptions.  Hot Gay Male 06/30/12
Taking Advantage Ch. 04 (4.48)Coming clean. Gay Male 07/01/12
Then and Now: 4 Part Series
Then and Now Ch. 01 (4.68)Ending and beginning.  Hot Gay Male 11/09/10
Then and Now Ch. 02 (4.86)Confidences both shaken and stirred.  Hot Gay Male 11/10/10
Then and Now Ch. 03 (4.83)Lies.  Hot Gay Male 11/11/10
Then and Now Ch. 04 (4.81)Reconciliations.  Hot Gay Male 11/12/10
Touching Octavia (4.11)What happens when Octavia tries heeding others' advice. Erotic Couplings 03/25/10
Wild Side (4.46)Daniel goes a little wild. Gay Male 10/21/10
Yours (4.53)Ten years after Reunited.  Hot Gay Male 08/05/10
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