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So was It - Husband and wife break up.
      Submitted by CrazyDaveTrucker60  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 05/22/19
Pillow Princess - Oh-la-la, this was what she desired most.
      Submitted by TristyPixie  (Erotic Poetry) 05/22/19
Nature's Beauty - A force of nature to be reckon with.
      Submitted by mlraven  (Erotic Poetry) 05/21/19
missing her face - a dream of her in a lamp lit room
      Submitted by mattrog11  (Erotic Poetry) 05/19/19
To make you wet - lust and Erotic
      Submitted by dclove  (Erotic Poetry) 05/19/19
Master and Maid (Part 4) - A 16th century maid discovers the unimaginable
      Submitted by OMyU812  (Erotic Poetry) 05/19/19
Master and Maid (Part 3) - A 16th century maid continues her quest to have a child.
      Submitted by OMyU812  (Erotic Poetry) 05/18/19
Pornstar Diamond Pocahontas - Bisexual man has a crush on Pornstar.
      Submitted by Samuelx  (Erotic Poetry) 05/18/19
In Memoriam - .
      Submitted by BigTopBedlam  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 05/17/19
Master and Maid (Part 2) - A 16th century maid wants more from her Master.
      Submitted by OMyU812  (Erotic Poetry) 05/17/19
Car Shopping Surpise - Unexpected outcome from a car search
      Submitted by legsfeettoes  (Erotic Poetry) 05/17/19
He Owns You - An Erotic Poem I wanted to share
      Submitted by RoseGirl7667  (Erotic Poetry) 05/17/19
Morning Wood - a poem about morning wood, abstract and full of prose
      Submitted by nejratu  (Erotic Poetry) 05/16/19
This Is Your Brain On Pussy - A public safety announcement.
      Submitted by BigTopBedlam  (Erotic Poetry) 05/16/19
Master and Maid - A 16th century maid satisfies her Master.
      Submitted by OMyU812  (Erotic Poetry) 05/16/19
Mother Son Union - True Story of 19-yr-old-son & 38-yr-old stripper mother.
      Submitted by ClassicPlaymatesJacosta  (Erotic Poetry) 05/16/19
I Love Semen - A lady describes her love for semen.
      Submitted by OMyU812  (Erotic Poetry) 05/16/19
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