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Romance Reconfected - Metaphors for sexual playfulness
      Submitted by AAAtheist  (Erotic Poetry) 02/21/18
I said "yes" - Sweet surrender
      Submitted by ghostlights  (Erotic Poetry) 02/21/18
Pair Parts of Our Pleasure - Questioning the shamefulness of sex
      Submitted by AAAtheist  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/21/18
There Are Other Configurations - The possibilities, not limitations, of sex
      Submitted by AAAtheist  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/21/18
HaveNoPlaceForthePornographizedSoul - How sex could have developed in human history
      Submitted by AAAtheist  (Erotic Poetry) 02/21/18
Let’s Get a Room - Sex, lust, sexism, and the confines of marriage
      Submitted by AAAtheist  (Erotic Poetry) 02/21/18
How To Get Through Burning Roof - A Poetic Defense of Sexuality
      Submitted by AAAtheist  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/21/18
Waiting was Worth ... - Happiness, putting it out there in the universe.
      Submitted by maryverte  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/21/18
Innately, Men are Assholes - After a good but ultimately bad date.
      Submitted by maryverte  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/21/18
If Fish Had Necks - Where silt meets sacred... :p
      Submitted by twohadows  (Erotic Poetry) 02/21/18
Bridge Work - One last dive.
      Submitted by Wordmate  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/20/18
A metro touch -
      Submitted by imviper1  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/20/18
Oshún and Aphrodite - Interracial Lesbian Sex
      Submitted by AAAtheist  (Erotic Poetry) 02/20/18
Erotimantic - Musings about sexual passion and romantic love.
      Submitted by AAAtheist  (Erotic Poetry) 02/20/18
Throw a Bitch a Bone - Questioning nudity double standards
      Submitted by AAAtheist  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/20/18
Moneymakers - Derriere Delectation
      Submitted by AAAtheist  (Erotic Poetry) 02/20/18
Slow (Subspace #10) - An exploration of the Dom/sub dynamic
      Submitted by Lil_DeVille  (Erotic Poetry) 02/20/18
The Ability Erotic - How to make language sound sexy
      Submitted by AAAtheist  (Erotic Poetry) 02/20/18
Sally’s Had Enough of Vegas - Enough is enough
      Submitted by greenmountaineer  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/19/18
Track Down - One last stand.
      Submitted by Wordmate  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/19/18
What you do to me - Describing how my eyes see you
      Submitted by moodydude  (Erotic Poetry) 02/19/18
The Empty Bottle - A poem I wrote in another life.
      Submitted by TrueMort  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/19/18
Imagining - after the purchase (just lurid fantasy)
      Submitted by sanishen  (Erotic Poetry) 02/19/18
Caught in my mind - A dominant mind seeing his slave
      Submitted by hisdarkdesires  (Erotic Poetry) 02/19/18
More (Subspace #9) - An exploration of the Dom/sub dynamic
      Submitted by Lil_DeVille  (Erotic Poetry) 02/19/18
Gravity (Subspace #8) - An exploration of the Dom/sub dynamic
      Submitted by Lil_DeVille  (Erotic Poetry) 02/18/18
Viscosity (Subspace #7) - An exploration of the Dom/sub dynamic
      Submitted by Lil_DeVille  (Erotic Poetry) 02/17/18
Minefields - Of forbidden touches and triggered memories.
      Submitted by Ribbontorturer  (Erotic Poetry) 02/16/18
Clubbing - Blow-job/exhibitionism at a dance club.
      Submitted by ghostlights  (Erotic Poetry) 02/16/18
Please Stay - Love Poem for Daddy
      Submitted by AlotLikePsyche  (Erotic Poetry) 02/16/18
Deep Cold - Alone for the night.
      Submitted by Wordmate  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/16/18
Weaver of Dreams - Shibari session with sadistic impact play
      Submitted by DayAlpha_NightRopeBunny  (Erotic Poetry) 02/16/18
Fingerprints (Subspace #6) - An exploration of the Dom/sub dynamic
      Submitted by Lil_DeVille  (Erotic Poetry) 02/16/18
Valentine - Valentine's days can be lovely
      Submitted by sanishen  (Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
Monge Joseph, You Are Missed - Haitian author mourns the loss of a friend.
      Submitted by Samuelx  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
in praise of Lit - in praise of Lit.
      Submitted by Ashesh9  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
Self Love - Sometimes I masturbate looking only at a picture of myself.
      Submitted by AlotLikePsyche  (Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
Hang In - The end comes.
      Submitted by Wordmate  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
Final Quarter-Valentine -
      Submitted by erectus123  (Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
Sahsoon - For my Alpha
      Submitted by CoCoChinadoll  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
I know you - just another side to the man i love
      Submitted by MiaStormRose2015  (Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
The Kinky Queen - A kinky poem of fantasy and the Queen who rules the kingdom
      Submitted by KieranLove  (Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
Breathe: love, or lack there of - Internal dialogue for thoughts to remember and consider
      Submitted by LivLoki  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
Coastline (Come with Me) - An erotic coupling amid a stormy coastline.
      Submitted by intl_assassin  (Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
Her back - Visual feast for the eyes by candlelight
      Submitted by NeonBlueEyes  (Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
A Blemish - Critical Appreciation
      Submitted by sanishen  (Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
A little (Subspace #3) - An exploration of the Dom/sub dynamic
      Submitted by Lil_DeVille  (Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
Lavishing Presents - Gratitude is finite
      Submitted by SweetOblivion  (Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
      Submitted by zenwarrior1  (Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
Rain Storm - It's raining and I want you
      Submitted by kristenreads  (Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
Morning Wood - Mornings are meant to be like this
      Submitted by TexRam806  (Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
intrinsic diff??? - Pussy-Prick.......President--Pauper
      Submitted by Ashesh9  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 02/15/18
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