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The Warrior I Slayed - A sudden crossing with a former boyfriend.
      Submitted by Reality_Contortionist  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 04/29/17
Tempted by Worldliness - A inner battle of innocence and deception.
      Submitted by Reality_Contortionist  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 04/29/17
The Shades of Friendship - A revelation about a female friendship.
      Submitted by Reality_Contortionist  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 04/29/17
Her Concoction - A Mistress toys with the stigma of boy on boy
      Submitted by BetinaCipher  (Erotic Poetry) 04/29/17
The Reluctant Mariner - Some guys are just afraid of a good thing.
      Submitted by Radiokid101  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 04/28/17
Porn - The only responsible one 4 this is porn.
      Submitted by Sexteen01  (Illustrated Poetry) 04/28/17
Just Sex - A poem about friends and sex.
      Submitted by miamore1990  (Erotic Poetry) 04/28/17
Dat Sweet Old Pussy - Got a call from an old gal friend the other day
      Submitted by erectus123  (Erotic Poetry) 04/28/17
Time Alone. - Waiting for you.
      Submitted by IslandCove  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 04/27/17
I Can Feel - Today's musings...
      Submitted by susansnow  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 04/27/17
Unspoken Story - A taste tells a story.
      Submitted by ForMoroMou  (Erotic Poetry) 04/27/17
Could have been. - Was it love?
      Submitted by IslandCove  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 04/27/17
Believe - A woman finds the elusive thing she wants, but fails to hold
      Submitted by SarahElle  (Erotic Poetry) 04/27/17
A Slut In The Afternoon - It was the middle of the day
      Submitted by TOKUQINN  (Erotic Poetry) 04/27/17
Freestyling - Rap sheet
      Submitted by killamaiden  (Erotic Poetry) 04/27/17
The Cock Strikes Twelve EP1 - When the cock strikes 12,
      Submitted by Mailman96  (Erotic Poetry) 04/27/17
he Ram - Sita was put on Fiery Pyre to test Her chastity by Lord Rama
      Submitted by Ashesh9  (Illustrated Poetry) 04/25/17
adulterous thighs - a slutty unfaithful girl is spanked on adulterous thighs!!!
      Submitted by Ashesh9  (Illustrated Poetry) 04/25/17
eggshell cracked - an eggshell cracked ...see Illustration...
      Submitted by Ashesh9  (Illustrated Poetry) 04/25/17
Ballad of a Modern Man (and Woman) - He took one hand off the steering wheel
      Submitted by Lady Clarissa  (Erotic Poetry) 04/25/17
Silence of the Soul - when a Yogi meditates , He annihilates the 'monkey mind'..
      Submitted by Ashesh9  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 04/25/17
sEx - Give it up give it up
      Submitted by killamaiden  (Erotic Poetry) 04/25/17
It Burns So - A woman's choice has become her pain.
      Submitted by SarahElle  (Erotic Poetry) 04/24/17
Someone Went Fishing - A little trip.
      Submitted by susansnow  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 04/24/17
a price too dear to pay - woman know to be warmongers too
      Submitted by RuskaBridgitte  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 04/24/17
Haikus de Saudade - A mayfly amour
      Submitted by AlwaysHungry  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 04/24/17
virtual-love - when someone refuses to give their nude pics to an unknown.
      Submitted by Beauteous_Bloom  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 04/24/17
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