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(Poems submitted in the last 7 days.)
what is this arousal? - the first touch, the light spurt of contact, fire
      Submitted by EHMiller  (Erotic Poetry) 09/25/18
Waiting For - Waiting for the end.
      Submitted by Wordmate  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 09/25/18
Mnemovore (Form 01) - Reflecting on an inheritance of vain delights.
      Submitted by enull  (Erotic Poetry) 09/25/18
Totem - Allegory
      Submitted by greenmountaineer  (Erotic Poetry) 09/24/18
Xebec on the Open Sea - I asked the captain / where we were bound to.
      Submitted by EllenMore  (Erotic Poetry) 09/24/18
I'm ready - I'm ready for You
      Submitted by EHMiller  (Erotic Poetry) 09/24/18
Red - Just a little prose
      Submitted by sashasworld8  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 09/24/18
My Love - A short lesbian poem
      Submitted by Carmilla234  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 09/24/18
Beware of blue cats - A smile means nothing
      Submitted by Aokiji19  (Erotic Poetry) 09/24/18
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