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(Poems submitted in the last 7 days.)
Blue - Encounter
      Submitted by Starlights77  (Erotic Poetry) 07/26/17
Someday Stew - Sitting in my hot tub stew thinking only, thinking of you
      Submitted by cavu182  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 07/26/17
Round One - another day, another way
      Submitted by susansnow  (Erotic Poetry) 07/25/17
Seduction - The fall from grace
      Submitted by GuiltyPleasure  (Erotic Poetry) 07/25/17
A Poets Place - The detritus of the creative life
      Submitted by GuiltyPleasure  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 07/25/17
Filthy - Sometimes we have to dirty ourselves.
      Submitted by vintage1021  (Erotic Poetry) 07/24/17
The Next Flight - making plans
      Submitted by cavu182  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 07/24/17
Breakfast Beer - breakfast beer
      Submitted by cavu182  (Erotic Poetry) 07/24/17
You - For Kittypet
      Submitted by SciFurz  (Erotic Poetry) 07/24/17
New mother needs punishment! - Anonymous ass fuck for a new mommie
      Submitted by Nylon5050  (Erotic Poetry) 07/24/17
Release - A slave dealing with release
      Submitted by ltlslave  (Erotic Poetry) 07/24/17
Wake Me - Wake me with a kiss in the middle of the night
      Submitted by Nofu  (Erotic Poetry) 07/24/17
Gliding into the dark....... - My take on blissful oblivion
      Submitted by Ashesh9  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 07/24/17
Stars - Written after several days of thunder storms.
      Submitted by teddybearclub  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 07/24/17
Petals - Getting rewarded with a taste
      Submitted by TheWolfsLittleRed  (Erotic Poetry) 07/24/17
Exquisite Island - Cautiously departing from solitude
      Submitted by TexWritingRider  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 07/24/17
something about sex - A poem
      Submitted by ambereyeskillme  (Erotic Poetry) 07/24/17
Corn Fed - Just fantasizing abnormal, complicated fantasies.
      Submitted by susansnow  (Erotic Poetry) 07/22/17
Rail Road Lady - rail road nude
      Submitted by cavu182  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 07/22/17
Long-lost Lovers - Man reminisces the hot, passionate, romance with a woman.
      Submitted by strandsofnand  (Erotic Poetry) 07/22/17
Summer Green - morning coffee contemplation
      Submitted by cavu182  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 07/22/17
Reunion #25- Terrie - Terrie Sarcassian, as American as apple pie
      Submitted by erectus123  (Erotic Poetry) 07/22/17
I Yearn For You - Married man desires a girl, who refuses to cheat on his wife
      Submitted by strandsofnand  (Erotic Poetry) 07/22/17
Her Response - Girl replies to married man who desires her
      Submitted by strandsofnand  (Erotic Poetry) 07/22/17
Good Girl - Here I sit
      Submitted by polishgirl1970  (Erotic Poetry) 07/22/17
Us: Desires At Work - A woman expresses her desires to her lover at work.
      Submitted by strandsofnand  (Erotic Poetry) 07/22/17
The Neighbour - Man writes about his neighbour lady
      Submitted by strandsofnand  (Erotic Poetry) 07/22/17
The Two Homes - Man describes the two kinds of beauty he sees in his lover.
      Submitted by strandsofnand  (Erotic Poetry) 07/22/17
The Monster Lurks - It comes for me in the dark night, when I am so alone.
      Submitted by Rob_mDear  (Erotic Poetry) 07/21/17
Love Me Tonight - slow, gentle, loving
      Submitted by TheWolfsLittleRed  (Erotic Poetry) 07/21/17
Instrumental - The beautiful slut is used.
      Submitted by TheWolfsLittleRed  (Erotic Poetry) 07/21/17
Love and In Love - In Love With Her
      Submitted by photofire  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 07/21/17
Jewelry Box - The end result of a play session.
      Submitted by TheWolfsLittleRed  (Erotic Poetry) 07/21/17
Take - For a contest: pick your favorite sensual word...
      Submitted by MommyToni  (Erotic Poetry) 07/21/17
Make Me A Girl, Daddy. Pt.02 - Having given my first blowjob, my anal virginity is taken
      Submitted by FreakyBiFantasyGuy  (Erotic Poetry) 07/21/17
Make Me A Girl, Daddy. Pt.01 - I suck my first dick, and it turns me into a sissy girl.
      Submitted by FreakyBiFantasyGuy  (Erotic Poetry) 07/21/17
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