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(Poems submitted in the last 7 days.)
A Sweet Heavenly Fragrance - The erotic scent of her
      Submitted by AGoddessOfOlympus  (Erotic Poetry) 05/20/18
Eden Recounted - It all depends on your point of view
      Submitted by TarnishedPenny  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 05/20/18
You Just Can't Stop a Great Mind - A body can be denied, but the mind can be unstoppable
      Submitted by AttentiveLover  (Erotic Poetry) 05/20/18
The Invincible Hijabi - Wearing the Hijab in today's world.
      Submitted by KarissaTsevi  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 05/20/18
Unable To Move - It kind of feels like this.
      Submitted by susansnow  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
Great Morning - Jake has a special way of waking up Matt
      Submitted by ChosenUndead  (Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
Carpathia - Two friends around a fire-pit swap romance stories.
      Submitted by The_Dongs_Johnson  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
That moment - Just improving seeing what might happen.
      Submitted by WiLordCadus  (Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
The Temple Of Your Body - A woman's body is a temple
      Submitted by AGoddessOfOlympus  (Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
A love letter - A collection of thoughts about one person.
      Submitted by maryverte  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
Let Me Watch You - Let Me Watch You
      Submitted by kittymocha  (Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
Anticipating - The first time is so exciting.
      Submitted by maryverte  (Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
Heart's Desire - lover's desire
      Submitted by erectus123  (Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
Insomnia - Sleepless thoughts with no proper format.
      Submitted by dino_rawr  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
Leaving the Age Box Blank - No age requirement
      Submitted by Penisvixen  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
Les - Hots for teacher
      Submitted by SolsticeVulture  (Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
"Good, Slut" - Dark things the room of a heartless man-whore!
      Submitted by NoelleRebel  (Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
A Mother's Day - Special day. Special soul.
      Submitted by Wordmate  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
Feather in the Wind - Afte love
      Submitted by FeatherInTheWind  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
Moon Dancer -
      Submitted by ROBERTODAVO  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
Until our bodies have met - In memory of awaiting and receiving your pleasure.
      Submitted by DawnSaxxx  (Erotic Poetry) 05/18/18
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