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(Poems submitted in the last 7 days.)
Your Virginity - Metaphorical musings on the nature of virginity
      Submitted by salo  (Erotic Poetry) 08/21/17
You Tell Too Much - I wish I had a broom skirt.
      Submitted by susansnow  (Erotic Poetry) 08/21/17
Not Sonnet - Love song written after the death of my excellent boss.
      Submitted by JerseyGirlDownUnder  (Erotic Poetry) 08/21/17
The Drive-in - What happened in the back seat?
      Submitted by bb1212  (Erotic Poetry) 08/21/17
The Old Photo - faithless
      Submitted by sandyb  (Erotic Poetry) 08/21/17
Third Dare - 3rd poem of daring night series
      Submitted by antoine_roque  (Erotic Poetry) 08/21/17
A Special Cocktail - When a woman picks up a man for a cocktail, what happens?
      Submitted by Fortbruce  (Erotic Poetry) 08/21/17
You will believe a man can fly - Waiting for mistress.
      Submitted by fantasymr  (Erotic Poetry) 08/21/17
Seducing the Poet - "Stimulate my mind!" she begged,
      Submitted by Fortbruce  (Erotic Poetry) 08/21/17
Here - my first submission here, i hope you like my style
      Submitted by andale89  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 08/21/17
No Light - no light
      Submitted by sandyb  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 08/21/17
Ms. Buttocks met Mr. Cane ! - Buttocks finally kissed by stern Cane!!!
      Submitted by Ashesh9  (Erotic Poetry) 08/21/17
One of us will - fractured relationship waiting to be healed
      Submitted by GuiltyPleasure  (Erotic Poetry) 08/21/17
... the Little Girls ... Understand - Mona Lisa thru zen blissed out party afterwards thru to ?
      Submitted by KayBlank  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 08/21/17
Second Dare - Daring night series
      Submitted by antoine_roque  (Erotic Poetry) 08/19/17
Languid Self Love - The tale of a woman's self love.
      Submitted by LittleMinxPoet  (Erotic Poetry) 08/19/17
Anticipation - Super short; anticipation
      Submitted by bitterpetrol  (Erotic Poetry) 08/18/17
Hurried - An impatient lean against the wall.
      Submitted by bitterpetrol  (Erotic Poetry) 08/18/17
Reading Lin Tao and Thinking about Depression - thinking about depression
      Submitted by Piscator  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 08/18/17
Oral in the Morning - A nice surprise to wake up to
      Submitted by salo  (Erotic Poetry) 08/18/17
French Lessons - french lessons
      Submitted by cavu182  (Erotic Poetry) 08/18/17
Sunglasses - The end of an affair
      Submitted by Piscator  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 08/18/17
First Dare - First of 30 poems of daring nighe
      Submitted by antoine_roque  (Erotic Poetry) 08/18/17
Stockings for my Guy - I love to get dressed up and fucked by master.
      Submitted by Nylon5050  (Erotic Poetry) 08/18/17
Tell me, Beautiful Eyes - For someone in my life who is special to me.
      Submitted by ForNeverYours  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 08/18/17
She was getting ready for a date - Watching someone super attractive get ready for someone else
      Submitted by salo  (Erotic Poetry) 08/18/17
Dangrous Package - A mysterious package appears on my doorstep
      Submitted by salo  (Erotic Poetry) 08/17/17
Lust - Experience with a 19 yr old
      Submitted by Penisvixen  (Erotic Poetry) 08/17/17
#1 Lyla meets her match - lyla from my one night stand poems eats out a woman
      Submitted by dakotadanders  (Erotic Poetry) 08/17/17
Dancing - just kissing
      Submitted by bitterpetrol  (Erotic Poetry) 08/16/17
Never & Ever - Summer time, Paris town,
      Submitted by erectus123  (Erotic Poetry) 08/16/17
Luv - I call the style "schmoetry"
      Submitted by dannythebaltimoron  (Erotic Poetry) 08/16/17
Circus - Poem about a circus
      Submitted by MaximusTheMad  (Erotic Poetry) 08/16/17
Do you too? - Erotic Poem about lustful thoughts
      Submitted by HisLuna  (Erotic Poetry) 08/16/17
To Sir: Part IV - How?
      Submitted by lilmew  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 08/16/17
Fucked on the Pool Table - My Boss Carlos destroys my pussy on a pool table.
      Submitted by Nylon5050  (Erotic Poetry) 08/16/17
Heat - A poem I was inspired by walking my dog
      Submitted by MaximusTheMad  (Erotic Poetry) 08/16/17
A Grope, a tickle and a slap - Final part in one night stand trilogy, starring lyla
      Submitted by dakotadanders  (Erotic Poetry) 08/16/17
Glass & Brush -
      Submitted by erectus123  (Erotic Poetry) 08/15/17
Damned Whistle - My daddy said never fuck your gardener.
      Submitted by susansnow  (Erotic Poetry) 08/15/17
Five Throbs - A brief (oral) interlude
      Submitted by bitterpetrol  (Erotic Poetry) 08/15/17
The Mold - Figure it out
      Submitted by aparody75  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 08/15/17
Dancer - A dancer's night
      Submitted by CheekyHousewife  (Erotic Poetry) 08/15/17
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