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My Life was Changer - Recovery from major motorcycle injury and medical recovery.
      Submitted by Ingrid11B  (Fetish) 10/21/16
As The Rain Fell - A couple lights it up as the town goes dark during a storm.
      Submitted by WantonSalon  (Erotic Couplings) 10/22/16
In the Shower - Coming in the shower for her.
      Submitted by coloquintida  (Toys & Masturbation) 10/22/16
Black Gold - African President fucks Arab Princess.
      Submitted by Seidah  (Interracial Love) 10/22/16
Slut Work of a Secretary - Slutty secretary gets eroticised for Boss's fulfillment.
      Submitted by jamie_lannister09  (Erotic Couplings) 10/22/16
In Between the Sheets - Jennifer Love Hewitt dances to an old R&B song.
      Submitted by cadeauxxx  (Celebrities) 10/22/16  Hot
Star Wars: Return to Trigalis Ch. 02 - Jedi Ta'tan'ia is betrayed and captured!
      Submitted by HandcuffGirl  (Celebrities) 10/22/16  Hot
Pressure - Acacia must face a warlock in his lair.
      Submitted by JukeboxEMCSA  (Mind Control) 10/22/16
A Little Tied Up... Pt. 03 - 'Danielle' gets some company in her friend 'Ally'.
      Submitted by CakeKnight  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 10/22/16
Pulling Out Sucks - She asked me to pull out, but what if I didn't?
      Submitted by pinkysurprise  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 10/22/16
The October House - An old Victorian house, a girl, a boy, maybe a ghost?
      Submitted by jfremont  (Romance) 10/21/16  Hot
A Mommy-Slut: A Naughty Nurse Mommy - Mom catches son in the act and can’t resist his big cock.
      Submitted by silkstockingslover  (Illustrated) 10/21/16  Hot
Mesmerized - Clara's desire for her BFF leads to darkness and the occult.
      Submitted by sheablue  (Erotic Horror) 10/21/16
The Home Depot - A strange love develops on Halloween night in The Home Depot.
      Submitted by thedirtgirl  (Erotic Couplings) 10/21/16
Live On - Her future in his hands.
      Submitted by RubenR  (Erotic Horror) 10/21/16
VooDoo Moon (The Witch's Gathering) - On All Hallows Eve the witches come out to play.
      Submitted by Chancem77  (Erotic Horror) 10/21/16
Dick or Teat - It's Paul's slam bash Halloween party and Krissy's there.
      Submitted by AsnyLark  (First Time) 10/21/16
Emma is Taken, Hard, in the Woods - Two beasts from the night take Emma on a little trip...
      Submitted by fuckmehotstuff  (Erotic Horror) 10/21/16
Exposed Ch. 12 - My personal story of exhibitionism.
      Submitted by E_Harley  (Illustrated) 10/21/16
Jesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole - Empty nest mother discovers her inner fantasy.
      Submitted by sadkins116  (Illustrated) 10/21/16
Titans Ch. 02 - A nice morning, a fight, a strange dream and being naughty.
      Submitted by OnAndOn_Anon  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 10/21/16  Hot
Lady in Red Pt. 03 Ch. 01 - Gwen and Steve face new challenges as they change the world.
      Submitted by Harddaysknight  (Novels and Novellas) 10/21/16  Hot
The ASMRtist Ch. 02 - Girlfriend Roleplay.
      Submitted by AwkwardMD  (Lesbian Sex) 10/21/16
There and Back Again Ch. 67-68 - Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight.
      Submitted by ElyssaCousland  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 10/21/16  Hot
Resurrection! Ch. 02 - Discovering another past.
      Submitted by Michael142  (Romance) 10/21/16  Hot
Cloying and Anxious Ch. 03 - A chance encounter turns into something more
      Submitted by AdmiralZombie1852  (Erotic Couplings) 10/21/16
Prime Assets Ch. 08 - Emma's friendship with Jess develops.
      Submitted by lctf  (Novels and Novellas) 10/21/16  Hot
Surprise Wife Ch. 03 - Margret and Jim continue to explore.
      Submitted by comanchee  (Loving Wives) 10/21/16
Lisa and John Ch. 03: Threesome - Moving to the Gulf Coast.
      Submitted by flashgordon562006  (Group Sex) 10/21/16
Olympus has Fallen Ch. 25 - Viking boys have a bad day, Gods assemble for battle.
      Submitted by Gaius8666  (BDSM) 10/21/16
Special Ring: Prologues End - The Group's Destiny is unfolded.
      Submitted by compnerd  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 10/21/16  Hot
Collecting Catholics: Chastity - A demon infiltrates a catholic school to have some fun.
      Submitted by Sosela  (NonHuman) 10/21/16  Hot
Late Night O-Chem - A student and his Asian TA, alone in lab...
      Submitted by NefariousBread  (Erotic Couplings) 10/21/16  Hot
Interregnum Ch. 01 - Odo the peasant and the loss of his virginity.
      Submitted by Sexinati  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 10/21/16
Downpour - Trish's Memorial Day was a washout until a knock on her door.
      Submitted by The_Dongs_Johnson  (Erotic Couplings) 10/21/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 02 - Discovery and unexpected aftermath.
      Submitted by SteveWallace  (Group Sex) 10/21/16  Hot
Sharing my Wife: A Camping Trip - Did she or didn't she? Fun square dancing & camping.
      Submitted by robertl  (Loving Wives) 10/21/16
The Forest Nymph Pt. 02 - The war for Troy is over, but the fighting hasn't yet ended.
      Submitted by Sage_of_the_Forlorn_Path  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 10/21/16  Hot
Fairy Summoning Pt. 06 - Rose introduces him to an interesting creature.
      Submitted by maestro84  (NonHuman) 10/21/16  Hot
The Hermit - Hiker gets lost in woods gets help from friendly hermit.
      Submitted by canaigle  (Gay Male) 10/21/16
Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 10 - Susan's Cunt Shared With Black Strangers.
      Submitted by Spectator1  (Interracial Love) 10/21/16
Carrying On Ch. 02 - The continuation of My Dearest Becky.
      Submitted by Betrayer_of_Skalathrax  (Romance) 10/21/16  Hot
The Last Lodger Ch. 05: Free Falling - Nancy discovers what it feels like to get fucked.
      Submitted by RoryOmore  (Novels and Novellas) 10/21/16  Hot
Beth and the Plug Pt. 12 - Beth's final challenge to get what she wants.
      Submitted by mofguy  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 10/21/16  Hot
Circumstances, Regret, Reunion Ch. 05 - End of the weekend fairy tale, beginning of a new life.
      Submitted by Flyingtiger  (Mature) 10/21/16  Hot
I'll Never Understand Women! - The title speaks for itself.
      Submitted by imhapless  (Loving Wives) 10/21/16
After Office Hours - Two female workers find love when they have to work late.
      Submitted by SapphoLust  (Lesbian Sex) 10/21/16
Jenny's Story Ch. 01 - A follow-up to Todd172's "Faithless", with permission.
      Submitted by sbrooks103x  (Loving Wives) 10/21/16
My Fantasy Journey Pt. 02 - The journey to cum addiction continues.
      Submitted by fantasyCD65  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 10/21/16  Hot
The Man That Owns Me Ch. 03 - Sissy learns a new 'trick', consummates her relationship.
      Submitted by keptsissy  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 10/21/16  Hot
Lap Dance Joke Gone Wrong - Stripper joke leads to straight guy being used as a girl.
      Submitted by JHouston  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 10/20/16  Hot
Sissy Chantel, New Reality Ch. 02 - Sissy Chantel serves and services two Dominant men.
      Submitted by Sissy_Chantel  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 10/20/16
Room for Rent - The new roommate has a lot to offer.
      Submitted by 123me999  (Erotic Couplings) 10/21/16
A Pleasant Evening - A pleasant dinner and after activities.
      Submitted by abnwendigo  (Erotic Couplings) 10/21/16
A Day on the Porn Set - A typical day of a porn star.
      Submitted by KeikoAlvarez  (Erotic Couplings) 10/21/16
The Awakening of Laura Ch. 02 - From prude to whore.
      Submitted by flashgordon562006  (Erotic Couplings) 10/21/16
Laurie's Adventures Ch. 02 - Laurie & her friend put on a sex show.
      Submitted by LaurieF83  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 10/21/16
The Day After - A continuation of what happened to the two lovers.
      Submitted by sbab  (Erotic Couplings) 10/21/16
The Taste of Forbidden Fruits - Julia fulfills his fantasy - with a twist.
      Submitted by jhase  (Group Sex) 10/21/16
The Pool Party - An orgy in pool.
      Submitted by charlessmythe  (Group Sex) 10/21/16
Library Humiliation - Collette is humiliated at school.
      Submitted by klipthealien  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 10/21/16
Out of Town Interracial Love - Best friend went black, and I followed.
      Submitted by vinylzog  (Interracial Love) 10/21/16
Sex Ed Humiliation - Anna is humiliated in front of the sex ed class.
      Submitted by klipthealien  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 10/21/16
A Smile to a Wayward Glance - A wayward glance leads to so much more.
      Submitted by bikiniram  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 10/21/16
She Surprises Her Husband - Wife surprises husband with her new found sexual attitude.
      Submitted by Rich5Spot  (Loving Wives) 10/21/16
Suzy's Treat - A Birthday trip that no one expected.
      Submitted by Melbod1  (Loving Wives) 10/21/16
Senior in the Strip Club - A senior citizen celebrates his birthday at the strip club.
      Submitted by mmarie3  (Mature) 10/21/16
The Last Day of Camp - A girl is desperate to finally hook-up before summers over.
      Submitted by blackmerida  (Interracial Love) 10/21/16
Liam and I: Anal Love - Love told through anal penetration.
      Submitted by AnalLover2501  (Anal) 10/21/16
Mf Couple Meet F in a Pub - A mf couple meet a female submissive in a pub.
      Submitted by doomwolf123  (Group Sex) 10/21/16
Texting at School - Student becomes Teacher's plaything.
      Submitted by tedsgirl  (Erotic Couplings) 10/21/16
Butt Cookies - A story of casual free use style sex.
      Submitted by Username_of_Sean  (Anal) 10/21/16
Love in Pompeii - A beautiful romance in the streets of a lost city.
      Submitted by Sage_of_the_Forlorn_Path  (Romance) 10/20/16
Third Mistake a Charm? - Ann gives Cal what he deserves.
      Submitted by barrel3707  (BDSM) 10/21/16
Sonnet 57 Ch. 07-10 - Things start to unravel for Freddie; Joe's a new experience.
      Submitted by freddie_clegg  (BDSM) 10/21/16
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