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Sneaking into Your Dressing Room - Hot erotic sex in a store's dressing room.
      Submitted by scotluvsoral  (Erotic Couplings) 09/25/16
Detention - Detention is good.
      Submitted by Ha275  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 09/25/16
Joy and Her Friends Ch. 08 - An Archangel and the lust demon Queen awakens.
      Submitted by MisterEE55  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 09/25/16
Doctor Stuffs Two Bimbo Whores Pt. 02 - Doctor gives neighbor son access to bimbo wife whore.
      Submitted by brooklynbanger  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 09/25/16
My Rape: Act 03 - Showed.
      Submitted by Contrasting  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 09/25/16
Trapped and Alone Ch. 03 - Undercover cop gets in over her head.
      Submitted by Rebeccasm  (Illustrated) 09/24/16
The Hunters and the Hunted Ch. 02 - Welcome to my Parlor... and my Den... and my...
      Submitted by eidetic  (NonHuman) 09/24/16  Hot
Kelsey's World Ch. 02 - Charity loses her virginity and meets Kelsey's parents.
      Submitted by riverboy  (Group Sex) 09/24/16
Mark of the Incubus Ch. 11 - Agnes turns the tables but James has more up his sleeve.
      Submitted by ErosinaScarlett  (Erotic Horror) 09/24/16
This is Madness - How much can one little decision hurt?
      Submitted by Vandemonium1  (Loving Wives) 09/24/16
Beetlesmith's Ch. 21 - The only one left you.
      Submitted by dresbach  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 09/24/16
An Old Head Ch. 47 - A magic ring changes a woman's life.
      Submitted by Colintall  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 09/24/16
Our Complete Transformation Ch. 06 - One couple's transformation to a new lifestyle.
      Submitted by cpl4fun25  (Loving Wives) 09/24/16
The Courtesan and the Werewolf Ch. 02 - Raven learns more about his new partner.
      Submitted by wolfen_one  (NonHuman) 09/24/16
Ghost in the Machine Ch. 17 - Violet recruits an unlikely ally.
      Submitted by Blind_Justice  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 09/24/16  Hot
Slip of Fate (Scent of a Mate) Ch. 02 - Remy & Alcaeus.
      Submitted by justforlicks  (NonHuman) 09/24/16
Beth and the Plug Pt. 10 - After sightseeing, Beth "fixes up" a mistake in her own way.
      Submitted by mofguy  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 09/24/16  Hot
That 69s Show Ch. 04a - While Jackie Waits Eric Meets Mrs. Macy.
      Submitted by DDDDave  (Erotic Couplings) 09/24/16
Maggie's New World Ch. 01 - A young woman's inner vixen is awoken by an older man.
      Submitted by OldManLovesAllWomen  (Mature) 09/24/16
The Secret World Ch. 02 - Mister O follows a lead that he learns more about the relic.
      Submitted by Captain_Handsome  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 09/24/16  Hot
Student's Dreams Come True - Miss Bowen makes good use of a student in detention.
      Submitted by PrimePython  (Anal) 09/24/16  Hot
Birthday Fantasy - Giving my wife the best birthday gift.
      Submitted by redkissy  (Loving Wives) 09/24/16
The Hidden Retreat - Team building weekend turns into erotic weekend.
      Submitted by chickNick72  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 09/24/16
Rent is Due Ch. 03 - Katie's rent is finally paid in full.
      Submitted by LaFemmeNoir  (Erotic Couplings) 09/24/16
New Experiences Pt. 02 - Will Linda and Tom go all the way and fullfil his fantasy?
      Submitted by Archie89  (Loving Wives) 09/24/16
Finally Got Her... and Him - Kellan will do anything for a crack at Laney. Anything...
      Submitted by Daniel_Steele  (Group Sex) 09/24/16
Coach's Favorite - A cheerleader and the man she looks up to.
      Submitted by cherrydollx  (Erotic Couplings) 09/24/16
John and Mr. Smith, Finally - A student and a teacher finally get together.
      Submitted by Niceandlight  (Gay Male) 09/24/16  Hot
The Beginnings of a Bull - Hot wife sharing experience from the bull's point of view.
      Submitted by becausehesmuchbigger  (Loving Wives) 09/24/16
Xela the Piss Path Mage - Xela consecrates a magic pool with her piss.
      Submitted by FurryBear9  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 09/24/16
A Weekend Surprise Away - Becky is astounded at what Gary has planned.
      Submitted by Wingwalker69  (Erotic Couplings) 09/24/16
A Bored Visitor Looks for Relief - A neglected visitor looks for relief from the handyman.
      Submitted by Itsalljustforfun  (Erotic Couplings) 09/24/16
The Meeting - A Story, A Poem, A Dream or Reality.
      Submitted by Stillthehub  (Erotic Couplings) 09/24/16
Car Wash Weekend - Sandy gets a little hot and wet doing chores.
      Submitted by Wingwalker69  (Erotic Couplings) 09/24/16
Barrack Room Betty Ch. 04 - Tranny Wrens go to the movies with their boyfriends.
      Submitted by MicheleNylons  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 09/24/16
Weekend of Love Pt. 05 - An evening of reminiscing leads to passion.
      Submitted by IcelandSpar  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 09/24/16
Bent Double - Tim helps Nurah when she's bent double...
      Submitted by cybersky  (First Time) 09/24/16
A Wonderful Birthday Gift - Spencer's wife goes above and beyond with a birthday gift.
      Submitted by Anotherusername180  (Group Sex) 09/24/16
Indoctrination - Role-playing becomes reality.
      Submitted by cuck4Traci  (Loving Wives) 09/24/16
Brought to Heel Ch. 02 - A short story of submission.
      Submitted by Sumiso  (BDSM) 09/24/16
T.O.A.I.S. Ch. 03 - Punishments & servitude.
      Submitted by strictdom313  (BDSM) 09/24/16
Aphrodite's Curse Ch. 102 - Demetrius has sex with Aphrodite, Graces have wild party.
      Submitted by Gaius8666  (BDSM) 09/24/16
Daddy's Special Toy - A daughter and daddy take their strong bond to a new level.
      Submitted by StrawberryShortcake1012  (Incest/Taboo) 09/24/16
Wife's Young Cousin - Brent is seduced by his wife's young cousin.
      Submitted by _brent_123  (Incest/Taboo) 09/24/16
Sister is a Showoff - And Now the Whole Neighborhood Knows.
      Submitted by Fillmore_Choda  (Incest/Taboo) 09/24/16  Hot
JailBreak Ch. 02 - Trey calls his brother; Daddy spends some more time tied up.
      Submitted by osukink  (Incest/Taboo) 09/24/16
SIL and the Black Janitor Pt. 01 - SIL has a great time finally submitting to the BBC Janitor.
      Submitted by gojirasan  (Interracial Love) 09/24/16
Avalon Ch. 03 - A Getaway Weekend. Sunday
      Submitted by MishaPearl2  (Incest/Taboo) 09/24/16
Amy's Ripe Imagination - Amy considers the married couple two pews in front of her.
      Submitted by molly_anders  (Loving Wives) 09/24/16
Mary Gets to Meet Sandy Pt. 02 - Sandy is enjoying herself, and Mary goes along.
      Submitted by sevpeq  (Fetish) 09/24/16
Sun Hee Ch. 10 - Back under Sun Hee's control, she shows true cruelty.
      Submitted by metalimbic  (Fetish) 09/24/16  Hot
Pretty in Pink - Wife finds his stash of female clothing.
      Submitted by jealouscuck  (Fetish) 09/24/16
The Pavilion - A young man realises his fantasy.
      Submitted by blanchismo  (Fetish) 09/24/16
Flatmates and Fetishes Pt. 01 - Jess awakens a pantyhose fetish in her flatmate...
      Submitted by nylonjo  (Fetish) 09/24/16
Jamie's Little Red Rooster - Little and large members.
      Submitted by smellathon  (Fetish) 09/24/16
Exploration Tickle - Mother and daughter explore an abandoned mansion.
      Submitted by Johnthomas1969  (Fetish) 09/24/16
Selfless Cunt - Wife gives everything up because she doesn't deserve it.
      Submitted by LoveLikeAPotato  (Fetish) 09/24/16
Goodbye Kiss - A first meeting comes to an end...
      Submitted by Depthsofhellwriting  (Romance) 09/24/16
The Penile Dilemma Pt. 01 - A man is faced with a difficult sexually altering decision...
      Submitted by JakePeters  (Celebrities) 09/24/16
The Brain of Piacenza Ch. 03 - At the strip club, Mason finds out what Monica's been up to.
      Submitted by Anostus  (Mind Control) 09/24/16
Radio Daze - Ginny follows a strange signal in the middle of the night.
      Submitted by JukeboxEMCSA  (Mind Control) 09/24/16
My Rape: Act 02 - Shared.
      Submitted by Contrasting  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 09/24/16
Doctor Stuffs Two Bimbo Whores Pt. 01 - Plastic Surgeon fucks two inflated fuck doll whores.
      Submitted by brooklynbanger  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 09/24/16
Jessa Ch. 05 - In which she reveals her dream.
      Submitted by Chimera44  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 09/24/16  Hot
The Electric Game - Tied up overnight, forced to orgasm again and again.
      Submitted by Skampilot  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 09/24/16
Ad Infinitum - A religious fuck after a car crash.
      Submitted by lordosis  (Fetish) 09/24/16
Shannon and Mark's Story - Hear the untold story of the Shared Bathroom series.
      Submitted by Jjonest  (Illustrated) 09/23/16
Royal Affliction Ch. 07 - The demons take a holiday in the human world.
      Submitted by AutumnsBreath  (Illustrated) 09/23/16
Trapped and Alone Ch. 02 - Undercover cop gets in over her head.
      Submitted by Rebeccasm  (Illustrated) 09/23/16
Eccentric Hero & Dancing Girl Ch. 01-03 - Yoru in a land of startling sexual appetites.
      Submitted by YoruLamourfou  (Illustrated) 09/23/16
1950s: Lick and Fuck Best Friends - Innocent virgin is seduced into the secret lesbian lifestyle.
      Submitted by silkstockingslover  (Illustrated) 09/23/16  Hot
School Distraction - Low riding pants makes it hard to learn.
      Submitted by QueEssAi  (Illustrated) 09/23/16
Deadly Friends/Unexpected Enemies 03 - So many packs of Hunters and one small group of Hunter-Prey.
      Submitted by FinalStand  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 09/23/16  Hot
Dominant Species Ch. 22-24 - Consequences and Repercussions.
      Submitted by partwolf  (NonHuman) 09/23/16  Hot
Dream Weaver Ch. 02 - Don's nightmare reality continues.
      Submitted by WifeWatchman  (Erotic Couplings) 09/23/16
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