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The Promise Pt. 03 - Jon suspects his wife of cheating and must get to the truth.
      Submitted by MarcelaFay  (Erotic Couplings) 02/16/17
Professor Winderly's Assignment Ch. 03 - The instruction begins and Jim needs relief.
      Submitted by Microbevel8  (Novels and Novellas) 02/16/17
Home Video Circa 1980 - Jody gets turned on by a video of her parent's swinging.
      Submitted by WiccanKemi  (Lesbian Sex) 02/16/17
Job Interview - She proved herself as the best applicant for the job.
      Submitted by blososwa  (Erotic Couplings) 02/16/17
Twins? - A day in the life of two pregnant lovers.
      Submitted by LadyDaisy  (Lesbian Sex) 02/16/17
Haven't You Ever Seen a Pussy? - In the lady's room of MOMA, I test my pepper spray.
      Submitted by EllenMelville  (Humor & Satire) 02/16/17
An Alternate View - Another look at "A Beautiful View" with permission.
      Submitted by sbrooks103x  (Loving Wives) 02/16/17
The Plan Ch. 03: The Farewell - My holiday reaches its climax.
      Submitted by fiftyFIFTY  (Erotic Couplings) 02/16/17
Dealing with a Cheat - How to deal with a cheating sub.
      Submitted by Mistress_Christine  (Lesbian Sex) 02/16/17
Sheep and Wolf Ch. 01-05 - Gary wakes up with grass in his mouth. And a hungry wolf.
      Submitted by SciFurz  (NonHuman) 02/16/17  Hot
Same Route, 50 Years Later Pt. 02 - The concluding part of their jaunt.
      Submitted by uksnowy  (Mature) 02/16/17
BBW in Office Ch. 03 - Part 3 of my office romance.
      Submitted by goldcloak  (Erotic Couplings) 02/16/17
A View of Much Dribbling - Lots of naughty happenings in a fictitious UK village.
      Submitted by uksnowy  (Humor & Satire) 02/16/17
Reluctant Wife with Neighbor Pt. 03 - James continues to share his wife, Michelle with Mark.
      Submitted by PhotogJames  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 02/16/17
Room with a View - Bobby gets more than just a room to rent.
      Submitted by bbare  (First Time) 02/16/17  Hot
Pleasant Moo Farms Bk. 02 Ch. 02 - Alex explores her beautiful new body in the bathroom mirror.
      Submitted by bqnk  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 02/16/17
Cleaning Attic - Intimate moments captured forever in a dusty forgotten diary.
      Submitted by Naseha  (Letters & Transcripts) 02/16/17
The Bunny Hop Pt. 04 - An erotic adventure in China.
      Submitted by charliewilder  (First Time) 02/16/17
Sunland - Officers face harrowing situation stark naked.
      Submitted by HStoner  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 02/16/17  Hot
Berlin Pt. 02 - Dripping with lust on display.
      Submitted by CliteroticMags  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 02/16/17  Hot
Horns of a Dilemma Ch. 02 - A married cocksucker's torment continues.
      Submitted by dsl01302017  (Gay Male) 02/16/17
Awakening the Beast Pt. 02: Wolves and Sheepdogs - A traumatic experience leads to an erotic aftermath.
      Submitted by TheInnerBeast  (Erotic Couplings) 02/16/17  Hot
From Her Ex-Boss to her Bitch - An employee turns her straight married ex-boss into her bitch.
      Submitted by subboislutnz  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 02/16/17
My New Next Door Neighbour for the Summer Ch. 01 - What starts off as a quick look over the fence becomes more.
      Submitted by SBarak1  (Mature) 02/16/17
Darkest Before the Dawn Ch. 04 - The Landlady wants more...
      Submitted by Brass_ankle  (Interracial Love) 02/16/17
The Princess and The Guardsman - A Young Princess on the cusp of adulthood finds love.
      Submitted by SithLord6969  (Romance) 02/16/17
Virtually Swapping Ch. 01 - My girlfriend tries to convince me to swap husbands.
      Submitted by wordartist  (Loving Wives) 02/16/17
Average Grade Ch. 04 - Jennifer meets her babies and gets old fashioned revenge.
      Submitted by ToAStranger  (NonHuman) 02/16/17  Hot
Freshman's First BBC Ch. 04 - He visits an all-girl Christian College to see her.
      Submitted by Brass_ankle  (Interracial Love) 02/16/17
Lunar Bachelorette - A woman about to be married gets tossed into the paranormal.
      Submitted by HopelesslyAddicted  (NonHuman) 02/16/17
Ingrid's Promise - Was honoring it a good idea?
      Submitted by mollycactus  (Erotic Couplings) 02/16/17
Caught Cheating Pt. 06 - Cheating, first encounter, penis humiliation.
      Submitted by Algonquin100  (Erotic Couplings) 02/16/17
The Pastor's Wife Pt. 08 - Kristen is insatiable while pregnant.
      Submitted by upbeatunicorn  (Group Sex) 02/16/17
My Chance Encounter Ch. 01 - A story detailing my first chance encounter.
      Submitted by Brian70  (Gay Male) 02/16/17
Alternate Reality Ch. 02 - Krystal remains stuck in SIM: Slut City.
      Submitted by grgy56  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 02/16/17
Sexual Therapy - Sexual therapist resolves a client's problem.
      Submitted by AnonymousPerv  (Erotic Couplings) 02/16/17
BBC Worship Guide - Teaching whitebois how BBC should be handled.
      Submitted by whiteboibbclicker  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 02/16/17
Devils in The Pulpits - Do they know they're lying, or are they just ignorant?
      Submitted by wistfall1  (Reviews & Essays) 02/16/17
Dallas - The affair continues with Jack.
      Submitted by Lilith760  (Erotic Couplings) 02/16/17
The Prostate Exam Pt. 07 - Married Sissy is broken and becomes a true cocksucker.
      Submitted by subboislutnz  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 02/16/17
Who Needs Privacy Among Family? Ch. 02 - Frequently horny 18-year-olds discover anal sex.
      Submitted by RedHatter76  (Anal) 02/16/17
Loki's Queen - She is of Midgard and she is lovely and she is his.
      Submitted by ToAStranger  (Romance) 02/16/17
A Little Restraint - She'll do what she's told, and she'll like it.
      Submitted by Dreanor  (BDSM) 02/16/17
The Break Room - Erik establishes Dominance as we build our relationship.
      Submitted by wannabplaything  (Fetish) 02/16/17
Caged Bird Sings Ch. 02 - Rescued, revived, and reunited.
      Submitted by hisbelovedroisin  (BDSM) 02/16/17
Perspective Shift - She has to know what's out there.
      Submitted by MoonGuy  (BDSM) 02/16/17
Esther Takes Charge - A writer of erotic novels is acquired, and dominated.
      Submitted by Sputnik57  (BDSM) 02/16/17
Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 16 - Emily strips in her backyard, unaware she's being watched.
      Submitted by FunWhileItLasted  (Mature) 02/16/17
And So It Starts - Uncle renews an old friendship with his niece.
      Submitted by ryan98837  (Incest/Taboo) 02/16/17
Finally Fun with Aunt May - After years of longing, a wicked desire is fulfilled.
      Submitted by kipjen  (Incest/Taboo) 02/16/17
My Sister Becomes My Sex Mentor - Katie comes home from college with plans for her lil brother.
      Submitted by McGreen  (Incest/Taboo) 02/16/17
He Shot His Sister in the Back - Steve remembers that Sherry used to wrestle.
      Submitted by JayLikestoRead  (Incest/Taboo) 02/16/17
A First Time Ch. 08 - The cosmic incestuous taboo: Giving birth to my grandson.
      Submitted by ElderDirt  (Incest/Taboo) 02/16/17
Heaven Ch. 06 - Introducing Lorna.
      Submitted by sex4every1  (Incest/Taboo) 02/16/17
Sister-in-law Prostate Massage Ch. 01 - Fantasy of 40 years about to come true.
      Submitted by a_decent_fellow  (Incest/Taboo) 02/16/17
When Life Gives You Lemons! - Lily's brother in law is in love with her.
      Submitted by Fatalfury  (Incest/Taboo) 02/16/17
The Things You Make Me Feel Ch. 08 - Happy birthday, Bro.
      Submitted by blackmatter  (Incest/Taboo) 02/16/17  Hot
I Can't and Won't! - Mature woman resists her growing need for her step-son.
      Submitted by VancouverRainyDayGirl  (Incest/Taboo) 02/16/17
A Family Christmas Ch. 04 - Julia.
      Submitted by GreenFingers2015  (Novels and Novellas) 02/16/17  Hot
Family Affairs Ch. 20 - Robert and Diane act on their decision.
      Submitted by Devonnudist  (Incest/Taboo) 02/16/17  Hot
On the Loveseat Ch. 01 - Mother and son watch a movie together.
      Submitted by Onedragon  (Incest/Taboo) 02/16/17
Uptown Spunk Ch. 03 Pt. 02 - Abby.
      Submitted by Ernest Hemingsex  (Incest/Taboo) 02/16/17
The Sebastian Files: Sofia - Interview #13776 Family Category 2/4b.
      Submitted by TammyElton  (Incest/Taboo) 02/16/17
Short Story 05 - Futazilla.
      Submitted by sexgundam666  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 02/16/17
Green Eyes Paralysis Ch. 04 - Jamie, Craig, and Christian?
      Submitted by dannes87  (Group Sex) 02/16/17
The Rimming Vibration - He squirmed with a fire in his eyes as he pleaded with me to...
      Submitted by lustice  (Gay Male) 02/16/17
Futa Queen - Futa Queen. "Have Them Your Way."
      Submitted by CrescentRose  (Fetish) 02/16/17
Making a Sissy - Disabled man's love-hate relationship with me and panties.
      Submitted by kittycalamity  (Fetish) 02/16/17
Anna's Blindfold Surprise - Erik blindfolds me and gives me a very unexpected surprise!
      Submitted by wannabplaything  (Fetish) 02/16/17
Reports Ch. 02: Mr. Porter - Mr. Porter takes his turn with me.
      Submitted by SouthenDaisyBelle  (Erotic Couplings) 02/16/17  Hot
Particularly Nasty Weather - Happy Hour leads coworkers to more than drinks.
      Submitted by PMDlite  (Erotic Couplings) 02/16/17
Doesn't Know What She is Missing - Sometimes people just don't know the love they are missing.
      Submitted by try1justforfun  (Loving Wives) 02/16/17
First Time with Other Men - First time having sex as husband was gone.
      Submitted by Kimgirl  (Group Sex) 02/16/17
Playing Games - I get chosen from the Whose Line audience to take part.
      Submitted by DiddyRyFan  (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) 02/16/17
Body Hopper: Shay Mitchell - This time with Shay Mitchell in Hawaii.
      Submitted by Lazyninjas  (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) 02/16/17
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