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The Caretaker's Dress - Straight boy gets steamrollered.
      Submitted by newpaulman  (Gay Male) 07/23/16
Office Bitch Ch. 02 - Anne struggles with her new changes and urges.
      Submitted by Lycandope  (NonHuman) 07/22/16
Matty's Holiday Harem - A man and his wife widen their horizons..
      Submitted by Lion24655  (Group Sex) 07/22/16
Beauty and the Slob - Shannon learns what she really wants from slobbish Miles.
      Submitted by PerilEyes  (Erotic Couplings) 07/22/16
She Loves Camping - Wife enjoys the lake FMMMM.
      Submitted by hoigthay  (Loving Wives) 07/22/16
The Oil Change Pt. 01 - Wife seduced then cheats again.
      Submitted by 266xxyz  (Loving Wives) 07/22/16
Something about Elle Ch. 04 - Family death, investment offer, courtship request.
      Submitted by EgmontOriginals  (Novels and Novellas) 07/22/16  Hot
The Perfect End to a Perfect Day - Kristin fucks her dreamboat lover while her husband watches.
      Submitted by Shift_Your_Paradigm  (BDSM) 07/22/16
Winnebago - A romantic road trip turns kinky.
      Submitted by joefelton  (Loving Wives) 07/22/16
Agent Sheva - The 7 Month Promotion Ch. 00-01 - Agent Sheva is placed in a forest to survive for 7 months.
      Submitted by JaxHen446  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 07/22/16
Seduced By a Granny - Man meeting friend's granny.
      Submitted by Wordmate  (Mature) 07/22/16
Behind My Love - Seeing her from behind leads to skipped breakfast.
      Submitted by Swilly  (Romance) 07/22/16
Amazing Gracie Pt. 02 - I learn how Gracie came to be the way she is.
      Submitted by MrMature  (Mature) 07/22/16
Singapore Changi Bike Ride - Cool Breeze, doubly filled and carefree.
      Submitted by sweetishi4u  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 07/22/16
Sucked Off Straight Guy - He said he just likes to cum.
      Submitted by FunHead  (Gay Male) 07/22/16
Squirm - She wants to make him squirm for a change.
      Submitted by Suzanne_Spice  (Romance) 07/22/16
Hazing Time - She wins, she had many years earlier.
      Submitted by Us_Two4play  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 07/22/16
The Tattooist and the Submissive - Introduction into a Dom and sub lifestyle.
      Submitted by Conchabar  (BDSM) 07/23/16
Business - Scores set to be settled.
      Submitted by TitsFlannagen  (Letters & Transcripts) 07/22/16
Safe Word - Sexual domination and ownership of a woman.
      Submitted by navigationjason  (BDSM) 07/22/16
Aphrodite's Curse Ch. 37 - Demetrius is teased and then led away to be made a Eunuch.
      Submitted by Gaius8666  (BDSM) 07/22/16
Aphrodite's Curse Ch. 38 - Leda enjoys Mercury's tongue, Archimedes is shaved for cage.
      Submitted by Gaius8666  (BDSM) 07/22/16
Stretching an Itch - Helping an old flame scratch an itch.
      Submitted by BlueNeutrino  (BDSM) 07/22/16
Fresh Milk for Christmas Ch. 03 - The 'quick' trip to the grocery store cums to an end.
      Submitted by andros989  (BDSM) 07/22/16
St Angela's Private School Slut - A year 12 student learns about sexuality.
      Submitted by Girlongirl1822  (Lesbian Sex) 07/22/16
Little Lady's Attitude - She's been a bad girl.
      Submitted by littlelady01  (BDSM) 07/22/16
Carpe Noctem Pt. 01 - A chance meeting leads to a hot encounter.
      Submitted by Unykorn  (BDSM) 07/22/16
Daddy Daughter Day Pt. 02 - Blackmail and lust as another is added.
      Submitted by mrbadkitty357  (Incest/Taboo) 07/22/16
Lookalike GF and Mother. Uh oh. Ch. 02 - Back with Stefanie. And Mom.
      Submitted by TheSweeterTheWine  (Incest/Taboo) 07/22/16  Hot
The Hot Tub Ch. 01 - Mum buys a new hot tub to help treat her son...
      Submitted by JTK84  (Incest/Taboo) 07/22/16
Resistance is Futile - My stepdaughter's love overcame my scruples.
      Submitted by ThistleWhistle  (Incest/Taboo) 07/22/16  Hot
Snowed In - While being snowed in together twins take a bath to warm up.
      Submitted by SilverScribe  (Incest/Taboo) 07/22/16
Training Ch. 03 - Bobby gets to fuck Bonnie and it's not great for her.
      Submitted by needyou200  (Incest/Taboo) 07/22/16
Blackmailed - A twisted plot of who dun-it and who will do it.
      Submitted by Stormy_Rainbow  (Incest/Taboo) 07/22/16
A Son's Love - A son's love - The beginning.
      Submitted by Yoursecretlover50  (Incest/Taboo) 07/22/16
Dragonfly - A horny dad makes a mind-blowing, late-night connection.
      Submitted by AckleyPrince  (Incest/Taboo) 07/22/16
Sisters Pt. 01 - Sisters enjoy each other and their granddad.
      Submitted by Granddad21  (Incest/Taboo) 07/22/16
The Allowance Ch. 02 - Cara and her daddy invent a new way to earn an allowance.
      Submitted by classy_with_curves  (Incest/Taboo) 07/22/16
Show Your Tits, Show Your Tits Ch. 02 - Where there is a changing of the guard at home.
      Submitted by MaryAnderson  (Incest/Taboo) 07/22/16
I Arranged It All Ch. 02 - Wife lets husband and sister...
      Submitted by Momstheboss  (Incest/Taboo) 07/22/16
Mother & Son Have Oral Sex Ch. 04 - Ginger dumps Michael when her squirting pussy sickens him.
      Submitted by MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore  (Incest/Taboo) 07/22/16
Mom & Aunt both Want to Win - They were each determined to satisfy me.
      Submitted by sammbeltt  (Incest/Taboo) 07/22/16
Finding Travis Ch. 04 - Rachel, Tracie and the girls have fun with the new boy.
      Submitted by Katiekatsman  (Fetish) 07/22/16
New Beginning as a Foot Cuckold - Foot cuckold of an Indian angel.
      Submitted by pet_dog_of_isha  (Fetish) 07/22/16
Online Encounters Ch. 01 - Rich slut looking for blue-collar men for anonymous sex.
      Submitted by Pearl_Necklace  (Fetish) 07/22/16
Chastity is Rewarded - Her boss discovers her chastity belt.
      Submitted by AlinaX  (Fetish) 07/22/16
Chastity is Punished - She wears a chastity belt at work.
      Submitted by AlinaX  (Fetish) 07/22/16  Hot
Path to Redemption Ch. 01 - The church lays out what we must do.
      Submitted by Duke567  (Fetish) 07/22/16
Her Petite Possession Ch. 07 - Condemned to life as Kate's panties... and Kate likes girls.
      Submitted by AndreaJordan  (Fetish) 07/22/16
Relief, at Last - I love a man who gets a stiffy in his sleep.
      Submitted by clarissaj1982  (Erotic Couplings) 07/22/16
A Different Relationship Ch. 05 - The aftermath of a memorable night and meeting some friends.
      Submitted by Newbottombitch  (Fetish) 07/22/16
Celebrity Bang Tour: Sofia Vergara - A fictional story of a night with Sofia Vergara.
      Submitted by Whale67  (Celebrities) 07/23/16
Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 01 - Ville meets a sad girl.
      Submitted by Meduusje  (Celebrities) 07/22/16
Fantasia Concordat Ch. 04 - Jack proves he is not to be underestimated.
      Submitted by JC_The_Continuer  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 07/22/16  Hot
Big Booty Bitches Ch. 05 - Scarlett Johansson uses her body to pay off debts.
      Submitted by cadeauxxx  (Celebrities) 07/22/16  Hot
Thirsty for Ethiopian Girls - Bisexual Haitian guy meets a lovely Ethiopian gal.
      Submitted by Samuelx  (Group Sex) 07/23/16
Black Cuckolds Secretly Exist - Djibouti wife cuckolds Muslim hubby with Jewish guy.
      Submitted by Samuelx  (Interracial Love) 07/23/16
The Palmist Ch. 01 - David gets dumped in humiliating fashion.
      Submitted by PeterOmez  (Mind Control) 07/22/16
Volleyball - Beach volleyball is a spectator sport.
      Submitted by Ashson  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 07/22/16
A Wizard Story: Esme and the Imps - Baron Fugg loses his wife at cards to Ian the imp.
      Submitted by dangough  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 07/22/16
A Family Holiday Ch. 05 - Jack's other sister-in-law takes her turn...
      Submitted by jake1212  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 07/22/16
Jungle Fever: First Infection - A jungle woman is born.
      Submitted by ZTV25  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 07/22/16
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