tagLesbian SexRevelations 1

Revelations 1


Chapter 1: Old Friends - New Feelings


In the past five years or so, Barb and Terry would venture out for a night-on-the-town once every couple of months. Often these outings would mean that I wouldn't see Barb until the wee hours. Since I was not one to throw stones, I never asked what they were up to. This episode, along with several others, was revealed to me by my wife, after my 'Afternoon Surprise'(story).

Terry is a single girl most men dream about screwing. She's a tall 30-year-old blonde goddess, 5'9" with an incredible figure 36DD-25-35 and the face of a model. However, she always seemed to have been inhibited around men. Her controlling mother hates men and wants to instill the same ideas in her daughter. For this reason, Terry has never had a sense of sexual awareness. Flirting and seduction are terms that were foreign to her. Her relationships with men have never lasted longer than a few months. Now, with her biological alarm clock going off every week, she has resorted to trying more drastic methods of meeting and appreciating men.

Barbara, my wife of 27 years, is still quite attractive, with a striking figure for a woman of 50. Ash blonde, 5 ft.4, and well endowed with a beautiful set of 34D's. Barb and Terry's mother have been close friends forever. However, when it comes time to party, Barb and Terry join forces. Barb has always been able to flirt with men, so she feels a duty to help Terry discover her own sexual nature. Barb designed many of these outings as 'learning experiences' for Terry. That's not how they always ended up. Often, the teacher became the student.

* * * * *

"Donny, you remember that one night I came in after 3am and I said that Terry and I had gone to breakfast? Barb started, Well that's not the whole story."

She went on to describe how they started out meeting at Terry's place. After a couple of stiff drinks, they began discussing the latest trends in clothes and what they thought men would like to see women in. Terry brought out a couple of trendy catalogs. Both girls had another drink and began perusing them on the floor. Barb remarked that only a few girls, with the slimmest of figures could look good in most of the fashions. Terry agreed, and the discussion went from fashions to figures. This was dangerous subject matter.

Whether it was the drinks, Terry's controlling mother, or a combination of the two --she broke down. "I'll never be attractive enough to get a decent man, she cried, sadly. "I could never feel sexy wearing something like that!" pointing to the more revealing section of her Victoria's Secret catalog.

Barb tried to console her and stated that men would be crazy about her body, no matter what she wears. She was having a hard time convincing Terry that she was a knockout. This wasn't a put on. Terry actually had no regard for herself in a sexual way.

"Listen, said Barb, I'll pour us each another margarita and you go find your sexiest lingerie. I'll show you how wrong you are."

One thing Terry had was plenty of sexy lingerie. "I've been saving these for Mr. Right; haven't even tried them on yet," she said whimpering.

They downed their drinks and Barb suggested that in order to be sexy, you have to feel sexy, and began stripping off her clothes. Terry followed her lead, half smiling now. Barb tried on a black bustier with matching garter belt, thong and hose. Terry put on a red bra and thong set with garter belt and hose. They stood in front of a full-length mirror and Barb gushed over how sexy Terry looked.

Terry was smiling now. "You know Barb, I think you would look better in red."

Barb realized then that playing this dress up game was a good idea. Terry was a bit tipsy by now and was trying to get into a pair of 7-inch black leather pumps. She stumbled to her side and Barb caught her with one hand on her bare shoulder and the other hand lodged under her tit.

"Sorry Babe, I think I had too much sauce," Terry said sheepishly.

They steadied each other and Terry gently turned Barb around. She reached the zipper on Barb's bustier and slowly brought it down.

"I really do want to see that luscious body of yours in red."

At that point she leaned over and kissed the top of Barb's shoulder. Barb was not ready for that. Not knowing how to react, she tried to ignore the tingly feeling that swept over her, and turned around quickly. She held the black bustier close to her tits and looked Terry eye to eye. She could still see a lone tear in the corner or her eye. She went to wipe it away.

"OK, I'll try on the red, honey." Terry smiled a big smile, reached around and unhooked her bra.

Her huge tits tumbled out almost touching Barb. "You think I'll ever feel sexy as you do, Barb?"

Barb gazed for an instant at Terry's huge melons and turned away. "That shouldn't be a problem!" said Barb in her motherly voice.

Terry put on some slow R&B on the stereo. Barb took a deep breath and went for another drink. The girls giggled and had fun playing dress up.

"I just don't whatever I shall wear for my gentleman caller," said Barb, languishing like Blanche Dubois from 'A Streetcar Named Desire'.

"Oh fiddle-de-dee, Ms. Barbara. Da men folk jus' don't know what their missin'," pouted Terry, like Scarlet O'Hara.

The soft, sexy music was the perfect background for these two buxom babes to get dressed to. Terry swayed and undulated as she stuffed her boobs into the black bustier. Barb was feeling quite sexy, as she stroked her legs to smooth out the red hose. They helped each other with the garter clasps, pulled on their thongs, and pried on their matching spiked heels.

"God, if we don't look like a pair of whores!" said Terry, gawking in the mirror.

"Hey, this is how men want to see us," stated Barb.

"I do have to admit, I am starting to feel a little sexy," said Terry, surprised.

They strutted around the apartment, drinks in hand, pretending to flirt with an imaginary audience.

"Do you suppose this is the way lap dancers look?" asked Terry.

"Yeah, they look like this, but that's not how they dance," said Barb.

"Oh show me what they do, Barb!" pleaded Terry, excitedly. "How do they act so sexy for men?"

Barb had Terry sit down on a straight kitchen chair. "Now make believe you are a guy and you're in a smoky bar and I come up to you and start flirting."

Suddenly Barb started swinging her hips to the music and rubbing her thigh up against Terry's arm.

"Want a lap dance, honey?" Barb growled in a deep voice. Terry nodded her head. "Cost ya' 20 bucks," demanded Barb.

Terry grabbed her purse off the kitchen table and pulled out a dollar bill. "Better get more bills, Barb whispered, just in case." Terry grabbed a bunch more.

Barb spread her legs on both sides of Terry's and opened the front of her red thong. She looked at Terry and batted her eyes, then looked down. It dawned on Terry that she needed to anti-up, and stuck a bill in Barb's thong. Barb began to bump and grind, brushing against Terry with her tits. Terry giggled and shoved another bill into Barb's bra. Barb took one of the bills and stuck it in Terry's mouth. She squished her tits together around the bill and pulled it away from Terry's teeth. Terry giggled even more.

Seeing that Terry was not taking this lap dance seriously, she pulled her bra down to expose her 34D's, grabbed Terry by her hair and pulled her head between her tits. She buried Terry's head in her tits and massaged her face with them for a good ten seconds. When Barb let go, Terry didn't giggle. She licked her lips and stared down at Barbs thong. Barb took hold of both sides of her red thong and is pulled them down, ever so slowly revealing more and more of her pussy.

Terry started to feel damp and crossed her legs. Barb pulled her legs back apart and quickly turned around and stuck her cunt inches from Terry's face. She yanked down her thong and spread her pussy lips and gyrated her ass close to Terry's face. Terry licked her lips again and felt her own twat getting hot. Barb pulled another dollar from Terry's grasp and slowly inserted it into her own wet pussy.

"Barb, you really do know how to do this shit. You're even making me horny," said Terry, softly.

Barb was caught up in her own exhibition. She too had more than her drink quota and was feeling that tingling sensation she had before. She continued her bump and grind for Terry.

"God, I feel sooo sexy right now! I wish Donny was here," whispered Barb.

Terry's pussy was so wet her black thong clung to her as she stood up. Barb's eyes shut, as her hands reached down to caress the insides of her thigh. She bent over at the waist and swayed from side to side. Terry is just drunk enough to carry on with Barb's rapture.

"What would Donny do?" Terry purred.

She put her left arm around Barb's shoulder. Barb reached out, took hold of Terry's right hand and pulled it to her own mound. Barb's eye's opened quickly at Terry's touch, then closed slowly, as she started to grind her pussy into Terry's palm. Barb moved her hand directly over Terry's hand and prodded her to use her fingers. Terry had never touched another woman's pussy, but she did know what felt good. Caught up in the moment, she began fingering Barb's pussy.

"Yessss," Barb shuddered.

That's the only approval Terry needed to continue. The harder Terry rubbed Barb's clit and probed her cunt, the more week kneed Barb became. Finally the thrill overwhelmed her and Barb's knees came forward, and she slowly went to the carpet. The whole time Terry kept her fingers inserted deep inside Barb's hot cunt and followed her to the floor.

"Donny…fuck me, Donny," Barb cried over and over.

She was starting to cum and reached up and grabbed Terry's head, by instinct. "Oh Donny, eat me… eat meee!"

Terry was hot, wet and horny enough now to try anything. She allowed Barb's hands to force her head down to her pussy. The first taste of another woman's vagina was unexpectedly warm, tender and not distasteful. She began licking harder and deeper to approximate what she thought Barb was used to with Donny.

"Donny, Eat me out, baby. Suck me…Fuck me!" Barb went on.

Terry sucked her clit and inserted first one finger, then two, then a third into her cunt. Barb writhed on the floor, cuming over and over. Terry was in control now and didn't stop. Terry lifted her head up to watch Barb's expression as she finger fucked the older woman -her dear friend to orgasm. Barb screamed out in delight and Terry smiled, as Barb's eyes slowly reopened.

Suddenly, like waking up. "Oh my God, Terry! What have we done?" said Barb, now realizing whom her lover was.

Terry just quietly smiled, with the pride of a job-well-done. Barb sat up and tried to rationalize all this out.

"I would never do it with another woman! What got into me? Donny would kill me, if he knew!"

Her resentment then turned on Terry. "Just what kind of sick bitch are you? How could you fuck me like that?"

Terry's smile was gone. Instead of being thankful for the deed, Barb made her feel cheap and dirty. She began to cry. She jumped up and headed for her room. She slammed the door shut and burst into tears. Terry stood in front of the floor length mirror in her sexy clothes, sobbing and hurt from Barb's remarks. She knew what she had done was wrong, but didn't regret being able to please her best friend.

Barb soon realized she had been too hard on Terry. She lightly knocked on the door and then entered Terry's room. She came up from behind Terry, still in front of the mirror.

"I'm sorry Terry. This was all my fault," pleaded Barb, wrapping her arms around Terry's naked shoulders. "This was supposed to be an exercise for you to feel sexy-not me! Those margaritas must have got to me."

Terry looked up to see both their reflections and wiped her eyes. "Well, I did feel sexy! You had me so hot, Barb. Terry started, you did that sexy lap dance, and… I just couldn't help myself!"

They both lightened up and laughed about what goofs they were. After more comments meant more for distraction, Terry asked, "So how did I compare with Donny?"

Barb pondered the question. "Well, it is really different ya know? Your touch is so much softer. Your skin so much smoother…"

"Yes, and what about the kissing?" asked Terry.

"Well that's really hard to explain," said Barb.

"Is it bad, good -different, how?" Terry begged to know.

"I'd be so embarrassed to actually describe it. It's like nothing I've felt before," smiled Barb, with her eyes rolling. Terry's imagination peaked.

"Don't get me wrong, Terry. You did a… a great job -much too good, actually. I can't lie to you. I did enjoy it," said Barb reluctantly.

"You know it got to the point where I really did want to please you. You know, like Donny?" said Terry.

"Well you certainly did that!" admitted Barb.

Terry thought to herself right then. That type of feeling was what she wanted from a man. She wanted a man to love her enough to pleasure her in every way. Barb explained to Terry that it was difficult to expect a man to know her every pleasure, unless she confided in him. Terry didn't think she could ever trust a man enough to do that. She admitted that the only person she truly confided in was Barb.

"You mean you've never told a man what you like or dislike in bed?" asked Barb.

Terry explained that she wasn't sure she even knew herself what she liked. This letting go and giving into sexual desires was new to Terry. They each had another drink and tried to revitalize their 'feeling sexy' party. Barb thought to herself how badly she had reacted to Terry. She felt increasingly guilty about the terrible things she said to hurt her dear friend. Barb knew she had to do something to show Terry how sorry she was.

They strutted around again exaggerating every sexual nuance. Barb had put her red thong back on, but her bra straps had fallen over her shoulders. Terry's black bustier was doing a fair job keeping her huge tits in check, but her thong was still wet from before. Barb sauntered up to Terry.

"So, when a man asks what you like, how do you react?" asked Barb in her pseudo-sexy voice.

"I don't know. What should I say?" replied Terry.

"Well, do you like it when a man does this?" Barb bent over and lightly kissed Terry's naked shoulder.

"Yes, that's nice," said Terry, wanting more.

Barb then lowered her head and traced the top of Terry's bustier with her tongue. "How 'bout that?" said Barb with a wink.

Terry took a deep breath. "Yes, that's very nice."

"What if he tries this?" Barb reached behind Terry and slowly unzipped her bustier.

In doing so, Terry's huge tits fell out and Terry tried to recover. Barb pushed Terry's hands away, bent over and teased one of the nipples with her tongue until it was wet. She cupped both boobs with her hands and returned the favor to Terry's other nipple. Terry's head bent back and she let out a long moan. Barb continued to lick and suck at her nipples. She lowered her hand across Terry's flat tummy, around her hip and then to her wet thong. She inched her finger into the thong and felt for her pussy lips. Terry's pussy was sopping wet. Barb stopped her tit sucking and looked up to Terry's face. Their eyes met.

"...and, if a man does this, do you tell him to stop?" asked Barb.

Terry knew then that Barb was returning the favor. She loved the scent of the older woman. She loved the new found sexiness she felt. She knew it was wrong and part of her wanted to stop. She couldn't say no. She loved how she felt at that moment, even if Barb was just returning a favor. She moved her head and opened mouth nearer to Barb's. Their eyes locked and they kissed. They held the kiss. Their tongues twisted and probed each other's mouth, deeper and deeper. Their breasts heaved as Terry quickly undid Barb's bra and began massaging her tits.

Barb's fingers moved in and out of Terry's pussy, faster and faster. The kiss went on, as their bodies came together. The two sets of their tits smashing at the nipples. Terry started to reach between Barb's thighs for her pussy. Barb broke the kiss and moved Terry's hand and placed it on her tit.

"No, no… this is your turn," whispered Barb.

Terry watched Barb's eyes as Barb slowly and methodically slid down her torso. Barb paused to lick Terry's ribs and tummy, with her hands reaching up to massage Terry's huge tits and hard nipples. On her knees, she quickly tore off Terry's thong and parted her pussy lips with both hands. She teased at her cunt lips with her tongue, and Terry let out a short scream. Terry's knees were beginning to get shaky too, and she eased herself down into a nearby easy chair.

Barb was deep in the thralls of a lesbian dream she had never imagined. She had let sensations and feelings get the best of her. Now she could only return the favor and pleasure Terry, as she had been pleased. She licked and sucked Terry's hot pussy like a seasoned veteran. She shoved four fingers up her cunt and made Terry beg for more and more. Terry had climaxed twice, but Barb wanted her to cum again. She pounded and finger-fucked her pussy even harder, as she bit at her nipples. She grabbed her other tit and squeezed it hard. Terry's screams became intoxicating to her. She bent down and sucked Terry's clit and stretched it while thrusting her fingers deeper and deeper, in and out, faster.

"Barb, fuck me, oh Fuck Meeee! Oh God, it's so good!"

Terry never had an orgasm quite like that. Barb had never fucked a woman before, but she also took a certain pride in bringing her young friend to such heights of passion. As their bodies parted they both sighed together and laugh-smiled at each other.

"Well now, that was fun… but, you know, there's still something about a man," said Barb.

"Yeah, no offense Babe, but there's still a lot to be said for a stiff cock!" laughed Terry.

They put away the lingerie and went to the diner to catch a late meal. In the car they sat and turned to each other. They held hands and smiled. Two friends had shared unexpected sexual feelings and survived. They each had a greater appreciation of each other that they would never forget.

"Say, can I borrow that cute red outfit sometime, Terry?"

"Sure, anytime you want, Buddy. It does look good on… and off you!" They laughed.

...continued with Revelations 2

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