Reality 2


I'd been working as a booker for the WWF for two months and I was slowly coming to realize that I was forming little cliques with some of the wrestlers. In particular four certain guys. They were: Adam Copeland who played "Edge", Jay Reso (a.k.a. Christian), and Matt and Jeff Hardy. Since I was the oldest of the group, I was the designated mother. This translated into counseling for girl problems, using my intra-uterine tracking device to find escaped socks (and wrestling gear), maintaining a collection of Airheads (and other junk foods), and baby-sitting the group (who's collective mental age was somewhere between six and eight years old). Needless to say with young guys like this there was a lot of flirting going on.

I liked hanging out with the guys, but I always considered them "the boys" and therefore I never really thought about any of them in any particular way. That was until I noticed some of the long glances that Jeff and Matt were giving me. It was when they both offered to carry my bags through an airport that I realized I was dealing with two guys who both had crushes. I avoided them both for a long time, but then I realized that I missed their company. I wasn't sure how to handle this delicate situation, so I left a message at the front desk of our hotel that I needed to talk to them. I wasn't in my room for even an hour when there was a soft knock on the door. "Come on in," I said opening the door. They followed me into the room and sat on the bed. They looked like they were waiting for their mother to yell at them. "I think we have all noticed the change in our relationship." I said after taking a deep breath.

They exchanged a glance then Jeff spoke, "we were talking and well…we both kinda have a thing for you."

I was only mildly surprised, since that was what I'd been expecting. "And?" I asked.

Now it was Matt's turn to speak, "we think you should make a decision about which one of us you want." He said. The words rolled out in a torrent.

Now I was surprised, "what?"

Jeff was still nodding his head, "Yeah, we think you need to tell us which one of us you are interested in so the other can bow out."

"You have GOT to be kidding me." I said and stood.

Now they looked confused, "no, we aren't" they said in unison.

"Guys, let me think of a nice way to put this," I paused for a moment. "What makes you think I want either of you?" Again they exchanged a glance, something was happening without my knowledge and it made me nervous. I sat back down on the bed and faced them. "Come on," I said, "you need to talk to me, not just look at one another."

Matt smiled, "I think you want us." He said confidently.

"I think you want us both," Jeff said with a lewd smile.

"No, I don't." I assured them.

Matt moved the distance between the beds so that he was sitting next to me. "Are you sure you don't want us?" he asked.

"I'm sure."

Jeff now too made the move to sit on my left side. "We both find that hard to believe." My stomach fluttered a little, I had to admit that sitting between them like this was disconcerting. But I didn't want to give them the satisfaction of being right.

"No," I said firmly, "I do not want you."

Jeff moved my hair from my neck and brushed his lips against the delicate skin behind my ear, "not even a little bit?" he whispered softly.

Again my stomach flipped a little. Matt followed Jeff's lead only he nibbled softly on my ear lobe, making me forget what who I was and what I was doing for a moment. Jeff took my left hand in his and brought my fingers to his lips. He kissed each fingertip and let his tongue taste me, all the while keeping his eyes on mine. Matt's breath was hot against my ear as he spoke, "tell me you don't want us, even just a little."

I started to open my mouth, but Jeff covered my lips in a deep kiss. His tongue moved into my mouth, exploring everywhere at once. As Jeff kissed me, Matt expertly moved his mouth over my neck. I felt hands moving over the T-shirt I was wearing, but I didn't know who they belonged to. Soon, I was being pushed onto my back by Jeff as he kissed me. I reached for his hair and let my fingers tangle in it. My shirt was being lifted and I felt Matt's mouth on my stomach, moving up as new skin was exposed. He slid his hands up my back, lifting me so my shirt would come up.

Jeff broke our kiss only long enough for my shirt to be removed and to let his eyes move over my body for a moment. Again his mouth was on mine, gently caressing my lips with his own. Matt's fingers easily removed my bra and exposed my breasts. I gasped against Jeff as Matt's tongue circled my right nipple, teasing me. Matt's other hand moved to my left breast where his fingers teased my nipple to a hard peak. Jeff pulled away from our kiss and smiled down at me. Again I started to say something but now Matt's mouth covered mine, his tongue probing my mouth. I felt hands on the waistband of my jeans, moving to the button fly. With each button, Jeff's tongue teased my belly, sending shivers up my body. Soon he was able to pull the jeans completely off, leaving me only in my white cotton panties. Jeff spread my thighs and let his fingers slip beneath the fabric of the panties, gently caressing my lips.

My body was responding to their caresses and gentle kisses. I knew I was wet and when Jeff slid one long finger into me, my juices gushed against him. I needed more. I needed to be giving pleasure the way I was receiving it. I pulled on Matt's shirt until I was able to lift it over his head. His skin was hot against mine as we touched. "Sit up," I said before he could return to kissing me. He looked at me for a moment before doing as he was told. I reached for his jeans, easily opening them and slipping my hands in. His head fell back and a soft moan escaped his lips as I wrapped my fingers around his hard shaft. "Come closer," I said.

Matt moved so that he was only inches from my face. As I raised my head a little, I took his hard cock out and looked at him. He wasn't the largest man I'd ever seen, but I knew he could give pleasure. I looked down at Jeff who continued to slide his fingers in and out of me. He gave me a smile and pushed aside the fabric of my panties. Just as Matt was guiding his hard cock into my mouth, Jeff let his hot tongue touched my clit. I let my tongue tease Matt as Jeff teased me. I only moved my mouth on him for a few strokes before he pulled out of my mouth.

"We need to get into a better position," He said softly. I nodded and sat up. Before we moved at all, I helped Matt and Jeff out of their clothing. Kissing each new area of skin as it was revealed to me. Looking at their nude bodies it amazed me that I'd not paid more attention to them before. Before I could go on, I needed to touch both of them. I needed to put my mouth on their bodies. Since he was closer to me I started with Jeff. I stepped into his arms and kissed him. My breasts were pressed against his chest and I felt his hard cock against my belly. I pulled away from his lush mouth so I could kiss his neck and chest. I looked up at him and let my tongue ease over his nipples. He took a deep breath and tangled his fingers in my hair, pulling me up for another deep kiss. I kept my fingers on his nipples, teasing them.

I pulled away from him and looked at Matt. He needed no cue, he stepped towards me and wrapped me up in his arms. His body seemed to be on fire as we kissed. Rather than wrap my arms around his neck I moved them around his waist. I let my fingers trail softly up and down his spine, causing gooseflesh to rise on his skin. As Matt and I kissed, Jeff began to lower himself. I pulled away from Matt and turned to face Jeff. First he went to his knees, where he cupped and kneaded my breasts, then he lay on the floor and pulled me down so I was straddling his face. He used his fingers to part my lips then he teased my clit with his tongue. I arched my neck and let a small groan come from deep in my throat. I couldn't believe how good he was.

I still had my eyes closed when I felt hands on the back of my head. I opened my eyes in time to see Matt guiding my mouth to his waiting cock. "Tell me what you want," I said softly.

"I want you to suck my dick," he replied, his voice husky.

I let my tongue tease the head of him, "Are you sure?" I asked.

He pulled gently on my hair, "I've never been more sure of anything in my life," he told me with a smile.

"Glad to hear it," I said and took him into my mouth.

He tasted good as I moved my tongue and lips over the length of his shaft. He pulled my hair as he pumped his hips against my face. I felt Jeff slide two fingers deep into my pussy and for a moment I forgot that Matt was even there. The gentle tug of my hair pulled me back to reality. The three of us moved together, Jeff's tongue expertly teasing my clit, my mouth moving on Matt's rock hard cock and Matt using his hands on the back of my head to guide my mouth where he wanted me to go.

Our movements became faster, building into a crescendo. I knew that Jeff's talented tongue was going to send me over the edge soon and I wanted Matt to join me. I cupped and kneaded his balls and began to suck just a little harder on him.

"Damn!" He said and arched his back. My mouth was flooded with his salty cum. I swallowed it as fast as he could cum. He pulled himself out of my mouth and I was stunned to see that he was still hard. I looked up at him and smiled. He backed into a chair and sat so he could watch me as I rode his brother's face. I put all of my attention into the sensations that Jeff was giving me.

I tightened my inner walls around his thrusting fingers, gave my hips a little twist and groaned loudly. I looked over at Matt to see him slowly stroking his still hard cock. Something about the sight of him watching me turned me on immensely. I came hard on Jeff's face, my juices gushing with each wave of pleasure that washed over my body. Jeff continued to tease my clit, causing my body to convulse over him. Finally I had to pull away from him. His face was wet with my juices and he looked me in the eyes as he licked his lips.

I pulled his hands until he was sitting up. I kissed him deeply and relished the taste of my juice on his lips and tongue. I slid my hands down his lean body to his groin where I took him into my hand. I pulled my mouth from him, "you've been left out," I whispered. He said nothing, but smiled. "On the bed," I ordered He sat on the edge of his bed, with his hard cock right in my face. I sat up a little so I could kiss his chest and nipples. I moved my mouth down his body, slowly making my way to my goal. I paused at his navel so I could tease him a little. Then I moved to the very sensitive skin between his navel and cock. I bit at him and used my tongue to tease him.

His hands moved to my head and he tried to force my mouth lower. I looked up at him and smiled before I let my tongue ease over the head of his cock. I knew that my long hair had spilled over his thighs as I used my tongue to tease him some more. I was still concentrating on Jeff's hard cock when I felt hands on my hips. I stopped long enough to look over my shoulder and give a wicked smile to Matt. Once again I slipped my mouth over Jeff's cock and took in as much of him as I could. I felt Matt reach around me and part my nether lips. Then he slowly eased himself into me. As I'd suspected, he felt amazing as he moved in and out of me. Again the three of us were moving together. Matt set the rhythm as I moved my mouth over Jeff's hard cock.

Matt moved his mouth to my back, kissing his way up my spine to the back of my neck where I felt his teeth tease me a little. Soon I tasted a small amount of pre-cum at the tip of Jeff's cock. I took it on my tongue and swallowed it. I used my hands to push him onto his back. He spread his legs a little further apart, giving me access to so much of himself at once. I took his hard cock out of my mouth and began sucking gently on one of his balls. His legs quaked a little and his breath was ragged as my mouth worked on him. I decided to test his boundaries a little. I let my tongue move from the tender skin just behind his balls to the puckered circle of his ass. He clenched for a moment before a groan escaped his mouth and he relaxed a little.

As my mouth moved over Jeff, I could feel Matt moving behind me. His hard cock felt so good as he pounded in and out of me. His hands tightened on my hips and his breath was hot against my skin. I moved my mouth from Jeff's ass and took his hard cock back between my lips. Jeff placed one foot on the bed and began pumping his hips against my mouth. Matt also quickened his pace. I felt Matt move his hand from my hip to my very sensitive clit. As he teased me, I used my tongue to create a milking effect against Jeff's cock.

"You feel so damn good!" Jeff said loudly and lifted his hips up again. Matt moved faster behind me while he teased my clit. I knew that my juices were gushing over his hard cock. I heard Jeff gasp deeply and then I tasted his cum on my tongue. His hands moved to the back of my head and he tangled his fingers in my hair. I drank down all of his salty cum and leaned back into Matt who continued to pound his cock into me. Jeff slid to his knees in front of me and kissed me deeply. I wrapped my arm around his neck and allowed myself to be held by both men. Jeff cupped my face in his hands and kissed me while Matt kissed the back of my neck and shoulders.

Soon I felt myself began to move close to the edge as I neared my orgasm. I knew I was going to cum on Matt's cock. I leaned my head back to whisper in his ear, "you're going to make me cum!" I told him. He began teasing my clit more, letting his fingers move over me. I opened my mouth to scream as I came, but Jeff kissed me deeply, muffling the sound.

As I came down, Matt pulled out of me, he was still very hard. "Get on the bed," he said softly. I nodded and crawled onto the bed. Matt and Jeff joined me, Matt pulling me on top of himself. I placed my knees on either side of his hips and leaned over to kiss him. I felt Jeff move behind me, then I felt him tease my pussy entrance a little with the head of his cock. I looked over my shoulder at him and smiled.

He entered me, but only gave a few strokes before pulling out. I started to protest, but Matt seemed to know what was going on. He reached down and lifted me onto his hard cock. I groaned loudly and rolled my hips a little. I was still getting used to Matt's hard cock when I felt Jeff pressing against my ass. I took a deep breath and leaned back against him, letting him know to continue.

Very slowly he eased himself into me, filling me. For a long moment we all stayed still, all of us trying to absorb the sensations we were experiencing. Matt was the first to start moving, Jeff followed his rhythm and soon we were all moving together. Jeff reached around me and cupped my breasts, teasing my nipples. He held my nipples between his fingers while Matt leaned up and teased them with his tongue. I could no longer process what was happening to me. My body began to move of it's own volition. I could almost feel Matt and Jeff's cock rubbing against one another with only a thin layer of my skin separating them.

I was filled completely up and every nerve in my body was experiencing it. I was cumming almost consecutively with each stroke. The sweat was pouring off my body and my teeth were clenched. Matt and Jeff both held me tenderly as I quaked between them.

"You feel so good!" Jeff whispered in my ear, "I've wanted you for so long. I knew you would feel this damn good!" Between words he covered my neck and shoulders with soft kisses. Matt sat up and kissed my lips deeply, his tongue exploring my mouth. I felt as if my body was on fire being sandwiched between Matt and Jeff like that. Matt took my nipple in his mouth and sucked hard.

I tightened my inner walls around his cock. His eyes flew open and I felt his teeth clamp onto my tender nipple. His body began to quake beneath mine and I felt him cum deep inside me. He fell back onto his back and I leaned over to kiss him. Jeff moved his hands to my hips and gripped me tightly and soon I felt him empty his load deep into me. I collapsed on top of Matt and Jeff rolled next to us. I was pulled between them, their hands and mouths moving over my body, neck and mouth.

Somehow we all managed to get beneath the covers of the bed. I was still being held tenderly by both of them. I rested my head on Matt's shoulder while Jeff spooned me from behind. Matt tried to pull me closer against his body, but Jeff held me tight. I felt like I was the blanket they were fighting over. None of us bothered getting up to put any cloths on, instead all of our breathing fell into a steady rhythm and we fell asleep.

I awoke to discover that I was alone in the bed with Jeff. I was on my stomach with Jeff's head on my shoulder. His breath was warm on my skin as he slept. In the distance I heard the shower so I assumed that Matt was cleaning up. For a long moment I simply enjoyed the sensation of being held, but then I began to wonder how I would move without waking Jeff up. Just as I decided that there was no way to avoid waking him up, Jeff began to stir.

As first only his breathing that changed, but then I felt his hands began to move over my body. His lips found my spine and he began kissing me gently. Slowly I rolled onto my back just as his mouth covered mine. Our tongues met and slid over one another in an erotic dance. I felt Jeff's hand caress my face as he covered my body with his. I easily wrapped my legs around his waist and ran my hands down his back. He pulled away from our kiss and looked into my face. His touch was soft as he brushed a strand of hair out of my eyes, "You are so beautiful," he said.

"Kiss me," I told him and offered my mouth to him. He smiled and covered my lips with his.

It seemed as if we kissed forever, our mouths moving over one another, touching and tasting as our hands explored each others body. Jeff's hands cupped my breasts and his tongue teased my nipples. He gently sucked as his fingers deftly stroked my nipples. I arched against him and relished the feel of his talented fingers and tongue.

Before pulling away from me Jeff let his teeth graze gently against my nipple sending a shock through my body. He moved to my left side and looked down into my face, "I want to see you cum," he said softly as his left hand moved down my body. When he reached my waiting pussy, he gave my clit a roll between his thumb and forefinger. I gasped slightly and closed my eyes.

"You're so beautiful," he repeated. "For so long I have wanted to kiss your lips," he placed a gentle kiss on my lips, then pulled away. As he spoke, he slipped two fingers into my wet pussy and began thrusting them in and out. I could no longer make out the words he was saying as I experienced his agile fingers. Very slowly he pulled his fingers out of me and began stroking my pussy lips. I was so close to cumming and I wanted him to finger fuck me again, but I couldn't form the words to tell him. I still had my eyes closed when I felt Jeff use two of his fingers to part my nether lips.

I thought he was going to return to stroking my clit, but instead I felt something hot and wet lash across the head of my very sensitive clit. I gasped loudly and opened my eyes to see Matt between my thighs eating my pussy, his eyes were smiling up at me. I hadn't even heard the shower turn off and here he was. Almost instantly I grabbed the back of Matt's head and pressed him harder against myself as I came violently against his face. Jeff's hands moved to my face as I came. I opened my eyes and saw him looking intently at me, I knew I was trying to talk.

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