" 1-4-3 "



Our growing love blossomed
Though, I'm not sure when
And I'm not sure how
Or what made it begin

But I'm glad that love saw us
And showed us her way
And I'm glad she's still with us
Through each passing day

When Love showed me you
It all shone so clear
For looking at you
Made all else disappear

And now as we grow
Through every passing day
I have to thank God
Each time that I pray

For of all the lost souls
Out searching for love
We found each other
With help from above

When I think of us meeting
And all we've been through
Something inside tells me
I knew it was you

Your eyes, your smile,
That feeling you give
Now lets me know
What it means to live

I live for your touch
I live for your kiss
It took all this time
To find out what love is

Love is the key
The reason to live
The secret to love
Is learning to give

For giving my love
To you is the whole
For giving's receiving
It completes my soul

My cares changed to you
And what you feel inside
If your heart is smiling
Then also is mine

The secret was simple
But so hard to see
Giving to you
Brings happiness to me

I thought I'd never find it
A soul that matched mine
But you were there all along
And our love grew in time

I love you as a friend
And the attention you paid
To my cares, my woes,
And the foundation Love laid

Now I look forward
To each passing day
To you in my life
And the part you will play

It's better to give
Than to receive
These words said in love
You have to believe

For that is the secret
That now I do know
For what you give to your soul mate
You shall sow

So, to you my Darling
I now offer this
My heart, my soul,
And true happiness

For in giving these things
Love's lets me know
You will give them in return
And our love, it shall grow

So my Darling
A final message I send to you
Count the letters in "I"
In "Love", and in "You"

If you didn't count the letters
It's still easy to see
I love you darling
Or in short "1-4-3"

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