10 Minutes


I arrived while you were at lunch. The girl at the front desk was the lunchtime relief. I flirted with her, told her I would wait for you in your office. With my wily ways and a few double entendres that were subtle enough that she wasn't sure whether I knew what I said or not, I got her to laugh, I got to see her nipples pucker in her silky blouse, and she let me go unescorted into your office. The regular girl returned, but her relief didn't say anything -- no one now knows that I am waiting.

I'm sitting in the chair, behind the door which is standing open. I hear your voice outside; "Listen," you tell your assistant, "I've really got to get this done this afternoon. Please, please, don't disturb me unless it's a real emergency." No problem, she answers. A smile crosses my face and ulterior thoughts cross my mind at this turn of events. You step inside, pulling the door closed behind you and reach to hang your coat on the hook. I stand, you hear my movement, and turn, surprised and startled.

"Steve!" You say, surprise and incredulity on your voice." What are you doing here?"

"Shhhh!" I answer, finger to my mouth. Saying nothing, I step forward, my arms open, and you step to me. Our lips meet, our tongues clash through open mouths; your eyes widening in surprise as you recognize the lust in my eyes. My hands are roaming your back, sliding down to your waist, your bottom; two hands cupping your cheeks, pulling hard against my crotch and the hard pole hiding behind my zipper. You crush your crotch against mine, wiggling just, just,... There! so that you can get the full benefit of grinding your clit against my erection.

Our mouths pull away, your head beside mine, your mouth in my ear you whisper, "Steve, we can't, not..." Suddenly you realize my hand is pushing the strap of your dress down your shoulder. You hadn't even realized I had slipped your zipper, your dress is now open in back to the waist. I ignore your protest, pushing your dress over your shoulder along with your bra strap, slipping both down, roughly peeling your bra cup away from your tit. My mouth hungrily finds your nipple, its erection betraying your sudden arousal. I suck it into my mouth, unseen to me your head arches back, your lower lip between your teeth as you bite back the moan that betrays you even more.

Your breathing in my ear has turned into a pant of lust and want. Pushing you backwards, your legs hit the desk and you involuntarily sit. I force your legs open between mine, my hands sliding up your naked legs, finding your panties searching for their edge. Finding it, I begin to pull; you resist feebly once more. "Steve, No! Not here," but I ignore you. My fingers slip further behind and grabbing, with a sudden jerk I pull your panties off even though you never raise your bottom from the desk.

My mouth drops once again to your naked nipple, my finger slipping between your pussy lips. Your secretions prove yet again that despite your minds protests, your body wants this. My finger finds your clit, a spasm shakes your body and suddenly your hands are on my belt, trying to jerk it and my pants open. I step back, push your hand out of the way, and finish pulling my own zipper open, the button popping free, pants falling open. I expertly pull my hard cock through my shorts, and step back forward, place my cock at your pouty lips and plunge forward penetrating you, forcing myself into your warm depths. You weren't quite ready, the friction, skin on skin, of my cock violating your pussy turns you on just that much more. By the time I pull out to plunge in a second time, the lubrication has taken hold, your mind has lost control and your legs are wrapping up behind my back to help plunge me into your need.

I'm not taking it easy; I'm pounding with force, you grunt each time our bodies slam together. Your hand slips down, rubbing as only you know how; your pussy clenching around my cock. I try to hold off; I can't, spasms of warm cum spewing, mixing with your own juices, a puddle dribbling from our sex accumulating on the desk. I plunge once more, bottoming out, my cock throbbing inside you. Your fingers, almost forced out of the way by my pubic bone, manage to maintain their clinch on your little nub; sending you over the top.

Standing there buried inside you, I make no attempt to pull out. You're gasping for air. I calmly reach up and squeeze your naked breast one more time, my thumb rubbing across the nipple that is now not quite so hard, a shiver of pleasure your only response. I lift your bra cup, sliding it over your mound, the strap, as well as the strap of your dress, I replace on your shoulder. You recognize the feel this time as I pull the zipper back into place.

My cock has softened, it's about to slip out of you. You grab a Kleenex from the box on the desk, wiping my cock and your pussy as I pull away, wiping up the blob of cum on the desk between your legs. I slip your panties back over your ankles and you stand to slide them up your legs. Zipping myself up, carefully tucking your love toy away so that he doesn't get caught in the zip, I buckle my belt and we're both decent again. I take another Kleenex, wrapping the soaked mass in your hand inside it and drop it into my pocket. The slight smell of sex in the room dissipates rapidly as I step back. Taking your hand I step to the door; your eyes widen, frightened. I smile, "Laugh, and say, 'what a nice surprise, but call me first next time' when I open the door." I open the door, giving you no chance to do anything other than what I just told you, so you do. I step through the door.

You say your line, and I laugh, "Okay honey. See you this evening," and start walking away. I hear you say to your aide as I walk away, "Men!" with the sound of exasperation in your voice. "Now please, make sure I'm not disturbed again." You glance at the clock on the wall over her desk. It's been 10 minutes.

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