tagExhibitionist & Voyeur100 + Guys Saw Me Naked Ch. 02

100 + Guys Saw Me Naked Ch. 02


Sorry it took me so long to get this second chapter of my story on the web site; however, this damn computer keeps fucking up on me. I had to wait for Paul to get it fixed. I think that it's finally working properly, so here goes.


The next Sunday I was freshly washed with my pussy all shaven, ready to meet Paul, my forty-year-old guy. I got my best friend to drive me up to Canada. We got into the city about 10:30 AM, just a little early for my date, but my friend wanted to do some shopping anyway. I got my friend to drop me off at the hotel. She was a little reluctant to leave me with the guy all alone, and she wanted to be back at the hotel before he showed up. "Go and have fun, I will be all right," I said. "Don't wait up for me tonight."

He showed up a half an hour early; I was in our room taking another shower, because it was extremely hot outside, when I heard the knock at the door. I had the air conditioner going full blast, but it still would not cool off our room. I walked to the door wearing just a towel. I expected that it was my friend at the door, and when I opened the door wide and saw Paul, my face turned red in front of him again. "You look beautiful," he said.

"I'll just be a few minutes," I told him inviting him into our room. "Sit down." I went into the bathroom and put on a new identical, except for the colour, bra and g-string panties to the ones that I wore to the hypnotist's show. Then I realized that all my clothes were in my suitcase on my bed. 'Oh well' I thought 'he has already seen me naked anyway. What's the difference?' I checked around the corner peeping to see if he was looking. He wasn't, thank God. I really don't know why I didn't just wrap a fresh towel around myself, unless I really wanted him to see my partially naked body. Actually I think that was my goal all along. I walked calmly from the bathroom to my bed, and bending over I could feel his eyes on my pussy. I selected the clothes that I intended to wear that day. When I turned around I could feel Paul's eyes on my tits. With my nipples hardening, and my pussy dripping, I wanted to go over to him and kiss him, but I didn't know when my friend was coming back, so I didn't do it. I pulled on a pair of shorts, being careful to spread my legs just a little to give Paul a better view, and a blouse, put on my sandals, and we were off.

"Where are we going?" I asked as we climbed into his car.

"On a picnic," he replied, "at a really nice beach just a couple of miles out of town."

"I wish that I had known where we were going," I said, "I would have worn a bikini."

My heart skipped a beat when he said, "You won't need a bikini at this beach. It's a nude beach."

We arrived at the beach and I had to go to the bathroom. There were a couple of outhouses down over the edge from the parking lot. Paul grabbed a huge cooler from the trunk and said that he would be down on the other side by a huge old tree at the other end of the beach. I went down to the outhouse and went pee. It was so hot inside the outhouse I could feel my clothes sticking to my skin. I figured this was a nude beach so why not take off my blouse and shorts. Besides Paul's car was the only car in the parking lot at that time. I stuffed my damp shorts and blouse through the partly open window of his car. With my nipples and areolas sticking out over the top of my bra, my pussy showing with every step, and my ass cheeks showing I began to walk around the other side.

I noticed a lot of small nooks and crannies in the brush where a person could hide, but the whole beach was visible from the road, with the exception of the part of the beach beyond the old tree. As I walked I noticed a couple of guys heading to the water. They had swimsuits on, and I was a little confused. Soon they spotted me and began to stare. I could feel my face turning red, but I could also feel my pussy begin to drip and my nipples stiffen. I knew that I was horny again. Stopping right in front of the two guys I knelt to the sand and spread my legs, pretending to pick something up. I looked at my pussy and it was right out in the open. I couldn't help myself. I had to do something. I reached for my clitoris and began to stroke it. Approximately one minute and thirty seconds later I had a huge orgasm. I fell back on my ass in the sand, while biting my lower lip, and my ass-hole, dripping pussy, and tits were on display for the two guys.

One of the guys helped me up with a big grin on his face, and I sashayed my ass down the beach. When I got to the old tree I looked around for Paul. "Hi Sue," said Paul, "Would you like a drink first, or would you like to go in for a swim?" I looked at him, and he was still dressed, so I opted for the drink. "We are set up over here," he said. "What would you like, a rum and coke?" Then he turned around and looked at me. Paul's eyes widened as he looked at my partial nude body, and he said, "You know the nude part of this beach starts right here at this old tree. The rest of the beach down there is a regulars beach."

"Thanks for telling me now," I said to him with an evil grin on my face. "So how come if this is a nude beach, you're not nude.

"I didn't want to scare you," said Paul. "My cock is rather large, and I'm not just bragging.

"Ok, I guess that is a good enough explanation," I said, and we sat on the blanket in partial shade. I sat sipping my stiff rum and coke for a few minutes until I noticed that I was sitting cross-legged. My pussy was showing again. When I looked at Paul I noticed a big grin on his face; he was looking directly at my pussy. I leaned forward and kissed him, a big deep tongue in his mouth kiss, and my hand settled on his cock. I could feel it growing right through his shorts. "I've never even seen a real penis before, just on my little brother, and that was when he was four or five-years-old, but I won't be scared," I whispered. "I just want to see it."

"Ok, you asked for it," said Paul, "here it is." He pulled down the zipper on his shorts, and a huge monster came snaking out. He then undid the snap at the top of his shorts and pulled them off. For the second only penis that I'd ever seen, I was getting quite the show. Paul was not kidding when he said his cock was large. It was at least eight inches long, and about the thickness of my wrist, and it was absolutely soft at that moment. I could say that it didn't scare me, but I would be lying. Paul told me that it grew to about twelve inches long when it was hard, a fact that he later proved. "Now it's your turn," he said. I looked down the beach behind Paul and noticed the two guys had pulled their towels close to the waters edge and just a few feet past the old tree. They were nonchalantly looking our way. I began with my g-string and stood as I pulled it off. Then I undid my bra and let it hit the blanket as it fell at my feet.

"I think that I will go in for a swim," I said and I raced for the water. The water was really nice, cool, and refreshing, and I loved the way it felt on my naked body. "Come on in Paul," I said. Paul was a little more cautious when entering the water, I splashed him on his way in, but when he got in he could swim like a fish. It didn't take him long to catch me, and we laughed and played in the water for about ten minutes. Paul came up behind me and grabbed my tits. I in turn reached between my legs and grabbed his cock. I pulled his cock up until it was between my legs and squeezed. I could feel him getting hard, and I started to sway back and forth. I was holding his cock on my clitoris, and I was close to having another orgasm. I couldn't believe it, when I looked down his cock was sticking out at least four inches past my body. I started to yell, "My CU, MY CUNT IS CUMINGG!!! I had another giant orgasm. I had to rely on Paul to hold me up otherwise I would have fallen face first into the water and drowned.

Paul carried me out of the water, and laid me back on the blanket. Looking deep into my eyes, he leaned over me and gave me the most sensuous kiss that I'd ever received from a guy. Not that I had kissed that many guys before; there had only been four other guys that previously had kissed me, and they were not great. Paul was a fantastic kisser. He made me feel like my whole body was on fire. I could feel the little sparks of thrills running up and down my back and right into my pussy.

He went down to my breasts and began licking my nipples. I was pushing my tits into his mouth hard, and he was sucking on my nipples and areolas. I glanced over at the two guys and noticed that they were blatantly staring at us. "Fuck them both," I thought. Paul moved down to my belly button, and I grabbed his head and pushed it lower, spreading my legs wide. I reached down for Paul's cock and pulled him up to my mouth.

I didn't know how I was going to fit his immense penis into my mouth, but I was going to try. His tongue hit my clit, and my ass jumped straight up. Oh my God, it was so good. He seemed to know just where to put his tongue. I had the head of his cock in my mouth, and I started to cum. "BY TUNTT ID TUBBING," I screamed. I could only fit about four inches of his cock into my mouth. Paul was alternately licking my ass-hole and pussy, and I was cumming like gangbusters. I had about eight or ten orgasms just from Paul licking my pussy and ass-hole. He then pulled himself off of me.

I lay in the same spot for about two minutes, exhausted but happier than I'd ever been. I got up and asked Paul if he wanted to go for another swim. When we came out of the water he asked me if I was hungry. "Famished," I said. So he walked over to the cooler and pulled out chicken, potato salad, buns, a large bottle of rum, and a two-litre bottle of Cola. He poured me another stiff rum and coke, and we sat down to eat. While we ate I kept on looking down the beach at the two guys, who were still staring at me.

"Do you want to ask them to join us?" asked Paul. I looked into his eyes and didn't notice that he was jealous or anything, he sincerely wanted to let them join us.

"Are you serious?" I asked

"Of course I'm serious," he replied.

"Ok then, I think I will go and ask them to join us."

I got up and walked over to the two guys, still totally naked, and when I was standing right in front of them I asked, "Do you two guys want to join us?" The one guy couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from my pussy. The other guy was staring at my tits. I looked around and noticed another guy in the brush. "You can come too," I yelled at him. There were a few others on the beach by this time, but they were too far away to yell at. With three guys in toe I walked back to Paul.

I noticed that the one guy looked very young, so I asked his age. "Eighteen," was his reply. 'Good,' I thought 'We're not going to be a porn show for some under age guy.' The other two were at least twenty-three-years old. I asked their names, and they replied one by one, "Henry, Brent, and Dell," with Dell being the eighteen-year-old. I sat beside Paul and crossed my legs. The other guys put their towels down at the foot of Paul's blanket.

"Are you guys hungry?" asked Paul. I noticed Henry looking at my pussy and licking his lips.

"No, not really," they all said in unison.

"You know this is a nude beach, don't you?" I asked.

"No, we didn't know," said Brent.

"Well, if you are going to stay here you will have to take off your shorts," I told them. Henry looked at Brent, Brent looked at Henry, and Dell looked at me, as if in disbelief. Brent shrugged his shoulders and pulled his shorts to the ground. His cock came up and slapped him on the belly. He had a medium sized cock, about seven inches long, and not that big around. Henry, seeing Brent lower his shorts was next. Henry had a very small cock. It was only about five inches long and about as big around as Paul's thumb. Dell was next. He looked as though he was not going to pull off his shorts. I reached over to him and pulled down on the waist of his shorts. He grabbed them as soon as his cock came into view and quickly pulled them back up. His penis looked like it might be a little larger than Brent's. "You are not going to stay if you don't loose your shorts," I said to him.

I turned to Paul and pushed him back on the blanket. "You know that I'm a virgin don't you?" I whispered to Paul.

"Yes, I kind of had an inkling," Paul whispered back. Then I straddled his waist with his cock in between my legs. I leaned way over Paul so that the three guys could see my ass-hole and my pussy when I pushed back. I began to rock back and forth. Paul was pouring suntan oil all over my ass. My clitoris was rubbing on the underneath side of Paul's cock. I could feel my pussy and ass-hole getting very slick from the suntan oil and my juices. I was cumming again and again and again. I couldn't help myself. I just had to have Paul inside of me. I raised myself up one more time and then down I went with Paul's hard penis wedged in my pussy right up against my hymen. Up one more time and then I slammed myself down. I felt my hymen tear, and that which was mine for nineteen years of my life was no longer. To say that it didn't hurt would be a lie. It actually hurt like hell, but I was determined to do this.

"Please stay still," I said to Paul. After about two minutes I began to enjoy it again. I could feel Paul's fingers digging in my ass-hole. I guess that was what really made me enjoy myself. I felt a large thumb entering my ass-hole; that was when I started to cum again. I was bouncing up and down on Paul's cock when I looked down at my pussy and noticed that I had all of him inside of me. I actually had a twelve inch cock buried in my pussy. "OH MY GOD," I screamed. "I've got ALL OF YOU in me. I DON'T BELIEVE IT." I could feel Paul's cock head hitting my cervix. When I sat up I could feel him going in me even deeper. I could feel him in my throat. I fell back to my face in Paul's shoulder.

The other three guys were amazed, hell more like dumbfounded. Paul was fumbling with something in his hands and the next thing I knew he stuffed his thumb right up my ass. When I looked at the other guys I noticed Dell was nude. He was right behind me with a hard cock in his hands. I was right. It was a little larger than Brent's. It was at least an inch longer and about half again as big around as Brent's. I felt him forcing his cock into my ass-hole. When he hit balls deep that was when I really started to cum.

That was when all hell broke loose. Henry came around and sat on the blanket in front of me and Brent sat beside me. "Hold on a second," said Paul. "I don't know you guys from Adam, so I'm going to have to ask you to wear a condom when you are sticking your cocks in my girlfriend." I smiled at the word girlfriend and wrapped my lips around Henry's cock after he put on a condom. Brent's cock was in my hand. At first I wondered about Dell and a condom but dismissed the thought after a few seconds. Paul would not let anyone fuck me without a condom. I then had four cocks, one in my pussy, one in my ass-hole, one in my mouth, and the last one in my hand. I was cumming so hard and so often that I couldn't tell when one orgasm stopped and another started. My whole body was one giant orgasm

Henry was the first one to cum out of the guys. After he pulled out of my mouth I could see the semen inside the condom. Brent soon had a condom on, and he came around by my head and stuck his penis into my mouth. Dell was going at my ass-hole like a wild man by that time. I thought he was literally trying to tear me a new one. Paul was just lying there letting me do all the work. Brent and Dell both came at the same time. I was still cumming and cumming and cumming and cumming. Oh my God it was indescribable how good it was. I had never had orgasms like that before, but then I'd never been fucked before. Henry was reviving by this time and wanted another condom.

Paul said, "It's a damn good thing that I brought three dozen with me." After Henry rolled on the condom he walked around to my back door and slipped it between my cheeks. He rubbed his cock up and down over my ass-hole, and when it was hard enough, shoved it into me. Dell was coming around too, and after putting on another condom he came up to my mouth. I swallowed his cock in one swoop. Every time Henry would push into my ass, I would lift off of Paul's cock and take Dell's cock deeper into my throat. I would then push myself back down so that Paul's cock would stab me in my pussy, which would disengage me from Dell's cock. Soon I was taking Dell's cock so deep down my throat that I had both his testicles in my mouth as well.

By the time that I realized that I'd swallowed the condom that Dell was wearing it was too late. He was cumming right into my mouth. I swallowed hard, twice, as he shoved his cock down my throat for the last time. I kept his cock in my mouth until it shrivelled down to just about nothing and licked it clean as he removed it from my mouth. Henry came next and Paul was still going. I was still cumming as well. Brent wanted me to suck on him again so Paul gave him another condom. I wanted to tell Paul about the condom falling off of Dell's penis; it was obvious that he hadn't seen it. But Brent had his cock by my mouth, so I sucked on it. I just wanted to give him pleasure like they'd given me. After Brent came I took the other two once more. This time it took them fifteen minutes or more to cum. All this time I was cumming like gangbusters.

Paul was still going, and I was getting tired. "Paul," I said, "Are you going to cum?"

"When ever you want me to sweetheart," said Paul.

"I want you to cum in my ass," I said to Paul.

"Ok," he said. "Turn around. This might hurt a little," he said as he began to push his huge cock into my ass. Thank God he brought the oil in his hand. As soon as he got the head of his cock in my ass he coated the rest of his monstrosity with oil. "Push like you are trying to take a constipated shit," said Paul. As I pushed I could feel him enter my ass. His balls hit my pussy and I knew that he was all the way in. I don't know what is in a person's ass, but what ever it is, as soon as you touch it with something, the person in question goes into spasmodic orgasms. That is what happened to me. I fell flat on my chest and stomach, taking Paul with me. He then started pumping in and out of my ass-hole. I think that I lost consciousness after about thirty more orgasms that seemed all one. When I came to Paul was standing above me with a worried look on his face. "What happened?" he asked.

"I'm not sure," I said. "I think that I passed out from all the pleasure."

"Well we'd better not try that again," Paul exclaimed.

"No we'd better TRY that again," I said to him. "What happened to the other three guys?"

"They split when they realized that you were unconscious," said Paul. "I guess they thought you were on drugs or something."

I looked down the beach, first toward the nude side and noticed a large crowd of nudists on the beach, then toward the regulars' side and noticed an even larger crowd of guys, and a few girls, just beyond the old tree. "Where did all the people come from?" I asked Paul with my face turning crimson.

"They've been showing up all day," said Paul. "We've just been too busy to notice"

"Did you cum?" I asked looking at his cock.

"No, not yet," he said.

"Well I've got a plan," I told him. "A good way to get you to cum. First I want you to take all this stuff back to your car, including my bra and g-string. When you get back I will explain the rest to you."

Paul left, after getting dressed, with an intrigued look on his face and everything that we came with except me. I waited for him under the old tree. When he finally showed up I walked to him and gave him a big kiss. Then sliding my tits down his chest I opened the snap at his waist with my teeth. The zipper was a little more difficult with my mouth, so I had to use my hands. As soon as his monster came into view I gobbled it up into my mouth. When it was hard I leapt up into his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist. I reached down between us and pointed his weapon in the right direction, into my pussy where it belonged. "Oh God Paul, I wish we could stay like this forever," I said. "Now lets go."

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