It's been awhile since I submitted anything. It's good to be back.

This story is a bit different from my usual style. I hope you enjoy. Please let me know.


From nowhere I became aware; aware of an empty peace. Understanding slowly filled my thought center. I had just completed a journey and now I was returning. Yet as I returned I knew something was incomplete.

"Mr. Boyd. Mr. Boyd," these words and a voice filled my mind. The emptiness faded as the voice became clearer and then my thought center slipped through a darkness. Again the voice and words filled my mind.

"Mr. Boyd, wake up. It's time to wake up. The doctor is through and its time to wake up."

I felt my eyes opening and my senses being flooded by a warm light, and by out of focus images of movement. There was a darker image close to me from which the voice and words were coming. It took a couple of seconds before everything became clear. I was in a hospital room and these were nurses moving about.

The nurse's face was pleasant and she smiled warmly. She told me everything was fine; the doctor found nothing. Although I heard her and understood what she said, I didn't remember why I was there.

"Why am I here?" was my groggy response.

"You had a routine colonoscopy," she replied. "Everything is fine."

Still I had no idea or recollection of needing one or even coming in for one. It was strange, because I understood everything around me, but not why I was there. As the nurses and attendants scurried about, my eye caught a woman standing off to one side. Everyone was doing something except for her.

She was striking in her features: black, shoulder length hair which was parted in the middle and silhouetting her face. This was in contrast to the other female medical professionals who had their hair pulled back in a working mode. Her face, which appeared to be void of make-up, was creamy white with contrasting lips so naturally pink. A lab coat hid her body but it was still obvious it concealed a well proportioned body.

The most unique feature was her eyes. They were the bluest blue I had ever seen. When our eyes met, I experienced and overwhelming feeling of calm. Her mouth formed a hint of a peaceful smile.

My eyes drifted shut again from the anesthesia. A slight touch on my arm along with hearing my name brought me back. The black haired vision was gone. I thought it had to be a dream.

After a half hour and the nurses thinking my wits were back, I was allowed to dress, and to check out at the front desk. There was something very strange about all of this. I knew the answers to every question being asked, but the answers were news to me. It was as if I was learning about myself for the first time. I remembered nothing until I was asked.

"Is there someone here to pick you up?

"No, I came here alone."

"Do you live far from here?"

"No, my condo is only three blocks away?"

"Are you going there or to work when you leave?"

"Work, there are a couple of hot deals I'm working on and need to get back as soon as possible."

Collecting the paper work, I checked the clock; 11am. I left the clinic realizing I just learned where I lived and that I had a job. It was weird but not alarming. I thought it to be side effects from the anesthesia. Even this thought was a learning moment.

Mixing into the crowd along the sidewalk I simply started walking, making turns automatically. I had no idea where I was going but my body seemed to know. I entered a coffee shop and the girl behind the counter smiled and greeted me.

"Hi, Jerry; the usual?"

My response took me by surprise, "You bet, Tina. How did your exams go? How is little Billy doing?"

I now knew my name was Jerry and this waitress, Tina, knew me; my drink and she was a single mom in college. The concept of school entered my mind for the first time. I was aware I had gone to college and remembered the rigors of exams. I could only imagine how hard it must be to work, study, and raise a kid.

We exchanged chit-chat for a few minutes. Everything was new. My wallet was new; money was new, the cup was new. This whole thing was calmly enlightening. As I turned to leave, I saw her; the black hair beauty from the hospital. She was standing outside the café. She was now wearing a long black coat.

Again her eyes captured mine and the same feeling of calm came over me. I held her gaze as I headed out of the café with my drink. Hearing an 'excuse me' I glanced around and saw an older woman struggling with the door. With my free hand, I opened it and smiled as she passed through. I followed.

Looking back to where my black hair woman was standing, she was gone. This was very strange but somehow not alarming. I was getting the feeling something happened to me while I was 'under' and the black haired beauty was part of it.

Without thinking I headed down the street and into an office building. Getting into an elevator I pushed "11" on the control panel. I just found out I worked on the 11th floor of a 30 floor building. The doors closed, the car made its journey and it stopped on at the proper floor. When the doors opened I walked across the hall to a glass lined entry. The signage on the door read, 'Duggan & Boyd—Real Estate Investors." It appeared we owned the whole floor.

Making my way through the offices and hearing all the 'Good Afternoons, Mr. Boyd,' I soon learned I was THE BOYD on the door. I was a partner. As I smiled and returned the greetings, the names of people entered my mind. Everyone at whom I smiled and greeted returned the smile but with just a hint of puzzlement.

Entering my office, the door marquee confirming my suspicion, I saw three large legal size folders on a tidy desk. Going behind the desk, I picked up the first folder and it read, '11 Jamaica.' Looking at the paperwork inside I learned our company was buying this property and I was the approving financial officer.

As if by instinct I looked at all the papers, appraisals, offers, and background information. This deal was unethical. Our company had structured a deal which literally stole the property from its original owners. The owners were Agnes and Phillip McDonough ages 43 and 45 respectively. Hard luck and three kids forced them to seek any deal possible.

A light knocking on my door broke my thoughts. Looking up I saw Terri Matthers enter. New thoughts enlightened me. Terri was the office slut, who I was banging every chance I could. She gave me a very provocative smile as she swayed her way to my side. In a low and hungry voice she said, "My ass is so hot right now. I sure could use that thick cock of yours in it. How about a drink after work at my place?"

My response was strangely neutral. I wasn't turned on; turned off; offended; or flattered. I simply knew I wasn't going to fuck her anymore. "I can't Terri. I need to review these deals, and then see what Cathy is up too."

The thought of Cathy, my live-in, was the first of her. My mind told me she was a professional escort whom I met when I was one of her clients. A realization came over me that she did not love me but rather used me for free living in exchange for sex on demand. Again, I was neutral emotionally and realized I no longer desired our arrangement.

Turning my attention back to Terri, she was now sitting on chair with her back to the door. Her skirt was hiked up and she was slowly fingering her bald pussy. In a neutral tone I said, "Thanks, but I need to correct these contracts."

Disbelief overcame Terri, "What the fuck's up with you? Yesterday you couldn't wait to eat my pussy and today it's like I don't exist." In a quick and irritated move she left my office with a final blurb of "Asshole!"

Her words triggered the image of being on my knees between her legs in that very chair and sucking on her baldness under her black skirt. It was late and no one was in the office at that time so there was no holding back. I saw myself licking her folds and fingering her box. She was so wet and squirming around on the chair; her legs were lifted over my shoulders into the air. Black seamed French nylons encased her legs and red heels matched her red blouse which she tore open; buttons flying across the room.

Remembering the direction, I glanced to my right and saw one of the buttons at the bottom of the far wall.

"Fuck my ass. Fuck my asshole." The image of Terri's red lips spewing her lust came into focus. Her long red talons were attacking her nipples, pulling and pinching them as she spoke.

I saw myself standing up and shoving my cock into her soaked pussy for lubrication. Pulling out, Terri grabbed hold of the back of her knees to present me her asshole which was already dilated for its pounding. Without hesitation, I plunged my fat cock into her backside. Terri's eyes rolled back and the moan from her throat was loud and wanton. Even with her hole dilated, the girth of dick stretched it even more.

"Ohhhhh, yesssss...." Terri cried out, "....ohhhhh, shove it in me. Do me deep...Fuck me, fuck me."

I fucked her ass as deep and as hard as I could. Her tightness surrounded me and I knew I wasn't going to last long. Still I pounded her without any care or feelings towards her. I was simply using her asshole for my pleasure. I grunted as cum poured from my cock and deep into her ass. Still stroking, I used her sphincter to coax the last drops of cum from me. Terri then used her mouth to clean any essence from semi-hard rod.

I understood why she called me an asshole just now, but still I knew I'd never be with her again. I sat down at my desk to rework the numbers on the contract. When completed, I took the folder over to Mike Duggan's office to discuss the problems I found and the corrections I made.

"Jesus Jerry," he began, "we make our livings by taking advantage of people. What the hell is wrong with you?"

The thoughts of deal after shady deal flooded my memory. My only reply was, "This is wrong."

Mike blew his top.


"I can't Mike. It's not right." I said calmly.

He looked at me in shock and then told me to go home and get some rest. He said the doctors must have done something to my head instead of my ass. He was partially correct, something had happened inside my head. Taking his advice, I left the office.

There was one person in the elevator when I entered; a man about twenty years my senior. I guessed him to be about 65. He smiled and I smiled back. When I pressed 'L' he started to talk.

"Doing the right thing isn't as hard as it seems. Is it Jerry?"

I had never seen this man before in my life. We were about the same height but he had a thicker build. His hair was black with graying temples and he wore a three piece business suit with a bow tie. I could tell he was in charge of some company, but still I had no idea how he knew my name.

"The hard part is changing old ways. People don't want change; they want things the way they were. Take your partner for example; greed has become part of his life and he just wants more. Ms. Matthers can't handle rejection and needs to use her body for acceptance. Your rejection of her today is causing a big stir in her."

How did he know what just happened? I just listened to his words.

"Life doesn't always stay the same, Jerry. Here is my card" which he handed to me as the elevator stopped; the door opening with its familiar 'ding.' He said goodbye as he stepped from the car.

Greeting him in the hallway was my black haired beauty. She was adorned in black silk and there was an aura about her as she gave a slight bow to the gentleman. Both turned to face me and gave me a calming smile as the door closed.

Looking at the card it simply read "11." There was no name, address, phone, email or other information. Glancing at the control panel the only two buttons illuminated were '11' and 'L.' I pushed the 'door open' button and as it did, a quick breeze licked up from between the car and the shaft causing the card to drop from my hand and down into the same space. I looked up to see the lobby to my office.

In disbelief I stood motionless for a few seconds. The doors closed and the car began its descent. Something indeed had happened to me. Perhaps a good night sleep is what I truly need.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!!!" broke my thoughts. I was standing in my condo and there in front of me was Cathy, naked except for a strap-on, fucking some guy in the ass who was on all fours in the middle of my living room. Cathy used my condo to see clients. I wasn't supposed to come home unannounced. Well, that just changed.

The poor guy was flustered and just got dressed and left as Cathy rained obscenity after obscenity upon me. I went to the closet and took out a suitcase. I gathered some of my clothes from the bedroom and packed them into the case.

She was irate and asked me what I was doing. I calmly told her I was leaving and the condo would be signed over to her in the morning. I turned and left.

Checking into the busy hotel I was given the key to room '11-11.' Ironic. As I turned for the elevator, there was my black haired beauty across the room staring at me. People passed by her without notice, just as the nurses had earlier that day. She was stunning, but this time however, her look was different. It was celestial. There was so much and nothing at the same time.

Her lips glowed with a creamy redness. The blueness of her eyes was accented by the lightest of greens. A silvery sheen seemed to be woven into her hair. There was a glow around her. Pink silks adorned her body. I was drawn to her.

I crossed the lobby never taking my eyes from hers for fear she would vanish again. I was now standing before her; her fragrance intoxicating; her look mesmerizing. She softly placed her lips onto mine and my mind began to empty. I was being consumed. I had a yearning and a craving the likes of which I had never experienced before.

It was sensual; it was sexual; it was mental; it was spiritual; it was a deepness of lovingness which made my heart thirst for more. My essence seemed to be drawn from me and was being mixed with a rich peacefulness. I was being transformed and freely gave myself to this power.

As my senses returned I was no longer in the hotel lobby, but rather in a place worlds away. I was naked standing before my now naked Goddess. Her beauty was beyond beauty. Her skin was flawlessly cream white with a glow of pink. I gazed into her eyes and around her face. The look was so very pure. I drank in her entirety.

The pinkness of her nipples upon the slight puffiness of her areolas spoke of fertility. Her breasts were full and I desired their fruit. Her smooth torso glided into her hips and from between her loins her moisture glistened through her fine black down.

She reached out to me, her fingers caressing my face. My body was alive. I followed her fingers as they traced a path across my chest; her pink nails finding my nipples and bringing pleasure to my body. My manhood was completely swollen with a calm yearning.

Pressing her body into mine, our lips met and a deep oneness overtook me. The softness of her tongue touching mine drew me deeper into her soul. Her nipples grazed mine sending a yearning deep into my loins. Our arms encircled and my goddess effortlessly took me deep into her being, enveloping my shaft with a warmth and softness. Her legs around mine, her hips rhythmically taught me their song as we became one.

We floated in space; warmth wrapping us in pure love. My seed flowed from me and was taken into her womb. Her body danced around mine and I found myself being held in her arms with my face nuzzled into her bosom. Our eyes met again and love swept over me. Lifting her breast, she placed her nipple onto my lips and I tasted a honey like nectar which produced a peaceful slumber I did not attempt to fight.

It took awhile to figure out where I was. Glancing around I realized I was indeed in a hotel room. Sunlight peeked in from between the drawn curtains. Reaching for the clock on the nightstand it read 8:00. I saw a key next to it; Room 11-11.

Thinking back to day and night before I wandered what was real and what was a dream. I had left Cathy and taken a hotel room. Work loomed over me and I knew things were about to change. I thought of Terri and felt a sorrow for her. I thought of my black hair goddess and hoped it wasn't a dream.

Getting ready for the day, I knew what I needed to do.

Leaving the hotel I went to the bank waiting a few minutes until it opened. I closed all of my accounts and had them produce two cashier's check, splitting the entire amount evenly Both were significant sums.

I then went to my attorney and signed my condo over to Cathy.

Taking a cab to 11 Jamaica I knocked on the McDonough's door. Phil McDonough answered and looked at me with contempt. "What do you want," he snarled. "You took everything we have. What more could you want from us?"

"Mr. McDonough, I came by to make things right for you and your family."

I took one check from my wallet and gave it to him. His hands shook and he called for his wife and showed her the check. She started crying and looked and me and asked, "Why?"

With a soft smile I replied, "Because it's right."

I shook their hands, wished them well and left.

On my way to the office, I stopped by the coffee shop for my morning brew. While Tina made my drink, I grabbed one of the greeting cards they sold from the rack. I wrote a simple note to Tina wishing her the best of luck in life. I placed the other check into the card, sealed it in the envelope and gave it to her when she handed me my coffee.

"What's this for?" she asked.

"It's a little something to help you out in school. Promise me you don't open it until I leave!" I said while winking.

I heard Tina's scream two doors away. She found the check.

Going into the office I signed over my half of the company to Mike. There was no fight, he seemed to understand. He didn't even ask what I was going to do.

I approached Terri and asked if she had a minute and she hesitantly agreed to follow me. I told her I was going to take her to a place where she would find the peace and happiness she craved. She just looked at me oddly as we entered the elevator. I pushed '11' and the doors opened.

Three people greeted us and all were naked as we suddenly had become. My black hair goddess was standing on the left of the man who I met the day before. On his right was a handsome god whom I knew was there for Terri.

The man in charge smiled and said, "Welcome Jerry. Welcome Terri. I am very pleased on your decision. Doing the right thing is not that hard to do. Please join us."

Terri looked at me and said, 'Thank you." She drifted towards her god and then they glided out of focus.

My goddess took me into her arms and placed her lips upon mine and I felt her Love. Moving slightly back, she looked at me with a smile and took my hand and placed it onto her swollen belly. A gentle kick met my hand. We kissed again and my mind floated.


Mike Duggan re-read the document before him. It was his partner's, Jerry Boyd, will. Along with it was power of attorney for him to execute Jerry's wishes. Mike shook his head. He couldn't believe anesthesia from a simple colonoscopy caused Jerry to pass. Statistically it something like 1 in 3 million; he guessed Jerry was the 1.

Looking back at will Mike was now sole owner of Duggan & Boyd. He would keep the name the same. Jerry was a strange guy. He wanted Mike to sign his condo over to this escort he was seeing. Mike thought what a deal; $250,000 for a piece of ass.

His next task was just as surprising. He was to split Jerry's savings between the coffee shop girl and a deal gone bad a few years back, the McDonough family. Mike wondered if Jerry was also banging the coffee shop chick. Well, both of them will be wealthy beyond their dreams in a few days.

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