tagRomance11 Days 'Til Christmas

11 Days 'Til Christmas


As the bustle of Christmas shopping, parties and sending off cards with our annual catch up letter to all our family and friends builds, our energy level starts to lag. We need a break from it all before we embark on that last great shopping expedition to lay in all our supplies so we can rest for the holidays and truly enjoy our little family and the love we share.

Returning from the mall with our arms laden and our noses rosy red from the dropping temperatures, we work quickly together to put away all the last minute gifts - we'll wrap them tomorrow - and after feeding the baby and putting her down since it is already getting to be past her regular bedtime, we decide on a light snack for dinner. We are too tired to cook and the restaurants were just to busy when you have a little one and arms full of shopping! Together, we warm up some leftover stew we slow cooked yesterday, heat some French crispy bread in the microwave and grab a hot chocolate. I set the fire in the fireplace and we snuggle under the blanket and clean our plates with the still warm bread and sip out hot drinks.

As the room warms, your head falls to my shoulder and you doze breathing softly against my neck. I rest my head on yours, smelling the sweetness of your hair, and drift off into a dreamless sleep. We both wake at the same time as the room has begun to chill since the fire is dying on the grate. I lift you into my arms and carry you to our bedroom where I quickly disrobe you and slide you under the warmth of our down comforter.

Doffing my own clothes, I slip in beside you. Now fully awake, we move into each others loving arms and, lying side by side with our bodies pressed together, we begin the process of lovemaking that has become our nature. Long lingering soft kisses always; slowly following with deeper penetration of tongues and then pulling back to simple brushes of lips against lips. I blow softly against your lips and you inhale my warm breath; the process repeats itself back and forth for at least an hour as our lips keep finding the other's for fleeting kisses and caresses!

The warmth of our bodies as they meld together is almost overwhelming! You lift your leg and I insert mine between yours so your pussy is resting against my thigh. You slowly move your hips dragging as you do your already moistening folds along my legs. Pressing harder, those delicious labia open wider and you leave a trail of your wetness along my leg! I can feel the rising heat as it emanates from your liquid fire you are now pouring out and the smell of raw sex permeates my nostrils!

My hand cups your ass and I pull you faster and harder against me as I feel my fully erect cock brushing between the rounded globes of your heart shaped ass. With the precum pouring down the length of my shaft, it is sliding easily and slickly along your slit and almost touching your anal ring on each stroke.

You are now moving faster yet and you moan out as your first orgasm hits; I have yet to touch you - it is only the friction of your clit and pussy rubbing along my leg that has driven you over the edge. With a cry to let you move, you quickly force me to raise my hips so your legs can encircle my waist. You reach behind you and grasp my slick cock head and position it against your sphincter which is by now covered with my precum!

Whispering "I want to feel you fill my ass, darling!" you bear down and using the leverage of your legs around me, pull yourself downwards until my cock tip slips inside you. You gasp; it is an intrusion but not a bad one - you need a moment to adjust. Then, you slowly pull yourself down the length of my cock until I am fully buried within you.

Oh, my darling! The velvety warmth of your smooth anal walls as they grip me tightly is o amazing. We have made love this way many times and each is as if it were the first! The muscles are so powerful as you start a milking movement and I slowly slide small increments to meet your own trusts downward. Soon we have a rhythm going and I feel myself growing inside you as I sense the end is near!

"I am going to cum any minute, baby!" I warm you. I reach between us and attack your clit as it rubs against my pubes.

This only serves to increase your squeezing of my shaft until I can stand it no longer and release a torrent of thick hot cum deep inside you until it froths along my shaft and bubbles out onto the sheets.

We return to our kissing and holding each other tight while my cock slowly softens and falls free of you. Snuggled hard into each other's arms, we pull the comforter around our necks and fall fast asleep.

Only ten more days until Christmas, my sweet love!

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