14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 07


This continued for a few minutes until Paul interrupted them saying, "I know you boys are enjoying yourselves, but I think you need to save some for our pet here," motioning toward Kelly. Almost gloomily, the men uncoupled from their partners and backed away, followed by Cheryl and Tiffany as they ceased their torment of the 'slave's' boobs. I followed suit and joined them on the landing.

We watched as Paul untied Kelly and then fastened a leather collar around her neck. He snapped on a leash and led her into the cabin, her hands rubbing her reddened ass as she passed us. Once inside, he led her to the big game room, which he had rearranged to suit his needs for the evening. Most of the movable furnishings had been removed or pushed back and out of the way. In the middle of the open space was a short coffee table that had four large posts supporting the top from the base.

He led Kelly to the table and had her straddle it, then sit down. He made quick work of securing each of her ankles to the post nearest them, and then made her lean froward until her tits were mashed into the table's surface. Pulling first her right and then her left arm downward, he tied each one of them to the front posts as he'd done with her ankles, and then disconnected the leash from her collar.

Within a couple of minutes Kelly was once more totally immobilized and ready for us to do with as we wished. The table was wide enough that it forced her legs to spread open thoroughly, revealing her pussy and asshole as her hips protruded past the end. She was affixed in somewhat of an awkward doggie style pose, leaving plenty of access to her nether regions. At the other end, the table stopped almost even with her shoulders, leaving her head hanging off without support.

We all just stood there admiring her body and musing at her predicament for a couple of minutes, then Paul broke the silence. "Well folks, are you just going to stand there?" he questioned. We muttered various responses, assuring him that we weren't. "Okay then," he said. "But from what I understand, Mark is the only guy here that hasn't fucked her yet," he continued. "I think we should let him have her first."

Mark's eyes lit up as we all agreed that it would be a good idea, although I figured when he was done with her she would be so stretched out that the rest of us would feel like we were screwing thin air. Nevertheless, we made room for him as he got to his knees behind the bound woman. His big black snake had wilted somewhat and he began stroking it back to life. Cheryl quickly dropped to the floor saying, "Let me help you with that," and took the plumb sized head into her mouth.

While Cheryl worked on Mark, Tiffany said, "I'll get her ready," as if Kelly really needed any help. She was already wide open and sopping wet. But the blonde went to all fours and set about licking up and down the hairy slit before her.

In about three or four minutes all of the cocks in the room were hard again, including Mark's, and Kelly was moaning from the tongue work of Tiffany. The teen looked around at Mark, her face glistening from having it buried in Kelly's steamy box, and said, "I think it's time."

And indeed it seemed like it was. Mark's rod was steel hard once more and Kelly was wriggling against her bonds. I'm sure it was strictly for our benefit, but Kelly cried out, "No, No...don't put that big dick in me....I don't think I can take it!" If our dicks hadn't been hard already that would have done the trick. And, of course, Mark was having none of her whining. Even if she had been genuinely protesting, I don't think he would have cared at that point.

He knee-walked himself into position behind the table and hefted his massive dong up toward Kelly's cunt. Cheryl and Tiffany scampered to his aid and, with one of them on each side of the table, they began pulling the woman's already spread cheeks even further apart. Mark pushed forward and the head of his ebony monster squeezed into her waiting hole. He continued to push, and as he entered her further she again wailed out, "Oh my God....Stop...It's too big!"

But Mark kept pushing until he was lodged about 2/3 of the way in her, and then stopped. He pulled his schlong back about three inches, then pressed forward again, not stopping until his whole length was encased in her pussy. The entire time Kelly continued spouting protests to his invasion which were finally answered by Cheryl smacking her round butt and saying, "Shut up....you know you love it!"

Mark started slowly pulling out about half of his meat and then sliding it back, gradually picking up the speed of his strokes. We watched his pussy wrecker appear and disappear, over and over, and soon he was really having at the poor wench. She kept up her protests calling out, "No..No..Stop....I-I ccan't take it...Stop." Mark just ignored her and kept hammering into her. Before long though, her cries switched to lusty shouts of, "Oh God...Don't stop...Don't stop!"

But Cheryl was intent on keeping Kelly quiet and said, "I know how to shut her up," in a whimsical tone. She then moved to the front end of the table and tossed a large throw pillow at an angle against the base. She proceeded to place her ass on the pillow, elevating her pussy right into Kelly's face. "Eat me slave!" she commanded as she raised her feet over the victims shoulders, letting them come to rest on her back.

Kelly obediently started lapping away at Cheryl as Mark pounded in and out of her. But it was only a few more minutes before he called out, "I hope you guys don't mind sloppy seconds," indicating that he was nearing release and had no intention of pulling out. Kelly was moaning and groaning into Cheryl's muff as his body lunged forward one last time and then froze with his big cock shoved to the hilt in Kelly's box. "Ahhhhhh!" he loudly sighed as he unloosed his load into the woman and then began a series of quick mini-jabs into her. Moments later, with his balls now emptied, he pulled his pecker out of her and unceremoniously announced, "Next!"

Dave scrambled to Kelly's upturned butt and slipped his cock into the yawning opening of her vagina. She was too busy servicing Cheryl to protest, and I don't really think she would have anyway. As he began to thrust in and out of her, Tiffany moved over in front of Tom and took his turgid pole into her sweet little mouth. And while Dave continued fucking the helpless Kelly, Tiffany moved from man to man, blowing each of us, except for Mark, who was slumping in one of the overstuffed chairs catching his breath.

Just as she went down on my pole, I heard Dave grunting breathlessly and knew he was near his climax. I looked over at him as he groaned, "I'm...gonna...cum!" Each word accented by a drive into the woman's pussy. And then he, like Mark, arched forward and froze, depositing his seed in Kelly's depths.

When Dave withdrew his shrinking dick, a fair amount of spunk came stringing out of Kelly's hole with it, and trailed down her bush. Tom stepped forward to take Dave's place and jammed his entire length into Kelly on the first stroke. He didn't waste time building up his momentum and seemed to go right into overdrive. He was slamming into her at a furious pace and I knew that it would soon be my turn to take the woman.

My attention returned to Tiffany as she began suckling my balls, taking one and then the other into her warm, soft mouth. I'm no stud, but I've had more than my share of women, yet I had never had anyone do that before. The sensation was fantastic but my concentration was broken by Cheryl, very vocally getting off on Kelly's mouth. "Ah-Ah-Ohhhhhh," she cried out, hunching her pelvis against Kelly's face and pulling harshly on her own big breasts. Cheryl's stomach was still twitching from her powerful orgasm as she extricated herself from below Kelly's face, sliding back to prop herself against the wall.

Her mouth free again, Kelly started howling with pleasure once more. Her cries were mostly just a long series of "Ahh...Ahhhh...Ahhh" sounds, produced each time Dave hit bottom, mixed with unintelligible grunts and moans. Then suddenly she tensed visibly, her bound body contracting on the table as she screamed out in climactic pleasure. "Oh...Oh...Ohhhh my GAWWWDDD!" she cried as the orgasm washed over her. Tom was still pounding her, his balls slapping against her sensitive clit, causing her to writhe and wrestle with her bonds. "Oh God...Oh-Oh God..Ohh...Ohhh...Ooooo..." she groaned until Tom strained forward and added his contribution to the semen stew that was already deep within her.

Tom slumped forward, out of breath, and lay there panting until his prick slipped free of Kelly's well used cunt. When he moved away, you could see the cum literally streaming out of her gaping hole. It was running down into her bush, which was matted and wet from the men's ejaculate and her own juices.

Tiffany released my left nut from the warm confines of her mouth and stood up, saying to me in a soft voice, "Your turn lover." I moved into position and slowly slid my cock into Kelly's gooey pussy. She was considerably, and understandably, looser than when I had screwed her before. I could feel the lake of sperm still inside of her envelope my dick as I started slowly pumping her.

I made several long, slow strokes in and out of her and then had an idea. I looked over at Paul and silently pointed at Kelly's asshole, giving him a questioning look. He knew what I had in mind and nodded with a big smile. As I pulled out to reposition myself for an anal entry, he moved into the place that Cheryl had vacated. I landed the head of my slimy pecker on Kelly's anus and started pushing into her backdoor.

"Unngghhhh...." she moaned as I entered her, her body flinching at my advance. I paused briefly when I had the head firmly lodged in her tight anal opening, allowing her to adjust. Then I shoved my cum-covered dick halfway home causing her to gasp loudly, and then cry out, "Ahhhh!!" When her mouth opened, Paul took advantage and pushed his tool into it, changing her orations to muffled "Uhhhh...Mmmmm" sounds.

I withdrew until just the head remained in her and immediately pushed back in, again to about halfway. I repeated this process a couple more times and then on the next cycle, I plunged my whole cock into her rectum. She let out a long, muffled, "Uhhmmmmm" around Paul's penis and then I felt her relax. This was my cue to start fucking her ass in earnest and I didn't miss it.

As I began to get into a rhythm, Tiffany slipped her tiny body between my legs and reached up to toy with Kelly's exposed and swollen clitoris. Of course this set the nearly incoherent Kelly into another round of cock stifled moans and groans, which I'm sure Paul was thoroughly enjoying.

At one point, Tiffany slipped a couple of fingers into Kelly's pussy and pressed them against the thin wall separating her vagina and anus. As I plowed in and out of her I could feel the teenager working them on my shaft. The feeling was incredible and I knew that if she kept it up, I would be dumping my load sooner than I had planned. The wily teen must've known my thoughts because she only toyed with me for a few moments before she relented. But Kelly wasn't so lucky.

I looked down to see Tiffany pull her two fingers out of the woman, then she closed all of her fingers together, forming a cone shape with her hand, and pushed back into her. Kelly thrashed about as best she could and gurgled her protest, but to no avail. The more the little blonde pushed, the more noise Kelly made. The vibrations created deep in her throat were working on Paul and he closed his eyes, leaned back, and with a low "Ummm...Yeahh...," emptied himself into his wife's mouth.

She gagged and sputtered, not really being able to swallow very well in the position she was in, allowing his cum to run down his shaft and pool around the base of his dick. When his pecker slipped out of her mouth she voiced her vexation saying, "No...I can't...your hand won't fit..." Only this time I sensed a real concern in her words.

Tiffany retorted, "Just relax...You're going to love this," and pushed harder, until all but the base of her hand was still visible.

"Oh my God....Stop....Please," Kelly begged, but Tiffany didn't.

The men's slippery juice was squeezing out and running along the youngster's hand, so she smeared it all around, using it as a lube to aid her invasion. Against Kelly's pleas, and to my astonishment, Tiffany's whole hand suddenly popped into the submissive's cunt, bringing another loud "Oh my God!..Oh-Oh...Uhhh," from Kelly.

I could feel the pressure of the teen's hand inside Kelly's vagina and it was more than I could take. I buried my cock in Kelly's asshole and spurted my cum in long jets, deep within her bowels. When I finished shooting, I remained lodged in her anus for a few moments and then, panting with satisfaction, withdrew. Her anal muscles clenched down on me as I extracted my cock from her, causing my body to involuntarily shudder as the last of my cum was milked from me.

Stepping back, I watched as Tiffany worked her fist within Kelly's vagina. Kelly was grinding her hips as much as the confining ropes would allow and moaning uncontrollably. As the teen pumped her, Kelly's demeanor changed from fear and protest to pure, lustful pleasure. Her vocalness escalated with her puffing out, "I-I've never...been...so full."

And as she squirmed under the pummeling, Tiffany brought her other hand back up to tease the distended clit of her partner, making the woman squeal with delight. The girl worked the love button for a few minutes and soon we could all sense that Kelly was again on the verge of cumming. Tiffany's timing was perfect when she said, "Get ready for something like you've never felt before," directing her statement at Kelly.

Then without any other warning, while she continued to strum the woman's clit, the girl quickly pulled her balled up fist out of Kelly's cunt with a loud sucking sound. "Ahwwww.. Ohhh-Oh..Unngghhh," Kelly screamed out as she climaxed again. She bucked wildly as Tiffany toyed and rubbed her clit throughout her orgasm, intensifying the waves of pleasure. There came a point when the woman's convulsions were shaking and lifting the whole table that she was bound to, while she pleadingly screamed for the girl to stop.

Finally giving in, the youth scooted away from Kelly's back end and reclined against the couch, next to where I was still standing. She leaned her head on my leg, admiring the still spasming body of her prey. Kelly was sweating and panting heavily, but after a few moments hoarsely choked out, "God.....that was.....amazing."

I reached down to run my fingers through the teen's blonde locks and she responded by raising a hand up, between my legs, to find my sticky cock. Looking up at me, she remarked, "You're almost as messy as me," holding up her other hand, still covered in the spunk from within Kelly.

"Yeah, but neither of us is as much of a mess as Kelly," I replied, not only referring to her soggy bush, but also her state in general. We had used her pretty well and I didn't expect that she would be up for much more.

And that certainly seemed to be the case, because a few minutes later Paul untied our victim and she tried to get up, but she was barely able to stand on her own. She was simply too exhausted and her legs were too wobbly to hold her. Someone tossed a towel on the floor and Kelly, aided by Paul, rolled off the table and onto the floor. With her ass on the towel, she laid back with her legs spread, lewdly displaying her stretched pussy and the remaining jism still oozing from it.

Another towel came flying at me and I narrowly trapped it against my chest before it fell to the floor. Then a damp washcloth landed on Tiffany's chest. She retrieved the cloth and raised it to my groin, wiping the drying goo from me. When she was done, I dried myself with the towel while she worked to cleanse her hand and wrist. I dropped the towel in her lap, and just as I did, I realized that she was the only one in the room that hadn't gotten off yet.

As she finished drying herself and handed the linens to Mark, I lowered myself to sit down next to her. She had leaned to her right in order to reach Mark and when she returned to her original position I immediately reached across and started toying with her young breasts. She responded by laying her head back on the sofa and, reaching up, she pulled my head downward to begin french kissing me.

Mark noticed our activities and moved out of his chair, coming to rest sitting next to Tiffany, on her right side. He slid his big black hand between the girl's thighs, which she readily parted, and he started rubbing her hairless twat. Reciprocating his advance, Tiffany reached into Mark's groin to find his massive tool and proceeded to start tugging on it. We teased each other for the next several minutes, Tiffany's need to be fucked growing as rapidly as Mark's boner.

Finally she came right out and asked for it, saying, "Will one of you guys please fuck me?" in a 'what are you waiting for' manner.

Mark was quick to reply, "You bet sweetheart," which was okay with me because I hadn't quite recovered from doing Kelly's butt.

Tiffany quickly twisted her body around, getting to her knees and bending over the couch that we were leaning against, offering herself to Mark in a doggie position. He moved behind her, on his hands and knees, but instead of his big meat, he pushed his face into the upturned crotch of the girl. He ate her out for a bit and then pulled away to prepare for his entry. While Mark raised up and started rubbing his cock head up and down her freshly saliva coated slit, I decided that I needed my dick sucked. I climbed onto the couch and worked my way around Tiffany so that my limp noodle was just below her head. She knew what I wanted and wasted no time getting on with it. Her head lowered into my lap and then I felt the softness of her lips as she took me in her mouth.

I could feel her small frame move forward under Marks weight as he pushed his member into her from behind. I felt a soft purr from her throat as he advanced deeper and deeper. Her pace on me quickened somewhat when he began to slide in and out of her sweet little box. I couldn't see from my angle, but judging by the distance his body was moving, Mark had most of his length stuffed into the girl.

It was at that moment that I recalled her comments to Kelly as she rammed her fist into the woman, and I wondered if she had been speaking from experience or just playing the part. I made a mental note that I'd have to find out sometime and then tried to dismiss the thought. But it wouldn't leave my mind and I kept seeing these mental images of Cheryl, who was considerably larger than her daughter, with her hand shoved up the young woman's cunt. I'm not sure if it were those images or Tiffany's skill, but I was rock hard again and my libido completely restored.

By this time Mark was slamming into her pretty good, rocking her body into mine. He was hammering her so hard that she could have just left her mouth open and it would have been forced up and down my shaft by his thrusts. But Tiffany wasn't that lazy and she was giving me and excellent blow-job, using her tongue and lips in concert on my manhood.

As I enjoyed her efforts I glanced around the room to see what everyone else was doing and found Tom and Dave now tag teaming Cheryl. She was on her knees between them, alternating sucking their boners as they stood on either side of her. Paul was not in the room and Kelly was still laying on the towel as she had been before, her slimy cooze still wide open for everyone to see.

Just then Paul returned, flaccid penis flopping in front of him. He strode right up to Cheryl and said, "Hey, I want some too." Cheryl obliged and took his soft pecker into her mouth.

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