14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 10


Tiffany was soon moaning and riding my face as I worked my tongue in her. "Ohhh, Mike... That feels soooo gooood," she said, almost whispering. "Mmmm... OhhYeaahhh," she continued quietly, and then a few minutes later, nearly panting, she said, "C'mon Baby... Let's go up to your...mmmmm...room...Ohhh...Uh-huhhh."

Dropping away from her loins, I slipped from beneath her and turned around again. I patted her ass and said, "Okay, let's go." She straightened up and started up the stairs once more, my hands squeezing her hind-end all the way. At the top of the steps she turned to me and we embraced in a heated kiss that seemed to go on and on, our tongues chasing each other back and forth.

While we kissed, I pinned her against the nearby wall and, reaching down, I pulled her thighs upward until she wrapped her legs around my waist. With a little effort I managed to work my cock into her pussy and started humping her. Her arms were tightly around my neck and she was whimpering into my mouth as we kissed and fucked in total abandon. Then after a few minutes, I moved away from the wall, Tiffany still attached, my hands supporting her firm ass, and we rutted our way toward my room. I pressed her against the wall again so that I could free a hand to open the door, then cupping her rear end again we moved inside.

Once I kicked the door closed, Tiffany continued to bounce on my pole, grinding her clit on my pubic bone as she thrust into me. I could feel my load welling up in my balls and knew that if I didn't stop her very soon, I was going to lose control. Moving toward the bed, I dumped her off of me and dove between her legs, face first. I wanted this to last for a while and our pace had been building since we first hit the stairs, so I endeavored to slow down. I did this by licking and kissing the girl's inner thighs, right up to her pussy, but stopping just short of touching it. She groaned deeply each time I neared her box and then denied her the pleasure of oral stimulation, but I knew that it would build her to a much better climax.

When her body language and whines of near contempt told me she was on the verge of frustration I moved up, stopping long enough to suck and nibble at her swollen clit for a moment before moving on to tease her teenage breasts. I used the same basic approach that I had on her lower body, circling around the nipples, but not touching them. Her body twisted and tossed beneath me until I gave in and began to nibble, and then gently bite, at the stiff buds of flesh.

It wasn't long before she was literally begging me, "Oohhhh...harder...Mmmmyesss." I obliged the wicked little minx and sank my teeth into her over and over again, not nearly hard enough to break the flesh, but hard enough that she would have some nice bruises as reminders of our passion.

Her lustful moans soon became wild cries of delight. "Ohh, God.... Harder-harder!" she urged, continuing, "Ahhhh... Bite me...yessss... Ohhh yess, bite me Lover." This went on for several minutes until she bellowed out, as I dragged her left nipple skyward in my teeth, "Uhhhnnn ... Ohh-God... Fuck me, Mike... Please fuck me!"

Again I answered her beckoning and shifted to position my prick-head at her now sopping wet opening. I shoved forward and drove my entire cock into her eager tunnel, bringing a squeal of bliss from the girl. "Ohhhhh god ...fuck..me... fuck..me...fuck..me," she chanted as I pounded in and out of her warm and inviting cunt.

At this point I was beyond providing a gentle, romantic screw and was slamming into her with all of my might. I knew that I wasn't going to last long at this pace, but I wanted her to get off with me. I would have sucked and bitten her tits to get her off even faster, but there was no way at this tempo, so I paused and raised to a kneeling position, my hard cock still buried in the teenager.

Grabbing her ankles and lifting them high in the air while pushing them toward her, I barked, "Rub your clit, you nasty little girl!" Without a word she dug her hand into her snatch and began to ferociously diddle her love button as I returned to slamming my meat into her.

It was only a couple of minutes before she let out the familiar, "Uh... Uh... Uh... Ohhhhhgwwdd!" signaling her climax. Her hips began to buck wildly before me as her vaginal walls clenched around my shaft, sending me over the edge.

"Oh god, Babe... Here I-Cu-uhhhmm!" I grunted as I flooded her insides with my sticky semen. I held deep in her until the spasming in my dick subsided, and then I jabbed at her twitching hole a few more times.

"Mmmmm... That was... fantastic," she wheezed as I collapsed on top of her with my softening dick still inside her.

"Uh-huh... It... sure was," I panted in return.

After a few moments of huffing and puffing together, I rolled off of the little beauty and lay on my back next to her. Tiffany rolled toward me, draping her left leg and arm across my body, snuggling close. I withdrew my right arm from below her and reached around her shoulders, pulling her even closer. We kissed and cuddled for several minutes in near silence, and then I asked, "Want to go take a shower?"

"Together?" she wondered.

I answered, "Well of course, Silly."

"In that case... Yeah, I do," she said, so we wearily pulled ourselves from the bed and headed for the bathroom.

After a nice, hot shower, spent soaping and cleaning one another in loving fashion, we exited the bathroom to silence. Previously, as we made our way to the bathroom, we had still heard the sounds of the mini-orgy taking place in the game room. A bit hungry and a little curious, I looked at Tiffany and said, "I could use a snack... Want one?"

"Sure, why not?" she replied, and we started down the stairs.

"Sounds like they must've finished," I commented, nearing the bottom of the steps.

At that moment I could hear a repetitive, soft slapping sound that puzzled me. The puzzle was solved when we looked into the activity room to see Mark, standing astraddle of Kelly, and jacking himself off. Just then he grunted and gushed a load of cum onto the face and chest of the already cum-drenched female.

Apparently they had decided to see how much cum they could dump on the woman, and from the looks of it, they had all blasted on her at least once, probably more. Kelly's hair was matted with the sticky goo and it was dripping from her face onto her tits and then running down her belly.

As we stood there looking in, Paul beckoned, "C'mon on in and give her another load," with a jubilant air to his voice.

"I don't think I have any left at the moment... Tiffany got it all," I declined. "Besides, it looks like she's had about all that she can stand," I added.

"Oh, hell no..." he returned and then expounded, "You should have seen her at the Bukkake party we went to last summer." And bragging further he said, "There were about fifty guys cumming on her... Shit, by the time they were through, you couldn't even tell who she was!"

I declined again saying, "We just came down for a snack before turning in," and then Tiffany and I turned toward the kitchen.

We rustled through the barren cabinets and finally settled for a few, slightly stale, cookies that we washed down with a shared glass of iced tea. By the time we had finished, we were both yawning and opted for the warmth of my bed. As we exited the kitchen, we looked into the game room to see Dave standing where Mark had been, furiously stroking his meat in search of another wad to deposit on the woman. Kelly was still reclining, with one hand behind her to support her weight, the other smearing the previous ejaculations all over her body. In one sense it was pretty gross, yet in another it was totally hot.

Tiffany pulled my hand and I followed her, figuring she wanted to get upstairs and have another go before we settled in for our night's sleep. Up the stairs we went, and back into my room. We piled into the bed and pulled the blanket over us and began kissing. "If you give me a little help, I think I could get it up again," I said.

"Huh-Uh," she softly replied, to my surprise. "I'd rather just snuggle for a while," she told me, which was fine with me. The truth be told, I was just about fucked out for a while. I didn't think I would ever find myself in the position of having a naked woman in my bed and not wanting to screw her, but there I was. I turned on my side and wrapped my arms around the teen, pulling her close, and kissed her lovingly.

After about ten or fifteen minutes I sensed something was on her mind. I hesitated to ask because I guessed it was the whole separation issue again, but queried, "What's wrong?"

"I was just thinking about Mom..." she started. "I hate it that she is spending her last night here alone," the girl went on.

I tossed the covers off and got out of bed, motioning for her to do the same. "But I want to spend the night with you," she protested.

"That's fine," I stated and then said, "There's nothing saying we can't spend the night together with your mom."

Her eyes lit up and she chirped, "Really? That would be great!" Hopping from my bed, she grabbed me by the hand and we quickly left my room, moved down the hall, and entered Cheryl's.

When we entered, we were immediately greeted by Cheryl's voice asking, "What are you two up to?" Obviously she wasn't asleep and I suspected that she had been diddling herself, seeking orgasm induced sleep.

Tiffany replied, "We've come to keep you company tonight," in her girlish voice.

"I see," the older woman mused, continuing, "Well, I can't say that I wouldn't welcome a little company." With that, the girl and I piled into the queen-sized bed, and after some readjusting, the two women were drawn close to me, one on each side.

"Have you gotten off tonight?" the blonde blatantly asked Cheryl.

"No," came the simple reply.

Without another word, Tiffany tossed the blankets back and crawled over me to wedge herself between her mom's legs. It was only a matter of moments before the teen was devouring Cheryl's pussy in an effort to give her the orgasm that she was lacking.

After only a few seconds the girl lifted her head and accusingly asked, "Mawwum... Have you been playing with yourself?"

Teasingly, Cheryl responded with a huff, "Wha..Who..Me?" and then laughed and admitted that she had, indeed, been attempting to get herself off.

"Well don't worry, Mom. We'll take care of you," Tiffany assured the woman, volunteering my services as well.

The blonde lowered her mouth to Cheryl's twat again and set about eating the woman out with the skill of a wily veteran. I leaned over and began nursing on the woman's breasts to aid in her pleasure. She must have been pretty well on her way when we interrupted her, for it was only a matter of minutes before she was moaning and tossing as she neared release.

I teased her nipples with my lips, nibbling and biting them as well, but not nearly as hard as I had Tiffany's. Then I moved up to french kiss her, while I pulled and pinched the puffy buds in my fingers. As our kiss ended, she panted out, "Oh Honey... That's good...mmmm... That's right...eat Mommy good." Her comments fueled the blonde and she increased her efforts to bring Cheryl off.

Within mere moments Cheryl moaned, "Oh yeah... Oh Baby... I'm..I'm..I...Uhh-Uhh-Ohhhh," as she reached her pinnacle and the orgasm enveloped her. Not relenting, Tiffany kept her head buried in her mom's snatch, and only briefly after the waves of pleasure had begun to subside, the woman lurched upward once more.

"Mm-Mm-Mmmmmm...Uh-Uh-Uh!" she wailed, her pelvis bucking into the teen's face as another orgasm washed over her. Tiffany looked up and smiled an almost evil smile at me, pausing for only a few moments, then dipped back into Cheryl's crotch once more. I just watched, nearly dumbfounded, as the teenager ate her mom to yet another thrashing climax.

Cheryl's body tensed and she cried out, "Oh..Oh... Oh-Oh-OhhhGaaaawwwd!" followed by four or five seconds of silence. Then as her head tossed back and forth, she squealed frantically in delightful torment, "UhhUhhMmm-UhUhUh... OhGod-Oh, God Stop... Please!"

By the time Tiffany finally gave in, Cheryl was sweaty and gasping for air. I was astounded, almost beyond belief. I had heard of women having multiple orgasms, and had witnessed Tiffany having more than one in very close proximity, but never had I seen anything like this. The woman had climaxed three times in only a few minutes. It was a total turn on, and even though just a short time before I was sexually exhausted, I now found myself with yet another hard-on brought on by this magnificent pair.

Tiffany noticed my condition and switched from between Cheryl's thighs to between mine. Taking my manhood in her sweet mouth she, one more time, began to give me an excellent blow-job. Her cute little face bobbed up and down my pole and it wasn't long before I was ready to blast off.

"Mmmm...I'm...gonna cum," I warned her, but to my exhilaration, she only sucked harder. Moments later I burst forth, both verbally and physically, as I shot my load into the loving mouth of the teen. "Uhh-Uhh-Ohhh... Gawwwdddammn!" I cursed as the torrent of sperm squirted onto her masterful tongue.

She continued to suck on my member after I had finished cumming and, for a moment, I was concerned that she was going to attempt to do to me what she'd done to Cheryl. I was already flinching uncontrollably and moaning guttural "Uh-Uh-Uh" noises as she sucked and licked my now super-sensitive tool. I simply knew that I couldn't take much more, and was about to force the girl to cease and desist, when she let me slip from her soft lips.

She moved up beside me and snuggled close. I put my arm around her and then reached out with my other, offering the same treatment for Cheryl. She accepted and rolled onto her side and drew close to me. The girls, working together, pulled the blankets over us and we drifted happily into a peaceful sleep.


The next morning I awoke into what was only a fantasy for most men; Still sleeping beside me were two incredibly beautiful, naked women. Hesitantly I untangled myself from their limbs and worked my way off of the bed. They each made soft mumbling sounds and shifted in the sheets as I covered them over again. I left the room in hopes that the bathroom was free, which it was. Needing to take my morning leak, I entered, did my business and then hit the shower.

After drying myself I went to my room and threw on some shorts and a T-shirt. I glanced around and let out a deep sigh as I thought about the task of packing all my crap, that I'd left tossed about. As I set to work, I heard the shower come on again and run briefly, then shut off. I figured that it would be that way for most of the morning as everyone prepared for departure. I was sure that it would be a hectic morning, tearful for some and just harried for others.

As I continued stuffing garments in my suitcase, I heard a knock at my door. "C'mon in," I shouted. The door opened and Kelly walked in, followed by Paul. "Morning, guys," I offered, both of them reciprocating in like fashion.

"We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your company," Kelly began.

"Thanks...I feel likewise," I said.

After a bit of small talk, Paul handed me a piece of paper and said, "That's our contact info; Our E-mail, phone number and stuff."

Kelly jumped in, "We'd love for you to come to Chicago and stay with us for a few days sometime."

"Sounds like a fun time," I grinned at her.

"Well even if you don't want to come and visit, at least stay in touch from time to time," she responded.

I assured them that I would and that I'd love to visit them, if I had the opportunity. After hugs and kisses from Kelly, they said, "Goodbye," and left me to finish my packing.

I completed what I was doing and after one last look around the room, hauled my belongings down the stairs. I stowed my things and headed into the kitchen to see if there was any coffee left. I poured the last of the pot into a cup and decided to take in the surroundings one last time from the deck. When I got there, Mark was already there and greeted me with a broad smile. We chatted for a few minutes and then we said our 'goodbyes' too, as he still needed to pack for the trip home.

I stood there on the deck for a few more minutes and was about to go back inside when Tiffany appeared next to me. "Morning, Sleepyhead," I greeted her.

"Morning," she replied in a pitiful voice.

"What's wrong?" I asked, already knowing what was on her mind.

"You know damn well what's wrong!" she barked, choking back the tears.

I set my cup on the railing and took her in my arms, hugging her tightly. She couldn't contain herself and the tears began to flow freely from her pretty blue eyes. Trying to console her again, I said, "Hey...We ARE going to stay in touch."

I held her for a while longer and she eventually regained control, asking through her sobs, "You're not ...sniff...just saying that...sniff-sniff...are you?"

Pushing her away from me by a step, I dug into my pocket and pulled out an envelope and handed it to her. Paul's 'contact info' idea had prompted me to do the same for Tiffany. "That's everything you need to get ahold of me," I told her. "My phone number, address, E-mail; It's all in there," I added. A big smile crept onto her lips and her eyes brightened when she realized that I did in fact want to stay in touch.

"Like I said the other day, maybe we can hook up in Vegas. Or you can come to Denver... Or I might even make it to Santa Monica sometime," I comforted her. She nearly leapt back into my arms, planting a big kiss on my lips as I heard the Hummers crunching the gravel, nearing the cabin.

"Let's go in and I'll get your phone number and stuff, then I'll help you carry down your luggage," I offered.

After stopping to get her information, we headed up the staircase and entered the room where the three of us had spent the night. Cheryl was busily stuffing things in a big duffle bag and was still stark naked. Her big tits were swinging to and fro as she hurried about, making me want to grab her for a nice morning fuck. But I told myself there wasn't any time and asked, "What can I take downstairs?"

"Here Mom, you can wear this..." Tiffany said, holding a garment out for the nude woman.

"This one and this one are ready," Cheryl said, pointing to two large, wheeled suitcases. I latched onto the luggage and went out the door as she began to dress, cussing herself for running so late.


(Well, not really. I found I missed Tiffany a lot more than I guessed I would and, six months later, moved to Santa Monica to live with her and Cheryl. It was an interesting arrangement, to say the least. Maybe I'll share some of those tales too!)

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