tagBDSM14 Days To Redemption Ch. 08

14 Days To Redemption Ch. 08


Day Eight – Determination

Kelli woke feeling surprisingly relaxed and refreshed. She'd come to enjoy the feeling of cotton sheets on her nude body, and doubted that she'd ever want to go back to wearing flannel pajamas to bed. Unless Jack wanted her to, of course. She stretched out under the sheets, noting how the folds of cloth created a topography as it lay across her body. The craggy peaks where her toes pressed against the taut sheet. The twin mounds of her legs creating a valley between, leading north to her .. well, to her cave. Then the wider mound indicating her stomach, up to the smooth slopes of her breasts, where the white cloth faintly trembled and shook with her every breath.

Thinking of her breasts, she quickly pulled the sheet down to expose them, her fingers tenderly playing over the taut skin and sensitive nipples. For all the abuse they'd taken, they thankfully looked no worse for the wear. She couldn't help but smile at the memory of Jack's mouth on them yesterday, his lips and tongue gently bathing the hurt away while rapidly bringing her to the brink of orgasm. She'd felt his tongue again later that night, too, when he'd eaten her out as dessert after their meal. Though she hadn't cum, it had been decidedly pleasant, especially so given the tender way he had done it, and the way he'd cuddled with her afterward.

It was exhilarating, really, not knowing what was going to happen next. Which Jack would show up? The kind and gentle one of the night before? The wicked one from their drive to the spring? The lecherous one from the previous morning? By now, she'd stopped even trying to guess what Jack would do next. He'd taken her to heights of pleasure she'd never knew existed. He'd changed her whole attitude towards sex already. And if she had to go through six more days of penance, so be it.

She certainly hadn't expected that Jack would pardon her from her duties that morning. That meant she didn't have to awaken him with a blow job. Or get his shower ready for him. Or even bend over for her morning spanking. She strained to look out the bedroom door, wondering where he might be. As the scent of bacon and eggs hit her, she realized that he must be cooking breakfast. Cooking for her? Just as some suspicions at this kind behavior began to take hold, she felt her stomach grumble. Suspicious or not, she'd barely eaten in the last 24 hours, and her body was letting her know it.

Sliding out of bed, she padded to the bathroom to go potty and to freshen herself up. That morning ritual hadn't been revoked, and she knew that Jack would want to see her freshly scrubbed and ready for anything. Teeth brushed, hair combed and face clean, she slipped into the short white robe hanging on the door. Like all the clothes they'd brought for her, it revealed far too much skin, the bottom barely covering the mounds of her butt. In fact, she knew that if she bent over just the tiniest bit, the terry cloth would ride up enough to reveal the pink folds of her pussy. Jack had proven this to be true, too, when he fondled her from behind without disturbing the robe in any way. The front wasn't much better, since there wasn't enough fabric to even begin to cover her breasts adequately. And when she cinched the robe the way he liked, she could barely keep her nipples covered. Not that it really mattered, she thought, surveying herself in the mirror. She'd long since stopped feeling embarrassed walking around nude in front of her husband.

To her delight, Jack had indeed made breakfast for both of them, and they lingered over it for a good half hour. Then it was into the shower, where she assiduously washed every inch of his body with just her hands and some soap, taking special care to make sure his cock was glistening clean. As she toweled him off, and then herself, she felt almost as blissful as she had on their honeymoon. Except that then they'd kept all of their sexual activities under the covers and in the dark. It was somewhat unsettling that she was now so familiar with his private parts, especially in comparison to their early life together. But that was in the past. The old fears. And the old Kelli.

Jack seemed to be in great spirits, energetically moving about the room and whistling snatches of different songs. At his suggestion, she wore only a small pair thong panties and the white robe she'd worn earlier. They were going for a little walk, he'd declared earlier. She knew by now that he meant something more than a walk was planned, and she shivered a little at the thought of what that could mean. The thick backpack of "supplies" looked pretty ominous to her.

Walking through the woods, she instinctively tried to pull the robe tighter to conceal more of her body, but to no avail. If she pulled the hem down, it left more of her breasts exposed. Pulling the cloth tighter revealed more of her butt. Thankfully, anyone who spotted her wouldn't have a clear view of her pussy, though the sheer fabric of her panties didn't leave much to the imagination.

"Here we are," Jack announced, pulling to a stop on the trail.

Where is here, she wondered, surveying the trees, trees and more trees around them. She couldn't possibly understand why he'd chosen this place to stop.

"Take off your robe. And give me your right hand," he said, the command snapping her attention back to him. Pulling a rope from his bag, he wrapped it around her wrist several times, knotting it so that it wouldn't slip off. He then secured her left wrist in the same way. Taking hold of the other end of the rope, he threw it up and over the limb of the tree to her left, then took the other rope and threw it on the tree to her right. At his command, she sat on the stump between the trees while he secured the ropes through eye hooks he'd pounded into the trunks. Pulling both ropes taut enough to keep her arms raised high, he tied the free ends to her ankles. The cleverness of it hit her when she realized that she could only lower her hands by raising her legs off the ground. Otherwise her arms would be up high, and her breasts would be exposed for anyone to see. Plus, when Jack slipped the blindfold over her eyes, she couldn't have struggled if she wanted to.

Robbed of her ability to see, Kelli strained to decipher the sounds Jack made. She heard him grunt with effort and the thump of something heavy being set next to her. Next came a pounding sound of hammer to nail. She heard the backpack being zipped. Finally, finally, he spoke to her. "You can think of this as a special test. A test to see how much you've learned. You're to sit here, go with the flow, and not say a single, solitary word. Not a word. Not a sound. Nothing." His words sounded ominous to her. He hadn't even mentioned a punishment. She'd be quiet, that was for sure. She tried hard to determine which direction he took as he walked away, but the trees absorbed too much sound. She was alone.

Fortunately, the morning air had warmed considerably, and there was only a slight breeze, which sometimes tickled her nipples. Where had Jack gone? And how long would it be before he returned? For all she knew, he was standing just a few feet away, filming her discomfort. She tried to remember if she'd seen the video camera that morning. He'd used it to take some explicit photos of her the night before, something he'd done almost every evening. She reviewed his instructions again. Sit there. No talking. Go with the flow. Her arms were getting tired, and he hadn't said anything about not moving around. Through trial and error, she learned that she could bring her hands down to chin level by raising her legs off the ground. Not that it helped much. With her legs spread wide, she felt more vulnerable than ever. And hunching her legs in toward her body made her position on the log very precarious. She didn't want to fall off. She'd never get on again.

While she couldn't hear any people nearby, the forest had noises of its own. The rustle of leaves announced the presence of a squirrel or chipmunk. The branches sometimes clattered when the wind picked up. And the twitter of the birds helped keep her company. She settled in, suspecting she'd have to wait a long time for Jack's return.

Intently listening to the birds' chorus, Kelli almost missed the sound of footsteps approaching. Was that Jack? She cocked her head to one side, as if she could tell by the weight of the sound the weight of the person. It had to be Jack, didn't it? The steps made a full circle around her, then stopped off to her left. One person, for sure. But who? She heard a soft whump as something dropped to the ground, and then the footsteps came even closer, until she could feel the nearness of another person. She sniffed hard, trying to pick up a scent. Nothing. The sudden feel of fingers on her breast almost toppled her from her seat.

Someone was groping her! She felt rough skin slide along hers. Callused fingers touched her nipples. A hand lightly rubbed the cloth between her legs, a finger pulling it aside, and then plunging inside her quivering hole. After half a minute of finger fucking, it finally withdrew.

Kelli felt certain that there was just one person assaulting her. A man, by the calluses on the hands. But who? It could be Jack. And for him, she'd have to go along. But what if it was someone else? What if some stranger had come along, and was taking advantage of her naked helplessness? She heard the rustle of clothing, and the unmistakeable sound of a zipper. What if a stranger was preparing to rape her right now? Her mind raced. Jack would be watching her. If someone came along, Jack would come over and get rid of him. She listened with all her might, but could only hear the sounds made by the person next to her. No one was running towards them. No one was shouting. That meant the person next to her had to be Jack. She remembered his instructions. Sit here. Say nothing. And go with the flow. He'd specifically told her to go with the flow. This was part of the test!

Expecting to feel the hands between her legs again, Kelli was surprised to feel soft flesh pressing against her lips. As she shied away, she felt hands on each side of her face pull her mouth against the flesh. The meaning was obvious. Parting her lips, she took the soft cock into her mouth, playing the tip of her tongue over it, as if she could ascertain its ownership simply by touch. But it felt and tasted just any other. For all she knew, it could be Jack's. Best to act as though it was. Using her lips, teeth and tongue, she sucked and slurped at the hot flesh until it had hardened to the point where she could only keep some of it in her mouth. She paused then, unsure of how to proceed. Did he want her to keep sucking? To close tight for a mouth fuck? To transfer her attention to his balls or elsewhere? She got her answer when she felt her hands being lowered, which in turn raised her ankles to a very uncomfortable position. Taking the hard shaft in her hands, she proceeded to administer a wet and fervent blow job, sucking, slurping, licking and gnawing with unfeigned urgency. The faster he got off, the faster he'd be away. She paid particular attention to the hard yet silky crown. As she kissed and sucked it, she pistoned the shaft between her hands, as though to pinch the cum from one point to another. It had to be Jack, she'd decided. Only he could force her to do something like this but still be so quiet during it.

The sudden explosion of cum in her mouth caught her by surprise, causing her to gag and pull away, so that the subsequent blasts splattered her mouth and chin. Her last sensation of him was of his wet cock being wiped across her breast, leaving a hot, sticky trail of cum. She listened intently, pleased to finally hear a zipper being fastened, and the sound of an item being lifted from the forest floor. She felt a face close to hers, and steeled herself for a kiss from her unseen lover. Instead a very soft whisper tickled her ear.

"The sign says I'm not supposed to say anything. But thanks for the blow, and thanks for the show." With that she could hear him tromping away, leaving her bound and cum-soaked beneath the trees. Kelli waited breathlessly for the steps to return and for Jack to call out that the test was over and she'd passed with flying colors. She'd stayed still. She'd said nothing. And she'd gone with the flow, which was now inexorably dripping from her chin to her chest.

By the time the footsteps returned, she'd had to raise her legs twice in order to rest her arms. The cum had long since dried on her skin, and behind the blindfold sweat had dripped into her eyes. Plus, she thought she might have permanent crease marks on her butt from sitting on the stump. Good thing her butt had long since gone numb.

"I see you've been enjoying yourself," Jack said sarcastically, as she squinted into the afternoon daylight, her eyes tearing up after the removal of the blindfold. "Since you want to play the trailside whore, maybe it's time that I got my licks in." Was he really mad at her, or just play-acting?

As he bent to untie her ankles, Kelli looked down at herself. Her panties were still pushed aside where the man had groped her. Jack, she reminded herself. Where Jack had groped her. Farther up, the trail of cum ended just above her navel, with several blotches apparent on both her tits. Her face must look even messier, she decided. Good thing nobody else had seen her like this.

"Stand up on the stump," Jack ordered. She struggled to obey, even though her legs were totally asleep. With a few hard pulls on the rope, he raised her hands until they were almost fully extended. Then, holding her toes onto the top of the stump, he pushed her forward, so she was leaning into the air at an angle, with only the ropes to keep her from toppling to the ground. As she struggled to maintain her precarious position, he reached up and ripped her panties into shreds, leaving her totally naked.

"It's time for you to get back to nature," Jack said with an evil grin, brandishing four whip-like branches from a nearby bush. She barely felt the first ten strokes, so numb was her butt. But the time they reached 35, she was on the edge of tears. Finally tossing the branches to the side, Jack pushed her backwards, so that she was sitting in thin air, her body almost completely supported by her agonized arms and shoulders. She knew he didn't need a reason to punish her, but this was too much!

Coming up from below her, he pulled her legs apart enough to get his head between her thighs. Pressing his lips forward and up, he proceeded to part her pussy with his tongue, first sucking and licking the sweet juices on the outside, then tongue-fucking her swollen clit. It took only a minute before she screamed like a wild animal, her body wracked by a powerful orgasm. As her body jolted and swayed against the ropes, she struggled to keep her feet planted on the stump. Finally he took pity on her and lowered her to the ground, where she lay panting from the pain and pleasure.

With her arms still tied by the ropes, she followed Jack back to the cabin. He let her pause only once – to read the sign he'd posted on the tree next to her. Her jaw dropped as she read it aloud, "Welcome! Stop here for a blow job. This woman is for your pleasure. Please don't talk or make any noise. Enjoy!" Kelli shot a horrified glance at Jack, but he never cracked a smile or a smirk. She would just have to wonder.

Jack didn't give her long to recover from her adventure in the woods. Within an hour he had her bustling about the cabin, packing for their trip, cleaning, sweeping and loading the luggage into the car. If her butt didn't still sting from her earlier whipping, she had half a mind to remind him that she'd signed on to be his sex slave, not his personal slave. She shook her head with a grimace. That argument would have her sitting on ice packs for a week. Soon, though, everything was packed and ready. Except for Jack, apparently.

"Now that all that's done, we can relax a little before we take off for the big city," he said, dangling a white bikini set in front of her, and nodding to the sun-drenched deck. She didn't bother to leave the room to change, fully comfortable with the way he stared at her breasts as she slipped the thin fabric on. The bikini fit perfectly. All that measuring he'd done of her body in the first days really paid off.

She was surprised when she saw the two lounge chairs already set out on the deck; she'd assumed that he had something else in mind. That set her up for an even bigger surprise when she spotted the large carafe of margaritas, with two drinks already poured and ready. That really made her put her guard up. But if Jack had any ulterior purpose, he wasn't revealing anything. After a few sips of her drink, the alcohol began to relax her, and she quickly slipped into a sun-soaked stupor.

She awoke only when she felt Jack slide onto the lounge next to her, the bare skin of his chest and legs sliding agreeably along her limbs. He snuggled in against her, turning her slightly so that she lay on her side, with him parallel to her. Prior to becoming his slave, she'd never really liked to spoon, mostly because Jack's hand would naturally fall upon her breast. But now she'd grown used to it, though she was a tad startled when he didn't automatically reach inside her top to cup her breast. That had become his favorite sleeping position. With his arms cradling her, his shorts-clad groin hard against her butt, his bare legs entwined in hers, the sun warming her skin and the drinks slowing her thoughts, she felt as safe and secure as she'd ever felt before. She could stay like this forever.

"I love you," he whispered in her ear an indeterminate amount of time later. He loved her? Did he really say that? It was the first time he'd uttered those words since before her affair. Despite the warmth and drowsiness, her imagination took off. He loved her again! That meant he could forgive her. Which meant they could be happy again. But not like before. Happier. Because she wouldn't be so straitlaced. And he wouldn't be so frustrated. She shifted her butt against him, smiling as she felt his semi-erect cock through both his pants and her bottom. With a final snuggle, she let her heartbeat lull her to sleep.

Kelli slowly awoke to a slight tickling sensation, which was accompanied by a not unpleasant buzzing permeating her body. Jack's hand had somehow made its way underneath her bikini top, and his fingers were now gently squeezing and rubbing her tingling nipples. The introduction of his hand, though, was stretching the fabric tight against her other nipple, creating even more friction and heat. She shifted slightly against him, preparing to bring her hand between them and take hold of his cock, when she heard him whisper in her ear, "Stay still. And don't open your eyes." She stayed motionless as possible as his hand moved to her other breast, which he palmed and caressed with tender agility.

"Don't look now, but we have an audience," he murmured into her ear. An audience? Was someone really watching? Or was he just playing with her mind again? As she debated opening her eyes, Jack pushed her bikini top up over her breasts, totally exposing her full tits. Then, with casual slowness, she felt his hand trace the curves of her body as it travelled from her chest down to her stomach, and then farther down, where his fingers mischievously plucked at her bikini bottom. God, she wanted so much to open her eyes. But Jack had said not to.

"Who's watching?" she breathed at him, soft enough that no one but him would be able to hear.

Jack didn't seem to mind the question. "There's two, standing in front of that old oak tree. A guy and a girl. From the college, I think. He's leaning against the tree, and she's leaning back against him. She's wearing denim shorts and a white tank top. Her top is pushed up over her tits, like yours. Hers are smaller, though, perkier. He was touching them at the same time I was touching yours. Let's see if he'll keep doing what I do." Kelli held her breath as she felt his fingers slide under the triangle of thin fabric, the tips marching slowly to her silken valley. Though he'd been groping and touching her there almost continuously for the last week, this time it felt different. More intimate. More erotic. His forefinger slowly split her pussy lips, the folds of flesh encasing him. She felt a chill run up her back. She ached to part her legs, to welcome him in. By sheer will, she managed to keep still. But, she needed to know!

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