tagBDSM14 Days To Redemption Ch. 14

14 Days To Redemption Ch. 14


To the reader: Some readers have been shocked by the extreme nature of this story. So here's fair warning: If you are the type who is turned off by FICTION dealing with domination, submission, cruelty or the general exploration of sexual practices beyond society's norms, please don't read this story. All others, please enjoy.

Day Fourteen – Restitution

Kelli awoke feeling as sore as if she'd run a marathon, and as happy as if she'd won. The past fourteen days had taken her from the brink of desolation to the heights of bliss, on a path no marriage counselor could ever travel. She wondered if Jack had any clue as to how much she'd changed. Not just in her attitudes about sex. But in everything. Her confidence. Her self esteem. She felt more vibrant, more alive than she ever had. If she could masturbate in front of a crowd of drunken, leering men, she could certainly face down her parents and their racist, bigoted remarks. She could see the weaknesses in her religion, as well as the strengths. And she could understand what made a woman into a wife; not just as someone who would share in the marriage but someone who would contribute as well.

Stretching her naked body out beneath the sheets of their still dark bedroom, she checked and checked again for any signs of guilt. And found none. God had given men and women the ability to experience such extreme pleasure. As long as it was consensual, and no one else got hurt along the way, it seemed as though sex shouldn't be against any of God's rules. Of course, now that she'd witnessed the hypocrisies of her fellow church members and the pastor himself, it was hard to allow them to judge her. She'd leave that to Him.

Thirteen days. At first she'd been doubtful. Resentful. Scared. Did her husband harbor some inner demons that she'd never suspected? It had seemed like it at the time. He'd been cruel; brutal, even. He'd broken her down, as if she'd been the victim of brainwashing. Broken her down and then built her back up. Well, not exactly that. He'd kept her on edge, and allowed her to build herself back up. That was better, she decided. The other way, she might've ended up just as dependent upon Jack as she had been dependent upon her ultra-strict morals. This way, she could make up her own mind about what she wanted to do, and how she wanted to live.

Like last night. She'd really thrown him for a loop when she stated that she didn't want the fourteen days to end early. And she didn't. She wasn't continuing in order to prove herself to him. She wanted to prove herself to herself. How far could she push herself to go? How much desire and lust could she pull from Jack? It had come to her last night, in the shower. The power of her submission. Outwardly, Jack held the upper hand. She jumped to his orders. But in her responses, in her reactions, she held the upper hand too. There was power in being submissive. She felt in control being out of control.

Like now. She twisted in bed and burrowed under the covers until her mouth was even with his dick. It lay flat against his stomach, completely flaccid. Smiling in anticipation, she pulled it fully into her mouth, swirling it out of its stupor, hoping to have the same effect on her husband. His cock began to expand almost immediately, filling instinctively in response to her hot wet lips and tongue. She sucked at it softly, pausing often to test its hardness with the tip of her tongue. Amazing how such supple, velvety skin could become so hard and abrasive, strong enough to split her open, over and over again.

"Whoa, what's this?" Jack asked, pulling the covers away from her head. "You don't have to do this anymore."

"Just because I don't have to doesn't mean I don't want to," she said lightly, before bending back to tickle his balls with her tongue. She smiled as he gasped, his body suddenly tense with anticipation. She had the control now. And even if he made her do something really disgusting, she'd still be in control. His cock was now full and rigid; his balls tight inside their pouch. Even though he'd fucked her breathless the night before, he was ready to go again. She was taking that as a compliment. A big one.

Abruptly she sat up so her breasts were just inches from his face. "Shall I prepare a paddle for my spanking?" she asked, dropping her voice into the naïve, subservient tone she'd begun using. It was fun to play the part to the fullest. "Or perhaps I should perform for your amusement?" With one hand she offered him her full breast, while the other gave him a peek inside her bare pussy lips.

His smile was broad and warm. "If you want to keep going, my little slut wife, I'd be more than happy to. But I'll set the schedule, if you please. Right now, we'll take a shower together. Then, we'll go out for a little breakfast. And then we'll see what kind of trouble we can get into. First, though, let's see if you kiss as well as you suck."

Kelli shifted very carefully in her seat at the restaurant, acutely aware that she had absolutely nothing on beneath her short skirt. That fact she could hide from the rest of the diners. The fact that she wore no bra was another story. Her black sweater was woven so loosely that, when looking in the mirror, she could easily discern the outlines of her breasts, and could almost detect the contours of her nipples. The thought that the men in the restaurant were even now trying to do so made her shiver. The fact that Jack was offering her up on display made her hot.

She watched as Jack cut and recut the cards they'd set aside during their adventure the previous evening. If she remembered correctly, most dealt with some form of exhibitionism. A few, however, contained deeper and darker orders.

"I'm wondering if we should just do these in random order, or arrange them from the tame to the depraved?" he asked her. He cut them again, then took a peek at the top one. "I think we'll be going with random," he declared, a nasty smile on his face. "Let's finish up our coffee and head back to the car."

Seated in the car, Kelli's trepidation grew with every minute. But it was accompanied by an exhilarating thrill. Jack drove to an empty portion of the parking lot.

"It's time to take a ride," he read. "One will have to take two."

Reaching into the backpack, he pulled out a white, egg-shaped object, with a harness and a single wire running from it. "I presume you know how to work this," he stated, handing it to her. "Put it on now, close enough to give you some stimulation, but not so close as to be touching your clit."

She did indeed know how to work it, as he'd tortured her with the little vibrator several times before. The wire was something new, though, and she grinned when she saw the cigarette lighter adapter on the end. A vibrator made for the car. How devilishly clever! She struggled a bit fastening the harness, not wanting to give anyone outside the car a look at her unclad pussy. Finally she had it all attached, the egg nestled comfortably in her slit, close enough to get her off if she just shifted a bit. He wouldn't be torturing her this time! Pulling her skirt back down, she put a CD player in her lap to disguise the wire running from between her legs to the dashboard.

She didn't even flinch as Jack reached over and flipped the dial on the vibrator to low, creating a pleasant sensation against her skin. It would get worse, she knew, and harder to ignore. But for now it just made her feel a little warm. Fortunately, the material in her skirt kept the noise down to a barely discernible hiss. Whether it would stay that quiet was another question.

They set out on a seemingly meandering path through town, though Kelli had little doubt that there was a purpose to his driving. Soon enough they were in line for some drive-through lunch, and Kelli began to squirm a bit uncomfortably as he switched the vibrator to Medium. As Jack paid for the meal, she kept her face studiously forward, not wanting the clerk to recognize the flush that had suddenly swept over her. Leaving the restaurant, Jack headed the car out onto the highway, clearly intent on heading out of town. By now the buzzing between her legs had become rather insistent, as if the vibrator was clamoring to get in. The uncomfortable feeling didn't get any better, either, when Jack flipped her skirt up so he could watch the egg do its work. Five minutes later, they left the highway, and Kelli finally realized where they were going. Their destination had to be the State Park. It was the only place out that far.

Pausing on the highway exit, Jack reached over and thumbed the control to High. Now she could really feel the egg humming against her body. She immediately broke out in a hot sweat, her cunt letting loose an instinctive jolt of lubricating juices. The smell of her sex permeated the car. Jack grinned widely at the scent, then simply rolled the windows down. To cover the sound of the egg, no longer muffled by her skirt, he simply turned up the radio. So prepared, they headed to the park entrance.

Kelli knew it would be close. She could feel herself building toward a climax, but she didn't want to have one in front of the Park Ranger. That would be far too embarrassing. Even having it before would be bad, because one look at her would give the whole thing away. Somehow, she had to delay it. By whatever means possible. She tried thinking of other things; of movies, songs and even multiplication tables. But no matter what, the buzzing in her pussy intruded upon her thoughts. She could feel the sweat breaking out on her brow, the trail of moisture staining the back of her sweater. Finally, finally, they arrived at the guard shack. To her consternation, there was another car in line ahead of her. Who would be going to the Park on a day like this?

She pressed her legs together, then pressed her hands into her lap, as if she could will the sensations to cease. When they pulled up at the guard shack, she endeavored to keep her gaze away from the man. Surely he'd recognize what was going on. Surely he'd get a whiff of her and understand the reason for her discomfort. She gritted her teeth. She couldn't hold out much longer. Her pussy, her ass, her entire nether regions felt like they were on fire. The sensations arced like lightning to her nipples, and made her toes tingle as if they were encased in ice. She fought to keep her breathing even, though she wanted to pant like a dog in heat. As if to prolong her torture, deliberately she was sure, Jack began to discuss the merits of a seasonal versus daily pass. She could feel the Ranger's eyes upon her, taking in her anxious state. Could he tell that she was already close to the edge of a massive orgasm? Or did he just think she was excited by some sort of sexual stimulation to come? She could sense his gaze returning to her again and again, focusing on her ill-concealed cleavage and the flushed flesh beneath her thin sweater.

The effort to contain herself now consumed every iota of her being. If she softened just a bit, just a little bit, she'd embarrass herself with a screaming, yowling orgasm right in front of this stranger. She'd yank back her skirt and smash the buzzing egg hard against her stiff little clit, not caring in the least how much of her private parts this amused stranger might see.

With a jovial wave of his hand, Jack finally drove through the check-point. They passed through the partially filled parking lot, and then finally onto a winding road, which ran for several miles to the bike trail head. As soon as the tires hit the gravel of this new road, Kelli let herself go. "Oh, God. Oh God. Oh God," she panted, the buzzing, the heat, the lightning strikes all building to a blinding crescendo. She couldn't take it any longer and reached between her legs to press the egg directly against her clit, without even looking at Jack for his permission. That did the trick. The pressure exploded inside her, vented in a violent scream of anguish. Her legs contracted around the egg, adding more fuel to the fire. Her arms and legs spasmed, and her juices dribbled from between her twitching pussy lips. She desperately wanted to have something more substantial filling the void between her legs. If she could gather the strength, she would mount Jack's thick cock right there in the car. Even that thought fueled her carnal desire, sending even more waves of pleasure coursing through her. She could sense Jack's amused grin beside her, but couldn't give it more than a single thought. Her body was finally released from the insistent buzzing. She could only concentrate on the pleasure.

At the end of the path, Jack led her down one of the many hiking trails, then split off to hike cross-country. After 20 minutes of hard walking they were well and truly off the beaten path, though Kelli imagined that they might be just steps from one of the other trails. It was hard to get her bearings in the sun dappled forest. Choosing a tree at random, Jack ordered her to stand with her back next to it. Reaching into his bag of tricks, he pulled out a coil of white rope, which he used to tie her hands to the trunk, stretching her arms well above her head. He left her legs completely unbound, and Kelli didn't have to guess why.

Without pause, he reached back into his bag and pulled out a pair of scissors. She could only grimace as he bent and began cutting her skirt from the hem to the waist, again and again, until the material hung down in ragged strips. Then, after kneading her breasts through the sweater, he pulled it taut and cut out some quick holes, so that when he released the fabric it outlined her tits, leaving each breast bare and fully exposed. With a malicious grin, he stepped back and began taking pictures of her distressful situation. Bound by the rules of their game, she couldn't ask why he wanted so many pictures like this, and so her imagination began to run wild. Maybe they were just for his private collection. Maybe he was trading them with another couple without her knowledge. Maybe he was even posting them on the Internet!

She couldn't believe that she'd failed to wonder about it before. He'd taken hundreds of pictures of her over the last two weeks. And dozens of movies! What if they weren't just stored on the computer at home? What if he was posting her picture for anybody to see? What if her neighbors had seen pictures of her bending over to suck him, or were to see her tied submissively to this tree? Would Jack do that to her?

She suddenly got goose bumps thinking about a man, a faceless stranger, fantasizing about her in this position. He'd find her whimpering, tightly bound to the tree, her tits exposed, her skirt in tatters, completely defenseless and at his mercy. He'd look around for her man and find no one. Was she part of a bondage game? A kidnapping victim? A wife being punished? A play toy for a militia member? A birthday gift for a hiker who would be coming along soon? He'd inspect her from all sides, noticing the fullness of her tits, the curve of her ass, the bare slit so tantalizingly close. He could ask her why she was here, but that would mean lifting the gag from her mouth. Or he could remain ignorant of her plight and simply take what she represented. A helpless piece of ass. A chance to fuck and run.

She could picture the man in his office, her helpless form blazing from his computer screen, begging to be used and abused. She could see the man sitting there, his hand deep in his pants, stroking his cock, while he imagined what he'd do to her if he were ever lucky enough to come upon such a creature in the forest. How he'd caress her full, inviting tits, or maybe cruelly squeeze and twist them, not needing to worry about the consequences. How he'd run his hand down between her melons, down over her fluttering stomach, down to her vulnerable crevice, where he could pleasure or pain her, as his mood dictated. Would he simply unleash his cock and stab it into her right away, or would he get more pleasure in torturing her, cutting a switch from a tree to crop her ass? Would he want to bind her more tightly to the tree, or use the scissors on the ground to remove larger and larger patches of her clothing? She could see the man in his office, creating his fantasies based on her helpless, half-nude form bound to a tree, and imagine his hand speedily stroking his cock, even as he pretended that it's deeply embedded in her cunt. She could picture more men, before more computers, each beating off to a different image of her with her legs splayed and body nude, their cum drenching their pants and shorts and hands and chairs, leaving her image as cum-drenched and completely in their control. Would Jack put her on display like that? It wouldn't bother her if he did.

"Earth to slut wife. Come in slut wife," Jack's voice wrenched her back to reality. He hadn't been calling her long, as his tone held more amusement than anger. Still, she was surprised to note that he'd pulled down his pants and underwear, and was clearly intent on slamming his hard cock into her pussy. At his command, she turned and faced the tree, bending over at a ninety degree angle, her hands providing a strong support against the tree. She shuddered as his hands swept aside the ruined strips of skirt, leaving her ass and pussy bare to the air. She felt the large mushroom head snake along her pussy lips, but then seek out a different home, probing the opening to her ass. But he hadn't put any oil on! Had he?

"I'm going to ask you five questions," he said menacingly. "For every one you answer truthfully, I'll place a drop of oil on my cock. Lie too much, and this'll be a very painful fuck."

"Yes, master," she replied, scared into further subservience.

"Now, would you have let me do all this to you if you hadn't given into your carnal desires with that other man?"

"No, master," she replied. She couldn't imagine her old self even discussing such depravity.

"Is there anyone, besides me, that you'd like to fuck right now?"

She considered telling him about her recent fantasy with the men in their offices, but decided against it. No reason to give him ideas. "No, master."

"Liar. You're a slut and I know you think about other guys fucking you. Next question. Would you suck the cock of the park ranger if I told you to?"

"Yes, master."

"Yes, I believe you would. And would you spread your legs for our esteemed pastor?"

"Yes, master," she replied, though hoping that he was just testing her.

"Another lie!" he declared, slapping her bare butt. "You know that he's friends with your father, and the fact that you're a slut would be the one thing you want to hide from him. Final question. Will you do anything you need to do to prove your loyalty to me, as my slut bitch?"

"Oh, yes master," she whimpered, her mind flashing to all the kinky, painful and embarrassing acts he'd forced her to perform.

"I hope that's true, for your sake," he responded, giving her ass another hard slap before reaching under to squeeze and milk her dangling tits. "That's three out of five. I hope three drops of oil is enough. Because that's all you're going to get."

She bent over lower and gasped as his steel rod ripped into her tight asshole. Three drops were enough. But just barely. Was it too late to take him up on the previous day's offer to end their pact?

"Turn left up here," Kelli said, as Jack worked to pass a slow-moving truck. She was reading the directions off a smeared paper, which Jack had written during a cell phone call he'd received in the middle of the woods. She didn't know why they were going to this destination, but knew that it was important enough for him to immediately abandon her ass-fucking and lead her back to the car.

The trek back to the car had left her a nervous wreck. Jack had left her in her tattered skirt and cut open sweater, and she'd fully expected to be seen and even recognized by someone hiking the trails. But they made it all the way back to the car without being spotted. Only when Jack paused at the guard shack was she positive that her bare breasts had been spotted. Seconds later they were headed out to the highway, leaving the park ranger behind with a shocked expression on his face. Two miles down the road, Jack had pulled into a rarely used farm trail, which led deep into a field of corn. Leaving the highway far behind, he stopped the car and ordered her to get out. Without a word, he cut the remainder of her outfit off her body, letting the well-hacked clothes fall to the ground. Then, turning to the bag he'd brought into the woods, he pulled out a pair of stockings, a garter, thong panties and a bra, all in black, all sheer enough to clearly reveal what they were supposed to be covering. Kelli was outraged but not surprised. He had these clothes in the woods, but had made her risk exposure during their long walk out. This day was not turning out the way she had expected.

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