tagExhibitionist & Voyeur18 Years Old - That was a Fun Time Ch. 02

18 Years Old - That was a Fun Time Ch. 02


After we finished the joint and drank a few more beers. Danny (Chuck's brother) asked me if I would come out to the car for a moment with him. He said that he had something for me. The A frame was out in no where and there were only a couple of houses around. So I followed him out to the car. We didn't bother putting our clothes back on because no one would see us. Or so we thought.

We walked out to the car and I asked him what he had for me and he started rubbing his cock and looked down at it. I knew then what he had for me. I asked him why he didn't just say he wanted to fuck me inside. I would have let him. It wasn't like he hadn't fucked me after his brother had finished before. Chuck didn't mind his brother getting sloppy seconds. I sure didn't mind giving it to him. He was hung just like Chuck only his was thicker. And I always loved a thicker cock in me.

He told me that he had always wanted to fuck in the back seat of a car and that he had never had the chance. This wouldn't be the first time I had taken some cock in a car, but I had never done it at anyone's house before. This was going to be different and a little strange but what the fuck. I loved a long thick cock in me and it didn't matter to me if it was in a house or a car. All I wanted was another load of cum in my already dripping gash.

I opened the back door on the car and laid down with my legs opened wide. Danny saw my cum filled pussy. It was dripping out of my open hole and running over my ass. I could feel the thick cum gathered around my pussy lips so I knew that Danny would not have any problem at all getting his thicker cock in side me.

Danny took me by surprise by grabbing my legs and running his tongue over my wet hole. I now knew for sure why he wanted to fuck me in the car. He had shoved his cock in me many times and filled me full of his cum while his brothers cum coated his cock. But he had never sucked my pussy after I had a load deposited in me.

This was such a fucking turn on. He had me cumming in no time. I couldn't believe that he was eating his brothers cum out of me. All I could think was this is so fucking hot. I couldn't help but cum in his mouth while he cleaned me up. I guess that I didn't make it unknown to anyone either. I was screaming as wave after wave of sexual bliss ran over me. When Danny finished sucking me out he was getting ready to mount me and we heard clapping behind us. Everyone had heard me as I was cumming and came out to see what was going on. Now everyone knew that Danny had sucked Chucked cum out of me. We didn't care, I needed his thick cock in me now.

We told everyone to go back in and that we would be back after we finished. They all went in the house and Danny climbed in the back seat with me and shut the door. He leaned down and kissed me and I could taste mine and Chucks cum on Danny's lips. As Danny was kissing me and sucking my tits I took hold of his thick cock and guided it in my waiting hole. This was going to be my second fucking of the night and I couldn't wait.

Danny shoved his hard thick cock all the way in me in one steady push. For the second time that night I felt a cock bottom out in my pussy. Only this time I was full not only in length but also I was getting the thickness I so needed. The thicker the better. I love to be wide open.

I had forgotten that there were still a couple of houses near by. If everyone in the A frame could hear me cumming it only would stand to reason that the other two houses might hear me also. But at the time I wasn't thinking about that. All I was thinking about was I was being torn apart by this large cock. Every stroke of his cock I would meet with thrusting my gapping cunt up to meet his large meat.

I am not sure how long Danny fucked me but I do know that I loved every stroke of it. I lost count of how many times I came on his cock. But I am sure that anyone that was in ear shot knew how many times I did. I was very vocal in those days.

I felt Danny's cock swell inside of me and I knew that he would be giving me my second load of cum in my pussy in just a few more strokes. I wasn't left wanting for long. Danny grunted shoved his cock all the way in. I felt the first rope of Jism go deep inside me. Danny doesn't push all the way in and fill me up like Chuck does. Danny pumps the first shot deep and then starts pounding my pussy as he is cumming. With every thrust he pumps cum in me then pulls out and drags his cum out and all over my pussy and ass. He deposited so much cum in me that there was a puddle of cum under my ass when he finished.

We lay there in the back seat kissing in the after glow of our fuck fest. We were both just enjoying the fill of our cum running out of me coating his cock and balls & running out of me dripping off my ass. We didn't know that their was some one outside of the car.

All the sudden we heard a knock on the window. We look up to a flash light being shined in our eyes. Holy shit, someone must have heard me screaming and thought I was getting raped. The fucking cops were there and had just saw me getting my pussy ripped apart.

We looked up and the cop told us to open the door. Danny pulled his cock out of me and a flood of cum ran out when he did. The cop still had the flashlight shinning on us and I knew that he could see all the cum that was running out of me. Danny reaches over and opened the door and the cop told us to step out of the car.

The first thing the cop asked for was our ID's. Danny gets a little cocky and says where the hell do you think we have any ID's at, were naked. The cop tells Danny not to get smart with him. He then asks us how old we are. Danny tells him he is 22 and then he asked me, I told him I was 18 but he said he didn't believe me and asked my birth date. I was so shook up I had to think about it which made him believe that I was lying.

He then started to lead us back to the house when he noticed that he could smell beer and weed on us. Now it didn't matter if I was 18 or not. It was still against the law for me to be doing either one of these things. He told us that he was going to place us under arrest for underage drinking and for smoking weed. I couldn't go to jail, if my parents found out that I had been drinking and smoking they would be pissed. But if they found out I got caught getting the fucking of a lifetime they would kill me. So I started begging the cop not to take me to jail. I would do anything so my parents didn't find out what a little slut I had become.

He then looked at my naked body again, he could see the cum running down my legs and said, he might be able to work something out. But first he would have to see my ID to make sure that I wasn't under the age of 18. I knew what he wanted to not call my parents so we made our way back to the house with his partner escorting Danny behind us.

When we got up to the house we walked in and the cops could smell the heavy scent of weed and there was Chuck, Billy and Sam having their way with Nancy and Sandy. Everyone stopped their fucking and sucking when they saw the cops. They just looked at everyone and said they needed to see everyone's ID's.

Everybody got their ID's out and showed the officers. After they checked everything they told Danny, Chuck, Sam, Billy, Nancy and Sandy to go about their business and that they needed to talk to me in privet.

So I looked at Chuck and he motioned for me to go in the bedroom to talk to them. I took them upstairs to the loft to talk. Once we got to the loft we looked down and everyone was going about their business. They were all starting to fuck again.

To be continued...

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