tagLoving Wives18th Hole Ch. 01

18th Hole Ch. 01


“Wait a minute, where do you think you are going?” Jenny shouted down the stairs.

“I’m going to the driving range and then over to the club, I tee off at two,” Harry replied, shouting from the door.

“But we are supposed to go to my mother’s today.”

“Maybe you are, I’m playing golf.”

Coming down the stairs, she continued shouting, even though he was now only a few steps away from her, “You knew about this, I set it up over a week ago.”

“Work it out babe, I’m playing golf,” he said, stepping through the door and closing it behind him.

“Damn it,” Jenny cried, sitting down on the couch. “Damn it,” she repeated to herself, “he is not gonna do this to me again.” She simply sat motionless for a few minutes, wondering what she could do.

“If I could only play golf I’d show him,” she said out loud, suddenly sitting up straight. She had an idea, if he could go do 18 holes, so could she; she’d just do them a little differently. She hurried upstairs, put on her makeup and the right clothes.
She expected it to be warm so she put on the shortest pair of shorts she owned and then pulled on just a halter-top with no bra. Looking in the mirror she was happy. Her breasts were just barely confined in the light fabric of the top and the shorts were nicely tight. She hurried down the stairs, glanced at her watch and then headed out to her car.

Driving to the club, she figured she had just enough time to carry out her plan. Winding down the long road to the clubhouse, she found a parking place well away from the building and parked her car. Her plan required her to play her round backwards so she slinked off toward the golf course.

1st Hole

Jenny slipped into the line of trees along the 18th fairway, and looked onto a copy of the scorecard she had found on her husband’s desk. According to the scorecard, the 18th hole was a long par 4, so Jenny watched as several players passed by. Singling out one who looked to be a bit taller than average, she waited until he separated from the group and then called out to him, “Hey, over here, can you help me find my ball?”

Wandering over toward the trees he replied, “Of course, but how on earth did you hit it over here.”

Watching him step into the trees she replied, “I don’t know, it just ended up here.” She let her halter-top fall open as she finished her sentence. “Perhaps if you looked in my bush,” she said, unbuttoning and unzipping her shorts.

Glancing back to the fairway he whispered, “But my friends will be looking for me.”

“Well you better be fast then,” she said, unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock. “Oh good, I see you are ready.” She slipped it into her mouth as she unfastened his belt and let his pants fall to the ground.

Removing her mouth from his cock, she looked it over, thinking that it was just right, a medium size cock for a medium length hole. Settling on her back, she opened her legs and motioned for him to tee off.

The man kneeled down, easing his cock into Jenny’s pussy. Feeling him penetrate her she reached around and grabbed his ass, pulling him tight to her. She whispered encouragement as he began thrusting in and out of her, “Come on, give it to me, yeah, just like that baby.”

Her talk did the trick, as the man quickly moaned and dumped his load into her cunt. “My, it must have been a while for you, you were quick. Oh look, here comes your friends,” she said, nodding at the group of three men walking towards the woods.

The golfer leaped off her, quickly pulled up his pants and stumbled out onto the course as he zipped up his pants. She heard him say, “Sorry guys, just had to take a leak.

Jenny fixed her clothes and headed over to the next hole.

2nd Hole

Jenny’s second hole, 17 on the scorecard, was a short par 3 so she looked for a short man to try. In just a few minutes she spotted a short Hispanic man and played the lost ball decoy once again. The man was very interested in sinking into her bush so in moments Jenny guided his short, but very thick cock into her cum filled pussy.

A bit surprised at sliding in so easily, the man came quickly, making Jenny wonder if these guys were playing golf instead of having sex. She seemed to be two for two in picking out quick ones. After hearing a hearty, “Thank you,” she watched the man strut proudly back onto the course. She pulled up her shorts, fixed her top, and moved on.

3rd Hole

The 16th hole was a long, par 5 dogleg so Jenny selected the tallest man she could find. She didn’t even bother with the lost ball story; she just got his attention and asked, “How’d you like some doggy style on this dogleg.”

The man quickly ran over and followed her back behind some bushes. Jenny smiled happily when the man pulled his driver out of his pants and drove it deep into her dripping pussy. Turned on by the size of the cock pummeling her, she reached up and played with her clit.

In a few minutes Jenny felt a wave surge over her and she came, pulsing around the tall man’s shaft. He came just moments later and then withdrew to complete his round of golf. Jenny quickly dressed to complete her round of golfers.

4th, 5th, & 6th Holes

The Master’s golf tournament has the “Amen Corner” and Jenny found a corner of her own, coming at all three holes. After thanking each of the men at the 15th, 14th and 13th holes, she walked on, marveling at her “Big O Corner.”

7th Hole

Jenny’s 7th hole was a new one, the course had revamped their 12th hole, so most of the golfers were playing it for the first time. Jenny had to wait through several groups of men before she found the perfect player.

The boy looked fifteen, but after showing him her breasts, she made him show her some identification. Confirming he had just turned eighteen, she whipped out his cock as he nervously explained, “I’ve never done this before.”

“You’re a virgin?” she asked, feeling a strange sensation come over her.

“Yes,” he said, shrugging.

Wanting to avoid any premature putting from him, she handled his cock delicately as she guided him in. Just as she expected, he came on just his third thrust, splashing her with a wonderful youthful vitality. She even took his cock into her mouth for a moment to give him something special to remember her by. He seemed to get harder in just those few seconds, but Jenny had to go.

Walking to the next hole, she remembered her first time with her husband, how delightfully innocent that was. She smiled now thinking, “Serves the bastard right, he plays 18 holes, well so will I.”

8th Hole

Looking at the scorecard, Jenny saw the 11th hole curved along a water hazard and smiled, well, I am certainly wet enough. Looking over the course, she spotted a fat man, with his shirt heavily stained in sweat. “Ah,” she whispered, “he’s soaking wet, so perfect.”

Slipping back to her lost ball trick, she coaxed the fat man into the woods and in no time had him on his back. Not wanting to feel all that weight plastering her to the ground, she decided to go the high road this time. Lining herself up, she lowered herself down onto his small putter she moved slowly up and down, while her hands slide all over the mountain of the man’s belly.

A bit repulsed by the jiggling flab, Jenny was relieved when the man turned his head and groaned, spilling a few drops of cum as he came. Jenny quickly jumped up and looked down at the man. His tiny cock and balls were covered in a sticky white cum.

Jenny laughed as she walked toward the next hole, thinking that man is gonna be proud of himself thinking he came that much. She felt the fluid running down her legs and was glad she had just one more hole before she could take a break to clean up a bit.
9th Hole

Looking at the scorecard, Jenny confirmed that the 10th hole, her 9th today, was another dogleg, but this one was fairly straight until about fifty yards from the hole, where it doglegged sharply. She quickly figured out a perfect position and then rounded up another adventurous golfer.

Bending at the waist, Jenny leaned against a tree as her golfer, an attractive black man, drove a fairways into her hole. She played with her clit as he splashed into her again and again. He came first, but continued his thrusting until she came, pulsing her cunt over his soft cock.

“You were so wet,” he said, ignorant of the mass of fluid that had been putted into that hole.

“And you were sweet to let me come,” she replied, giving the man a quick kiss. She walked into the clubhouse and headed to the locker room. Taking a quick shower, she cleaned the grass stains and cum stains from all over her body. Drying off, she peeked in the mirror and saw she was ready for another nine holes.

Jenny glanced at her watch as she walked toward the 9th hole, her 10th hole today, and realized she’d need to hurry.

(Continued in “18th Hole Ch. 02)

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