1994: Expanding Our Game Ch. 01


I enjoyed her rectal orgasm for at least a full minute, before realizing she had resumed her mouth job.

Then I pulled out and offered some more lubrication to her poor hole, to avoid bruising it too much. When I ploughed back into her, I found almost no resistance left, and resumed fucking her ass with all my remaining energies.

I had the clear sensation Karin started getting really tired under our double ramming, when suddenly Marco's breathing accelerated and he grabbed Karin's head by the hair, fucking her face with all of his strength.

"Hnnngg!!!" He snarled, a painful expression on his face, and I knew my fiancé was vacuuming his nuts with her merciless throat.

I tried to push myself to one side, to get a better view, but I could only see a couple of droplets trickling out of Karin's mouth, while her throat was working hard.

She swallowed everything, to the very last drop: all down into her stomach!

Gosh I was proud of my cum-eating wife-to-be!

With a painful groan, Marco fell back exhausted, his rod all red and still stiff after the rough treatment it just went through.

That was one of those frightening situations in which I had been wondering weather I had energies enough to complete the intercourse. I was really spent, but I had to manage to cum inside Karin too!

I accelerated my fucking tempo, bursting my last strength to the risk of hurting her, in the desperate attempt to reach the peak... And she did instead!

"Gaaaawwd!" Karin screamed out loud, her mouth finally free to announce her orgasm to the whole – and luckily deserted - archaeological park.

Her sphincter muscles contracted violently and unexpectedly around my burning rod, tacking me aback, and I suddenly climaxed into her own unnatural orgasm.

"Ouch!" I gasped, more in pain than in pleasure, sinking my fingernails into the soft flesh of her buttocks, as my sperm spurted into her convulsing anus.

It was a strange, intoxicating mixture of physical pain and cerebral pleasure, one of the most perverted orgasms of my life, and lasted forever, or at least that was my sensation.

I felt like cumming and cumming into her bowels, even knowing my poor testicles had to be almost empty already.

"Yes!" Karin snarled, "Oh fuck yes! Fill my last hole, you dirty bastard... Aahhh..."

Then her orgasm subsided, and the poor girl collapsed under my last thrust.

I was powerless myself, and literally fell on top of her, as my own climax faded.

We lay there in the dirt, naked, spent and shaking, a heap of sweaty, satiated flesh.

"Oh my God..." was Karin last comment before passing out.

Still plugged into her asshole, I closed my eyes trying to breathe hard, feeling my cock slowly deflating inside her bowels.

The noise of my own breath and the thumping of Karin's hart were almost piercing my ears, and all of my body was screaming pain and exhaustion.

The best pain and exhaustion of the world...

I could fall asleep now... Now...


Voices not that far away.

"Something is at the castle!" Marco warned, with a hoarse voice: "They must have heard Karin's scream."

Fuck. Well, shit happens.

I rose on my feet and grabbed my jeans, trying to push my shaking legs into the pants, and then I got hold of Karin and lifted her naked, exhausted body and held her tight, kissing her ear and hissing, "Time to get dressed my love... Somebody's coming!"

Karin whined, and strived to stand on her legs.

Clumsily, I found her shorts and helped her into, absent-mindedly noticing the cum which was still leaking from both her gaping holes. There would be time to clean up later.

A couple of turists appeared on top of the ruined walls and looked down at us.

We weren't a nice group to look at, and probably it was pretty evident what we were just being at, but we weren't over the obscenity threshold anymore: nobody would call the police for a topless girl and a pair of dusty and sweaty guys...

"What happened, we heard a scream," the lady in her fifties asked in local accent: "Somebody's hurt?"

Instinctively, to avoid discussions, I answered in English, faking my best American accent, pretty sure they couldn't follow us there: "Everything's okay, don't worry."

They grumped a bit and walked back, disappearing from our view. We heard the man commenting, "Bloody American tourist, they have no decency!"

Karin couldn't keep a laugh.

We busted in laugh all of us, a few seconds later, after trying to give the upset couple the time to be out of earshot.

"Oh my God!"

I shook my head and got hold back of by backpack, digging into it until I found the water canteen. I offered it to Karin, who got a long sip before handing it over to Marco, who in turn handed it back to me.

We had a bite with the sandwiches we took with us, still laughing any now and then, but with no energy to talk.

When we finally got up to leave, I realised Karin was still topless, and her shorts had not even being zipped up.

Her breasts were still crusted with dry cum, and her face was really a mess.

She was beautiful.

It took almost half an hour to walk back to the car: we were all quite sore and spent, and the path wasn't easy.

At the park site we found back the upset couple, who gave us an angry glance and muttered some more comments we understood perfectly, but by then Karin had finally recomposed herself, and all what they could say was that we looked quite dirty and messy.

We drove back in silence to the hotel, and I could feel tension in the air. Poor Marco didn't know how to behave after what happened, and I could see him in the rear mirror, sitting alone in the rear seat and glancing every now and then to Karin's bare legs.

When we parked in front of the hotel, Karin broke the silence: "Gosh, I need a shower! You guys have really filled me. I feel cum running everywhere..."

That lightened the burden for Marco.

We walked to the hall, catching the eye of the girl at the desk and of the bellboy. Our room was at the third floor, while Marco, being in a single, stayed at the ground floor.

"Well," the poor boy stuttered: "See you guys at dinner?"

Karin smiled, grabbed his neck (they were tall the same, in a way they made a far nicer couple than Karin and I) and purposefully kissed him open-mouth, in full view from the lounge for everybody to see.

Then we jumped in the lift and went upstairs for a well-deserved shower.

When she came out all wrapped in the white towel, Karin was beaming.

She came to kiss me and smiled: "Tank you my love. I had the most fantastic day... Now I owe you one!"

We fall asleep the moment we hit the bed, and slept until dinner time. While getting ready for the hotel restaurant, we spoke about what happened in Norchia, and I was happy to see Karin wasn't simply OK with the events of the afternoon, but she had actually thoroughly enjoyed it.

She said it wasn't something she intended to do every day, but it had been fun and intriguing, and if that was OK with me, it was fine to do it again.

Was I OK with it? Hell, I had lots of fun. Of course it is a sour-sweet sensation to share your woman with another guy. Kind of mental SM, I'd say. It's fine if you have total trust in yourself, in your partner, and most of all in your relationship with her. And yes, I had all of them. But it also required a third party you both like and trust, which may be a bit more difficult to find... We had been lucky. And yes, I agreed it wasn't something we could do any other day, nor with the first partner we met. It needed somebody special.

I was a bit more worried for Marco, though. Karin had reassured him about our feelings, but what about his own ones? After all, he had just betrayed his wife, something I didn't think of earlier... OK, he hadn't been forced to do anything, but still... Let's say he had been provoked the hard way.

I hoped he was OK with himself.

We found him downstairs, waiting for us at the restaurant door.

One of the convenient thing in having an Army buddy as a friend, is that you always know where and when to find each other without asking and without waiting. It was something always amazed Karin,

Marco twisted in seeing my fiancé: the teasing girl was wearing the briefest summer dress she had with her, one of the many I bought her just in order to be able to see as much as possible of her wonderful legs. She wore a simple, one-piece purple thing with moderate-high heels, a pair of heavy golden earrings and some bracelets, and her softly combed hair completed the seductive set.

He kissed her hand, I patted his back, and we went to the table under the gloom look of the same girl who saw us coming back from Norchia in the afternoon.

It was a teasing dinner.

Marco and I sat facing each other, with Karin between us at the head of the table like usual, with the added advantage that we boys had both a good vantage point to look at the girl's naked legs.

We ate quite light, maybe because we weren't thinking much of food. After ten minutes I started fondling Karin's mare thighs under the table, and I realised she was stroking Marco's cock through his trousers. She winked at me and smiled to him, who was all red in his face.

I was well aware she forgot her knickers in the room and her pussy was dangerously exposed for everybody to see should the hem of her dress rise just a little too much, so I was the first to reach the curls of her lush bush.

I couldn't wait for what was going to happen later.

We didn't talk about what happened in Norchia, not as a matter of choice, just it didn't come up. We had small talks, just until Karin mentioned him having to come to our wedding, of course with his wife.

This somehow spoiled the moment. Marco turned a bit sad, said of course, smiled politely and stopped caressing Karin's leg.

My fiancé was a bit disappointed, but there was no way to restore his attention on her. Marco simply reverted to the friend and colleague he had been until the day before.

When we went to the bar for a last drink before going to bed, she sat in front of him, and made sure he noticed she was naked under the thin dress.

I saw Marco's eyes bulge in watching the golden hair of her flashing cunt.

Karin smiled and crossed her long legs, sipping sexily her class of Martini Bianco.

To no avail.

He said he was sorry, but he was tired and wanted to call his wife before going to bed.

A bit disappointed but still smiling, Karin rose to say goodnight. She grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him towards herself, only this time she kissed him on the lips rather than giving him the tongue to shuck.

A friendly, fond kiss, rather a lover's.

He appreciated.

"Does he have problems with his wife?" Karin asked after making love that night.

It had been quiet and tender, nothing as wild and forbidden as we had actually planned to be. Lovemaking, rather than screwing.

"I don't know..." I hesitated: "Nothing serious, as far as I know. He didn't mention anything to me, at least. Why?"

"Just because he changed mood when I mentioned his wife. He got sad."

"Uhm..." I looked at her: she lay naked on her back, her hair sprayed on the pillow, and the small breasts splashed on the chest, while her long nipples pointed proudly to the sky. "I hope he didn't make any confront between her and you. I am afraid not may women may meet your challenge."

She smiled. "Thank you. But I hope I didn't create them a problem."

"I don't think you did anything wrong, my love. The worst thing we may have done is showing him a problem that was already there... And that would not be wrong. It's never a good idea to just hide a problem... Especially within a couple."


We kissed and switched off the light.

The day after we drove home. There, we had a lot of things to do before the wedding... Including preparing the room for Carina!

They came to our wedding. Marco was in good shape, and held his sabre at the arch of honour my colleagues made for us. Lucia, his wife, was as happy and smiling as I remembered her. Also quite a few kilos heavier, and not because being pregnant. She was almost ten years younger than Karin, but could have been ten older. Not the type of the adventurer I remembered from twelve years earlier... For sure, not the type for the wife-swapping party Karin had had in mind when she first asked Marco to come to our wedding. It is sad, when healthy women give up so early...

This story is 90% True. Of course the names are change, and in reality, the mature couple did manage to spoil our fun at the archaeological site, which was a shame. As any real story, it triggered a few consequences, the most important – and sad – being my friendship with Marco getting somehow spoiled. We actually lost each other shortly after our wedding. I saw Marco years later, just crossing each other in the corridors of the Defence General Staff: he was on the fast lane and very busy, working long hours and fresh from a promotion.

He was divorced since a couple of years.

In a way, this has been kind of a lesson for me: when we allow ourselves to stray, we shouldn't consider possible consequences on our own relationship only... We may think we stay on the safe side, and be right; but what is fine and healthy for one couple can be devastating for the other one.

I'll never know weather our adventure in Norchia just upset Marco's marriage or ultimately triggered its demise. But for sure, I will always feel a bit guilty about it.

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