tagLoving Wives1st Affair Ch. 2

1st Affair Ch. 2


For the next week, Erin wrestled with her guilt of infidelity the night before accepting a proposal of marriage from her boyfriend.

On the Thursday, August 7th, 5 days after the incident, she was out of town with friends. Randy went to a strip club. He confessed this to her the next day, starting a large fight. She told him he was cut off.

That entire week at work, she had been fighting off Jason's advances. Now, she wasn't so sure if she wanted to. Throughout the week Erin wanted to remain loyal, now that she was getting married. With that in mind, it was easier for her to put aside thoughts of Jason's huge dick.

But now she felt cheated on, and her infidelity seemed somewhat justified. She worked with Jason once that weekend, and again he invited her out. She declined. Tuesday was more of the same, as was the following weekend. By Tuesday, August 26th, Erin has not had sex in 23 days (the day Randy proposed). Thoughts of Jason's cock were starting to creep into her head, as well as anger over Randy's trip to the strip club. She was weakening.

That morning, Randy kissed her goodbye while she slept, before leaving for work. She looked so beautiful sleeping there, covered pushed to one side, lying in the fetal position. She wore a T-shirt and black panties only. Erin's ass was absolutely gorgeous, the black triangle of her panties accentuating the creamy white skin of her asscheeks.

The next time he'd see her she would have another guy's cum in her pussy.

She got off work that night a little early, about 9:20. She got into her car and was surprised by a knock on the passenger window. It was Jason. She couldn't help the tiny tingle in her crotch, it happened before she could stop it. She unlocked the door and he got in and sat down.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, smiling. He had the night off, yet had come back to see her.

"I had to see you, I wanted to ask you to come over for a little while." he explained, "I want you, Erin. I know you have a boyfriend, I know I can't have all of you, but I need to have some of you."

Erin didn't know what to say. "Um..he expects me home by 10 at the latest and it's a 30 minute drive." Thoughts of his huge penis were now swirling around her head, and her cunt was getting hotter. He leaned towards her and kissed her. She found herself kissing back, opening her mouth and allowing his tongue to enter. She didn't really know what else to do. She wasn't sure if she wanted to do this, but was kissing him while she decided. They kissed loudly, lips smacking. His hand slid over her light blue work shirt, feeling her soft breast, squeezing it gently.

Erin decided she wanted to be reminded of his size. Her tiny hand rubbed the bulge in his crotch through his shorts. Still kissing him, she unzipped his shorts, and undid his button. She reached into his underwear, small hand grasping his thick pole. Tingles surged through her moistening pussy as she realized just how big this cock was! No matter how big she'd remembered it, it was so much bigger. So thick her small hand could barely wrap around it. So long she couldn't manouvre her hand to stroke it in his shorts. How did this fit in her? Jason broke the kiss.

"Just tell him that the cashiers need to stay until 10, now." he suggested, loving the feel of her hand gripping his penis.

"That's actually not a bad idea." Erin said.

"Why don't you come over for a few minutes," he said, "we don't have to have sex, but if I could just fool around with you in a more private area than this parking lot..."

"Ok," she relented, "but I can only stay for about 20 minutes and I need to use your phone when I get there." Horny as hell, he kissed her again, briefly, doing up his fly and getting out of her car. She followed his car to his house, pussy tingling, still wondering if she should carry this any further than innocent kissing and feeling. Probably not, she decided. Not enough time.

Jason could not control his arousal on the drive home. His cock was hard, his heart was pounding. He had to keep rubbing himself through his shorts as he drove, a slave to his horniness. After 24 long days, he just might have her again! If he masturbated about Erin all the time before that day, just imagine what he was doing now! Easily, he jerked off 4 times per day thinking exclusively about her. Her creamy white skin, beautiful eyes, beautiful lips, small hands and feet. And seeing her naked - he couldn't get over it! Gorgeous tits, smooth white belly, short sexy legs, and the most beautiful pussy in the world. He was dying to lick it again. To be inside it.

The drive seemed to take forever but he finally pulled into the driveway and Erin parked on the road. She followed him into his house. She said hi to his two roommates in the livingroom as she fumbled with her sandals. She casually followed Jason into his bedroom. She was wearing navy blue shorts and a light blue blouse from work, and no socks. Her toenails were painted red.

He shut the door behind them and pulled her close. Heart pounding, Erin closed her eyes and kissed him. His tongue went into her mouth and her tongue went into his. He squeezed her ass cheeks as she pressed her body against his. Their tongues explored each other's mouths as he backed her up to the bed. She fell on the bed, pulling him on top of her between her legs. They kissed passionately, lips smacking loudly as he grinded his crotch against hers.

Jason reached down between them, half rolling off of her as he began to rub her pussy over her shorts, feeling tremendous heat through the material. God he wanted to fuck the shit out of her! Just imagining that warm, moist cunt wrapped around his cock tightly nearly caused him to cum in his pants! He honestly felt that if he had unlimited time to have his way with her he would fuck her as hard as he could for a week straight and dozens of orgasms and would still want to keep screwing her. Erin felt him undo her button and pull down her zipper, and made no move to stop him as they kissed.

He slid his hand into her panties, running his fingers through the curls of her pubic hair. He felt the hot wetness of her slit and she moaned into his mouth as he tickled her clit. Her pussy was on fire, tingling like crazy as he ran his finger down her swollen lips. He dipped a finger into her warmth. "Mmmmmph" she moaned into his mouth, kissing him feverishly. Erin's tight hole was gripping Jason's probing finger as he slid it in and out.

He pulled his hand out of her panties and grabbed her shorts. She was helpless to resist, raising her ass as he pulled her shorts down her smooth legs. She pulled each tiny foot out of them, and he threw them on the floor. He kissed her again, his hand diving up between her legs, rubbing her crotch over the thin material of her panties. He could clearly feel her swollen pussy lips through the wet cotton. He caressed up her soft body, and began to undo her buttons. He kissed down her neck and down her exposed cleavage. Her shirt came apart, and she pulled her arms out of it, he tossed it on the floor. He reached between her tits and unsnapped her black bra. Erin's chest was heaving as she watched him pull her bra apart, freeing her gorgeous breasts.

He pulled that off of her and immediately bent to suck her tits. He licked at her nipple, all around the pink areola, kissing her soft mound. He kissed over to her other tit as his hand once more, rubbed her pussy over her panties, getting her hotter than ever. Erin decided she would definitely fuck him, she needed that big cock and it didn't matter how late she was. Just than she remembered - she forgot to call Randy!

"Wait, I forgot to call Randy, I need to use the phone." she breathed. Jason pulled her nipple out of his mouth.

"Now?" he asked.

"Ya, get it over with." she replied. He grabbed the cordless and handed it to her. He stood up and took off his clothes while she dialed.

"Hello?" Randy said through the phone. Jason was now completely naked, his huge hardon at full attention, standing nearly 9 inches in the air, and he was stroking it, staring at Erin's gorgeous, near naked body. Her smooth white skin was so beautiful, accentuated by her tiny black panties. Her tiny feet were flat on the bed.

"Hi!" Erin said as Jason lifted up her small foot. He began to kiss it, sucking the big toe into his mouth.

"Hey." Randy said, a little bored. He had no clue that just than, his girlfriend was in another guy's bed, wearing only panties, while the guy was sucking her toe. Her cunt was itching to be fucked.

"I'm still at work," she said, trying not to breath heavily as she watched Jason kiss up the inside of her sexy leg. Jason kissed over her knee, smelling her pussy as he approached it, kissing up the inside of her thigh. "They're making the cashiers stay until 10," Erin said, quivering slightly, legs parting slightly further. Jason kissed her pussy over her panties, causing her to gasp slightly.

"Aww, that sucks!" Randy said.

"Ya," Erin said, almost forgetting to talk as she watched Jason push her panties to one side with his fingers, exposing her horny pussy, "I don't know how long they're doing this, but I hope it's not every time now. " she said. Jason was staring hungrily at Erin's beautiful, swollen, pink, wet pussy lips. He licked them, tongue sliding into her slightly. She barely managed to withhold a moan. Randy had no idea that as he was talking to his fiance, she was getting her pussy licked. No idea that another man's tongue was entering his future wife's treasure. Jason loved the taste of Erin's cunt, and could lick her forever. He grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled.

"So you'll be home around 10:30 then?" Randy asked, oblivious to the fact that Erin was raising her ass off the bed, allowing Jason to pull down her panties as she answered

"Ya, I should be back around then." she managed as she pulled her tiny feet out of her panties, becoming naked for this well hung guy. Jason dove between her legs, burying his face in Erin's pussy. "Ohh!" she cried. Jason was lapping at her sensitive clit mercilessly, mischieviously.

"What is it?" Randy asked. Erin's breath was laboured and shaky, and she tried to compose herself while her cunt was being eaten. Jason grabbed the soft sides of her ass and went to town on her delicious pussy.

"U-u-mm" she started before realizing her voice was shaking, "I dropped some money, just a sec, ok?" She covered the phone under the pillow. "You are so bad!" she whispered as he lapped at her vaginal entrance. "stop for second so I can say goodbye!"

Jason lifted up his head. "Let me fuck you before you get off the phone." he said.

"No!" she whispered.

"I'm going to, Erin." he said, crawling up the bed. Her pussy flooded when she looked down at his huge penis waving back and forth as it approached her helpless twat. She needed to get off the phone now! She grabbed the phone.

"I've got to go, ok?" she said. Jason grabbed his penis and rubbed the fat head up and down her sopping wet slit.

"You don't want to talk for a bit?" Randy asked, having no idea that Erin was naked, in bed, legs wide open, another naked man on top of her, rubbing her pussy with his huge cock. She couldn't talk, she was so horny, yet she made no move to stop Jason from piercing her. Jason pushed forward, his thick head parting her tight lips and sliding a couple of inches into her.

"OH!" she cried out in pleasure, unable to stop herself. "I can't" she breathed, "I gotta go, ok? I love you." Jason pulled out of her all the way, before entering her again, 6 inches of his cock sliding into her warmth. "Mmmmph" she moaned, this time covering the mouthpiece.

"Ok," Randy said, as Jason pulled partway out of her again. He slid back into her, getting all 9 inches of his penis into Erin's vagina. "I love you too." Randy said, as another man had his cock completely sheathed inside the warmth of his fiance's pussy.

Erin hung up, throwing the phone off to the side.

"Ohhhh GOD you're so big! You're so BAD!" she said smiling as he kissed her, his humongous cock inside her. She tongue kissed him, barely able to catch her breath. Her pussy was so FULL! Her tiny feet caressed his calves as their lips smacked loudly. Jason pulled his long rod most of the way out of her, leaving her with a feeling of emptiness. He slowly pushed himself back into her.

"Ohhhhhhh fu-u-u-ck..." she moaned, her vagina was stretching so wide to take in his thickness. He raised himself up on his arms so he could take a look at this beautiful, naked goddess as he fucked her. She was so hot, so warm around his organ! He began to fuck her nice and slowly, taking it all in. He could see his mammoth cock disappear into her bush, and then reappear, glistening with her juices. When he leaned up further he could see the pink of her cunt lips stretching outwards each time he withdrew. Her gorgeous tits were bouncing up and down with his thrusts. Her tiny feet were in the air, flailing helplessly as he screwed her a little harder. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" Erin's moans were loud and high pitched, and could be heard clearly by Jason's roommate as he walked by their room. "Unh! Unh! ........uh!........OHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHH God!" Erin came. She came hard. Her vaginal walls were squeezing and releasing his large pole as he fucked her. Her body was shaking, she was gasping for breath, her heart was pounding, her cunt had never felt so good. Her eyes were closed in extasy, eyebrows raised.

Jason began to fuck her as hard as he could. The bed began to squeek violently. Erin's hands were clawing at his back, her engagement ring on her left hand glinted in the bedroom light. Her tiny feet were above him, waving in the air. 'squeek' 'squeek' 'squeek' 'squeek' 'squeek' 'squeek' went the bed. "Unh! Unh! OH! OH! Unh! Unh!" Erin cried. His cock was jackhammering in and out of her needy, hungry pussy. She was on her way to another orgasm. He was fucking the shit out of her!

He pounded her into the bed with his huge cock. She was helpless. She cried out again, cumming. She was having serious trouble gasping for breath, her vagina was pulsating violently. He was losing it. He pumped a few more times as she rode out her orgasm, before sliding all of his organ inside her.

Jason's penis spasmed, and shot a stream of cum into Erin's vagina, deeper than any other penis had been. "Ohhhhhhhh!" she sighed, actually feeling his humongous member pulsate inside her, filling her with his seed. "Ohhhh my God. Fuck!" she breathed as the last of his sperm trickled inside her. He began to soften a little inside her as they caught their breath.

"That was awesome!" he breathed, "you are my biggest fantasy, and that was everything I thought it would be!"

"Thanks!" she breathed, smiling. He kissed her, lips smacking. " I have to go." Erin said, "I'm so late! I can't believe we did that while he was on the phone! You are so bad!" she exclaimed. He laughed, pulling his soft penis out of her vagina with a slurp.

She rolled off his bed, picked up her panties off the floor, and slid them on. She put on her bra and blouse, and pulled on her shorts. Reaching into her purse, she pulled out perfume, spraying it on her neck and crotch, trying to get the smell of sex off of her. Jason walked her outside to her car.

"I know you have a boyfriend, and I'm not asking to do that everytime." he said, " but even if we can be good friends, and do that the odd time when you want to, it would be all I'm asking."

Erin smiled, "Of course we'll be friends. We'll see what else happens" she said.

"I mean, I'm not asking you to do that every day, or even every week, but if SOMETIME we could do that again... Man!" he said.

"We'll see." Erin said, and gave him a peck on the lips. She drove off.

Once home, she talked with Randy about her day as she took off her sandals. She could feel some of Jason's cum leak out of her pussy.

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Can you say whore?

I can't read anymore or this very wrong series. Somebody needs to staple her pussy shut so she quits breaking hearts! Fucking cunt.

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1st affair? really?

I don't like the idea of a co-worker harrasing a woman into sex, even if she likes it afterwards, especially getting her drunk just so he can have his way. my late wifes boyfriend tried the same whilemore...

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