2008 Ch. 08


Saturday and Sunday were lazy days. We hung out at home and talked about what colors to paint the new bathroom, what kind of fence to put around the outdoor shower, and what the side door out of the house should look like, wood or glass. On Monday Beth took the afternoon off and met the contractor at the house to give him keys and get his schedule. They would begin work on December second.

On the last day of November I got a call at work from Emily. The caller ID on my phone just listed her number and I didn't recognize it. I answered professionally.

She said, "I'm impressed. I knew the stories Brad had told me about you from when you were boys. I guess I didn't pay enough attention to you, before."

"Hi Emily. What can I do for you?"

"You can come to dinner this coming weekend. It won't say Thank you enough for what you did but it's a start."

"Thank you for the invitation. Are you inviting me or me and my family?"

"Liz and Beth? Of course they're invited! Is there anyone else you'd like invited?"

I laughed, "You think maybe I have another wife hiding somewhere?"

"At this point it wouldn't surprise me!"

"We don't have anyone else and we accept. Which day and what time?"

"How's Saturday at six?"

"That works. Can we bring anything?"

"Brad tells me you have your Mom's recipe for Jambalaya. If you're willing, I'd love to have a copy."

"I meant can we bring a contribution to the dinner."

"A bottle of a nice wine?" Emily suggested.

"Done. Do you like red or white?"

"I have maybe three glasses of wine a year. Bring what you like, I'll love it. I promise."

"Then it's a date! Thanks for inviting us."

I called Elizabeth and had them write the date in their calendars. They both wondered if Emily's momma would be at the dinner. She wasn't.

Emily told us about her over a wonderful Cajun meal. Emily made Shrimp Etoufee and cornbread. It was wonderful! Elizabeth had never tasted Cajun Etoufee before and the three of them spent some time swapping recipes. Brad and I had grown up with a momma who was born near Lake Arthur, Louisiana. Where some families grow up using salt and pepper we grew up using salt and cayenne. Brad married a girl who grew up in a non-Cajun kitchen, but who loved every Cajun dish she had ever tasted.

When the evening was winding down Brad took me aside and said, "I don't exactly know what the three of you did, but I will be grateful for the rest of my life."

"Can I call you tomorrow?" I asked.

He gave me a look I hadn't seen in years. "Yeah, you can call. You've got a plan, don't you?" I nodded and the three of us left.

I knew Elizabeth heard what I said to Brad and I was almost surprised they didn't ask what I planned. Almost because I was getting used to their trusting that when I wanted them to know, I'd tell them.

When we got home we went into the playroom. It would soon be part of the construction zone and play would be restricted for two weeks. We were careful about leaving bruises and about being noisy while still satisfying the needs of both women and the wants of one man. We went to bed sore and tired, a much better choice than sick and tired.

On Sunday morning Liz made breakfast and I asked, "How are we going to deal with all the dust and destruction while the remodel happens?"

Beth answered, "We can do it. There's two of us." Liz nodded agreement.

"I know you can. I'm wondering why I would want you to."

They looked at me, but didn't speak. Liz had a small smile, she had figured it out.

"Emily told us her momma is looking for something to do. She doesn't really need a job, but she does need to feel needed, wanted and important. Let's ask her to come over every day the workmen are here and help keep the rest of the house clean while they work."

"She can be our security too!" Beth said, "She'll be here to make sure the workmen stay out of the rest of the house and our stuff."

"And she can have dinner with us every night for the two weeks!" Liz was in.

"Would one of you find me a phone and Emily's number?"

Liz went and came back dialing the phone. Emily answered. I said, "Hi, Emily. Would it be Ok with you if we offered your Momma a job? We need someone here for two weeks while we have construction going on."

"She doesn't know anything about construction."

"We want her to watch them, protect our stuff and maybe do a little clean up in the areas not under construction." Beth made motions about eating. "We'd feed her dinner every evening too."

"It's certainly Ok with me. Why ask me if it's Ok? Shouldn't you be asking her?"

"I can't. I don't have her phone number. You have my number, how about you call her and if she's willing to discuss it she can call us? That way you haven't given out her number without her permission."

"I'll call her right now!" My phone died in my hand. I pressed the button but didn't bother putting the phone down.

Elizabeth cleaned up breakfast while we waited for the phone to ring. I wondered if we would be nude around Emily's momma. Well, two weeks of staying dressed until after dinner wouldn't be too bad. Elizabeth was back at the table with me when the phone rang. I answered.

She said, "This is Mrs. Williams, Emily's Mom."

I had put us on speaker. "Hi. We're all here at the table."

"Emily called and told me what you want. I'm interested."

"If you aren't very busy today maybe you could come over. We can show you what's going to be done and talk about what we'd like you to do."

"What time would you like me there?"

"Anytime. We weren't planning to go anywhere today." Liz gave her our address and asked if she'd come for lunch.

She agreed to come at noon and have lunch with us. When the call ended it was 10:32am. The three of us went into action. I opened all the doors and windows to get fresh air to clear the smells of the orgy we had the night before. Liz went into the playroom and did what needed doing before the workers arrived. All the toys got stashed in the big suitcase and it got stashed in the garage. She kept a few items in the house and put them in her chest of drawers. Beth put the dropped clothes in the hamper and turned on the shower.

We met in the shower and got squeaky clean and shaved. I noticed we were down to using our last three razors. Forty-eight razors in six weeks. When Kaye lived in the house with me, forty-eight razors lasted nine months! Life was much better now.

We dressed how we believed Emily's mom would expect us to dress. Elizabeth wore bras, knee length skirts and sweaters. I wore jeans and a sweatshirt. I was abandoned in the bedroom while Elizabeth went to the kitchen to start making lunch.

I gravitated to my computer and when I heard a knock at the front door I heard Beth call out, "I'll get the door!"

We welcomed her in and as the hugs were shared I asked, "Do you want us to call you Mrs. Williams, Emily's Mom or something else?"

She blinked three times and said, "We've been related over five years and you don't even know my name. I'm Elissa." I smiled and said, "Elissa is a form of Elizabeth, from a Hebrew name. Meet Elizabeth and Elizabeth."

"I wondered when Emily said one was Liz and the other Beth."

"Tour first or food?" I asked.


We talked as we walked and we showed her which walls were moving, the drawings of the new bathroom, doors and the shower outside. When we were outside we showed her how big the outside shower would be and where.

She said, "If I take this job I want a promise. I want to use this shower when the weather is warm!"

I asked, "You'd be Ok being out here nude?"

"Before Emily was born her Dad and I spent many weekends at a place called Elysium Fields, a naturist resort in Topanga Canyon. In fact Emily may have gotten her start there. Does that shock you?"

"No. We thought about how conservatively to dress for your visit. Most of the time when we're at home we're nude."

Elissa looked at Liz and asked, "Could I borrow a hanger, please? I'd like to keep from wrinkling this blouse. I'm having dinner with Brad and Emily today."

Liz said, "Of course" and headed into the house to get her a hanger. As she walked she pulled her blouse off and was getting to her bra when she disappeared around the corner of the house.

Elissa took off her skirt and panties, but waited for the hanger before removing the blouse. She asked, "Enough privacy that you don't worry about the neighbors watching?"

"See the trees? They are two trees thick. No neighbors really close and even if there were we are pretty private."

"So, if I stay on your good side I might come over and share the sunshine with you?"

"Of course. Don't you live in a place that allows nudity?" I asked.

"No! When my husband died I sold the house and bought a condo. They take care of the maintenance and the biggest sacrifice was wearing clothes all the time."

We waited until the hanger arrived and Elissa basked in the winter sunlight for a couple of minutes before we went back inside. Beth took her hangered clothes and hung them in our laundry area. Her C-section scar was evident right at the top of her abundant bush as were the signs of her being a few years older than me. All that said, she was still a good-looking woman. We had lunch and Liz looked at me as she lifted a fork full of turkey salad. I winked and Liz let a little of it fall from her folk to her breast.

Elissa said, "We used to play a game when we ate. Anything that spills has to be cleaned up by a mouth."

Liz said, "I can't get it with my mouth."

Elissa said, "No, but any one of us could."

I said, "I offer the opportunity to you. After all, we're interviewing you for a cleaning position. We ought to see if you are any good at cleaning."

Elissa got up and went to Liz, knelt down and held Liz's breast in her hands. She licked and kissed all around Liz's spill before engulfing the turkey salad and her nipple. Liz moaned. Elissa was a through cleaner. When she was done she kept sucking as she backed away from Liz and finally Liz's breast popped out of her mouth. Her nipple was erect and pointed right into Elissa's mouth.

Elissa said, "Maybe I should stay right here. She might spill again, you know."

"Does your daughter know what a wild child you are?" Liz asked.

"I used to be wild. I'm much more subdued these days." Elissa said, still kneeling beside Liz, nude. I laughed.

I helped her up and we finished the meal. I asked if we arranged a trip to a nice nude resort if she was interested in going along. She said, "Elysium Fields closed shortly after Ed, the owner, died. That was years ago."

"There are a couple of nice resorts south of here in Palm Springs and near San Diego. Interested?" I asked.

"Are you inviting Brad and Emily?"

"Nope. And I won't. That's up to you."

"Then, I'm interested."

She accepted the job and stayed long enough for us to have dinner together. After she left we cleaned up, got things ready for Monday and went to bed. Monday was uneventful except for the anticipation of the workmen coming on Tuesday. When the alarm sounded on Tuesday morning I opened my eyes and saw Elissa standing in the doorway holding a tray with three cups of coffee. We got up and each took a cup and started our rituals. Elissa went back to the kitchen and made breakfast. She was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt with athletic shoes. The sweatshirt had the word "SECURITY" printed on it, front and back.

Just before we needed to leave for work the workers arrived. We introduced them to Elissa and left her in charge. At noon I rushed home. I wanted to see what was happening. The driveway was no longer usable. A big green dumpster sat in the driveway. I parked two houses away and walked to the house. I heard things being tossed into the dumpster. The front door was propped open and just inside Elissa had set up a fan to blow air through the house, through the construction zone and out the back. I found her watching the guys removing the two walls that had to go.

As soon as she saw me she headed for the kitchen and made me some lunch. The contractor talked with me for less than a minute and went back to work. As I ate I complimented Elissa on her food and the idea of the fan. I took one more look at the progress and had to head back to work.

On the drive I called Elizabeth and told them what was going on. Liz asked what I wanted for dinner and I said, "Make something easy. Surprise me."

She did. When I got home Elizabeth was already home and they were in leotards doing yoga in the living room. Elissa was in the kitchen making dinner. She made a country pot roast with potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes and celery that had been cooking all afternoon. The workmen told me how good it smelled and just about begged for an invitation to stay for dinner. I told them that when all the demolition was done, they could stay for dinner.

As we sat down to eat they cleaned up and went to their homes for the night. We talked about what to feed them on their reward dinner. The ladies decided jambalaya would be good, with shrimp and turkey meat and veggies. Elissa said she liked to use both long grain rice and brown rice in jambalaya. Beth said she'd get some brown rice at the store. We had everything else.

Most people quarter the veggies they cook with a pot roast. Elissa had been coached. She quartered the potatoes, the carrots and tomatoes. The celery and onions were in very small pieces. After four or five bites I realized there was rue in the liquid with the pot roast. It was incredible!

After Elissa went home Liz came to me and said, "Elissa was here before six. It's eight now. She has to drive twenty minutes or so each way."

"I get the message. We need to open the sofa bed and invite her to stay here while the construction is happening." I said.

Liz asked, "May I call her and ask her to bring whatever she needs to stay two weeks?"

"Yes. Beth and I will see to the sofa bed." We set it up and then covered it with a big sheet of plastic to keep the dust off. Beth dusted the inside of a closet and got it ready for Elissa.

Liz had left a message for Elissa. When she got home she called us back and accepted the offer.

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