2008 Ch. 09


Wednesday Morning

When the alarm went off the next morning I opened my eyes and saw Elissa in the doorway with coffee. She was smiling and said, "Seeing the three of you sleeping together is so cute. Makes me wish I were younger."

For the second morning in a row I got up and took a cup from her without attempting to hide my morning wood. In the bathroom Liz dropped to her knees and sucked all my troubles away. It wasn't too difficult. I had no troubles. When her mouth was full she and Beth kissed and shared my cum. We showered one at a time in the small bathroom.

When we were dressed we joined Elissa for breakfast. I asked, "If it can wait, I can come home a little early and help you bring your things into the house. Can you wait?"

"Don't need to. I'm in. While you slept I got moved in. I think my new room is cute, especially the bedspread!"

We laughed and congratulated her on being so efficient.

We were gone when the workers arrived. I stayed at work all day. Elissa spoke to Liz on her morning break and Beth called her on her afternoon break.

Elizabeth talked it over and decided they would do yoga on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays near the end of the men's workday. On Wednesday it was really warm so they did yoga in the back yard on blankets. The half hour they were stretching and bending in the back yard was the least productive half hour of the day. I wondered how many wives and girl friends would be having sex that night. I was pretty sure it would be all the wives and girl friends of our workers.

After dinner Wednesday night I saw Elissa carry an armload of clothes to her car. I stopped her. "Are you leaving us?" I asked.

"The weekend is almost here. No workers will be here this weekend. I'll go home, do laundry and hang out at home. Bright and early Monday morning, I'll be back."

"If that's what you want to do, fine. You can stay here with us, if you like. You are family, you know? Not just an employee."

"That's kind, but I should go."

"Tell me what's going on in your head, please."

"You sound like my husband used to sound. Ok. Other than the blow you got in the bathroom the other morning I've seen and heard no sign of any sexual activity. I think it's because you three don't want to offend or embarrass me, so I should go home and let you play for the weekend."

I was suddenly aware of something I had done unconsciously. I set about repairing the damage, "We should have talked. I apologize. Elizabeth waits for me to initiate all sexual activity. Without thinking about it very hard at all I did back off, in deference to you. Are you telling me that seeing us play wouldn't embarrass or offend you?"

"I've had sex before. I know you do it. I may not sit and watch you do it, but if I hear noises from across the hall I won't scream and cry."

"Ok. Please stay. I know all three of us enjoy having you with us. Laundry can be done here anytime you want."

We brought her things back into the house. We watched a movie that night and when it was over Elissa said, "Maybe this weekend I'll go visit Emily and Brad."

I said, "If you want, invite them here and we can have a meal together. It's been too long since my brother and I have hung out."

She nodded agreement and asked, "You want to call or should I?"

"I'll call." I said. Beth got me a phone and plopped herself in my lap as I called. Brad answered. I loved when either of them curled into my lap.

"Brad, We'd like you and Emily to come over for dinner this weekend. We can show you how the house looks all torn apart and we can hang out, just the six of us."

"Six? You've added another woman?" I could hear the laughter in his voice, along with a hint of jealousy.

"No. The sixth is our security person, Elissa Williams. I think you know her."

He laughed and said, "Met her a few times! Yeah, I'd like to come over and hang out with you. Emily's at the market. Let me talk to her and I'll call you back, Big Brother."

Less than an hour later the phone rang and Beth picked it up. It was Emily. She accepted the invitation and they talked about the menu for the visit for a few minutes.

It was decided we would get together on Saturday. It was also decided that Elissa and Liz would go shopping that morning while Beth started cooking and Emily made potato salad.

In our bedroom, after the door was closed for the night, I said, "Tonight we play. No toys, just fun. Please get naked."

I loved how there was never any hesitation. They stripped and waited for instructions. I limited our play to quiet things; pinches, forceful positions and blindfolds. I worked them hard and made sure they were covered in sweat before they were allowed to cum. Part of the time we played I had them teasing, prodding and pushing each other towards orgasms... that they were not allowed to have. At least not as soon as they could have.

When the score was Elizabeth six, Pete one it was time for a shower and sleep. As we walked down the hall to the bathroom Liz opened the door to check on Elissa. She caught her masturbating. She had her eyes closed and Liz opened and closed the door very quietly.

She whispered in my ear, "Elissa must have heard us, playing. She's doing herself."

I stopped and whispered to Liz, "Go inside and pleasure her. Anything she wants that brings her pleasure. Don't stay up too late."

"Thank you, Master. When we're done I'll shower with her, then come to bed with you."

"Or sleep with her. Whatever she wants." I kissed her and then pinched her ass one more time before heading to the shower with Beth.

Under the water Beth said, "Liz is staying with Elissa."

I nodded. "If it goes well maybe tomorrow night it will be you staying with her."

"What let you know she was open to a little girl-girl action, if I may ask?"

"It wasn't in what she said. It was in her eyes. When she discovered the two of you had lived together for years sharing one man I think she figured that you are bi. I think she's either bi or bi-curious." I said.

We got vey clean, dry and back in the bedroom before a sound was heard from the room down the hall. The sound heard was Elissa screaming two words, "Thank you!"

Liz spent the night with Elissa. When our alarm sounded it was Liz standing in the doorway with coffee and a huge smile. She said, "E is in the kitchen laughing because someone likes peanut butter on his waffles."

Thursday Morning

"Waffles? She's making waffles?" I asked. Liz nodded and I took my cup of Navy strength coffee. Ten minutes later we were at the table eating Belgian waffles, crisp bacon and an egg each. A great breakfast!

When the timer sounded Elissa said, "Time for ya'll to head off to work. If one of you will call me I'll get dinner going this afternoon." She held the door open for us. Liz was first out the door and she kissed Elissa's mouth on her way out. Elissa gave as good as she got. Beth stepped into the arms Liz had just vacated and another kiss was shared.

My turn. I stepped up and we kissed. I think her intent was to light my lips on fire and burn me to the ground with one kiss. Peanut butter must be a fire retardant. When the kiss ended she whispered, "Thank you for last night, Master."

I looked in her face for signs she knew what she was saying. I only saw sparkling eyes filled with tears that didn't fall and a grin. I said, "We need to talk tonight, over dinner."

"I plan to be here."

She helped me out the door and closed it behind me. On my drive to work I called Liz.

"Did you and Elissa talk last night as well as share orgasms?"

"We are girls. Of course we talked."

"She called me Master this morning. Does she know what she said?"

"She sort-of knows what it means to us. I explained it to her. She probably doesn't understand it at the depth we live it. Would you like me to talk to her about it?"

"No. We will talk at dinner. Please call Beth and talk about how you both feel about Elissa." My other phone line rang and I ended the call with Liz. The other call was Beth.

""E" called me and asked what she should make for dinner. Any requests?"


""E", Liz, Beth What else would we call her? If you want her named something else, just say it. As you wish, Master."

"Are you telling me you've already accepted her as a possible sister?"

"Of course. My eyes are not your eyes. What my eyes see is that she is willing to offer herself to you without even knowing what all that implies. How you handled the thing with Brad, Emily and Kaye said everything she wanted to know about the man you are. Then you sent Liz in to be with her last night!"

"Liz is going to call you and discuss the implications of "E "calling me Master this morning. We will be having a conversation at dinner."

"Dinner. Anything you'd like?"

"Surprise me."

"As you wish, Master." I could hear the giggle of delight in her voice. I told her I loved her and ended the call.

At the end of our workday Beth met me at my truck. Rather than kissing her in the company parking lot and having employees watch as she did her best to melt my clothes with a kiss I drove us almost a mile and parked behind a market for a minute or two while we kissed. Then I waited for my blood pressure to start back towards normal before resuming the drive home.

"Do you know what's for dinner?" I asked.

"I only know what "E" told me. I don't know that I've ever had it."

"Do you know what's in it?"

"Nope. She asked what you don't like and I told her. She said, "No problem."

"Then I don't need to know what it's called. Thank you."

"She did tell me it's good food for cold days."

"Shhh. I don't want any more information. I want the surprise."

"Me too." She smiled at me.

When it came out of the oven I recognized it. When I was a kid my Mom made it in the winter. Mom called it Shepherds Pie. Lots of veggies, some condensed soup with a little water and a mashed potato covering on top. When I make it I add meat. Mom never did.

"E" had added a personal touch. Just before the casserole came out of the oven she crushed some bbq potato chips and sprinkled them on top. A little crunch, a little color and a burst of flavor. One bite and I gave a thumbs up. Elizabeth loved it, too.

As we ate "E" asked, "How often would you like dessert with dinner?"

"I wouldn't want dessert to become an habit. We'll all put on weight if we have it too often. Maybe it should depend on how exciting the dessert is. A three layer chocolate fudge cake we shouldn't do more than quarterly."

"E" smiled and asked, "How about a berry cobbler over shortbread with vanilla ice cream?"

"Fresh berries in December?"

She smiled at me as she said, "I think they were grown south of here."

"I think we should allow ourselves a little fun tonight and maybe no more dessert until the remodeling is done."

She and Beth got up and Beth asked, "May we serve dessert now, or wait a little while?"

"Let's have a little discussion and then enjoy the cobbler." I said. They sat back down.

I said, "This morning you said, "Thank you for last night, Master."

"E" nodded, but didn't speak. She glanced at Elizabeth.

"Using the honorific Master is reserved for certain relationships. Beth and Liz have convinced me to have that relationship with them. Before we go any farther into it, tell me what you think it means to call me that, for you."

"Last night when Liz and I talked, she didn't call you by name. She kept saying "My Master..." and as I understood it, it's a term of endearment, and more. Liz believes that her life will best the best it can be by letting you make decisions and leaving her to focus on making your life work for you."

"So, when you said it this morning what were you saying to me?"

"When my husband was alive, I should have been calling him Master. He made the major decisions for us. We talked things over often and always the decision was his. I trusted him with my life." She took a big breath and continued, "I guess what I was saying was I hate being alone. I hate making all the decisions on my own. I would willingly join your family and give you my life."

"It may mean you become the chief cook of the family." I said.

"I love cooking and having people enjoy my cooking."

"It may mean never sleeping alone again." I said.

"I would count that as a blessing, especially if sleeping includes playing, too."

"It would mean never masturbating without permission again, ever." I said.

"You knew?" Her eyes widened and she blushed.

"Yes. It would mean living here for the rest of your life. Giving up your condo and depositing every dime you have in my accounts. From the moment you join the family you depend on us totally for everything. Need a new sweater, I approve it or you don't get it. You will, for example, never wear red again. I don't like red."

"May I ask a question?" She asked.


"Will you ever have sex with just me?"

"We all will. Sometimes one-on-one and sometimes as a family." I watched her for signals. What I got was a smile and her knees relaxed and parted just a fraction of an inch. I changed subjects, a little.

"Why will I ask you to deposit everything you have in my accounts?"

"It means I willingly depend on you for everything." "E" answered promptly.

"Are you willing to obey me, without question or hesitation no matter how crazy you think my request is?"

"I need to trust you. I can see two smart women who do, who talk about you as if you make their lives work. I'm not a feminist. I don't want to be one. I will obey you."

Liz spoke after a nod from me, "We will go through all your clothes and everything Pete doesn't like goes in the trash. You will never buy or own clothes he doesn't like."

I said, "I don't like panties. The women of this family only wear panties when they are having their periods. They only wear pants if pants are appropriate at work, not at home. If you own pantyhose, throw them away. Panties and pantyhose limit my access to you. By the same token I don't like bras at home. Beth can show you how to modify the bras you wear around me, when bras are needed."

"I agree. Shall I disrobe now?"

"No. There's more. You will always sleep nude except when you're on your period and never turn me down if I want sex or I ask you to have sex with anyone. Never."

"You might ask me to screw someone else?"

"I may. I may ask you to eat Beth to orgasm, suck on Liz's breasts, or have sex with someone who is a stranger to you. You agree not to balk, argue, hesitate or refuse."

"I haven't done anything like that since Emily was born."

"Is that a deal breaker?"

"No! If you want me to do anything, I'll trust you have a good reason."

"I will expect each of you to treat each other as equals. How much money you bring to the family doesn't change your status. How well you cooperate, get along and assist each other matters a thousand percent more. Beth's status isn't higher than anyone's just because she was first. Elissa, after all that, do you still want to call me Master?"

"May I?"

"Do you want to?"

"Yes..." She almost did, then reconsidered and didn't.

I turned to face Beth and asked, "Beth, I want your thoughts on this matter."

"Yes, Master. I think a trial would be proper. Perhaps a month?"


"I think a month will tell her if this is for her. May I ask "E" a question?"

I nodded. Liz asked, "E", what will you say to Emily and Brad?"

A shadow crossed over her face. Seconds got longer and longer until she smiled and said, "Emily, I need to be needed, wanted and to contribute. But, it can't be with you and Brad. I'm moving in with Pete and Elizabeth. I can cook and clean for them as I did when we were a family and I can do it without being their mom. If I did it with you I'd be your mom and rob you of being your own woman in your own home."

Liz looked at me and said, "I advise letting her in." Beth nodded.

"There is one more thing." I said.

Liz and Beth instantly knew what it was. "E" looked at me expectantly.

"Liz, did you tell her about the playroom?"

"No, Master. It is not my place." She adopted the pose I'd read about and had never asked for; head bowed, eyes looking down, hands at her sides and legs spread. Her body language and words said, "You are my Master and I know my place."

"Elissa both Beth and Liz need pain and control in their lives. Not the kind of pain that damages the body forever, but a bit of pain and sometimes a loss of control."

Her eyes widened again and she asked, "You mean like in the bondage movies and the movies where a woman gets tied up and whipped?" There was alarm in her voice.

"Yes, but not as severe I think. They need it and they achieve orgasms and pleasure from it, otherwise I wouldn't do it. During your thirty-day trial period we will use the new playroom. You will be in charge of what happens to you. You will watch what Liz and Beth do and what is done to them. You get to choose if it happens to you."

"If I don't like it... am I out?"

"No. You may be excluded from our play parties in the playroom, but for me it is not a deal breaker. We will discover what expressions of affection and lust best meet your desires and needs, then do our best to meet them."

She looked from my face to Beth, from Beth to Liz and then back to me. Long looks.

At least a minute passed and she asked, "May I call you Master, now?"

"If you accept this as your choice, yes. We will still love and honor you as a friend and relative if you say no. I will still let Elizabeth have sex with you, if you say no."

"As you wish, Master." She bowed her head and spread her legs a bit.

Hugs were shared all around and we decided to visit "E's" condo to see how best to integrate her into us and our home. It was late when we got back to the house and we needed to get to bed. I said, "No one sleeps alone tonight. Beth and Liz get the hide-a-bed and Elissa will sleep with me. We are to sleep. No masturbating, no pussy play, no fucking. Sleep."

Three voices said, "As you wish, Master." I washed all three women in the tiny shower and they dried each other after they washed and dried me. "E" crawled into bed with me and snuggled against me. She said, "God, it feels so good to be in bed like this again. Thank you, Master."

"You feel very good to me, too. Do not transfer money to my account until the month is over. Before Saturday morning we'll talk about what we'll say to Brad and Emily, and when." We kissed for a few minutes and I could feel her wanting more. At the end of those few minutes I had her roll over, spooned against her backside and we fell asleep that way.

Friday Morning

She got up without waking me and was standing in the doorway with my coffee when the alarm sounded. She was nude. I got up and headed for the coffee and then the bathroom. As soon as I took the mug of coffee "E" asked, "May I suck you, Master?"

"I don't think so. I had a dream last night about Beth. This morning I want Beth." I called Beth and she came out of the little bathroom wrapped in a towel. "Yes, Master?"

"If you assume the Uttanasana Big Toe Position and I join with you, will that make us late this morning?"



She dropped the towel and bent in half. She wrapped her arms around her legs just above her ankles. She asked, "With my back against the wall?"

"Yes, please." She took tiny steps and stopped with her back against the wall. I asked, "Can you spread your legs a bit?"

"Yes, Master I can." They inched apart and when they were far enough apart to align her pussy with the exact height of my cock I stepped close and slid into her. My hands held her hips and I pushed all the way inside as "E" stood in the hallway and watched.

Beth looked up and watched me push into her pussy. She said, "Thank you. Being filled like this is incredible! Thank you."

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