tagBDSM2022 The Farm Ch. 01

2022 The Farm Ch. 01


Sam McCulloch was 42. He had been married for 13 years but for the last five he had been practically a servant to his dear wife Greta. She had always been an imposing woman, the wealth left to her after her mother's death had reinforced her confidence and now at 39 she floated through the house with not a care in the world. It was only a matter of time that she became tired of her husband and had decided just recently to do something about it.

The world had changed drastically in the last 6 years. Women now had the best positions in life. After scientists had synthesised a male sperm from it's most basic of elements in the year 2006 the writing was on the wall for all the males on earth. Women no longer had a need for them; they no longer had to endure the constant thrusting of a male between their thighs to achieve their ultimate goal of pregnancy. All they need to do nowadays was to push a small suppository into their womb, and bingo it was done, they could enjoy a comfortable nine month pregnancy knowing that a good strong healthy child would be born. Of course they usually chose a female why on earth would they want to give birth to a male how could they love such disgusting creatures.

Leading scientists had predicted that the male population was due to decline to only 10% in the next 100 years. Already most males were subservient to women, some lived in the vain hope that just being married to a female would save them from being sent away to the various camps and processing centres around the country. Males were used for just the most menial of tasks, like heavy labour in the various factories and farms. Their lives had become very cheap indeed. Auction houses had sprung up all over the place, buying and selling males like animals. They were transported around the country like cattle in large articulated lorries batches of up to 50 at a time for the Auction Marts.

Sam was clinging hopefully to the thought that Greta had loved him and would never subject him to the indignation of selling him, he was however to be severely mistaken.

It was a Monday morning and Sam was busy scouring the lavatory, making it sparkling clean for Greta, she was very particular about the lavatory and made it her pet project to ensure that Sam kept it spotless.

"Sam! Would you come downstairs there is someone here to see you" She called

"Yes Greta, I'll be there right away." He replied

He scuttled down the stairs as fast as he could; Greta was not a woman to be trifled with once her command had been issued. He was almost naked save for a small cloth that was bunched to cradle his genitals then tied around the small of his back. He was an average sized man, about 5'10" not particularly muscular but not fat either. He had short brown hair and green eyes; both had attracted Greta to him in the first instance.

He was greeted by Greta and two very business-like women dressed in crisp white blouses, dark pin-stripe jackets and pencil skirts. They both wore shiny black court shoes and black stockings. One was a redhead in her late twenties and very athletic looking with smallish breasts pert and upturned. The other was a lot older. She had short dark hair tied into a pigtail; her build was a lot larger with big breasts that just heaved up and down as she breathed.

"Sam, you know how to address me when we have company don't you?" Said Greta, knowing full well that he was not to call her by name in company.

"I…I'm sorry Mistress Greta I just forgot my place, please forgive me!"

Sam dropped to his knees and crawled forward to Greta; he then lowered his head and placed a kiss on each of Greta's pretty feet as an apology. Greta smiled she knew he would do anything to stay with her, he was a good house servant but she had finally tired of him, and felt she needed a new male about the house, something a bit more pleasing on the eye.

"Sam, you may look up now. Mistress Cordelia and Mistress Venetia have come to see if you would be of any use to them in their new facility on the business park, they would like to examine you, you will greet them as I have taught you"

Sam again crawled on hands and knees to each lady, they offered him their court shoes one by one. Sam kissed both their feet whispering the words "Pleased to make your acquaintance Mistress Cordelia and Mistress Venetia."

"My my he's well trained isn't he…." said Venetia "….such a well mannered male, have you had him long?"

"Thirteen years…." said Greta "….but its time for a change I think, I need something new and fresh to look at"

Venetia chuckled "Yes I know what you mean, I change my personal slave every year, my current male is only 17, and I'm 49 next year what wonderful times we live in....long may they continue!"

"Amazing, such a young creature must have set you back a bit?" said Greta "£3500, he was a bit of a bargain as he was a little damaged by his last owner, they don't keep their value very well if they are blemished in any way, you know"

"Such a shame, well what do you think of my Sam then is he worth much?" Greta continued

Venetia gestured for Cordelia to come forward. "Cordelia is my assistant, she will assess your male and tell me if he is of any use and what he is worth, her methods are a little unorthodox but she knows her job and has a good eye for a decent animal"

Sam was getting a little agitated by now, it was clear that he was to be sold, but to who? and more importantly to do what?…his mind was racing, what did they do at this facility? Would he get a good position in the offices or in one of the female owner's houses? He wanted to ask so many questions but knew his place and kept quiet.

Cordelia said her first words "I will need him naked for my assessment" she said sternly.

Sam was frightened for the first time. Cordelia was very stern and looked quite dismissive of him. Of course she had done this a thousand times before he was just that latest in a long line of males that she had, had to examine.

"Take off your cover so that Mistress Cordelia may examine you!" ordered Greta.

Sam slowly undid the leather ties in the small of his back and let the cloth drop to the floor. He was ashamed for the first time, he did not have a large penis, but his testicles were quite large and not at all in proportion. They more than filled his scrotal sac and hung very low like a bull's half way down his thigh. He had always been very proud of his testicles; he considered them his best trait.

Cordelia approached carefully pulling on two disposable rubber gloves. She held his shoulders and pushed them backwards and forwards judging his balance and general physique. She then looked into his eyes, pulling on the lids to get a better view, she examined his nostrils and teeth, and he now truly felt no better than an animal.

Greta had thought to protest, as Cordelia was being quite rough, but did nothing she wanted a good price for Sam and arguing with his potential buyer would not help her case.

The examination continued with his chest and back, he was commanded to breathe deeply a few times, his heart rate followed then his thighs, calves, Cordelia finished by measuring his feet all the time muttering to herself, but not giving any clue as to whether she approved or not.

Finally, Cordelia returned to his midriff. Her rubber clad hands cradled his scrotum; they were warm to the touch. Sam jerked his hips forward at the first touch then relaxed as she squeezed each hard testicle with her thumb and forefinger. To his shame Sam's penis started to become firmer. He knew that he couldn't prevent a full erection, and it was soon upon him. Cordelia smiled to herself, she had achieved the result she wanted with very little effort. Greta and Venetia moved closer to watch Cordelia's work.

"Hands and knees!" Cordelia commanded

Sam dropped down as requested.

"Bottom up in the air, let the dog see the rabbit!"

He did as he was told, exposing his most secret hole to the three ladies' gaze, fretting about the next indignation to come.

Cordelia produced a small jar of clear jelly, and dipped her forefinger in it withdrawing a large glob and letting is slide down her finger rolling it around and around. She then placed it on the entrance smearing the jelly around until his anus was well covered. She traced the ring of his anus out again and again, knowing full well the effect it would have on the male.

Sam had a fierce erection, he was breathing heavily and tears of shame had overcome him. He looked at Greta, almost begging her to intervene and stop Cordelia violating him. Greta was going to do no such thing and she let him know. She came down to his level and whispered gently

"Sam, you have been my husband for 13 years, I do not want you anymore. You will live out the rest of your days with these ladies; they will ensure that you will serve womankind however they choose until the day that you die"

Sam could keep in his tears no longer, and started to cry openly, they fell onto Greta's feet. She smiled, she had enjoyed telling him she no longer wanted him and she knew he was resigned to his fate as she felt his warm tears dripping onto the soft leather of her shoes. She looked at Cordelia and nodded.

Cordelia pushed her finger at Sam's anus, it resisted at first. Venetia then came down to Sam's level, her bare cold hand felt his soft hairy underbelly and found its way to his scrotal sac.

"Don't resist Sam; Cordelia needs to check all aspects of your health, including the bits inside you that she can get to from the outside!"

Sam was mortified and still resisted, however his erection twitched in the air betraying his feelings. Venetia started squeezing his testicles firmly. "Any more of this silliness and I'll be forced to get quite rough…." said Venetia "….let her in at once you filthy little animal!"

With that Sam gave up the fight. He had lost. His very essence had been bared to these cruel vixens. His anus opened up and Cordelia's finger finally went in. Cordelia looked over to the other ladies victorious. She rolled her cruel finger around in Sam's rectum on a long drawn out search for his prostrate gland. She soon found it and rubbed it gently making Sam's penis twitch rhythmically, the foreskin had stretched back of its own accord exposing the big angry purple glans to the air. Greta was impressed, so impressed that she almost considered keeping him.

Cordelia's incessant rubbing caused Sam to desire more depth, he was being sodomised in front of his wife and he had no choice other than to enjoy it. He moved his bottom backwards and forwards, his anus was suckling on Cordelia's finger like a baby on its mother's teat. Cordelia nodded to Venetia, she knew he was close to ejaculating. Venetia reached into her pocket and produced a 50 ml clear sample cup and positioned it under the crown of Sam's penis.

"We'll need a nice big load of cum for further examination" Venetia cooed "let's just see if those big cum tanks of yours are of any use to us, I think it's time to give up your thick, creamy spend for us!"

"This disgusting creature is second's away, GET READY…." Cordelia drawled

Sam was frantic his bottom battered backwards and forwards, his tight sphincter felt every irregularity of her finger especially her wide knuckle, he was now desperate to cum, he had lost all rationality and control, his mouth was wide open and saliva seeped copiously out of the corner and dropped out in long strands, pooling on the wooden floor. He looked up at Venetia, his face was bright red and perspiring, she smiled back at him knowing that it was only a matter of time before he gave up his vile load. He could not believe that he was this close to letting loose a big cum without any actual physical contact with his reproductive organ

"Come on you bastard! Hurry up and empty your foul seed into my cup, you dirty pig! "Said Venetia

"…..GET SET…." Cordelia cried

Greta was now in raptures. She had never seen a male abused in such a humiliating way; she wanted the experience to last for ever. Having witnessed the spectacle before her she was sure that her next male would have some good times ahead of him. She got down to Venetia and Cordiela's level once more and looked Sam directly in the eyes

"Ignore the fucking cup, you filthy beast!..." Greta then shouted "Do it now! Squirt your filthy muck all over the fucking floor you big vile bastard!"

Those were the words that sent Sam over the edge. His anus spasmed viciously and contracted violently on Cordelia's finger, almost breaking it. He pushed backwards as far as he could, to get as much depth as possible. His prostrate gland swelled spasmed and almost burst apart under the relentless pressure. He threw his head backwards and upwards, saliva was thrown backwards all over Cordelia's face and hair. He let out a loud almost painful animal-like growl.

Fuuuccckkkiiinnnggg Helllllllllll!" he bellowed

"….GO!...." shouted Cordelia "….He's fucking cumming! Quick Venetia! Catch this bastard's disgusting mess!"

But Venetia was far from ready, she tried desperately to grab hold of and control the angry organ but was too slow. It kicked and reared upwards towards her, and she fell backwards onto her plump behind trying to avoid the first volley of ejaculate.

"Fuck it! It's loose" Venetia exclaimed

The big organ then withdrew into Sam's pubic bone then pushed outwards and at the same time a monstrous 'rope' of seed belched out of the tip, flew through the air and landed with a loud audible 'splat' on the floor at Venetia's feet.

Greta looked on in absolute wonder as a second huge volley of Sam's spend arced through the air, and landed on Venetia's calf.

"Ugh! He got me" she wailed, desperately trying to avoid the next delivery

By now Sam was squealing like a stuck pig, as gob after gob of creamy white pearlescent semen few through the air soaking the floor in front of him.

"Aiiiiiieeeee, Arghhhhhh, Mercy, Pleeaaaaaasse!" He cried

Venetia knew she had to get some of the ejaculate into the cup. She crawled on all fours through the pond of spunk and grabbed hold of the organ which was now a deep indigo colour with all its effort. She directed the crown into her sample cup and watched it intensely as the peehole contracted forcing out the dregs of cum from his crimson bollocks.

She managed to collect the last three gobs of Sam's precious liquid. She examined it, it was almost clear. She thought it better to have the last and freshest part of his 'cum' than the stale, thick rich stuff at the beginning and was pleased he had yielded for such a long time

Cordelia continued rubbing mercilessly at Sam's very sexual essence, she knew he had nothing left in his big testicles now and warned Venetia accordingly.

"He'll only be 'dry cumming'….." she stated "….we've drained this animal's reproductive system of everything"

Sam's bellowing finally subsided. His trembling hands and legs gave up the ghost and he fell on his belly into the big lake of cum on the floor.

Cordelia's finger followed his decent, giving him a few final slow circular rubs to which he had no chance of responding. Finally she withdrew her finger. It left his anus with a loud sucking noise. Cordelia examined her finger and as she suspected it was covered in Sam's excrement. She knew it was not worth chastising him for that though, the poor bastard had no choice but to lose control of his bodily functions under such a relentless onslaught. Instead she brought the finger around to his mouth and said simply

"Lick it clean!"

Sam obeyed; he didn't care what they did to him now. He knew that this was just the beginning of years of more and more humiliation. He wept openly in front of them as they smiled and commented on his exhibition.

"Look at the state of my skirt and stockings, he's ruined them!" claimed Venetia.

"Not to worry, they served their purpose, they can always be replaced. It was all in a good cause." replied Cordelia.

After Sam had cleaned her finger, she removed the disposable gloves and plopped them in the pedal bin. Sam was instructed to clean up the pool of ejaculate with a cloth before being allowed to retire to his room.

When he was gone, Greta addressed the pair eagerly.

"Is he any use then?" she inquired.

"I could lie and tell you otherwise in order to scam you, but I am so confidant that we will make huge amount of money of him that I am prepared to give you a very fair offer. How does £10,000 sound?" stated Venetia

"That sounds superb, much as it pains me to lose him after that display he's yours!" said Greta

"Indeed he is!" drawled Cordelia "He is without a doubt the best 'cummer' I have ever seen, I am unsure as to where too fit him in the farm, still we will decide such matters in due course. Bring him in after the weekend and we'll have the money ready. Perhaps you'd like a guided tour of our facility as well, it is very very interesting."

"That would be delightful" Greta replied "see you on Monday morning.

With that the ladies left. Sam had of course been listening, tears streamed down his face. He felt lost and desolate; his anus ached, just to remind him of the complete degradation he had just endured....

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