tagBDSM21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 05

21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 05


A guard appeared calling out: "One-eight-Six and Thirty-seven, let's go move it!" She got up; moving out in the hall where neck chains were connected and wondered what was in store for them. They marched through several hallways and then entered a small room. The guard signed their log cards, handing them to another guard and left. The ball and neck chains were removed and short chains were connected between their ankles and the wrists behind their backs, making it difficult to walk.

They were then led into a very strange room. It was like a movies set from the eighteenth century with a back drop of period house with seating for maybe twenty-five people facing a small outdoor stage. They were led to one side of the room along with about twenty other slaves of various racial backgrounds including two males, one of them black she'd met before, three midgets and two lady boys. Their neck chains were now interconnected.

"This is an eighteenth century slave market." The guard addressing them wore a period costume and as always carried a riding crop. You will each be auctioned off to the highest bidder. When the clients arrive there will be a short time when at least some of them will do hands on inspections. You will act scared and confused and cry or pretend to cry. You will shrink from the first groping by each client; then if that client complains, I will apply the riding crop to your ass. You may cry out in pain then or spit at me or the client and get another lash, use your own judgment Clients who attends these auctions likes to be taken back to the days when slavery was legal on the outside and will bid higher for a slave who can make that fantasy realistic. Keep in mind that even though the auction money is not real the client is charged a accrued percentage on top of his regular bill based on the final bid. As always it is your obligation on the pain of lashes or time in the pit to maximize the profits of the syndicate." They were then packed like sardines into a small very hot room to wait.

After about half an hour with sweat pouring off their bodies and gasping for air, they were led back in and lined up near one wall. The clients were in their seats waiting and some began physical inspections. A short older Asian male headed straight for her and began to grope her tits. She gasped and shrank back, turning away.

"Guard...this slave has insulted me," he shouted in anger." She got one hard lash making her cry out loud, she then winced and shrank back again when he fingered her cunt. "Guard this is an outrage, a chattel; a lowly semi human is defying me... a respectable citizen!" He had become even louder as he stared at her furiously. She got three hard lashes making real tears flow, crying pathetically while looking at him with her best 'innocent hurt' face as if begging for mercy. She cried as he groped her again without wincing but shaking with fear, tears rolling of her cheeks. He stood back straight as a die and gave her an 'I'm your master look' and then marched off taking a seat. She knew he was a bidder. Several more clients groped her with similar results bringing her total lashes to twelve. She was the tenth item to be led up on the stage chained to the black male slave, the guard prodding their asses with the riding crop. She hung her head and continued to weep not looking at the crowd as the auctioneer started.

"Look at the crowd slaves, let them see what they are bidding on." The guard whacked her ass and she shyly scanned the room and then hung her head again.

The auctioneer started with her: Gentlemen, this formerly free citizen is being sold into slavery by her seventy year old husband in accordance with the law due to a sexual indiscretion with a common stable boy. There were general sounds of disgust and head shaking from the audience. "Yes ladies and gentlemen this common born wench was lucky enough in life to be selected by a high born gentleman for holy matrimony at eighteen. She threw it all away with the colored boy next to her."

"Let's string him up, someone yelled."


Well sir, he was already given the choice between the noose and a lifetime in slavery. His future owner has of course the legal right to dispose of him if so desired but can never free him."

By the law of the land this female can never be freed. There is no reserve on this shapely and full figured item; bidding will start at ten grand. Do I have an offer? She was sold for thirty five thousand after twelve bids, to the Asian client who had groped her first. She was left standing until the black slave was sold. They were then taken to the opposite wall with the other auctioned slaves to wait until the sale was over.

She was amazed by the reality of the auction; it was like one of those murder mystery nights with audience participation.

The auctioneer had a story like hers for every slave and the audience would boo; make cat calls showing total disgust for the petty crimes most of them had been sentenced for. Some were thieves having stolen an item of food to save a starving sister or sick grandparent. Some had been free servants who had dared to deny a master his privileged right to sexual intercourse with a household employee. Others were booty from slave raids in fictitious countries.

Her owner had also won a black midget who was auctioned off for steeling a loaf of bread for her starving mother and he now signed some papers for his purchases. A guard escorted them to his room and handed over the keys for the chains.

His wife was in the room and got up bowing to her husband and then smiling apologetically at the slaves. She led them to the bathroom for a quick shower. After drying she brought them to her husband. He demanded to be undressed immediately and ordered one-eight-six down on her knees slapping her face a few times before ramming his cock in her mouth. He then slapped the midgets face before switching his cock to her full lips. They took turns sucking him for a while.

His wife then ordered One-eight-six to lie on the floor with the midget on top. He fucked the midget missionary style using One-eight-six as a mattress. Ejaculating quickly he made them both suck his cock clean.

Next he ordered her to stand and pick up the midget who embrace her neck and hung on her body after he ordered one-eight-six to place her hands on top of her head. They each got six lashes in alternating order as he groped and admired his handy work for a minute or more between each stroke.

Next they were ordered to stand by a wall with hands on top of their heads while he drank and talked to his wife while watching their tears flow with a smiling contented expression on his face. After about half an hour he made them perform lesbian sex for his viewing pleasure." One-eight-six despite the pain couldn't believe her luck; this was the same midget the Warden had used as a mattress under her ass while fucking her. She loved her shapely little body and climaxed three times while in seventh heaven as they took turns snacking on each others cunts.

He then stopped lashing them three more times using the same method with the midget hanging as before. He then ordered one-eight-six to kneel and the midget stand in front of his chair while he watched their tears flowing, smiling with a proud arrogant expression. When the tears stopped he said something in his language to his wife. She got up and carefully kissed their tears away, smiling sweetly with the troubled expression of a mother caring for her crying youngsters after scraping their knees. She held each face with both hands, kissing their cheeks better, then after bowing to them, poured her husband another drink and bowed deeply to him before kneeling next to him with down cast eyes. He fucked them both after that about an hour apart and then went to sleep on the bed with the midget half way under him.

After he fell to sleep the wife removed One-eight-six's chains and led her into the bathroom. She motioned for her to run a bath and then undress her. She soaked for a while and then pointed at the soap and rubbed her body. She soaped the woman and then dried her, after which she said, massage with a quizzical expression. They got on the second bed and she did her best to massage the woman which seemed to make her happy. She smiled up at her with that same madly in love expression of her first client's wife, maintaining intermittent eye contact as her entire body was groped, kissed and massaged. Her eyes closed when fingers neared her small dome shaped breasts uttering quiet gasps as gentle fingers caressed her nipples which soon hardened to raspberries. She opened her eyes again parting her lips and whispered something in her language while looking down at her nipples and then up again puckering her lips making a kissing motion. One-eight-six bent down and kissed a nipple while fingering the other. The woman gasped and moaned as her now hardened and extremely sensitive nipples were alternately sucked. She slowly began rocking and lifting her pelvis as if her vagina was calling for attention.

One-eight-six made eye contact again while her fingers covered her client's vulva. Her eyes were half closed as her lips parted in prolonged passionate moans. She gasped as a finger split her inner labia and gently traced the length reaching and rotating on her tiny clit.

She watched her clients face and received the most adoringly sweet: I love you expression while her breathing became deeper and irregular. She then raised her hand to One-eight-six's face, stroking her lips letting a finger slip inside her mouth while looking down toward her crotch. Words couldn't have said it better she wanted to be loved physically as well as emotionally. She had never experienced a moment like this either as a slave or before her abduction. She kissed her warmly before moving into position between the slender but shapely woman's eagerly spreading thighs. She felt a strange impossible deep soul-mate love for her. The woman closed her eyes and turned her head shyly when a tongue met her vagina. This woman probably a natural lesbian trapped in a heterosexual marriage where she properly did not belong; and one-eight-six a sex slave who would never be allowed a permanent loving relation ship with anyone. For the moment they were both fulfilled as a gentle experienced tongue triggered climax after climax in her client while One-eight-six nearly climaxed herself from the sheer pleasure of satisfying this highly emotional and lovingly sweet woman.

After a few minutes her client pointed at the covers indicating she wanted to be tucked in. She covered her and kissed her on the lips; the woman uttered a quiet thank you and pointed at the floor before closing her eyes.

She crawled out off the bed and curled up on the carpet trying to get some sleep. It was probably a couple of hours before the riding crop woke her. She instantly recognized her situation and got to her knees kissing his feet. He then prodded her to get up and pointed at the bed where the midget was lying on her back, holding her own face in her hands. He motioned for her to lie on top of her in the opposite direction and then prodded her with the riding crop until the midgets lips were between her spread thighs even with her vagina. He ordered with sign language for her to lick One-eight-six's cunt while whacking her ass five times and then crashed on top of them. She raised her ass away from the midget's mouth and eager tongue to ease penetration.

She heard the midget sucking his cock while probably fondling his balls. It wasn't long before she could feel her hands guiding his cock to her orifice. He penetrated her fully and held it there while she encouraged him by churned her ass, working her orifice moaning with pleasure. She could hear the midget slurping on his balls until he began to move ever so slowly. He soon increased his movements and she imagined the midget's face and probably stretched out tongue being slapped by his sack. They both moaned as their client fucked one while being orally stimulated by the other. He finally groaned his climax, filling her cunt with his cream and then just rested fully inserted on top of the two of them catching his breath while enjoying his climax. They both moaned quietly, One-eight six rotating her ass slightly while the midget nuzzled his balls.

He rolled off them after while pushing One-eight-six aside, motioning for her to cup her cunt with a hand and then eyed the midget pointing at his cock. She sucked noisily, deftly draining the last few drops. One-eight-six knew exactly why she was made to cup her vagina and as soon as the midget was flat on her back again with her mouth wide open she positioned her cunt on her thick full lips and removed her hand. She felt her inner labia being spread, then two little thumbs prying her orifice open and then an eager tongue entering sucking hard draining her vaginal canal of semen and cunt juice.

He watched closely making eye contact with the midget and then pointed at One-eight-six's mouth. Nothing had to be said and as soon as she finished sucking, holding as much as she could in her mouth, One-eight-six was quickly on her back with her mouth wide open as her partner crawled on top of her and from an inch away drained a mouthful mixture of cunt juice, saliva and semen. She slurped and moaned with pleasure while maintaining eye contact with her client. He then pointed at her mouth sticking out his tongue and they French kissed noisily sucking hungrily on each others lips and tongues while exchanging fluids.

She then noticed him closing his eyes and without further orders they maintained mouth and tongue contact until he began to snore. The midget broke contact and bit her ear teasingly.

"I loved that and I love you."

One-eight-six whispered back in her ear, "I love you too and I have since I crushed your beautiful black body while being screwed by the warden. It's a cruel world isn't it?" She squeezed her curvaceous and soft little body, clutching her bubble ass as her neck was being sucked and kissed.

"Let's go to the bathroom I'm really horny and I want to be orally serviced by the woman I love."

"What if we get caught?"

"They're both out cold and we are allowed to pee and wash up aren't wee?" They carefully moved off the bed and entered the bathroom. The midget put down the seat and One-eight-six lifted her up; she leaned back spreading her thick thighs exposing her shaven vulva. One-eight-six quickly knelt and dove in licking her delicious cunt, clutching her ass cheeks, bringing her to a climax three times.

She picked her up and sat down placing her black lover on her lap. They hugged and kissed warmly.

"How do you feel being displayed in the lineup every night?"

"I'm rarely there sweetie."

"How do you get to the clients then?"

"The photo shoot, they pick me out of the album."

"But...I'm in an album too."

"Yes but I'm not only naked in the album. I'm shown as a baby in diapers sucking a soother; also dressed like youngsters at various ages playing with dolls and stuff. The syndicate is caching in on my baby face."

"Ouch...that's really weird.

"Yes but on top of that, it's insulting; I am an adult woman. As far as acting out being a baby or a youngster of whatever age and submitting to whatever they do to me; I've gotten used to that. They're all very nice and loving clients, no riding crops other than erotic groping hand spankings when I'm naughty; everyone loves my bubble butt. Some of them undress, bathe and then dress me again, treating me like a doll or watch me doing it."

"Dress you with what?"

"There are five of us midgets in this program. We each have a special client room equipped with closets stocked with clothing our size including underwear; you know the frilly lace kinds. There area dolls to play and all kinds of toys. There is a baby crib and diapers, baby bathtub and feeding bottles for those who are turned on by that kind of thing.

"The client can pick out whatever he wants me to wear. I was trained after my deflowering and three days with the monster and the madam, for one month by the super of our little department before serving my first client. I think it's like going to acting school."

One eight six fondled her perky black breast. "I don't get it, you acting a youngster with these beautiful tits."

"They have flesh colored bands with two opening for my nipples flattening my breast. They come with various sized opening depending on what stage of maturity they fancy."

"That is incredible and more than a little bizarre."

"Yes it is, but whenever I have any qualms I visualize the pits, the madams riding crop and the beast; so I'll move heaven and earth to fulfill my clients every sexual fantasy, no matter what."

"So after these men play dress up with you or whatever do they fuck you?"

"Every client is different. Some take me to bed and fuck me like a woman. Others masturbate while fondling me or watching me dress or undress, some fit it between my thighs from the back or the front and ejaculate that way.

Many perform oral sex on me or want me to do it to them. In both cases I act like it's my first time and pretend I don't want to do it. They try all kind things depending on the age I'm supposed to be, like promising candy or certain toys as a reward. Sometimes when I'm a teen they'll spank me very lightly, then caressing and sometimes kissing my ass cheeks while I cry, promising to be good. Then of course in the case of them licking my pussy I eventually have a loud climax and ask them what happened to me. My super teaches us that it bolsters the male ego to satisfy a female.

"With the blow jobs, eventually after much bribing, including gentle instructions I magically become an experienced fellatio artist. Again the super teaches us that at some point the client's fantasy ends and the reality of ejaculation begins; we much learn to determine that point.

"I don't swallow unless persuaded, usually by him scraping some with a finger and touching it to my lips. I always make a face at first but after a few more tries I open wide, licking my lips pretending that it's delicious. Then I eagerly suck his finger and sometimes his cock; slurping as much as I can while smiling appreciatively.

"Midgets are a big turn on for many regular sized men; we drive them wild. I've had many clients ejaculate one way or another up to ten times during a session. Some jerk off while hugging and kissing me as soon as I enter the room; usually wearing in very short frilly nightgown, lace panties, lace ankle socks, cute slippers and a flower in my hair."

"You mean men play with midgets dressing and undressing them like dolls. I can't believe that."

"You learn a lot about the true nature of at least some men when you're a midget. They are very caring though; most want me to call them uncle. Many times they just want you on their laps for a long time, hugging, kissing and snuggling them while they fondle you; like we're doing now. I have fallen to sleep in the arms of many clients that way, before being gently awakened and undressed or partly undressed for actual sex."

"I still don't get it; you're an amply developed woman and incredibly curvaceous, nothing like a youngster at all.

"It doesn't matter, I'm three foot-seven inches, cute as a button and some men imagine me at a certain age and it's my responsibility as a sex slave to bring that fantasy to life."

"Some women are crazy about midgets too." She kissed her passionately. "Have you ever been punished by the Madam for not performing properly?"

"Never in my nine months here. That horrible pit and the beast absolutely terrify me; I pay strict attention to my super's tutoring and do exactly what he and any client demands. No one has ever complained about my obedience or absolute willingness to please."

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