tagBDSM21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 09

21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 09


21st Century Subterranean Slavery Part IX

One-eight-six relaxed on her cot, eyes closed thinking about her old man client.

"Hey you look too happy this morning." She turned looking at her neighbor One-six-three. You must have had a good night?"

"Yes, a short seventy year old homely, nerdy accountant type; I cherished every minute of making love to him. I even married him in sort of a fake ceremony."

"You're not the only one sweetie but I never married one."

"Really...I thought my mind had lapsed to another universe. I mean on the outside there would have been no way."

"Yes but here sex is not just about performing flawlessly; It's about truly loving your client."

"Truly loving?"

"Yes, I've been here for nearly three years and would have been insane by now except for the way we are intimidated to truly love our clients. It's the threat of the madam's lashes, the warden and the pits at first but it does the trick. It takes months but eventually we enter an altered state of consciousness and somehow truly love them; especially the older and homely ones. Most of them will spend an eternity stroking and kissing every inch of your body; It's almost like our roles are reversed...they satisfy us first. With young studs, it's just 'wham bam thank you ma'am' and they're done. The old ones are so cute and oh so grateful to be truly loved and it's not an illusion, we do love them. They're getting what they could never possibly get on the outside, at least with a beautiful woman. With whores out there it's just an impersonal roll in the hay; they fuck men like auto workers mindlessly assembling cars; screwing the same identical parts together over and over and over. Then at the end of the shift they wearily punch a clock and go home."

"That's an unusual analogy."

"Well think about it; in here these old me are presented with a veritable smorgasbord of the most beautiful young males and females on the planet."


"Yes a variety of delicious ethnic beauties from around the world tempting the client's palate, who then sniffs, tastes and consume us in the privacy of their rooms. We are the hors d'oeuvres, main course, wine and dessert combined, prepared by gourmands: that is the syndicate, the Warden, the madam and various instructors, then enjoyed by wealthy connoisseurs of human flesh, or horny old men if you like.

"We are all sexy and beautiful or we wouldn't have been abducted. Think about it, any one of us walking into a mall, bar or pretty well anywhere, would turn heads. Most of them horny, drooling males but also women whether they admire us, or are just jealous because we get good looking guys or guys with money, they have no chance in hell with. The problem we had on the outside was inflated egos. We constantly flaunted our great figures and pretty looks to tease or for personal gain. Here as sex slaves, equally beautiful men and women surround us, at least during the day. That hurts our inflated egos, we're no longer special, no one worships us. In the evenings everything changes, we submit to men and women, we would never have considered on the outside and the reason, I know I'm repeating myself, we learn to love them despite their age or looks because from them we get the adulation our egos crave."

"Wow, talk about a way with words, who are you?"

"I was a student of English literature working on my degree at Harvard."

"At eighteen?"

"I graduated from high school at fifteen and was in my third year there when someone spiked a drink and I woke up in the pit."

"You're beautiful blonde, with a killer body and actually have a brain; now that is a miracle!"

"The miracle is that I'm still alive after an additional two trips to the pits.

"Wow...how did you manage that?"

"I refused to have lesbian sex with the madam, I had sex with men and women before but it was a matter of principle."

"Principles, let's see on a scale of one to ten, I'll say its less than one!"

"Yes I know, after another nine days in the pits I had sex with her. Then I was introduced to the warden and as soon as that monster touched me, I knocked him flat on the floor."

"Wow...he's supposed to be a former prize fighter."

"I'm a six-foot one, black belt kick boxer and stronger than many men, he's a light-weight; I would have killed him if it wasn't for three guards being there. I got twelve days for that with the snakes and rats plus at least twenty lashes a day. Some days they strapped a speculum to my cunt leaving it wide open for the snakes. It never happened because I managed to sleep with my hand covering it."

"So you cracked after that?" "Well they strapped me down on a table with my legs locked in stirrups. He fucked and buggered me repeatedly for five days and nights. Then he wanted a blowjob, I refused and he sat on my face rubbing his hairy asshole all over it. With my head clamped in place, I finally gave in and blew him rather than going back to the snakes and the daily lashes. Eventually he ordered me to love him madly and give him a tongue bath, which I did several times for the last two days. It was a relief to go to the lineup."

A guard interrupting them called out three numbers including One-eight-six. She was shocked; her client had been extremely satisfied. This had to be a mistake.

When they entered the madams' office, she was told to stand next to her desk, not in the lineup. Her madam pointed at a riding crop and motioned for her to pick it up. So that was it, she was here as the Madam's disciplinarian.

"Before we start one-eight-six, you will passionately French kiss each slave due to be disciplined, they in turn will embrace you murmuring 'I love my madam, while you caress their asses with the crop." She did as ordered and passionately kissed four females including a midget plus one male.

She gave each slave the number of lashes ordered by the madam, fully aware of a guard standing behind her touching her ass with a riding crop in case she eased up on the severity of her effort.

The three females passionately kissed the madam during their lashings. The midget was required to eat the madam's cunt while being lashed at ten-second intervals until the Madam climaxed, which reduced her lashes to twenty rather than thirty. The male slave at the same ten-second intervals had his lashes reduced from twenty-five to fifteen by ejaculating on the madam's belly at the tenth lash and then licking her belly clean, swallowing his own cum by the fifteenth.

After lashing them, the madam ordered One-eight-six to embrace and French kiss each slave with intense passion. The beaten slaves responded with feverish enthusiasm, moaning loudly, clutching and groping her flesh while rocking and twisting their pelvic regions into her body. During each necking session, a guard held a riding crop against the slave's ass while watching the madam to ensure that each performance was satisfactory. Two of the females, one of them a midget, got three quick lashes each, resulting in a desperate almost violent increase of action and passionate moans, which satisfied the madam's standard of passionate lovemaking.

One-eight-six was ecstatic; she was beginning to relish the feeling of inflicting pain on her fellow slaves, hearing them cry out in pain with each lash and watching their tears flow. Even better, she enjoyed them being compelled to reward the person who had inflicted those painful stripes, with true passion. She especially enjoyed the response of the two females as the guards riding crop tore into their ass flesh. They gasped into her mouth in shock as their bodies froze with each lash, but their passion then increased many fold. She was beginning to understand why her madam took pleasure in watching slaves lashed to tears while sometimes making passionate love to her and then thanking her profusely.

The madam addressed One-eight-six. "You did a commendable job today and you obviously enjoyed it as much as I did."

"Thank very much madam; I truly enjoyed lashing their guilty asses. They all failed the syndicate and deserved every loving lash. Thank you for letting me performs this honor." She really meant what she said; believing now firmly that failing to completely satisfy a client completely was sacrilegious.

"This is however not the only reason I had you come in here this morning. You have once again come up with new ideas for our sexual arsenal. Noting in your reports that you have acted as a blow up doll and a robot, that is just brilliant and then in another report describing the performance of a fake marriage. We are setting up a video session this afternoon and you will be demonstrating and perhaps teaching in the motivation class in the next few days. We are setting aside a room as a chapel for more elaborate and realistic fake weddings. Everyone will be fitted with risqué wedding gowns and photographed for their albums. The syndicate was impressed and decided to reward you. You can pick any slave you want for an hour twice a week for you own pleasure. You can make love to them and or lash them to tears, the choice is yours."

"Oh thank you...I know my madam is not as sex slave otherwise...?"

"Well not today, do you have a slave in mind?"

"One-four-eight madam...please?"

"Let me look at the list...Aha...your midget partner the night of the neck cradle lashing. Let's see now... oh yes of course, she's in the spoiled brats department. Good choice, I have enjoyed her luscious flesh many times...unfortunately without being able to decorate her ass meat. She's one of my favorite midget fucks, a living doll to say the least."

She picked up the phone and dialed a number. "Hello Steve, your madam here. I want one-four-eight in my office pronto...I don't give a fuck if she's being prepared and showered for your personal fucking pleasure. Fuck one of your other spoiled brats...No, she's not being punished. You've got ten minutes to get her here, got it? That's my good little Stevie boy, you haven't forgotten who holds superior rank here. Another outburst like that could result in a lot of stripes on your ass or even a visit to your beloved Warden. OK, I accept your apology...this time!" She hung up.

"Alright, One-eight-six go through that door, have the attendant wash you and then wait for your spoiled brat."

"Thank you madam so much," she almost ran to the door followed by a guard who removed her chains. She then impatiently waited while the attendant washed and dried her.

She sat down on a chair in the madam's large bedroom almost shaking with excitement until the door opened. Her little lover just stood there staring until the guard removed her chains and left.

One-eight-six held out her arms and her shapely black doll flew into her embrace kissing her madly.

"Why...why am I here...what happened? Are we being rewarded for being lashed with me hanging on to your neck? I saw the video. Why wasn't I in it?" She embraced One-eight-six's neck again kissing her passionately.

"Wow sweetie...not so fast we're not being rewarded for that and I know why you weren't in the video. You're far too valuable to the syndicate to get your ass bruised again, so they picked someone from the regular midget cell block." She then explained the reason for them being given an hour together.

"You picked me out of all the slaves here. You do love me as much as I love you." They hugged, fondled and kissed gently for some time before getting on the bed where they made love with the slow gentle passion of true lesbians. Catfights and erotic wrestling was for the viewing pleasure of male and some female clients. In the next hour, they both climaxed many times between periods of sweet talk while relishing being in each other's arms.

It was over when the madam entered. She was carrying a riding crop and ordered One-eight-six to assume the position. She got eight hard lashed and then ordered the midget to caress and kiss her striped cheeks. "This is just a reminder of your slave status." She said and then sat on the edge leaning back on the bed ordering One-four-eight to kneel on the floor and eat her cunt.

One-eight-six was motioned to present her DD's to the madam's mouth and clutching fingers. Next to wielding the riding crop, the madam's second most important fetish was to use her little hands for clawing, pinching and her mouth to suck lick and bite tits. She climaxed quickly and they both got up.

"Please madam, may I have eight lashes too?" One-four-eight sounded earnest.

"No you little brat," she kissed her pussy juice drenched lips passionately. "I would of course love to but being in the spoiled brats department you can't be bruised. Your hang around the neck session a few weeks ago with One-eight-six was a reminder of what's in your future with your clients...and me when you fail the syndicate. So hang on to that youthful glow as long as you can. You may leave now; a guard is ready to take you back." She pushed a button, kissed her again, and then let her kiss her statuesque lover goodbye. A guard entered and connected her chains. She picked up her heavy ball and was lead away.

It seemed odd to One-eight-six that the madam being a midget herself was not aware that One-four-eight would rather have regular lashes than being used as a youngster.

"Can I have her again next time madam?"

"No...not for a month, pick someone else."

"I would like an Asian hermaphrodite then." She wondered how long she would get this special treatment.

"Ah...a double duty cutie fuck, fine I'll select a recent arrival, one of my own favorites for you."

"Thank you madam." She was being favored by the syndicate but was it the madam who made her pay the price. She had received eight lashes after making love to One-four-eight and she was the disciplinarian maybe twice a week while her favorite status lasted. She wondered if one or both was a requirement ordered by syndicate or just something, her Madam had cooked-up to satisfy her own sadistic fetishes.

From the syndicates point a view it all made sense; despite letting her have temporary favorite status, they would never let her forget that she was a sex slave. From the Madam's position, it also made sense, by adding a little more variety to her own sexual perversions. She guessed, that each session would be followed by numerous lashes, for her and maybe her chosen lover.

After lunch, she was led to the studio for the video shoot. It took quite a while since the super had many changes and suggestions. He told her that he would rewrite her experiences himself including the wedding ceremony, which made her very happy since she felt somewhat silly about her own suggestions

TINY RED HEAD About a month after her first reward session with another slave, the madam picked one for her without letting her know who it was. She waited on the bed and was shocked when a guard brought in a diminutive female. She did not have the thick body of a midget but was not much taller. The guard left after removing her chains. One-eight-six waved her closer. She appeared to be in a trance but moved near the bed and turned slowly when prompted. She had short flaming red hair, was slightly built but well proportioned with a tiny waist, a nice little bubble ass and small cone shaped tits with nubs. Her face despite her condition was angelic not at all like an eighteen year old. She motioned for her to come close and then sat her on to her lap. She was surprised that her weight seemed much lighter than a midget was. One-eight-six stroked her body pulling her into her breasts, trying to stop her from, shaking. She looked down at her thigh brand reading Two-zero-one as her tears flowed. She continued to stroke her until she finally settled down.

"Why am I here, you're a sex slave too?" she whispered. "The madam said that I had to submit to anything in here." One-eight-six kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly. Telling her that it was a long story, but basically she was being rewarded for some suggestions she had made. "You mean I am to have sex with you as a prize or trophy or something?"

"Well you see, I love sex with men or woman some people would call me a nymphomaniac."

"Where I come from...that's a whore."

"You've got an accent where are you from?"

"Great Britain near the Scottish border."

"How were you abducted?"

"It was my birthday at a school picnic on a beach. I had wandered into the forest to have a pee. Two men grasped me, one covered my mouth while the other stuck me with a needle and that was it until I woke up in that horrible pit. Why would they want me for a sex slave, I'm a tiny and skinny four foot eleven, most people think I look three or four years younger?"

They selected you because you're pretty with a finely turned body. They most likely spied on you for six months to a year until your eighteenth birthday. They probably have naked pictures and or videos of you in the school or gym change room. They know everything about you; your school records; any behavioral psychiatric reports, your doctor and dental files; that goes for your family too.

"Your short alright but you've got good bones, they'll fatten you up to suit the taste of certain clients."

"The gym super said I was anorectic and that's true. I used to throw up to remain slender. Now they tell me to eat everything on the tray and I'm never alone even in the bathroom so I can't hurl anymore. I'm going to get fat, especially my behind, it's big enough now."

"You do have a nice ass but to most men it can never be big enough. You're not going to be fat just curvaceous, men like their women that way. Skinny models just suit gay dress designer's not real men. What did you think about the Warden?" She shook and started to cry again.

"Yes he's a monster but first they sold me as a virgin at an auction. The winner bought another slave, a big woman like you. She taught me how to suck on his disgusting penis and swallow some of that sticky salty stuff," She shook again and buried her face in One-eight-six's neck. Then he deflowered me lying on top of the other slave. He did it three more times during the night. I hate sex, I hate it and why do men want you to swallow their semen?"

"A man's penis is the center of his universe, there's nothing more important in his life. His vocation, schooling, hobby, etc. are necessary for survival but his days are constantly interrupted by sexual fantasies. A beautiful submissive woman is every man's Holy Grail.

"Making or forcing a woman to perform a blowjob is the ultimate act of domination. Some enjoy it if you are willing but others get their kicks by forcing you to blow them. Some will grasp his cock at the last minute in order to aim his jizz directly into your open mouth, expecting you to swallow it; others deliberately splash your face and then order you to scrape with a finger and suck it.

"Regular coitus, missionary or doggie Style is nature's way of reproducing. That suits a young or inexperienced male. Just the feeling of getting his penis inside a woman's cunt is enough to get most young men off. After a while it becomes old hat; at least's if their good looking and getting sex on a regular basis. In time, especially with married couples it can become boring and. males begins to fantasize about oral sex. Most women are opposed to doing it for many reasons mainly because a woman can't climax from the act only the male. To a man, it's the ultimate act of sexual domination. The woman is usually on her knees, which in itself is an act of obedience. Think about religion where people kneel for God or Gods messenger a minister for example, or Kings of old, demanding everyone kneels of even prostates themselves in their presence. For most blowjobs, the man is standing or sitting with the woman down on her knees taking his cock in her mouth, ready to swallow or have her face and chest splattered with semen. A wise married woman would swallow her pride if you'll pardon the pun or at least pretend to enjoy it.

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