tagRomance24 Degrees

24 Degrees

byDecayed Angel©

We had hoped to take a romantic tour of Washington DC, envisioning walking hand in hand down the National Mall, strolling though the art museums and visiting a few of the monuments, but when we opened the curtains in the room, the immediate chill we felt sent us to the TV to catch the local forecast. The night before the weatherman indicated temperatures would go up into the mid forties, but looking at the Weather Channel we noted that the current temperature was twenty-four degrees. The wind was about five to seven miles per hour, making the wind chill a brisk eighteen degrees.

Switching channels to the local news, we waited for the weather report which indicated that the temperature was supposed to rise up to forty-three by mid-afternoon, but currently it was still very cold. We pulled the sheer curtains back over the window, hoping to cut the chilled air while letting in some light. Sitting down on the bed we were silent, both trying to figure out what to do.

When Heather came up with an idea, I had to wonder had taken us so long. Her idea was to simply turn her head to me and give me a quick kiss. I reciprocated with a bit longer kiss and when she reciprocated by putting her hand on my lap and gently squeezing my growing erection I realized we had found something nice to do while we waited for the temperature outside to rise.

The ideas just kept coming, so I jumped up, adjusted my erection and headed into the bathroom and started the water, dumping some bubble bath in. Coming back out into the room, I took her hand, kissed her gently on the mouth and began undressing her. I worked slowly, kissing her on the lips between each button, snap and hook. When she was naked, I stepped back into the bathroom and turned off the water and then returned to her. Taking her hand, I walked her into the bathroom and steadied her as she climbed in to the hot water.

It took her a few moments to get accustomed to the heat of the water, but when she did, she leaned back and just relaxed. I stepped back into the room and quickly removed my clothes and then returned to her. While she was pretty much covered in bubbles, I noticed her breasts were exposed, glistening in the dampness. Looking up at her face I saw her blue eyes looking seductively at me.

I kneeled down, took some body wash and squirted it in my hands, making a fist to warm it up some. Leaning forward, I ran my hands first over her breasts and then gently outward, slowly, sensuously washing her. Slipping my hands under her arms, I felt a bit of stubble there and asked, "Can I shave you there?"

A bit apprehensive, she replied, "Only if you are very gentle."

I agreed, so she told me where her razor was and then carefully instructed me on how to hold it and pull it along her skin. Finishing shaving her armpits, I looked down at her pubic hair, be decided I liked that soft patch of hair too much to want to shave that off. Her legs were a bit ambitious for me, so I placed the razor on the sink and returned to her, rubbing the body wash over her hips and down her thighs.

She opened her legs as I washed her thighs, exposing her beautiful, delicate lips and I could feel my cock harden again. During the nervous task of shaving under her arms, my erection had subsided a bit, but now, looking at her, it was fully hard again. Rinsing the soap off my hands, I grabbed her razor and returned it to her bag, returning with the vial of lubricant I noticed when I originally got the razor.

Dabbing a bit on my finger, I reached down and slid my finger up the slit between her lips finding her clit. Touching her as gently as I could, I began moving my finger in small circles around the tiny nub, watching to see how her body responded. Her lips slowly began to swell, almost blossoming outward and I could feel her clit quickly harden.

Tiny waves began to emanate from her hips as she began raising herself up to my fingers and then dropping down into the tub again and again. I felt her hand lightly grasp my arm and I could see her breasts begin to move as she breathed faster and faster. I continued touching her lightly, but she began to moan, "Harder, harder..." So I increased the pressure a bit.

I could feel her grip on my arm tightening and the movement of her hips began to become more and more intense as the water splashed some with her movement. She began whispering to me saying, "You make me feel so good, I can feel it, yes."

Moving my finger faster, I whispered back, "I love you."

"I love you too," she moaned, and then continued talking, "Oh it feels so good, I'm going to come, yes make me come, please make me come."

Moving a second finger to her clit, I rubbed her in firm, round strokes, circling her clit very quickly now. I felt her nails push into my arm as she lifted up and then squealed a bit as the came, splashing back into the water and relaxing completely. After a few minutes I leaned over to her and kissed her, whispering to her once again, "I love you."

Smiling a bit, she reached for my cock, but I moved her hand away saying, "No, no, this morning is just for you. We can go get some lunch and see if it has warmed up any. When we get back from our romantic tour we'll talk about it then." I then helped her stand up and step out of the tub. Grabbing a towel, I gently dried her off and then moved out into the room to get dressed. Once she was dressed, he headed out of the room, ready for our romantic day to continue.

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