tagRomance24 Hours (5:15pm-9:30pm)

24 Hours (5:15pm-9:30pm)


Author's note:Thanks to everyone for the kind comments concerning this series. Thanks once more to the man that makes my writing flow much better... gotwood49


I look up to him and say, "Doesn't blackberry pie and brandy sound nice?"

He looks to me like a kid in a candy store, as he grabs my hand and pulls me quickly down the sidewalk. "My kind of lady," he says.

I laugh, "Well, after today, I sure hope so."

He stops, pulls me up against him, and with whispered breath upon my lips tells me, "Don't ever doubt it." His lips capture mine and devour me, as my heart is stirred beyond words. "I love you, and I will miss you when this is over, but don't ever doubt us." His fingers touch my cheek and a kiss is given to my lips once more.

Hugging me close, we stand that way for a long moment, before he takes my hand in his. We walk towards the store, to purchase my lover's brandy. No more tears fall from my eyes as I hold his hand, and accept his love for me. The bell chimes overhead and we wave to the owner as we make our way to the back of the store. "What kind would you like?" he asks me, and I look at the array of bottles. "I haven't a clue," I reply.

He picks up a large bottle of brandy, then we move to check out. "Wait," I tell him. I walk away, open the cooler at the back of the store, then return to his side. Placing a bottle of soda beside his brandy, I loop my arm around his. My eyes roam over the brandy, then up to him. "Just in case," I tell him. He laughs, and we leave the store, once more hand in hand, each of us with pictures of the evening dancing in our head.

Deciding to take a different way home, we meander through the park. Passing people that have stopped to enjoy the setting sun, we find a vacant bench among the others. Young children play on the swings, and parents toss little ones into the air. Words are not spoken at this moment; my lover and I just absorb this place and this time together. Watching the sun find its home behind the trees, we watch the swans bob their heads into the pond below us. Wrapping my arm around his, my head resting on his shoulders, we stare at the two white swans. As they glide across the glistening waters, my heart reaches out to them. How I wish at that moment to be them; to not worry that when I swim away, my mate won't be there when I come back. They are mated for life, as am I. I am mated for life to the man beside me; my wish, my dream. Though we only have this time, we are still the matching set; the mate, to the other.

He places a kiss upon my head. The time is now after 6:00, as the sun has set and only the orange fiery glow remains. Standing up, we move away from the bench, the swans, and the young lovers that have now begun to emerge for quiet romps in the woods. I squeeze his hand and we use the park lights and the lights from the town to guide us home.

The mood is still and melancholy as we enter the house. Touching my hands once more, he brings them to his lips. "Go and change, my love, into something elegant." I smile softly at him and turn to go, handing him my soda, then leave him to his own devices. Entering my room, I open the closet and select a long fuchsia gown. Removing my clothing, I slip on a pink thong, and a bright pink corset that ends under my breasts. Wickedly, I grin at my wantonness, and I wonder what he will think when he sees me. Picking up my gown, I step into it. The top of it rests just above my nipples. I know that if I lean too far over, the pink buds of my breasts will easily become exposed to his eyes. My fingers move to the side and I slide the zipper up my body. The slit in the gown runs from the floor to the middle of my thigh.

Looking at my reflection, two thoughts enter my mind. I pull a tube of cherry lip-gloss from my dresser. I think about how I have heard that red lipstick circling one's nipple would be an erotic sight, but since I want my breasts suckled, I also want an inviting taste. Smirking to myself, I pull my breasts out, one at a time, from my dress, coating my nipples and areole with the slick lip-gloss. It shines on my skin. I know in time it will dry there, and my lover will find a tasty treat for his senses. The other thing I find myself doing, is reaching for my small gold scissors. I carefully pick away at the seam of the slitted gown. The threads, now broken, allow the seam to fall apart. I pick at the loose threads I've created, then admire the new length of the slit along the sides of the gown. As I move in front of the mirror, a hint of my ass can be seen if I move my legs in certain ways. Sitting on the bed, my legs resting as if the table were there, the slit is now high enough that my gown lies almost open. A chill runs through me as I shiver over the erotic scenes that play in my mind.

Shaking out of my thoughts, my feet take me to the dining room. A feast fit for a king is set upon my table. Candles flicker across crystal goblets. Greek salad fills our bowls. As I turn at a noise to my left, I see him, standing there, his eyes devouring my body. Mine return the favor, as I admire him in his tuxedo. I am reminded of a talk we had, of how we would one day have a dinner like this, formal and intimate. It would have been just like this, and I know that for all we will face in the ending hours, this dinner and the times we spend together will be remembered for all time.

Taking my hand, he leads me to my seat and assists me into it. A feathery kiss caresses my shoulders as he moves me against the table and then seats himself beside me. Our knees touch; our feet press against each other. "It all looks lovely," I say.

"As do you," he whispers to me, lifting my hand, bringing it to his lips and then tenderly kissing it. Our meal begins, and conversation moves gently over our lives. We touch base on our pasts. Not the recent years, that involve why we cannot be together, but we talk of our lives as children and as teens; when life seemed so free of troubles and worries, and one was always in a hurry to reach the next birthday. We both laugh, as we agree that neither one of us look for those next birthdays.

Wine is consumed as he serves our main dish of veal and steamed vegetables. I laugh as a small head of broccoli drops between my breasts, and within seconds his mouth is there to capture it, then lick his way back up to my neck. His eyes sparkle as he moves back to his chair. Now he watches me more closely, waiting for the next piece of food to fall. Oddly enough, by the time our main course is finished, several pieces of vegetables had toppled from my fork.

"Let's dance," he says suddenly, as we move from the table.

My eyes lift. "Dance?" A look of confusion crosses my face. "Did you not want your pie?"

"Later," he smiles, as he takes my hand in his once more. We walk to the back of the house, and out through the patio doors. Once more I am moved by my lover's thoughtfulness and romantic nature. Small candles are lit around the patio deck. They are lit on both sides of the walkway that goes into my flower garden. What I hear is the music of love and romance filling the air. He leads me to the gazebo, entwined with twinkling lights. "How?" I ask, curious as to how he could have prepared all this.

"Wishes and dreams, my love." He pulls me into his arms and we dance. Our bodies sway gently, as we hold each other. The warmth of his hand on my back moves through my dress, as he presses it against me. I feel his muscles beneath my own hand as it holds onto his arm. Our fingers intertwine as he glides me around slowly, with determined steps of seduction. The music caresses our souls as the wind cools the heated desire against our warm skin. Nothing, however, is enough to cool the inner fire that is burning the both of us.

Taking my hand from his chest, he tenderly kisses each finger, before sliding one of them into his mouth and sucking gently. I whimper softly, my lip trembling ever so slightly. I stand up on my toes and kiss him, with pure love; no rushed movements, just this moment to taste him. His hand moves to my side and up my leg, the slit giving him complete access to my thigh, ass and hip. I tremble as shivers run across my skin. Our bodies pressed tightly to each other, we turn to go towards the house. Again he stops, and pulls me to him.

It is as if we cannot get enough of this; these stolen moments to touch and love and hold. I can tell, this time we will not make it back to the house. The teasing touches from dinner and from our dance, the stolen hints of flesh that have been tantalizing him, are too much. His hand presses against me, his mouth descends to my neck. I hear him hiss into my ear how much he desires me. My hand moves to his tuxedo jacket and I push it from him. He catches it, spreads it on the grass, and sits down on it.

Opening his arms, I fall into him. My legs melt beneath me, as the length of my body presses fully against his. I feel his arousal against my dress, and I push my pelvis against it. His fingers run over my back and down to my ass. The slit of my dress is pushed away, as a tender touch runs along the cheek of my ass. Purring against his neck, I nuzzle closer to him. His fingers slip to the crack of my ass, slowly slipping under the silky string, easing it away from my flesh. His fingernails scrape along the smooth globe of my ass, then his hand cups it. Lifting and pressing me to him, he growls against my ear, "I want to have you here, under the stars."

Vibrations course through me. I press my thighs together, and feel the hum of my sex radiating inside me. The pressure of his finger becomes more noticeable as he slides it up between the crack of my ass, tracing where the thong had been. He pushes against my anus, and I moan as he runs his digit over the small hole, begging to be allowed a place to play. I move my leg down to the ground and my hip falls gently over his thigh. Soon I can feel his finger slowly enter me. "Oh, yes..." I whisper, as he slowly slides his finger along the inner edge of my tightness. Moisture leaves my pussy and collects along the silk thong. Pushing my ass further towards his searching finger, I beg for more.

His lips capture my neck and his other hand pulls my right breast free of my dress. His mouth devours it, and I hear his moan of pleasure as his tongue licks across my nipple and sucks away at the now dry gloss. "Heaven," he whispers, before he returns to suckle my breast. My back arches, then drops so his mouth can inhale my tit. My ass continues to beg for more attention, so he pushes deeper into me, his nails grazing my inner hole. "Ohhh, hon," I whimper into the night.

Rolling me onto my back, one breast exposed to the wind and my gown spread open from the slit, his hand immediately moves the front of my dress away. He covers my juice-soaked thong with his mouth, and begins to lick the heat that has soaked through. My hips lift as he bites at the material covering my pussy. I put my hands under my ass and lift it higher for him, a silent plea for him to suck my body; to clean it and claim it yet again.

The night air hits my wet cunt as he pulls the thong away from my sex. He runs his tongue along the inside of my panties, licking the juice that has gathered there, before he slides it across my pussy. His finger opens my engorged lips, and his teeth bite at my clit, pulling and tugging at it, for his pleasure and for mine. I turn my hands over, my palms now up, still holding my ass, and I lift myself even higher, propelling my sex into his hot mouth. The feeling of his tongue overtakes me, as he slides his mouth up and down my soaked body. Teasing my flesh, he bites it, taunting it. He pulls away for a moment and blows hot air against the wet hairs, bringing goose-bumps to my flesh.

With each roll of his tongue, more nectar escapes me. The boiling pressure builds inside me as his mouth returns, full force, against my sex. If words could be used in this moment, they would be ones of war, of ravishment, and conquering the lands before him. He moves faster and faster on my body. His tongue slides quickly between my engorged lips, over my clit, and then plunges deep into the cavern of my sex. "Yesss... Cum, baby," he tells me; demands of me, as he moves his head up and down, then back and forth. I look down my body. My hands holding my ass up for him, his thick head of hair is all I see, as he buries himself between my thighs. Giving up my sight, my head falls back, as the first wave of cum forces itself from my body, soaking his mouth and tongue with my desire.

"Ohhhh god!" I cry out, as he sucks, prods and propels me further and higher, with each pull of his lips upon my sex. Soon he has cleaned me; loved me; devoured me, completely. His head emerges from my pussy, and my hands drop away from my ass, then fly up to his shoulders. As he crawls upwards onto me, I realize that we are still completely dressed. Only his jacket has been removed. My thong rests against the side of my pussy. My right breast is cleaned of its lip-gloss, and rests in the breeze. "More," I whisper against his lips.

"Soon," he tells me.

I watch as he takes my hand and helps me to stand. Bending down, he retrieves his jacket, while I replace my breasts into my dress and adjust my thong. My fingers graze the hairs of my sex, and I feel the moistness he has extracted from me. Shuddering again, I sigh against his chest as we move inside the house. As we make our way to the house, we take turns extinguishing the candles along the walkway and the patio. Once inside, we extinguish those in the dining room, as well.

The glow of the kitchen light is a beacon to us, and we move to that room. A bottle of brandy rests on the lazy-susan, along with two crystal tumblers and a large slice of blackberry pie. He pours a glass and hands it to me, then pulls out my seat. After we have both settled into our chairs, I take a drink of my brandy. My thirst needs to be quenched from the earlier events, which robbed me of moisture.

My eyes widen as the brandy hits my throat. He looks over at me and chuckles as I cough and sputter. Looking at him, I gasp, "You drink this stuff every night!" I remembered how he would tell me that he enjoyed a glass before bed, and I thought it only fair that I try some.


"I think I'd die, if I had to drink that!" Getting up, I grab my soda from the fridge and take a drink of that. "Better," I sigh, then take my seat again.

He laughs at me and enjoys his brandy, eyeing me every once in a while and wondering what I am thinking. I catch his stare, lean over and kiss his lips, tasting the brandy from him. "I could enjoy it this way," I whisper as I deepen my kiss.

I feel the smile against my lips and his tongue soon plays with mine once more. The humor of the moment is gone, quickly replaced by long, deep strokes of our tongues, tasting brandy and soda. He stands, as do I. I feel his arm sweep under my knees and lift me to him. I am cradled in his embrace as he carries me into the living room. "What about your pie?" I whisper, my tongue touching his ear. "Later," he answers.

The fireplace roars bright, while candles shimmer in the windows. He slides me down his body and slowly begins to trace my bare shoulders. I know he has not yet seen all I have worn for him. He has only teased and tantalized my sex, bringing it to a heated rush.

"You know how special you are?" he asks me.

"I know how special you make me feel." I answer, kissing his lips softly. I take his hand and lead him to the rug in front of the fireplace. He sits down and leans back on his hands, his legs stretched out before him, crossed at the ankles.

I move to the stereo, and soon a soft melody surrounds us. Everything is different now. The mood has gone from heated, to humorous, to romantic; and then once more the love of our relationship has revealed itself, before the pure need to touch began to fill the room.

Walking towards him, I slowly begin to ease the zipper down the side of my body. The slit in my dress reveals so much of my leg, he finds that to be distracting, as I continue to slip the zipper down. Finally, he looks up, and sees the corset peaking out from under my dress. "Nice," he whispers, as the dress now lies open against my heated flesh.

I slip it from my breasts, and it falls in a liquid pool of fushia, surrounding my feet. Using my feet to push it away, I feel his firm grasp upon my body. Looking down, I see a hand wrapped around my ankle. I watch it slide up the back of my calf muscle, then down again, slowly stroking me. A shiver runs along my spine.

He rises to his knees and places his hands on my hips, pulling me closer to him. His mouth once more presses against my sex, and once more it begs to be noticed by him. His fingers run up the sides of the corset to cup my breasts, which are now heavy with lust for his touch, his tongue, and his love for me.

Feeling the light caress of his thumb against my nipple, I moan softly, each movement described to my senses as small sparks, running along my flesh. The room is hot; not just from the fire that blazes behind us, but from the heat that he has generated, with just a simple touch. Looking at my nipples, I watch them harden and plead for him. I feel his breath once more on my body. His lips touch my thigh, as his fingers tease my nipples, pulling and tugging gently.

My hands move to his, and I run them down his arms, to his shoulders, and then into his hair. Our eyes lock and we hold each other for what seems like hours, but is in fact just seconds. I lower myself to my knees, our eyes still looking deep inside the other. His index finger traces my jaw as he tips my chin up, and captures my lips.

Our tongues touch and tease; just the tips, our lips barely caressing each other. Sighs of frustration come from each of us, as we fight to hold ourselves back from giving into pure lust. We taste each other, slowly. Our tongues touch hesitantly, each one of us sliding closer to the other, till finally our entire mouths are pressed together, our tongues merging as one. His hands wrap around my back and he pulls me tight against him. I, in turn, pull him closer, my fingers digging into his hair.

The texture of his clothing rubs across my breasts, and the buttons dig and make impressions in my skin. My fingers now move to undo the buttons of his shirt. His move into my hair as our kiss breaks, and he pulls my head back, devouring my neck; sucking and stroking it with his tongue. Heated gasps rack through the both of us, as the fireplace burns hot beside us. My arms fall away, my fingers entwining in the rug as I look up, waiting for the lips that left mine.

I watch him stand up and remove his shirt; then his shoes, socks and slacks. The boxers he has worn are more pronounced by the size of his aroused sex. My fingers itch to touch it, to guide it to the places that long to taste it; to feel it and become engrossed in it. His fingers curl around the band and guide the boxers down his body. I hiss in awe over his naked flesh. The light of the fire glows over him, small beads of sweat glistening and sparkling on his flesh.

Tremors of desire move through me as I watch him. I recline on the rug, leaning on my elbows as he looks down at me. I lift my foot and slip one heel off, and then the other. Dropping to his knees before me, his hands seize my foot, and he bends his neck. His teeth bite at my toes, and he runs a finger down the sole of my foot, causing a giggle to escape me. "Behave," the whispered plea leaves me.

"If I must," he smiles, releasing the ticklish appendage before kissing his way up my leg. His fingers hook the waistband of my thong, and soon my sex is fully exposed, once more. The warmth from the fire hits it, bringing more heat to my already flushed body. He presses the palm of his hand against my sex as he climbs back up towards me, and his body covers mine. My back relaxes once more into the rug, feeling the pleasant and knowing caress of his hand and lips upon me.

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