tagBDSM24 Hours Ch. 01

24 Hours Ch. 01


As she lay sleeping, in one powerful moment he wraps his hand across her mouth like duct tape and plunges his cock deep into her. As his weight presses into her, she is startled awake. He can tell she is confused, surprised, and wet. He wraps his hand with her hair as if he was riding a bull and he leans in and whispers:

"Good morning my love."

He had awakened her in this manner many times before, however, today it would be different. He will challenge her submission and devotion.

"There will be no need for clothes or words for you today. You will serve me to whatever end I desire. I can read your body and your eyes. Your submission will be your gag and your devotion will be your clothes. You will do nothing without my permission."

He feels her tighten around his cock as he delivers his plan for the day.

"You have only this one chance to refuse my request. After that you will be my property until the morning comes. You have one of two words to choose. 'Yes,' which will be your last for 24 hours, or 'No,' to start your day."

As he's fucked her, he has repositioned her on her hands and knees. . He knows her responses and body as well as she does and can tell that she is close to coming. With his cock hard and deep into her, he asks,

"What is your answer?"

He pulls her upright by the hair and releases his hand from her mouth as she begins to come.

"Yyeesssss" explodes from her with spit and snot and tears as if cum from his cock.

He replaces his hand over her mouth and slows his thrusting. He can feel her contracting as the orgasm fades within her.

"Very good. My girl."

He pushes her flat to the bed with his body and turns her head to the right. She has that sub smile. The one you can't slap off. That smirk of being owned and used and safe and protected.

"It is cold and rainy. What better way to spend a Saturday than naked in silence, serving your dominant?"

"Rule 1. The following rules stand for twenty four hours unless otherwise instructed."

"Rule 2. No words. If I need to ask you a question, you will be able to answer it with a nod of your head."

"Rule 3. You will do nothing without me telling you to do it."

"Rule 4. You will stay near me at all times."

"Rule 5. Where I walk, you will crawl."

"Rule 6. If I shut a door between us, you will lay at the threshold and wait for my return."

"Rule 7. When I am seated, you will kneel at my feet."

"Rule 8. I will control your use of the bathroom."

"Rule 9. No outside contact. If anyone calls for you, I will take a message. You can return their calls tomorrow."

"Rule 10. I can hand you out to anyone I choose."

He feels her tense up with this last statement. Nevertheless, her smile broadens with his words. Now his thrusting quickens as he comes in her. He rarely gives his cum in this manner. She usually wears it or tastes it.

"I want you to keep my cum in you. I will check later to see that you held it. Now go to the bathroom. You have ten minutes to be alone. I suggest you brush your teeth and use the toilet."

She gets out of the bed and begins to walk to the bathroom.

"All fours please. You may stand while in the bathroom. I want your ass in the air, and remember, keep my cum."

She quickly drops to her hands and knees and crawls like the animal he loves. There is nothing more hypnotic than a woman's ass when she is on all fours. As she crosses the threshold of the bathroom she stands, switches on the light, and reaches to close the door.

"Leave the door open. You have ten minutes."

She steps out of view, and he hears the toilet seat go down.

"I am listening," he yells to her, and he hears her stomp her feet. "Does stomping your feet help you pee or keep my cum?"

He hears the tinkling sound of her peeing and soon the flush of the toilet. She appears in the mirror on the bathroom. She brushes out her hair and puts it in a ponytail. If she only knew, how much he loves her. Can she ever know?

"You have five minutes left."

She washes her face and begins to brush her teeth. He gets up from his bed and walks to the bathroom as she finishes up. He stands behind her and looks at her in the mirror as he presses his body into hers. Embracing her, he pulls her in tight against his skin and pulls her head back, kisses her, and slides his tongue against hers. As he pulls back from their kiss, he slides a finger into her pussy and one into her mouth.

"I love your holes. Looking at them, fucking them, probing them, slapping them, and coming in them. Step back please."

She steps back and be grabs her by the hair, in close and tight to the scalp and lowers her face to the sink. As he grasps her hair, he holds her down with his forearm across her back and parts her legs with his feet and begins spanking her ass.

"Remember, hold my cum. I will be checking shortly"

He starts slowly and softly, switching cheeks, and then building harder and harder. Right in the sweet spot neither thigh nor ass. Her ass begins to turn red.

"Now lets check to see if my cum is still in you."

With his free hand, he slides two fingers into her. She is wet.

"Ah, yes."

He removes his fingers from her and pulls her into a standing position.

"Legs together and turn to me."

She complies and faces him. He pulls her head back by the hair, which opens her neck to him. Leaning in he begins kissing, biting, and sucking on her neck. He takes his cum soaked fingers, probes her mouth deeply, and tells her to suck them clean. She sucks his fingers as if they were his cock and it feels almost as good. With this simple sucking, he feels his cock harden.

"Please, kneel with your back against the wall, adjacent to the toilet."

She complies and he stands just inches from her face and pisses into the toilet. He can see she is watching his cock. Knowing she will take his cock anytime and anywhere, he feels empowered. He reaches down and strokes her hair and face.

"Look up. Fuck, you're beautiful. I love you. You are my favorite toy, my greatest pleasure, and my most cherished friend. I can't imagine my life without you."

She smiles and presses her cheek into his palm. He takes her hand, helps her to her feet, pulls her in tight to him, reaches down, and squeezes her ass.

"It is time for my shower. Please turn the water on."

She readies his shower as he brushes his teeth.

"We can make this quick. While I wash my upper body, you can wash my lower half and pay attention to my cock and balls. There is a good chance you will be spending some time with them today."

She smiles.

He steps into the shower. "Come on in." She steps in. "Get on your knees and open your mouth." She complies. He puts his cock in her mouth. "I don't want to come. I just want it in your mouth as I shower."

He leans his head back into the water stream and soaps up his hair. He fells her struggle to keep his cock in her mouth. He hands her the bottle of soap and washrag.

"Here. Wash my balls and ass with my cock in your mouth."

She takes the soap and washcloth from him and leans forward on her knees. She squeezes soap on the washcloth, reaches around, and washes his ass. Then she washes his balls.


He catches her slowly stroking his cock with her mouth and tells her not to even try. She obediently stops.

"Now wash my legs and feet and don't tickle me."

She puts more soap on the washrag and lathers up his legs. She has always told him how much she loves his legs.

He removes his cock from her mouth. "Now wash my cock." He puts the soap in the palm of her hand and she glides it across his hard cock.

"Sweetheart. Clean it. Don't jack it."

With the shower nozzle, he rinses all the soap from his hair and body, and places his cock back into her mouth.

He steps back, and she follows with his cock in her mouth and with the shower stream landing on her shoulders, he reaches down, removes the scruchy from her hair, and squirts shampoo onto her head and he begins to wash her hair. He piles her hair on top of her head, making sure it is well soaped.

"Keep my cock in your mouth, close your eyes and lean your head back a bit."

He begins rinsing her hair, slowly pushing the pile off her head and down her back, straightening it out with the shower stream.

"Put out your hand."

He squirts soap into her hand.

"Wash your pussy very well. I may want to go down on you later, and you never know, maybe someone will stop by. And don't masturbate! Just wash."

She takes her soapy hand and washes her pussy. As she does this he squirts soap all over her shoulders, tits, and down her back and he tells her to wash the rest of her body and to keep his cock in her mouth

He pulls his cock from her and tells her to stand. She complies, and he proceeds with rinsing her body. "Turn to your right please." When he is done, and she is facing him, he steps in, kissing her as he adjusts the shower nozzle to slow, pulsing massage, and directs it at her pussy.

"I hate the taste of soap."

She jumps as the water hits her.

He tells her to turn, get on all fours, and face away from him. As she complies, he positions himself to the other end of the shower and sits cross-legged on the shower floor, where he can scrutinize her ass and pussy peeking between her legs. He adjusts the shower spray to a fine mist, sprays her back, and slowly directs it to her ass and pussy. The spray is light, gentle, and warm. He moves the spray up and down, along her ass and pussy.

"I know you have masturbated with this thing before. I want your ass higher."

With her ass high in the air, he adjusts the spray to a slow pulse and covers two of the three streams, giving him more control over his aim. He directs the stream at her asshole. The stream strikes cause her asshole to contract with the rhythm of the pulses. He slowly lowers the stream to her pussy lips. Then slowly, very slowly to her clit.

As the pulses of water strike her clit, her lips contract inward. He moves the stream up and down her lips, stopping for a moment at her clit. He asks if she would like to cum and reminds her not to use words. She quickly nods yes.

"Only when I give you permission."

He slowly increases the pulse of the stream while keeping the movement along her lips steady. With the pulse at its max, he knows she can easily come if he desires it.

"Are you ready to come?"

She nods yes.

"Do you want to come?"

She nods yes.

"I want you to come for me. Now!"

As he grants her permission, he quickly turns off the hot water off and the stream is instantly cold. He can tell by her reaction that the cold water has washed away her orgasm.

Suddenly from her mouth "Fuck"

"What!" he exclaims, and turns the shower back to spray and starts spraying her with the cold water. "What did you say?"

He can tell by her body language that she realizes she has made a mistake. He turns off the water, gets out of the shower, and begins drying himself. He orders her to stand against the wall.

"And put your nose and tits against it."

She complies. Nevertheless, he pushes her against the wall, positions his body against hers, and grabs her by the hair. She is pinned between him and the cold tile.

"You agreed. All I asked was your silence and submission. What should I do with you?"

He steps back and takes a towel, twists it into a whip, and cracks it just inches from her ass. She jumps with the sound of the crack.

"You get a choice. One hard crack or ten medium cracks? Nod yes for one, no for ten."

She nods yes.

He again twists the towel and wets the tip on the shower floor. He measures his stroke once and then unleashes the crack on her ass. Striking her on the left cheek, she jumps and he can hear her muffled cry. The strike instantly starts to welt up.

He picks up a towel.

He sees her take a deep breath and her shoulders shutter as she struggles not to cry. He puts his hands on her shoulders, turns her to face him, and tells her that it is all right to cry. With that, she begins to cry, he wraps her in a towel and holding her tight. He can feel her body convulse within his embrace. She buries her face into his chest.

"Sweetheart. Why are you crying so hard?"

With tears streaming down her face, she looks up at him, and he wipes away her tears and kisses her forehead.

"Was it the strike?"

She shakes her head no, as she looks down.

"Is it that you failed by talking?"

She looks up, nods yes, and sucks a breath as she continues to cry. With his hand, he soothes the welt on her ass and tells her that the welt will serve as a reminder for the rest of the day. He wraps a towel around her hair and tells her to dry him off. She quickly gets on her knees to dry him. She starts with his feet, moving up to his ankles and legs, and then proceeds to his cock, balls, and ass. He sits on the toilet so that she can dry his upper body and his hair.

"Thank you. Now dry yourself, brush out your hair, and dry it."

As she dries off, he returns to the bed, lies down, and tells her when she is done to return to the bed and to remember to crawl. She finishes her hair and puts it in a ponytail. As she exits the bathroom, she drops to all fours and crawls to him. He tells her to climb into bed and lie next to him. He pulls her close and places her head on his shoulder. She is still sniffling a bit.

"Are you ok?"

She nods yes.

He rolls her onto her side facing away from him, puts his arms around her, and pulls her in close as he spoons her. She coyly pushes her ass back into his cock, but he lets this infraction slide as they lay there quietly.

As she lies there dutifully, he slips into a bit of a sleep. Twenty minutes pass, and he wakes and kisses her cheek. She grinds back into his cock. He slides his hand onto the welt on her ass.

"Sweetheart. I let it slide the first time. Don't push your luck."

With that she stops.

"While you will be naked all day, I need to get dress."

He gets up from the bed.

"Now get your ass up and fetch my clothes. You can walk while fetching them. I want Levis, black cop belt, a black t-shirt, my Wesco loggers, and my watch. Oh and a pair of white socks."

She jumps up out of bed, walks to the closet, and retrieves the belt, boots, jeans, t-shirt, and socks. She returns and lays them out neatly on the bed. Then she retrieves the watch from the side table and hands it to him and he puts it on. She stands there handing him is clothes as needed. He catches her looking at him as pulls his clothes on when their eyes meet and she blushes. He tucks the shirt into the Levis, and he buttons them. She hands the black leather cop belt. He folds it over on itself and snaps it. She jumps to attention.

He tells her to kneel at his feet. She complies and looks up at him. He hands her his boots.

"Lace them up and tie them tight."

As she laces the boots, he reaches down and strokes her hair. He realizes how wonderful it is to have this smart beautiful woman naked at his feet. She is very exact in her lacing of the boots. They are both boot sluts.

He looks down at his boots.

"I think they need a shining."

She moves as if to stand.

"No, use your pussy."

He takes his right boot, spreads her knees apart, and works the toe of the boot between her thighs. She begins to grind her pussy against his boot, pulling the boot in tight and places her face against his knee. He pulls the boot from her grasp and pushes his left boot between her thighs and she begins to grind again. When she is done, he pulls the boot from her and tells her stand. He wraps he his boots around her thighs and pulls her close.

"Give me a hug."

She puts her arms around his neck and gives him a kiss. He reaches down and pats her ass. She jumps. He found the welt.

He reaches into the nightstand drawer and pulls out her collar. As he places it around her neck, he says:

"You're my princess and my slut."

She smiles, and he gives her a kiss on the cheek.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I am hungry."

He gets up, and she falls to her hands and knees, following him. As he begins to ascend the spiral staircase to the main floor, she begins her climb up the stairs on all fours.

"You can walk up the stairs. That diamond plate will kill your knees."

She gets up and walks behind him. They reach the top of the stairs, and she drops again to all fours and follows him into the living room.

A phone rings.

"It must be your cell."

He picks up her cell and looks at the display.

"It is Laura, should I answer it?"

She shakes her head no; he opens the phone and answers it.

"Hi Laura . . . no she's not . . . I am not sure. She said she had some errands to run this morning . . . I will be here all day . . . No she has no idea . . . I will tell her you called . . .Take care."

He shuts the phone.

"It was Laura. She says she had to pick up some shoes she needs for this evening. I told her I would be here all day. Said she would stop by later."

She looks up at him with a concerned face.

"When she gets here you will sit quietly on the couch. Naked. I will explain things to her."

Her look goes from concerned to alarmed.

"I think she is much more hip then you give her credit."

I am still hungry. Let's feed me."

To be continued . . .

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