25th Class Reunion


After I hung up the phone, I felt really silly about my choice of words, and regretted leaving the message. I wished I had written things down before I dialed his number so I could make all the points I wanted, instead I was certain I'd missed the mark on so many things. There was no way for me to delete it, so I just hoped he'd understand when he finally listened.

Tyler called me back that evening, but Don was sitting next to me so I couldn't say much. The conversation was brief, but it felt wonderful to put things behind us and move forward. After that evening, we found time to either chat on the phone or e-mail at least once per day and from his tone I could tell things were pretty much back to normal. Life would indeed go on one way or another.

I decided I owed it to Tyler to not only continue my workouts, but to even take things further. I threw myself into my routine with abandon, and even took up jogging. My runs were only around the perimeter of our neighborhood, so no more than three miles or so, but they left me feeling truly invigorated.

In late September, I pulled out the scale and tape, and eagerly checked my stats. Thanks to diet and exercise, in just the month or so since Tyler went back to school, I had dropped another eight pounds. I couldn't wait to tell him and after putting myself through a really hard workout, sat at my laptop to send a note.

The phone rang about a half hour later, and I knew who it was before I even picked it up. After I said hello, Tyler barked, "Eight pounds! That's awesome, Mom!"

I have no doubt I was beaming from ear to ear as I gushed, "It's all because of you."

We exchanged excited comments for a while, when he said, "God, I can't wait to see you." My heart fluttered at his words, and then he tentatively asked, "Maybe you could, you know, send pictures?"

The idea of possibly e-mailing pictures of myself to my son really threw me for a loop. And the fact that he clearly wanted to see them made my skin tingle. I didn't reject his request outright, and simply responded, "We'll see." I definitely needed to think that one over.

As I lay in bed later then evening, aside my slumbering husband, I thought about Tyler's request. The more I mulled it over, the more harmless it seemed. What's wrong with a mother sending her son a few pictures? It wasn't like I was going to be nude or anything.

I gently eased myself out of bed, and moved to my dresser. After considering the options of what to wear for a while, I decided to go with one of my newer workout getups. I grabbed the shorts and top, and silently made my way downstairs.

After picking up our digital camera, I went into the bathroom and locked the door. I pulled off my nightie, and slipped into my workout gear, then looked in the mirror. I slept without a bra, and had neglected to bring one, so my breasts were unencumbered under the light top. Just a slight hint of my nipples could be seen, and rather than be ashamed, I thought the idea of taking pictures in that state was just a bit sexy. It was further stimulation knowing what I was being somewhat naughty with my husband just upstairs.

I primped my hair a bit, and then pointed the camera into the mirror and snapped a number of shots. I twisted and turned my body into one pose after another, hoping to capture at least a couple of flattering angles. After a good ten minutes of posing, I made my way to the kitchen where I kept my laptop, and downloaded the new images. As the file ran, I erased all the shots from the camera lest Don find them and ask questions I was unprepared to answer.

I poured over them slowly, deleting all the pictures I didn't like for whatever reason. Overall I was pretty pleased with the quality, given the fact that I had shot them into a mirror. In the small frame, you couldn't really tell that I was braless, but the tiny dots of my nipples were detectable if you looked hard. I had a sneaky suspicion that Tyler just might too.

After running over them back and forth for some time, I settled on the three I liked the most, then logged into my e-mail. I attached the three pictures, and typed five simple words, "So, what do you think?" After that, I logged off and made my way back to bed.

Taking the pictures had really made my pulse pound, and I found sleep impossible. My mind kept wandering to thoughts of Tyler scanning them diligently, one after another, and hoping he liked what he saw. I wondered if they might even be sexy enough to make him hard, and the next thing I knew I was touching myself again.

At first I just rubbed my slick lips, teasing myself with gentle contact. Before long, I slid a finger into my depths, and started moving it in and out. I added another finger, then increased the pace as my excitement continued to grow. I could almost see Tyler sitting in front of his computer, stroking himself as he looked at my pictures with wide eyes. Seconds later my own body stiffened as I came, desperately trying to stifle a sigh. Thankfully I didn't wake Donald, and finally satiated, I too drifted off into a contented sleep.

I intentionally didn't log into my personal e-mail until the next afternoon, where I found my son had responded to my message. I was nervous as I opened it, but knew I shouldn't have been. He said he was going to be late for class, so he had to keep his note brief. Still, I couldn't contain a smile as I read, "Holy cow Mom! You look amazing! Keep up the good work and can't wait to see you! XOXO."

As I jogged the neighborhood that evening, I thought about the pictures I sent and contemplated possibly doing more. The idea of sending something racier came into my head, and as strange as it sounds, I didn't dismiss it right away. Knowing I might one day pose for a picture in something truly revealing like lingerie or a bikini would be highly motivational. If I were going to do something that daring, I'd really need to drop at least another ten pounds. Minutes later when I reached my home, I just kept right on going and did another loop for good measure. After that evening, I consistently did at least two laps or more.

Tyler was working on a big senior project at school, so he wasn't able to make it home once that fall before Thanksgiving. The second Saturday on November, I once again broke out the scale to take my weight. I was stunned when I read the dial. In the six weeks since I had last updated my son, I had dropped another fourteen pounds. I knew my clothes had seemed baggier, in fact I had to take a couple skirts in to have them tailored, but I really hadn't expected this.

After working out and taking a hot shower, I left Don on the couch watching football while I went out on a mission. The sporting goods store downtown had a large selection of workout clothing, and I knew just what I wanted. I selected a tight pair of pink and black stretch boy shorts and a matching bikini-style sports top and headed to the changing room. They proved to be a bit snug, but otherwise a good fit.

As I assessed myself in the mirror, for possibly the first time in my entire life I thought I looked pretty damn sexy. Of course I had seen pictures of women in magazines dressed in similar outfits before, but not for a moment did I ever think that one day I'd be clothed in the same way.

I went back to the rack and picked out another outfit, this one in navy blue and green, and raced back to try it on. If possible, this one made me look even slimmer. I was on cloud nine when I arrived at the checkout counter with my two new outfits, and happily forked over more money than otherwise I thought they were worth.

I didn't want my husband to know what I purchased for some reason, so I stopped at the grocery store before going home, hiding my new apparel under a bag of veggies. As expected, Don was still on the sofa when I arrived back at the house, and I lied and told him I was going up for a nap. Of course I snuck both my laptop and camera along with me.

Our master bathroom had a full-length mirror, and within minutes I was before it in the new blue and green outfit. I practiced posing for a while, before I grabbed the camera and started shooting. At times I just couldn't help myself, and turned to expose my profile, eager to show off my firmer tummy and legs. Of course, in so doing I was also showing my tighter tush and more pronounced bust line. I quickly changed into the pink and black gear, and then repeated most of the same poses.

After changing back into my skirt and blouse, I hid the new purchases and eagerly pulled out my laptop and loaded the pictures. Other than the fact that I could really use a tan, they all looked quite good. I had never been particularly happy with my appearance, but at that moment I was quite proud of myself. I thought I looked pretty damn hot for a woman my age.

Once again, I selected the shots I liked best, this time just two in total, and attached them to an e-mail. The pictures were sexier than the ones I had sent before, so I was a bit apprehensive, thinking maybe this was going too far. The first picture was of me facing forward, which showed some pretty ample cleavage created by the tight sports top. The last had me standing sideways, bent over just a touch so my newly firmer bottom was thrust out provocatively. I wasn't sure what to say in my message, so this time I just typed one word, "Thoughts?" and hit send.

I closed my computer and lay back under the covers. Seeing how sexy I looked in the pictures made me feel heady, and before I even knew what was happening, I found my hand under my skirt, pressed firmly between my legs. I softly rubbed myself through my silky panties for only a minute, when my cell phone rang from its place on the nightstand. I knew it could only be one person.

I greeted him with a soft, "Well, hello sweetie."

"Oh my God, Mom, you look amazing!" he exclaimed with excitement.

I tried to play coy and asked, "You really think so?"

"Hell yes!" he exclaimed, and then added, "I'm so proud of you."

My heart swelled as I heard the words. First and foremost, I was doing it for myself, but secondly I really wanted Tyler to be proud of me. He clearly liked my progress, which thrilled me to no end. What was also exciting was the fact that I continued to touch myself as we spoke, hearing his voice only heightening my arousal.

We chatted about the pictures for a while, and then I asked, "So, which one do you like better?"

"Well, they're both awesome, but I think I'd go with the picture of you in the pink outfit." That was the one of me from the side, and I asked why. "I don't know, I just like it better for some reason," he replied nervously.

I was feeling a little giddy, so I said, "I guess that means you're more of a leg and butt man than a boob man."

Tyler chuckled a bit before he responded, "Maybe so Mom, maybe so."

Deep down I was wondering just what he would think if he saw me at that very moment. Those legs he seemed to admire were spread wide, and the firm butt in the picture was slowly rocking back and forth as I stroked my pussy.

I felt so amazingly naughty touching myself while talking to my son, with his dad just yards away no less, I just didn't want to hang up. I asked more questions about the pictures and was delighted by his effusive praise.

After a brief pause in the conversation, Tyler asked, "So, ah, does Dad know about these?"

There was a minor pang of guilt, but I responded with the truth, "No honey, he doesn't even know about the new outfits yet." I let that sink in a moment, and then added, "It's our secret, okay?"

"Of course, just between us," he promised.

"Secrets can be fun, can't they?" I whispered in a hush.

"They sure can, Mom," he replied. I'm sure he was wondering just what else we someday might keep just between us.

The entire moment was overwhelming and I was getting close to orgasm. Knowing that in a way I was almost cheating on my husband was beyond words, and the fact that my own son was the object of my desire was driving me insane with lust. Somehow I managed to ask, "You're not going to show them to any friends at school are you? Mommy wouldn't like that."

I was wondering if maybe he was masturbating while looking at my photos too, because he almost sounded out of breath as he grunted, "Nope, never Mom."

I purred into the phone, "Good boy," as I languidly touched myself. In my mind I could almost see Tyler at his computer, stroking himself furiously while looking at my pictures. With that image suddenly burned into my brain, I came with a rush. Somehow I was able to form coherent words, and soon ushered him off the phone, though not before telling him how excited it was going to be to see him on Thanksgiving.

The next week I went shopping to pick out the perfect dress for the reunion, as well as a few new outfits to fit the slimmer me. I also stopped into a tanning salon a few times in an attempt to give my skin a healthier glow. Of course, I also worked out like a fiend, always in my sexy new gear.

I was nervous as hell the evening before Thanksgiving, knowing Tyler would be home at any moment. I had selected one of my new skirts for the occasion, black, which came down about three inches short of my knees. It was sexier than anything I would have worn just months ago, but not over the top.

When I heard a car door slam outside, I had to force myself to stay seated and not appear too eager in front of my husband. Tyler entered the door a minute later, with a duffle bag over his shoulder, and shouted, "I'm home."

As calmly as I could, I rose from the chair and went to greet him. After pulling me into a tight embrace, he stepped back and said, "Jesus Mom, you look fucking fantastic!"

From his usual position on the couch, Don exclaimed, "Hey, watch your mouth."

I was feeling like a giddy schoolgirl, and ignored both the curse and my husband's comment. Without thinking I did a little pirouette, and then asked, "You really think so?"

He didn't have to respond as the answer was written all over his handsome face. He leaned in close and whispered, so his father could not hear, "Like I said, fucking fantastic."

Although I usually abhorred swearing, I found his words incredibly exciting. My knees felt weak, so I moved into him and hugged him once more. We stood in our embrace for a moment, until I heard Don say, "Crap Kathy, give the kid some space."

I was embarrassed to hear those words, and by the look on Tyler's face he was too. We broke apart and my son moved off to greet his dad. I stood watching them chat for a bit, but I really only had eyes for one of them. During a break in the conversation, I asked, "You had a long drive, can I get you anything, sweetie?"

Tyler looked at me and said, "I've been cooped up in the car so long, I really just need to stretch my legs." His face turned into a big grin as he asked, "Actually, a good workout would be good about now. Care to join me?"

I fought to repress my own grin and replied, "Sounds good. Meet you downstairs in a few." Moments later I was in my room slipping into my sexy workout clothes. So as not to completely freak out Donald, I pulled a baggy old colored tee over my top and an old pair of athletic shorts up my legs.

When I walked into the basement, Tyler was already standing on the mat, clad in sweats and a cotton top. We gazed upon one another for a moment in silence, before I moved my hands to grasp the bottom of my shirt. I slowly lifted it over my head and tossed in over the weight belt. Tyler's eyes were riveted to me as I then pushed the shorts to the ground and kicked them aside.

There I was, standing in just my skimpy pink workout gear, alone with my handsome son. Suddenly I realized the gravity of the situation and wondered if I'd gone completely insane. It was one thing to flirt on the phone or over the internet, but it was quite another to contemplate actually taking things to another level. Sure, I had fantasized about it, but I told myself it could never go beyond that. There was still a part of me that just wanted to run to Tyler and smother him with kisses, but I couldn't. Even though I was in love with him, I just couldn't do it.

I saw Tyler step towards me, and thought he might be coming to kiss me, so I quickly cut him off with a, "So, I guess we should stretch first." Quickly I turned away and dropped to the mat. When I glanced back, Tyler had a confused look upon his face, but he too soon plopped down as well.

Inside I felt horrible as I must have been toying with his emotions. We had grown very close before, only to have me push him away, yet there I was doing it again. Little was said during our exercise program, and rather than go for a run or walk afterwards, I instead chose to hit the shower alone. As the water rained down upon my head, I thought of what a complete mess I'd made of things.

Thanksgiving dinner was pleasant overall, but I found that I could barely look at my son due to my immense guilt. Tyler assisted me in the kitchen on occasion, but other than that our interaction was limited. At one point I took him in and he looked like a lost puppy dog, which stung my heart to the core.

After dinner the boys settled in the family room to watch football, as was their custom. At halftime, the news came on and the weatherman announced a possible travel advisory for the weekend. Don yelled out, "Better get in here, Kathy." I rushed in to listen to the update.

The reunion was scheduled for that Saturday, only two days away. Apparently the thinking was that most people would be home with family for the holiday, so why not kill two birds with one stone? That made sense for a five or maybe even a ten year reunion, but not so much for a twenty five as people seemed more scattered these days.

I had heard that snow was possible, but initial reports had only called for rain. From what the man was saying, it looked like the front was moving further south due to the jet stream, bringing with it colder air and lots of snow. If the forecast was correct, the heavy stuff would begin falling late in the afternoon on Saturday, just hours before the big party.

I was deathly afraid of driving in snow, so the idea of being caught in it somewhere along that hundred mile stretch of highway was decidedly unpleasant. My intent all along was to make the trip alone as Don clearly wanted no part or it, so I only purchased one ticket. I looked hopefully at my husband, and he instantly must have known what was on my mind.

"Don't even think about it," he stated flatly, shaking his head. Then added, "I'm not getting killed just so you can see a bunch of people you haven't spoken to in twenty five years."

I had worked so hard to get ready for the big day, my spirits were suddenly crushed. There was just no way I could make the drive alone. I could feel my cheeks grow warm and was about to cry, when Tyler said, "I'll take you Mom."

My ears perked up in a flash and I quickly gazed towards him. Before I could say anything however, Don spouted off, "That's just crazy. You'll probably end up in a ditch or worse."

Tyler just calmly replied, "You heard him, Dad. He said the storm won't hit until late in the afternoon. If Mom and I leave early, we'll be there long before the snow starts."

There was silence for a moment while my husband contemplated the situation. I was holding my breath when Don finally said, "Okay, but don't call me if you run into trouble."

I could breathe again.

My eyes moved back to Tyler, and he just shrugged his shoulders and twisted his head to the side a bit, as if to say, "What else could I do?" After the way I had treated him, I didn't deserve his help, yet I accepted gratefully.

I was busy cleaning up after the holiday on Thursday, and then found many reasons to stay away from Tyler on Friday, yet couldn't avoid him Saturday morning. We were alone after breakfast, when he said, "I looked online...you know the hotel has a pool and gym, right?"

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