tagExhibitionist & Voyeur27 Hours and 3 Layovers

27 Hours and 3 Layovers


I sat down in my seat, and settled in for the first leg of a twenty-seven hour flight. Looking around, I noticed that the seats seemed unusually empty. I asked a passing flight attendant why there were so many empty seats.

"Five tour buses didn't make it to the airport terminal on time tonight, so we're going to be flying a little light." He said, and moved on.

I pulled out my mp3 player, and putting the volume on high, I closed my eyes.

Some time later, I felt a tremor through my seat from someone sitting down at the other end of my row. I was half asleep, so I didn't bother to open my eyes to look—until a smell floated over to me and reached down into my body; it seized my heart with ethereal fingers and began to make it pulse so hard that I could feel it in my balls.

My eyes slid open and I looked for the source of the erotic poison that was coursing through my body, and raising the little hairs on the side of my neck in a tidal wave of desire.

I saw a young woman with long red hair that flowed down from her head in molten waves of undulating light. She wore a black long-sleeved shirt with a low cut bodice that accentuated the top of her luscious white breasts. I followed the curve of her breasts up to her collar bone—an exquisite sculpture of shadow and light, and from there my eyes sighed as they slid up the side of her neck and along her jaw line to the most beautiful cheekbones I had ever seen.

Her cheekbones framed a pair of green luminous eyes—cat's eyes I thought—and then I noticed that they were staring back at me, unblinking, and I quickly dropped my gaze and pretended to be asleep.

The captain came over the intercom, and did the usual speech . . . and minutes later the jet engines were throttled to maximum speed, and we raced into the night sky.

Some time later I opened my eyes again to see if I could sneak another sip of her flesh, and found the green eyes still staring back at me—unblinking and in the seat next to mine.

I opened my mouth to say something—and she leaned over and kissed me. Her tongue slid into my mouth and I moaned into her as she stroked my tongue with light caresses. She suddenly sucked my tongue out of me and into her mouth, where her lips massaged it, and her tongue swirled around it.

As she slid her hand behind my head to pull my mouth against hers even tighter, her lips now sucking on the side of my neck, her other hand pulled the blanket I had over the two of us.

I was utterly lost in the sensations of her hot breath, lips, tongue, and teeth sliding up and down my neck . . . and then she engulfed my ear lobe with her lips, and I grabbed her.

My right hand grabbed a handful of the denim skirt she was wearing and slid it quickly up to the middle of her thighs. I cupped her pussy, feeling its wet heat through her underwear. My other hand was already busy inside her bra lightly dragging my nails up and down the silk dunes of her breasts.

I suddenly realized that I could hear the flight attendants coming up the aisle behind me with the beverage and snack cart, and started trying to say stop into her mouth which had returned to ravish my tongue and lips.

She realized what was going on, and stopped—kind of. As we were both under the blanket now, we quickly pretended to be asleep. While our faces looked still above the blanket to the flight attendant as she passed, our hands were busy beneath. Her fingers stroking and rubbing my cock through my pants; two of my fingers inside her pussy as my thumb was busy firmly sliding up and down her clit.

Once the flight attendant had gone several rows away from us, I slid my head below the blanket to her breasts. I dragged my teeth lightly down the flesh of her chest onto her breast where I slipped tongue between teeth to merge its silky wetness with the raking sensation of my teeth. When I reached her nipple I buried my face into the swell of her breast, and as I sucked on it hard I slid three fingers deep into the sopping wet opening of her pussy.

And that's when she began talking dirty to me. Her mouth was wet with saliva from all the kissing we had been doing, and she licked the inside of my ear as she whispered,

"Fuck me. Fuck me with your fingers! Make my cunt juicy, make me cum, make me cum . . ." She said, and my cock strained against my pants from how hard she was making me with her words.

"I want you to put another finger in my ass . . . yeah, do it, fuck my cunt and my ass! Harder, harder!"

And as her breath savaged my ear, she bit and sucked on my ear lobe, and tongued my ear. I could feel my own underwear getting wet with the pre-cum from my cock being so hard, and horny, that I thought I would come just from the way she was fucking my ear with her tongue, and my mind with her words.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck me I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" She whispered violently into my ear. And her cunt spasmed, clenching my fingers in a furious pulsing of heat and juice, and her ass gripped my baby finger as I pushed it deeper into her trying to make her cum even harder.

Just as her orgasm finished its climax, I noticed a flight attendant walking from the opposite end of the plane down the aisle. Her path was going to take her right by us, and I quickly made sure that the blanket was covering both of us.

I slid my fingers out of her, and unzipped my pants, freeing up my cock, as I watched the flight attendant walk by through my barely open eyes. I used the cunt juice to lube up my cock, mixing it with all of the pre-cum that had been oozing out of my cock while I had been finger-fucking her, and then I began to stroke my cock.

Suddenly, another warm hand was massaging my balls. And she started whispering in my ear again,

"Come on, do it. Cum for me, cum for me, and I'll suck it all out of you when you do" Her hot whispering in my ear made me stroke my cock harder.

I grabbed her hand, and pulled it off of my balls for a second, and put it back onto her soaking pussy. I rubbed her fingers around getting them nice and wet, and then I leaned my head over and whispered in her ear,

"Fuck me with your finger, I want to feel your finger inside my ass. I want your cum inside my ass . . ."

I guided her hand back to me, and slid forward on the seat so that I could spread my legs wider. I took one of her soaking fingers, and began to push it slowly into my ass. I could feel her pussy cum covered finger easing into my ass, when she suddenly added a second finger and pushed them in to me all the way.

"Fuck! I'm gonna cum!" I moaned into her ear, and her mouth was suddenly sucking the head of my cock in a frenzy of slurping sounds that echoed with the vigorous action of her fingers pumping my ass.

I was shaking, and for a few moments I was lost in the ecstasy of her hot mouth and tongue savaging the head of my cock. My back arched like I was being electrocuted by the lightning fast movements of her tongue lapping up the cum spurting out of my cock, and her fingers ramming into my ass. My head snapped back, and my mouth was open in a silent agony of pleasure, as I tried not to make any sounds . . .

Later, as my senses slowly returned, I luxuriated in the feather-light strokes of her fingers sliding slowly, gently, up and down the flesh of my balls. She rested her head on my shoulder; my head leaning on the side of hers, the smell and texture of her hair enveloping my head in a cloud of euphoria.

The lights suddenly dimmed to a semi-darkness, as the food and drinks had been served, and it was time for the first period of sleep during the trip.

I wrapped my arms around her, and I felt her burrow deeper into the flesh of my neck and shoulder; the bliss of our rapture had exhausted us for the moment, and we were content to lose ourselves in the warm embrace of each other.

Some time later I was woken up by the sensation of her fingers slowly unwinding themselves from around my balls; she had fallen asleep with them nesting inside their warm grasp, her fingers were now rippling in a slow luxurious massage of their texture and weight.

She moved out from under the blanket's warmth, and my body moaned at the loss of her closeness.

I watched her slide over to her seat, and open a bag in the darkness of the airplane. She glanced over at me, and her eyes glowed with a kind of luminescent light that I had never seen before. I wondered what she had gotten out of her bag . . . until I heard the snick of a button being pushed, and a bass humming sound. I gasped in surprise as I realized that she had just pulled a vibrator out of her bag.

She crawled back over to where I was still reclining on my seat, and whispered in my ear,

"I'm going to the bathroom. Watch to see which one I go into, and then meet me in there in two minutes." And she kissed me, her tongue slipping into my mouth to grind along the surface of my tongue in a deeply sensual kiss—and then she was standing up and heading towards the bathrooms in the middle of the airplane.

I approached the door to the bathroom, my palms a little sweaty, and my heart pounding in my ears. As I walked past other passengers, some asleep, and some watching the TV monitors on the seat backs in front of them, I wondered what would happen if I was caught on an airplane having sex in a washroom.

I stood in front of the door that I had seen her go into, pretending to be waiting for the washroom to become free in case anyone was watching. Suddenly the door opened, and a hand reached out and pulled me inside quickly.

Inside the tiny bathroom, I could smell her pussy juice, and realized that she must have been masturbating while she waited for me to join her.

As that thought crossed my mind, she pushed me against the wall of the tiny washroom hard, and our mouths began to suck and kiss and bite each other in a fury of desire. The sounds of our kissing and sucking on each other were amplified enormously by the small space of the washroom.

I felt her fingers undoing my belt, then my pants, and then she spun me around to face the wall, and as she sat down on the toilet seat behind me; I could feel the heat of her breath on my ass as she yanked down my pants and underwear.

I heard the snick of the button on her vibrator and then a cacophony of juicy sounds as she began to slide it up and down her wet pussy.

My cock sprang to life, and then I felt her tongue slide up and down the crack of my ass, while her free hand reached up to slide under my shirt towards my nipples. Her fingers searched for my nipples, and when she got there I grinned, knowing that she had no idea that my nipples were pierced.

When her fingers found the rings of stainless steel that hung from each nipple, I heard her make a small sharp gasp of surprise, and then she was tugging on the metal, and it was my turn to gasp in pleasure as her fingers took turns playing with each of my nipples.

She used her thumb and first finger to press firmly into the flesh of my nipple, pushing its flesh into the bar of steel that rested inside the pink sensitivity, and she rolled my nipple around with the steel inside it making me writhe in a kind of painful orgasmic agony.

My cock was rock hard, and I decided that it was time to turn around. As I turned I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her towards the red swollen head of my cock. I slid my fingers into her hair, and then grasped two handfuls of it, and slid my cock between her lips, and began pumping it into her mouth.

She moaned into my cock, and I pushed further and further into her mouth with each thrust. The head of my cock touching the back of her throat, and I had to fight the urge to shove it further into her throat.

I felt her hands push on the inside of my thighs, signaling that I should spread my legs further a part. I let go of her hair, and put my hands on the wall behind her, and leaned my weight forward as I continued to thrust my cock into her mouth.

And then I heard the sound of her vibrator change pitch as she took it away from her pussy, and moved it up towards the cheeks of my ass. The warm slippery vibrating surface of the head of the vibrator eased itself slowly along the crack of my ass, and at the same time she let my cock pop out of her mouth, and she moved her head up to grab one of my nipples with her teeth—I groaned—and she began to flick her tongue at my nipple as her teeth slowly bit down hard into my nipple's flesh, pressing nipple into steel, and my knees buckled from the sensations.

She let go of my nipple, its saliva soaked redness getting even harder as the shock of leaving her mouth and entering cold air ravaged it. Her mouth moved back to the head of my cock, and she slid her mouth down it as she also slid the pussy juiced vibrator into the opening of my asshole.

Instead of pushing my cock deeper into her mouth, I pushed my ass backwards into the vibrator so that it slid deeper into my ass. I could feel its vibrations moving into my body, and through my cock into her lips as they began to suck and slurp.

She fucked me hard. Her fist moved in a furious motion, striking my ass, and with each thrust of the vibrator she pushed it deeper into me, and I had to bite my arm so that I could muffle the moans that began to come out of me involuntarily.

Then she buried the vibrator in my ass all the way, and kept it there. Her free hand found my right nipple, and she pinched it so hard that if I hadn't been about to come it would have been torture; instead the savage pinching of her nails on my nipple and the steel ring inside transformed from pain to a pleasurable agony so intense that my cock just exploded, and began pumping jets of cum all over her breasts and neck . . .

My orgasm turned me into an animal of desire, and I pulled her up off the toilet to take her place sitting there, my cock still twitching and spurting small bits of cum out onto the floor. I put my hands on the inside of her thighs and pulled her legs back so that each of her feet straddled mine. I bent her over and then buried my face in her pussy from behind.

I slid my hands into her top to grab her tits and squeeze them hard. My face was pressed so tightly into her pussy that I had to hold my breath as I thrust my tongue into her sopping wet opening, and then moved it down to assault her clit.

I spread her ass cheeks as wide as I could, and licked from her clit upwards and deep into her pussy, up the crack of her ass, and then to dip into her asshole . . . and then back down again to her clit.

I took the vibrator from her and held it against her clit. I pushed my thumb into her pussy and began to stroke her g-spot firmly, all the while my tongue working feverishly in and out of her asshole.

I could feel her legs quivering, and then her whole body began to shake. I pressed the vibrator against her clit even more firmly, and began to move it back and forth in sync with the stroking motions of my thumb inside the soaking wet grip of her pussy. Her asshole began to suck on my tongue as her orgasm slowly built in intensity and power . . .

And then she began to have huge shuddering breaths that wracked her whole body with waves of pleasure. My thumb was locked into a vise-like grip by the volcanic power of her pussy; the heat and slick juices combined with the pressure created an erotic sensation unlike anything I had ever felt before with any part of my hand.

To be continued . . .

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