3:16 A.M.


My eyes suddenly open wide. Gavin's face is nestled softly into the crevice of my neck like a little baby being cradled by his mother; his eyes are shut tight, and he's clearly fast asleep. His hands are wrapped around my naked breasts, my bare back pressed against the front side of his naked body as we lay with our entwined bodies, nude on our sides in the spoon position on our bed.

I gently moved his head to the pillow and sat up on my left arm to get a better glance of the clock, which told of only 3:16 A.M., and plopped my head back down, on the pillow, pulling the bedspread tighter around us. The air in the room was very cool, and my fingers and toes were cold, so I pulled his body even closer to mine.

"Now I remember my dream!" I thought. I had been awakened by an intensely erotic dream I had been enjoying about having been chained to a different bed that wasn't our own, and being forced to submit to him fully, my head tied in place around his groin and forced to live off his cum for sustenance. That was odd, I thought. I was so used to being the more dominant partner between the two of us that I found my night time fantasy turning me on in ways I never could have imagined.

I turned over now to face him, but his eyes were still shut and he had the look of a what one can imagine a sleeping angel would look like, his face softened with a childlike innocence. I gazed up at him lovingly, locking my hands together around the back of his neck and pulling my face closer to his. His breathing is slow and steady with a calm, serene look upon that face that I know so well; I breathe in the wonderful scent of his skin as I cozy up to his warmth. It starts with me running my hands gently all over his beautiful body, simply enjoying the sensation of my finger tips running along the silky soft skin of his entire body, his chest, his thighs, his stomach, his cheeks. But then I begin slowly and sensually planting light, soft kisses all over his face as the corners of his mouth turned upwards with the look of a blissful contentment plastered on his face. I softly kiss each of his closed eyelids, and he begins to shift ever so slightly in his sleep. I lightly dragged my lips across his cheeks to the very corners of his mouth, lightly kissing both edges of his lips, then, wrapping my arms around his chest, gently slinging my left leg over his waist and pulling his face closer to mine.

Moving my head below his chin, I start to kiss him deeply and rather passionately all over the sensitive skin of his neck; now he's clearly beginning to awaken, his eye lids begin to lightly flutter, his arms wrap around me even tighter and he presses himself up against my body even harder. My face is buried in that moon shaped crevice between his right shoulder and his ear lobe, lightly nibbling on the skin of his neck.

He lets out a soft chuckle now to let me know he was fully awake and gave me a beautiful, ear to ear grin; his beautiful face wearing a look of contentment, he pulls me down now so that I'm eye level with him, laying all the way back so that I sit directly on top of him, straddling his burning hot cock. He sighs deeply as he positions me on top of him, that precious smile of satisfaction never leaving his face for a moment. His hands gripped my waist fervidly now, and his eyes darken with an almost carnivorous trance. I could feel his cock growing even harder now as I aligned my face so that I'm eye level with him again. We simply gaze at each other rather intensely for several moments, lost in each other's eyes, until I'm finally able to break free of his stare.

Now my chin is resting lightly on Gavin's balls, and I can feel his intense gaze watching my every move, turning me on even more. My adulation for him is apparent when I begin kissing his cock and balls ever so adoringly, running my tongue up and down his increasingly hard shaft, paying special attention to that sensitive area just under the glans. Yet I can't pull my eyes away from his vivid and all-consuming gaze, and his stare is unrelenting. I sit up for a moment to grab a bottle of edible oil from the bed side table and proceed to slather a generous amount between my hands. I then use my oily hands to gather up his large balls, lightly massaging them as I slide my tongue up one side of his shaft and then down the other, finishing up by giving each ball its own tongue bath. As I take each ball into my mouth for its own personal tongue washing, my hands wrap around the base of the shaft and I stroke the skin upwards, pausing for a moment to twist my hand a little bit at the top, then stroking downwards.

His breathing quickens as he becomes more and more aroused, and the scent of our bodily fluids permeates the air. I'm sopping wet already, and I begin hungrily licking up the pre-cum oozing out from the tip of the penis, playfully swirling the stringy liquid with the tip of my tongue; his exotic flavor bursting into my mouth sends my taste buds into fits of ecstasy. I trace the head of his cock with my tongue, round and round; I need to taste him more than I can ever remember needing anything. His thick cock is just so fucking smooth and delicious that I can't help but take him into my mouth in his entirety now, angling my body so that the upper portion of his cock slips into the back of my throat, sucking him off even more vigorously now. Oh, how I love worshiping his beautiful cock, adoring it, licking it, sucking it, using the vacuum of my mouth to bring him ever closer to the throes of sheer ecstasy. I've found my own little piece of heaven here in between Gavin's thighs tonight, with my face buried in his groin, but I'm torn between wanting this moment to last forever and wanting to bring him to orgasm right now so that we can start all over again.

Finally, using my hands in conjunction with my mouth and thick lips to create a sensory overload for him, he begins spurting his utterly delectable seed down my throat; I drink him up like I'm sucking his salty and sweet honey through the straw of his penis, and I begin moaning along with him while his cock is in my mouth, causing the vibrating sound waves to travel through his smooth shaft, enhancing the orgasmic waves coursing through his body. With every spurt he lets out a deep moan and exhales simultaneously. This goes on for several minutes, and when I'm sure that he's expended his every last drop, I climb back on top of him, bringing my face down to his so that there there's barely any space between us. His intensity coupled with the almost drunken stage of an orgasmic haze lets me know that he's found his own little piece of heaven tonight, as well, and we dreamily lock our lips together, passionately sharing the deepest, most flavorful kiss either of us could imagine.

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