tagLoving Wives3 Married Ladies and a Convertible

3 Married Ladies and a Convertible


They had been friends more years than they'd like to remember. The three attractive women had a lot in common; they were married to successful men and were mothers to teenage children. Aged in their early forties, they worked hard to fight gravity and the telling lines of impending old age. Mainly through tennis, they successfully maintained tanned and curvy figures, and could still turn heads when dressed in shorts and mid- thigh dresses. They enjoyed the same taste in food, drink, clothing and music. None had indulged in extramarital affairs, although one had been involved in a weekend fling not long after her engagement. They were a close trio, they shared secrets and desires, but most of all, they enjoyed life and each other.

On a Friday afternoon, Eva coasted her twelve year old Ford convertible confidently along the quiet roads towards Chelsea Bay. It was a six hour trip to the beach house where they were to spend a few days R&R lying on a hot sandy beach. It was a trip they made every few months to wind down from their busy schedules. There were a few house rules, like not discussing husbands or children, although sex as a general topic of conversation was to be encouraged. Offenders were severely punished with the responsibility of cooking and cleaning up, something they didn't mind sharing but not owning.

The first inkling something was terribly wrong was steam appearing from under the bonnet of the Ford, a quick glance to the temperature gauge confirmed the worst; the needle was firmly in the red. Eva swore profusely as she quickly pulled over to the side of the road and turned off the engine. Brian, her husband had extolled the importance of overheating and low oil pressure gauges to her many years before, and the need to turn off the engine to avoid major damage. To be fair, Brian had tried to get rid of the Ford, but to Eva it had much more character than any modern car. It was just simply part of her and she loved driving it. A quick survey under the bonnet revealed nothing out of the ordinary, just a little steam and the ticking of a hot engine cooling down. The next problem was no cell phone coverage, they were too far from town and surrounded by high rolling costal hills. Knowing the rules of staying together with the car, they settled down to wait, their only comfort were the premixed Bourbon and Cola cans in the chilli bin in the boot of the Ford. Jess and Sandy joined Eva leaning against the Ford to wait for help; hopefully it wouldn't be too long.

The first vehicle that passed ignored the waving trio and carried on as if they weren't there, however the next vehicle stopped. The elderly farmer gazed under the bonnet of the Ford before offering to tow them to the closest garage. He hitched up the Ford to his pickup and slowly began towing them. It was a slow trip, without the engine running, there was no power steering or power assisted brakes on the Ford. It took an hour and a half before the Farmer stopped at a small cluster of buildings that could hardly be called a town. It was an unfamiliar place to Eva as they always turned off towards the coast long before they got here. To their relief, the farmer stopped outside an auto-workshop, it was now after 5 p.m. but luckily one of the large roller doors was still open. The farmer unhitched the Ford and drove away after profuse thanks from Eva; he refused financial compensation for his troubles and wished them good luck. He must have known they were going to need it.

Eva entered the dark workshop and followed her ears to the rear where a tall male in overalls was busy tidying a work bench.

"Hi, I hope you can help us with a bit of car trouble."

He turned around and looked at Eva before looking down to his wristwatch. "What's the problem?" he asked.

"Overheated back out of town a bit and had to get towed in." she replied.

"Okay, I'll have a quick look." he replied as he wandered past Eva and outside.

Eva didn't realise how good looking he was until she got outside. He was tall, tanned and rugged looking. Thick dark wavy hair hung to his collar, his eyes were a piercing blue. The sleeves of his overalls had been removed showing off large muscled arms attached to wide shoulders. Jess and Sandy grinned knowingly at Eva as the mechanic lifted the bonnet of the Ford and poked and prodded at the engine. He then closed the bonnet and looked over at Eva.

"Might as well wheel into the workshop and I'll look at it first thing on Monday."

"Monday?" Eva gasped. "Can't you look at it now? We're on our way up to Chelsea Bay."

"I'd probably be wasting my time. Could be a head gasket, water pump or radiator problem. I've got no parts for anything this old and probably have to send out for them." he replied.

"But you could start on it now; you might be able to finish it today or tomorrow." Jess suggested.

He smiled showing off perfect white teeth, "Sorry, no can do. I've got a hot date this weekend. Hopefully not back until Monday if you know what I mean."

"Is there anyone else that can help us?" Eva asked hopefully.

"Nope, I'm it for a two hour radius. Usually I've got another mechanic to help out, but he's not here either."

"So, we're stuck here while you go off on a dirty weekend. That's great customer service." Sandy sneered.

He turned his attention to Sandy, "Well that's the way it's going to be unless one of you ladies is going to put out for me." He waited for an answer. "Thought not. You can leave your car inside or have it towed away."

He then turned and walked back into the workshop leaving the three women to decide what to do. They were really stuck; their husbands had flown out of town for a golfing and gambling weekend. It didn't take long to realise that they were on their own.

"Well, what are we going to do now?" Jesse asked. "We can't stay here."

Eva and Sandy followed her gaze where across the road a dozen large motorcycles were parked outside a poor excuse for a bar. Not a good place for unaccompanied women to be.

Sandy grinned mischievously, "We'll have to draw straws to see whose gonna spend the weekend with him. Unless you want me to volunteer."

Eva threw her a dirty look while Jesse smiled, "What's got into you? Too much sun and booze I suppose."

"I think I'd rather screw him than take my chances with that lot over there." Sandy replied.

"Me too." Jesse chipped in.

Eva dismissed their comments and ventured back into the workshop looking for the mechanic. She again found him in the rear of the workshop removing his overalls, he smiled as she approached.

"Look, we really need to get out of here tonight. How about I pay you double the going rate to look at the Ford now?"

He shook his head, "Sorry, it's not about money. I've arranged to go away with a girl and I don't want to let her down. I'm sort of on a promise."

Eva was disappointed by his response but didn't get a chance to dwell on it as Sandy replied on her behalf. She hadn't realised that they had followed her in.

"How about if I give you a blowjob if you get us on the road?"

His grin gave away his sudden interest but he wasn't going to give up easily, "How about a couple of minutes with all three of you."

"Absolutely not." Eva replied.

"I'll do it." replied Sandy.

"Me too, if it gets us out of here." added Jesse. Eva turned and glared at them, "Do you know what you're suggesting?"

"Sure, but have you got any better ideas?" Sandy replied.

Eva turned to the mechanic, "Sorry about this. What's your name?"


"Look Den, can you give us a minute to sort this?"

He smiled, "Sure, but don't take too long, I gotta go real soon." Den turned to walk through a door at the rear but turned around, "You don't have to worry about condoms, I've got plenty."

After Den was out of sight, Eva turned to the others, "You can't be serious about this."

"I'll do it." Sandy replied. He's a bit of a hunk and I don't think it'll be too much of a chore. I'll go first if you want."

"If you go first, I'll go next." Jesse suggested to Sandy and then turned to Eva. "If we can get him to blow his load first, you won't have to have a turn."

By now Eva was concerned, "I don't wanna do it with him. Shit, if the condom breaks I could have a little mechanic running around in nine months. Brian won't believe his vasectomy suddenly failed after all these years."

"Just make sure that you put the condom on yourself to make sure and use plenty of lube." Sandy informed her.

"Right, and where's the lube coming from?"

"In my bag along with my vibrator." Sandy replied with a grin.

"Jeezus, I don't believe this is happening." Eva said.

"This is real exciting, I'm gonna do this." Sandy told her as she walked through the door to find Den.

Through the door was a small self contained open planned flat, it was surprisingly neat and tidy with a small kitchen, lounge and a double bed. Den was packing an overnight bag and looked up as the trio walked in.

"Okay, well do it, but let's see the condoms first." said Sandy.

Den grinned and reached into the bag, he fumbled around before he came up with a packet of condoms which he held up for them to see. "Okay?"

"Okay, grab a shower and you can do me first." Sandy said.

Den sprinted for the shower while the trio returned outside to the Ford, Sandy got a bottle of lube from her bag and put it in her shorts pocket. She looked at Eva and smiled.

"Look, you probably won't have to do it with him. Jesse and me should be able to finish him off."

"I bloody well hope so. I don't want fuck someone I've only just met."

Sandy laughed, "Just pretend you've known him for years if that'll make it easier."

With that she turned and walked back through the workshop and into the apartment. Den was drying his nude body as she walked in. She stopped and took a breath as Den threw the towel to the floor. His body was a piece of fine art, he was tanned all over except for a pale triangle around his narrow buttocks. A fine covering of dark hair covered the upper part of his wide chest with a thin dark line running down his navel. Detailed thigh and calf muscles stood proud. Her eyes dropped to his circumcised cock which was in a semi erect state, it looked fat and heavy. Den removed the overnight bag from the bed and placed it on the floor, he then crawled on the bed and looked over at her. Sandy pulled her top over her head and let it drop to the floor. She undid her shorts and let them drop to the floor also before stepping out of them. She cursed silently that she hadn't worn sexier underwear, but how could she have known what was about to transpire. The white bra and yellow panties would just have to suffice. Bending down, she removed the lube from her shorts pocket and moved to the bed. Den lay back as she sat beside him and began stoking his cock; it soon grew from its semi erect state to a hard handle. It was an odd shape Sandy thought as she stroked it. Most of the thick shaft was straight but it bent upwards near the end leaving the large head at an unusual angle. Den's hand sliding up her thigh broke her train of thought and brought her back to reality. She picked up the small packet from the bed and removed the condom, checking which way it went, she rolled it carefully down the shaft to the base of his cock. Standing, up Sandy slid her panties down her shapely thighs and knelt beside him on the bed. She dribbled the lube over the condom and then placed some between her thighs. Dens hands encircled her waist as she mounted his cock and slid down it with ease. Sandy closed her eyes briefly as the pleasure flowed through her.

"Mmmm that's nice. So how long have you been a mechanic?" she asked while running her hands over his muscular arms and chest.

Den laughed, "What's sort of question is that to ask when a man's trying to concentrate?"

She smiled, "I was just trying to make polite conversation. Okay, how old are you, and do you usually go for older women?"

"I'm thirty four, and I go for attractive women, age is irrelevant."

"Good answer."

"Do you always talk so much?" he asked.

"Yep, especially during sex, but don't bother asking how old I am."

He pulled Sandy down and kissed her, she hesitated at first them warmed to the idea as he unsnapped her bra and released her breasts. For the next few minutes Sandy lay on his chest teasing his nipples with her tongue as she slid up and down his cock. It felt good and she felt no remorse that she was committing adultery. Then Den eased himself out of her.

"Better leave some for the others." he suggested.

Her face dropped, "Just a few more minutes, I was enjoying myself."

Den slipped of the bed and made his way into a small bathroom. When Sandy heard the water running she knew her time was up and got dressed.

She then slipped outside and gave Jesse a salute, "He's all yours."

While Jesse was doing the evil deed with Den, Eva paced back and forth outside of the door of the workshop. It as an absurd situation, but she didn't know what to do to get out of spreading her legs for Den. She could just tell them that she wasn't going to go through with it, but that wouldn't be fair. It was her car that had broken down, the others had wanted to bring one of their late model cars but she'd declined. It was because of her stubbornness that they were forced into the situation they were now in. Eva had always prided herself that she could count the men that had bedded her on one hand. She'd only had four lovers prior to meeting her Brian, sure there'd been a few other hand jobs and blow jobs, but they didn't count. If Den got his cock inside her it would be six, and she wasn't too keen to now have to count the number of partners on two hands.

What Eva didn't know was that Den was holding out for her. While he was happy to have a quickie with Sandy and Jesse, it was Eva that he really fancied. In fact, if Eva had volunteered to go first, he might have settled for just her. He considered she was attractive with blonde highlights through her thick auburn hair. He liked her pretty face and fuller figure, the way that her breasts stretched her blouse and how her tight mid thigh skirt hugged her shapely thighs. He liked her confidence and her strong resolve not to try and give in to his indecent proposal. And all the time that Jesse was sliding up and down on his cock, it was the anticipation of Eva that was keeping him rock hard. He knew that Jesse was working hard to make him cum to spare Eva her ordeal, and that just wasn't going to happen.

Eva was still pacing fifteen minutes later when Jesse walked back outside and shook her head, she hadn't managed to finish him off. Jesse smiled and told her to enjoy it just like she did. Eva took a deep breath and walked inside. Den was lying on the bed with his hands behind his head, he smiled as she entered. Her eyes moved to his erection which was lying forward almost touching his navel. She planned to make this as quick as possible. Turning side on to Den, she slipped her hands under her skirt and eased her panties down without revealing her pussy. She straightened her skirt down over her pussy, then stepped out of her shoes and panties at the same time, and then moved to the bed. She picked up one of the packets from the bed and removed a condom, lifting his cock upright; she attempted unsuccessfully to roll it down the shaft. She cursed silently as she then turned it up the right way and attempted to unroll it a second time. It had been years since she used a condom, and then she used to leave for her partner to put on. She got it half way down the shaft when it broke. Den laughed at the sour look on her face as she removed it and tossed it onto the floor. She found herself stroking his cock with one hand while her other hand fumbled for another condom. She noticed how rigid it was, not like Brian's which was about the same size but more pliable. She too noticed the unusual bend of the top of his cock and the rakish angle of the large head. Locating another condom, she checked to make sure it was the right way, rolled it over the head and successfully down the thick shaft. She picked up the lube and dribbled some over the head of his cock. Squeezing more into her hand, she stood, slipped her hand under her dress and slipped it between her lips; she was somewhat surprised to find herself already wet.

She looked down at Den, "You can do it from behind, I like it best like that."

It wasn't quite true, but she didn't want to look into his face as he assaulted her, plus didn't want to give him the satisfaction of looking into hers. She avoided his eyes as he got up to make room for her. Eva pulled her skirt up and climbed onto bed on her hands and knees. She gave an involuntary shiver as he moved behind her and lifted her skirt higher. Then she felt the head of his cock explore her pussy lips sliding in and out a few times before finding her entrance. She took a deep breath as his cock slid slowly in with slow strokes getting deeper each time, and then felt his thighs hit her buttocks indicating that it was all in. Den wanted her to enjoy his attentions, he gently began to slide his cock in and out of Eva's pussy with long slow stokes.

At first she tried to fight her enjoyment, but after awhile she began to move with him. She cursed herself and squeezed handfuls of the sheets, her head soon dropped to the bed. Den leaned forward and ran his hands under her blouse and unclipped her bra, his hands reached around and began to explore her nipples. Eva sighed and let herself stretch out so that she was almost lying flat on her stomach. Den moved with her and continued moving inside her. The change of angle changed the emphasis of her pleasure, the top of his cock touching her and creating sensations not before experienced during intercourse. She moaned in pleasure on each inward stroke.

"Let me turn over." she said after awhile.

Den rolled off onto his side and handled his cock as Eva rolled over on her back. She undid two buttons of her blouse and lifted it over head along with her bra. She then lifted her hips off the bed and pulled her skirt up to her waist.

"Okay, get on top." she said.

He moved over, knelt between her thighs and gazed briefly at her attributes. Her thighs were firm leading up to a pale navel: a thick forest of dark curly hair had been trimmed into a neat triangle cleanly dissected by large pink pussy lips. He quickly ran his tongue down her navel and into her warm wetness.

"Please no, I don't like that." she whispered.

But her actions quickly revealed her lie and began to push against his face. She let him lick her pussy for a few minutes before she encouraged him to put his cock back into her. She nuzzled her face into shoulder and her thighs locked around him as he began to move inside her. He varied the length of his strokes, some long and some short.

Eva had found her G spot long before it had ever been a topic of conversation or highlighted in women's magazines, she had just called it her special place. Over the years, she had experimented with it, sometimes alone and other times with Brian. He had never been able to stimulate it to a high level with his cock, it was best found with a finger. Or better still, with a specially shaped vibrator with a bent head, which could induce orgasms in a short time. In fact, Eva had never experienced a vaginal orgasm with a cock, Brian's or previous lovers. But as Den penetrated her with shallow strokes, the turned up head of his cock would caress her G spot. By locking her legs around his, she tried to minimise his penetration, but being so aroused and wet it was nearly impossible to control. Den realised what was happening and did his best. Then, Eva reached down and encircled the base of his cock with her hand. A few seconds of experimentation revealed that a thumb and three fingers did the trick, with his cock now only moving one or two inches inside her. Soon the head of his cock was severely punishing her G spot.

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