tagInterracial Love34 Minutes Ch. 01

34 Minutes Ch. 01


It had 34 minutes since either of them had said anything. Justin had been watching the clock closely, almost hearing the numbers changing. He sighed and gripped the steering wheel, and glanced over at Nicole in his passenger seat.

She still sat there, arms crossed, frown tugging at her lips. She had been that way the entire ride, the entire 34 minutes. And if he didn't know any better, she looked like she was getting closer and closer to crying.


"What?" She kept her eyes forward, barely blinking at his words.

"Say something? Talk to me... tell me about your trip." Her frown didn't falter. "You got a nice tan."

She looked at him then, glaring. "Has he called you?"

He didn't have to pick up his Blackberry to know he didn't have a single missed call. "No, I'm sure he will though."

"That piece of shit... stop backing him up. You just look like a tool, too." She turned to look out the window. "It's the same shit all the time, but now he's got his boys in on it too."

That wasn't fair, but Justin kept quiet—which now that he thought about, probably made him look guilty. Seriously though, he wasn't in on anything. In fact when Tony had called him this afternoon, and said that he needed him to scoop Nicole up from the airport at 6:45, he had said no. "Its 5:30 now, you asshole... it'll take me at least forty minutes to get to Hartsfield in the first place."

"Just do me this favor. I'll owe you. She'll kill me if she has to ride Marta back to her place."

"Sounds really personal, bruh." Tony had been his teammate on his college basketball team before he had transferred out. And this definitely wasn't the first time he asked for a last minute favor on some bullshit. "Why can't you do it? And don't even fucking lie."

He heard Tony sigh. "I just can't get away from what I'm doing right now." He was almost whispering. "Come on, man."

He knew that Tony was most likely up to some no good shit. Because he was Tony, and that's usually what he was on. He had that college hoop star mentality—and Justin wondered why he would always try to settle down if he was never going to stay on the straight and narrow... but that was really none of his business. So when he got to the airport, and he pulled up next to Nicole at the Delta terminal, he stayed tight lipped about why he was there.

"Where is Tony?" She stared at him as he loaded her bags into the back of his Infiniti. He ignored her at first, because he seriously didn't want to get involved, but when he slammed the trunk shut, she was next to him, trying to make her 5'2 frame come eye to eye with his 6 feet. "Why are you here, Justin? And why isn't Tony?"

"Look Nicole—Tony just called me a minute ago asking me to come get you. He said he would meet you back at your place." Which was a lie, but she was practically on the tip toes of her espadrilles, in his face. He needed to say something to calm her down.

She hit him in the chest with a small fist. "You're lying for him. Stop that."

"You stop it, crazy." He moved around her to open the passenger side door. "Just come on. I'm sure he will call you in a minute." She gave him another evil look before getting into the car. "There... now calm that ass down and I'm sure your phone will be ringing in like two minutes."

But it didn't. And Justin really wanted to punch Tony in the face. It's one thing to bail on your girl for whatever reason, but now he was starting to make Justin look bad.

"I've been in the fucking Dominican Republic for almost a week, Justin." She sniffed, and he was afraid to look.

"I know, I'm—"

"What the fuck is more important than seeing me? Seriously?" When he looked she was staring at him, like it was and actual question. When he didn't answer, she kept on. "I mean, honestly—I get it, he's big shit, everybody wants him—but does he not get that he asked me out? I wasn't even on dude like that..." She had been waving her arms around, but now slumped back in her seat.

"How do you know it's like that? I mean he could really have a good reason." Which Justin knew was a lie, but he tried.

"The fuck right... you know how he is...always about some pussy. And you know that's what he's doing right now. You don't have to act, we both know he's trash."

That was harsh, but Justin nodded. Then silently thanked God that he had never been man enough to be in a real relationship with anyone. This was just drama. He merged off of the highway into the city, thankful that it was in sight.

He knew how this would play out, too. He was glad that they hadn't moved in together, because he knew that he would have gotten that late call asking for a couch to sleep on when Tony finally did show up.

"I'm seriously done. I don't need this drama... look at you. I'm sure you were having a good day before Tony made you apart of his bullshit."

"I was. Not gonna lie." He smiled. "I knew I should have hit ignore on him."

She smiled back, surprisingly, and then looked down at the phone in her lap. "You're not done though. You love that bum." Justin said that, and felt bad when she didn't come back with anything. It really sucked that girls like Nicole ended up with guys like Tony.

From what Tony said, she was really good to him, did everything for him, and was a beautiful girl to boot. Even now, all sad and shit, she looked good. I guess she had planned on seeing her man.

She was all dressed up. Her makeup was done naturally, golds and brows on her lids made her deep brown eyes shine, and her long dark brown waves had natural highlights from the sun, which framed her face beautifully. Despite a three hour plan ride she still looked like she had just walked off of a runway somewhere. Her caramel colored, sun-kissed skin looked amazing in the white baby doll dress she wore, and her legs...

"Can you help me take my stuff up?"

He had almost missed her neighborhood, but luckily caught himself. "Sure, no problem." But yeah, Tony had good taste. And if she wasn't with that bum Tony, she could definitely get it. Anytime, any day. He pulled along the curb in front of her townhouse and parked his car. He looked at her again before she got out of the car. "Seriously, don't stay mad about this ok?"

She grinned. "Uh huh, sure... just help me with my bags."


Before she had left for the fucking airport, she had spent almost 2 hours in her humid hotel bathroom making sure she looked amazing for Tony. She had wanted him to snap out of whatever fucked up mood he had been in before she left, see her, realize that his girlfriend is amazing, and fall in love with her again.

But instead, she got her man's virtual stand-in, and best friend Justin. She really had wanted to say thank you at first. Because as soon as she saw his charcoal colored SUV round the corner, she knew what was up. But it pissed her off, because it really seemed like Justin was trying to cover Tony's ass.

It wouldn't have been the first time. Her boyfriend Tony, though fine as hell, with his mocha colored skin, 6'3 sexy muscular athletic frame, and gorgeous shit eating grin, was a fucking loser. And she knew for a fact, that he got around.

It was pretty lame to be that girl. You know, the one who all the other chicks are always coming to in confidence, saying where they saw your man, and what he was doing with whoever. Thinking it was a one time thing, but not knowing that for her not to hear something at least once every two weeks was rare.

Tall, sexy, light-skinned basketball players pulled. And she must have been smoking to think that that would change, just because after a sprained ankle he had some type of break down, and vowed that no girl had ever taken care of him, and because of that, he wanted her to be his girl.

So part of her really wanted to be shocked when Justin hopped out of the car, without Tony, but seriously... she knew it was coming. She was mad for awhile, sad as they neared her house, and as soon as Justin closed the door behind him, a fucking crying mess on the floor of her foyer.

She thought about what Justin had just said, you know... not to stay mad, but it didn't work. She gasped, cried, and couldn't breath for awhile... really hoping Tony would walk in, and see what a douche he was, but after and hour, she sniffed, wiped her face with the hem of her white dress, and walked upstairs.

Washing all of the shit off her face would make her feel better. Washing the time she wasted on Tony off of her. She took a long shower, lotioned up, and pulled on one of Tony's stupid vee-necks. She slipped under her covers, turned on Lifetime, and geared up to cry some more, when she heard the front door open and close downstairs. She glanced at the clock... 1:26AM.

She was so ready, too. She stared at the door knob, waiting for his punk ass to walk through the door. And when he did, wearing a wrinkled polo, and equally wrinkled denim... she almost jumped out of bed, but she forced calm. "Forreal Tony?"

He smiled big. "Baby... I missed you." He was pulling off his clothes, making his way towards the bed. "I'm so glad I'm home. I've been waiting to get into bed and hold you all—"

"Wrong." Nicole pushed him hard away from her, almost knocking him off balance. "What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you know what time it is?"

He glanced at the clock. "Babe, I know it's late."

"Oh, really?" Her eyes narrowed at him. "Then you must know that you didn't pick me up today? And that you pawned me off on Justin?"

"Was he late?"

She wanted to hit him. Only Tony would have the audacity to ask some shit like that, looking for anyone to put the blame on. "Tony, you need to leave." He looked confused, standing there in his boxers. "Take your bullshit back to your house, or wherever the fuck you came from."

"Are you being one hundred right now?" He bent to pick up his jeans. "You want me gone?"

She looked away from him to the TV. "I'm not going to be happy with you tonight. You fucked up. And I'm not in the mood for your bullshit."

He laughed, and nodded. "Ok... yeah, ok." He slipped his jeans on and grabbed his shirt. "I'll be at Justin's... hit me up when you're not being a bitch anymore."

Her eyes widened, and she wanted the throw something at his retreating frame, but she just crossed her arms. "You call me when you're not getting your dick wet with someone else."

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