tagBDSM365 Days of Master Ch. 04

365 Days of Master Ch. 04


The last three days had been emotionally draining on me. i had so much running around in my head that i had no more room to think about anything, really. This was a "God send" to my Master. Master was being so wonderful with this girl. He loves me, this i know. He has the patience needed to deal with the dual personality i presented to Him. Not many Men will put up with a woman who is flighty, unsure, and having difficulty finding out who "she" is. my Master has sat with me through a lot of torrential storms.

"Not many people 'think' like you do, girl," He whispered to me late one night. "At least no one I have ever met." So this sparked in me a desire to figure out exactly 'how' i was thinking and if i was wrong in my thinking. While i can detail things out over time, getting the messages at the time they are given, is damn near impossible for me. i have often lost the relationships before i realized what i was doing wrong. i didn't want this to happen with my Master. i knew i was treading on some serious ground. So, i sucked up the desire to "fix" things at the moment and concentrated completely on Him. In other words, i put the "Domme" in me on hold, at least until i got back home to be able to do some serious "detail fucking".

Desire to be the best slave for Him was all i focused on. i woke this fourth day and made breakfast, prepared His clothes, and started my daily chores. Master did not leave a list of to do's for me anymore. It was expected, of me, typical things to do in order to make His life easier. Such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, and basic things i have always considered "womanly things" because i was raised in the heart of the south where we are raised to take care of "our" Men. i took it upon myself to do everything i did for Him. It wasn't up to Him to make me into the slave i was desiring to be. It was up to me to become what i wanted to be. Having Him accept both aspects of me, was enough to calm the storm that had started to surge. It took a couple of days, but the fears and the inhibitions had started to dissipate. i was beginning to "feel" Him inside of me. i could feel the command to "relax" become a natural instinct for me.

Instead of messing around inside of my mind all day, during His work time, i decided to do things around the house. i scrubbed His bathroom, i scrubbed the kitchen floor, and i tentatively straightened His cabinets in the kitchen. i didn't want to change anything He had in His home, i only "tidied" it up and did things i knew He didn't have time to do as a Man living alone and working. i got all of His laundry caught up and i dusted.

When i sat down on the floor, it was dark. i felt i had accomplished a lot. i felt happy and relaxed. When Master came home, He was met with a smiling slave. i had found that place to be at peace. This did not go unnoticed by my Master. (laughs softly... Nothing ever does!) He took me into His arms and kissed me like a long lost lover. i melted into His embrace. As i served Him dinner, He talked about His day at work and W/we laughed over Him locking His keys in His truck and having to get someone to bring Him a spare set. Well, in all honesty, i laughed softly at His perfectionism because He was not amused that He had done something as He said, "So damn stupid!"

Master is a perfectionist as much as i am. i felt "needed" as He told me how He felt a sense of hating to mess things up. W/we related to O/one A/another on a more personal level. Tonight, i curled at His feet like a content 'tite chatte (Cajun French for "little cat", French slang for "little pussy" lol take your choice!) that purred at His feet. i opened up to Him and asked Him some of His preferences, sexually and otherwise. "Master, do You enjoy massages, candles and music?"

i looked at His guitars sitting in the corner. i knew He liked to play, but i didn't know if He would grace me with some of His abilities. So i waited quietly. "Yes, I like to play the guitar." He smiled at me. "Are you wanting to hear it?"

i blushed, "Only if Master isn't too tired to play?" He uncurled Himself from me and plugged up His guitar. i sat there, quietly and watched my Master tune and pick at His guitar.

"And yes, My chatte, I am like every red blooded American Man. I enjoy romance and massages."

Again, i blushed, "Yes, Master. i noticed when You come home from work You are a little stressed. i would like to do something to ease Your stress levels. i haven't been a very dutiful slave in making sure i am caring for my Master. So, i want to do something special for You, if You will allow." i sat and watched His face change as He started to strum the strings on His guitar. His face softened and His eyes went far away from me as He whispered, "That would be nice."

'i fell in love with a Man who had a romantic soul! How lucky could a girl get?' The slave in me clapped happily.

When Master finished His setting, i applauded to Him. He is rather good at His abilities to play the guitar. i have tried, years ago to learn to play, but i am more of a piano player, myself. my fingers never seemed to be able to reach all the way around the neck of the guitar to hit the notes precisely. Watching my Master play His guitar brought forth a longing in me. i was so 'hot' for Him but the ache was quietly abated by an even more prevalent desire. i wanted to rub His stress away and feel Him relax under my touch the way He relaxed under that guitar. Everything He did, how He moves, how He looks, smells, and just exist... had the effect of making me want to throw myself at His feet and beg Him to fuck me.

Master chuckled, "What are you thinking about?"

i blushed and admitted quietly, "That i would like to be that guitar."

With a huge smile, Master swung the guitar over His shoulder and set it down carefully. He took me by my hand and pulled me up from the floor. "That can be arranged and it's ok that you desire Me so much. If you didn't, i would wonder about the Master/slave relationship." He put His arms around me and kissed me deeply. "There is so much more inside of you, girl. Let it go and give it to Me. Don't be ashamed or scared. There is no place for fears and inhibitions with Me. I want it all."

my body melted into Him. He nuzzled my neck a little more and then twisted me around so my back was to Him. His arms wrapped protectively around me. i leaned back into Him as His hands felt their way down my body. my naked flesh crushed against His clothing, i felt the hardness between U/us. i smiled to myself. A girl's desire is to feel her Master's desire for her. Master whispered into my ear, "I have a few things to do on the computer. Why don't you go to the bedroom and set things up for me. I will be in shortly."

i could have questioned a thousand things, "what did He want me to set up?", "How did He wish it set up?", "What if i did it wrong?" But i threw the brakes on my mental spinning and decided immediately, Master was allowing me to please Him with whatever i did. So, i took the initiative and went to the room with my goal in mind. i wanted to give back to my Master what He has given me the last few days.

i put a clean sheet over the bed to soak up any dripping oils. Then i lit four candles in each of the four corners of the room. The oils were warmed in a cup of hot water and the television was on soft jazz music with relaxing instrumentals playing. i lit an incense and climbed into the center of the bed and waited for Master.

After a few more minutes of wait, Master peeked His head around the corner of the bedroom door. "Taking a little initiative, I see," He chuckled. i smiled brightly to Him. "It has been such a busy time for B/both of U/us, Master. You have been so patient and understanding in helping me to seek relaxation, i wish to give to You some peaceful relaxation if i may?"

Master stepped into the room and snapped His fingers, summoning me to His feet. i quickly crawled over to Him and knelt at His feet, blushing. He ran His fingers through my hair and pulled my face up to look into His eyes. "Anything you do to make my life better is always pleasing to me and for the most part, needs no permissions to do. I am pretty laid back and will take whatever you offer. Just be yourself," He said quietly as He stroked my face. With trembling fingers, i slipped them into the waist-band of His jeans and undid His pants. i kept my eyes locked with His as i watched for any sign of doing anything wrong. As i slid His zipper down, my hand brushed against His hardness and He sighed through gritted teeth. i bit back a smile and worked His jeans to the floor. i had already taken off His shoes and socks when He first came home. So, He stepped right out of His pants while still maintaining eye contact. i rolled His jeans up neatly because i did not know if He had anything in His pockets to retrieve later, so taking no chances, i put them in the chair. Then i stood and slipped His t-shirt up over His head. The smell of Manliness filled my nostrils and i nearly melted on the spot with desire to fling myself on Him. my Master intoxicates me with just His mere presence. i caught His eyes as they glazed over for a moment and knew He was feeling it as well.

i saved His underclothes for last. Hunger and desire burns in my mind as restraint and control fight to keep my mind focused as i pull the last thin layer of material from His body and my Master stands before me, lean, muscled and so very sexy. i step away from Master's heat and take His hand and He pulls me to the bed with Him. i help Him get situated on the bed and then put a warm handful of oil into my palm and massage it into my hands. Then i add more and straddle His body preparing to massage His shoulders and neck. i feel His muscles in His neck begin to relax and He sighs under my hands as He melts into the bed. i move slowly down His shoulders until i feel the same release in tension. i put special care into the small of His back. A lot of unknown tensions are held there for many people. Using huge circling motions i run up and down His spine and focus on that tension breaker in His center.

When i finished massaging all the way down to His toes, He flipped over, under me. i started up at His chest once again. my Master chuckled softly. i stopped and stared at Him in horror wondering what i might have done wrong. "I failed to mention something to you, My slave...," He paused looking at me through half closed eyelids.

"What is that, Master?" i began to rub again more softly. i had straddled Him much like i had done with His back. As my body slid down His belly and seated itself in His pelvic area, my massaging motions stopped and my eyes popped open wide. "OH, Master!"

He chuckled and placed His hands on my hips and raised me up. i almost lifted a leg to "step" over Him and move, so i was not rubbing against His hardened cock. Master's eyes darkened in a flash and i froze. His eyes softened once again and He slipped one hand between U/us and stood His erect cock, aiming it at my long forgotten pussy. i almost panicked thinking i was not ready for His entry as i had not been concentrating on my own pleasures. my body did not betray me. As He pulled me in one motion down onto Himself, He slid into me with His full length. i shuddered around Him and my body spasmed with the assaulted pleasure. "That's right, My little pussy should always be ready for her Master, now ride."

i started to move gently around on my Master. i am not kidding when i say He is very well endowed. If i sit my full weight on Him while riding, i bend my Master somewhat uncomfortably, so i have to stay focused on Him as i move and not get too carried away and forget His comforts in this position. Apparently, the determination read clearly on my face. Master raised Himself up to sitting position and wrapped His arms around me so He had more control over the depth and His thighs coming together, allowed me to take Him fully while sitting on His legs. This intimate position of Him actually embracing me while i rode Him, sent my body into a oblivion with desire. Master grabbed my mouth with His mouth and kissed me urgently. my tongue lashed out and caught His and pulled Him into my mouth as W/we joined in a complete circle of E/each O/other. As i felt Him grow to His full length inside of me, primal need and desire took over and i cried out His name, the only name i call Him, "Oh, Master!"

Through gritted teeth, He pants, "Cum!" my body needs no priming or moment to make this happen. The moment it hears my Master's command, it responds eagerly and flows around Him. "Again," He barks firmly and i obey. Each orgasm solicited from me, raises the height of the next until no further commands are needed, my body is in a perpetual orgasmic state that has my mind clouded and only feeling the pleasures my Master allows me. i arch back, pressing my breast into my Master's face as my head hangs behind me. Master takes my exposed nipples into His mouth and bites firmly against them, eliciting squeals of pleasure from me. i hang firmly onto His shoulders and His arms are wrapped protectively around me. i ride the waves of pleasure until i can stand no more. my body relaxes against Him and He nuzzles my neck softly until i am slightly restored to be able to move off of Him.

The moment my body moves off of His, He moves like an agile panther and comes behind me. He grabs my hips and holds me and i know He is going to take what is His to take. Never a moments hesitation to deny my Master His desires of this girl. i plant myself firmly and prepare for His entry, not daring to anticipate which hole He enters, giving it up for Him to decide what He wishes to take His pleasures with. As He slams into my dripping, tender, pussy, i tighten around Him and firmly push back to Him. i cannot see His face, but i can "feel" His every emotion. i feel the tension building with every thrust, i am lost in this primal lovemaking with Him. Moaning and groaning against Him, i sink down to the bed and spread my legs wider.

He folds Himself over me and tangles His fingers into my hair and pulls me up off the bed, i grunt under His firmness and come up without resistance. He wraps His arms around me and my head falls back against His chest with B/both of U/us up on O/our knees. As He pushes into me hard, He grinds Himself deeper until i see stars behind closed eyelids. i become O/one with Him and at the precise moment of His orgasm, He grabs my hair and pulls my head to the side with His left hand and grabs my right nipple with His right hand and bites down into my neck as He shudders with His orgasm. i think i faint against Him. my mind rushes away from me, my body becomes like a limp dish rag in His arms and once again, i drift into a mental subspace that only He can extract from me.

This time, i take a moment to relish the complete and total euphoria His bite, His hands, and His body can take me to. Time stands still for me. Everything moves in slow motion. i hear Him groan loudly against my skin and i am completely helpless to neither facilitate His orgasm or stop it. i feel every drop of cum as it hits the inside walls of my burning pussy. my body explodes around my Master and contracts to pulsate against Him. He tightens His grip against me and pushes as deep as He can as He loses a moment of sanity, Himself, in orgasm.

The moment passes all too quickly for me. i feel Him relax His hold on me and my body starts its ascension from this blissful place that is "my little heaven" with my Master. He wraps both arms around me and my arms come up to wrap around His. He holds me gently in a warm embrace. "How do You do that, Master?" i whisper softly.

"How do I do what?" He nuzzles me gently.

"How do You know at the exact moment to make everything so 'perfect' and it sends me into that place i cannot describe?"

"I just let instincts take over, My love," He whispers as He disentangles Himself from me and lays on the bed. i run my hands through His curly chest hairs and lay my head down over His heart. i feel it beating sharply against my face and i sigh as i move my body down beside His so that He is cradling me in His arms.

"You are a romantic, You know, Master?" my voice becomes thick with need to sleep.

"I am just me," Master kisses my head tenderly.


***Special Note: There is a slight element missing in this story. The element of pain, torture, and humiliation. Almost every BDSM story i have read, online, since finding my interest peaked in this lifestyle, has been about how a Master will use and abuse His slaves, treat them harshly and uncaring. Most of the Dom's i have ran across in the public chat rooms are always running their mouth about how Dominant they are and how they want to "break" a slave to make them be what They desire. i don't think i realized what was missing until i returned home and His aura began to fade from me. Reality took hold, life continued, and things became twisted and confusing to me. my Master's methods are purely His own and He desires to have the slave "come" to Him rather than having a tug of war over "W/who will be on Top.

It has been many months since i have lain in my Master's arms. A lot of "water under the bridge" has washed away the precise details. His patience has ran thin, over the months, with this girl of His. Through it all, He still keeps one thing steady. i am here because i wish to be here, not because He has mentally brainwashed me to "must" be His. It was my full intention to continue writing daily accounts up to day ten and end it "happily ever after". However, this story is far from the fairy tale romance my mind has portrayed it to be thus far. Master encourages my writing, He feels it will open my eyes to a lot of things that i did not pay attention to when i was "knee deep" in the middle of it all.

He is right. Master was very considerate, very gentle, and very loving with me while i stayed with Him at His home. He continued to lavish me with His attentions and take care of my every sexual desire to a complete exhaustion of my mental ability to "fight back" with anything. He put me in a euphoric state that cocooned me and drew me away from the world. To continue with the "ten day" stretch would get monotonous and repetitious with the writing. So, the next entry, i will jump ahead to the day of O/our departure and continue my story. Thank Y/you A/all for the votes and the words of encouragement. i am glad Y/you are enjoying my story. The saga continues (soft smiles).***

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