tagReviews & Essays3X DVD Review Issue 3

3X DVD Review Issue 3


3X DVD Review
Genre: Interracial
Featuring: “Interracial Nation” and “Interracial Nation 2”

Interracial Nation (Visual Images)

Interracial Nation is standard interracial fare with anal sex as its focus. The girls are average looking, though some scenes may have that one porn moment where a still, or voices alone could summon a pop. All scenes are 1-on-1 with a little interview. And the pop shots aren’t wasted. Recommended for devout fans of interracial. Since it generally costs less than other black-on-white gonzo, its easier worth the money.

Scene 1 - Julie Night
Girl C. Personality C. Sex: C

We start with a somewhat attractive blonde who discovered she gets a lot more attention being a slut. She’s the type to invite to a party making sure someone puts out. Julie would be the first to show up and the last to leave if she knew black cock needed white pussy. She’s quick at start to show what she wants by tapping her ass hole with her finger wanting a big black cock inside. When presented with her black stud, she drops to her knees and gives a sloppy blowjob while cradling his large balls in her hand. She also is not shy spreading her legs in front of the camera in a cowgirl and reverse cowgirl while looking at the viewer confessing her lust for black cock. Julie is then at her happiest when she’s fucked in her ass proving to everyone what a true slut she is. This scene will please most when she’s placed doggie style with a black cock pounding her asshole without mercy. While everyone is having drinks in the party upstairs, she’s already naked and fucking in the basement. Julie takes her cum in her mouth swallowing nearly every drop!

Scene 2 - Melanie Jagger
Girl B. Personality B. Sex B

Never mind the opening monologue. Watch for Melanie going to work on black dick as soon it’s presented in front of her. She’s not a least embarrassed that’s she’s doing it for the money. As she sucks, she becomes more lustful as her clothes drop from her body. When we discover she’s servicing a much older black man, Melanie is quickly being turned on being controlled by him who simply wants pussy. Melanie lies back on the couch and gives up control of her pussy to her stud driving his cock into her as if it had always belonged to him. Melanie later will take it in the ass living up to her promise that a black man can have any hole he wants. The anal scene is a little long, but she has a dirty mouth and is in ecstasy before taking a sperm load into it. Melanie is the type who gets passed around from one guy to another.

Scene 3 - Fiona Cheeks:
Girl C. Personality B. Sex B.

At first glance, Fiona may not be the most attractive in her prostitute-blonde hair, but it is her sexuality and energy that makes her a hottie. No doubt, Fiona gave up her body to black cock. She has a whore personality and loves sex as if her life depends on it. She begs and talks nasty while a black cock pushes inside her white pussy. The slut will call herself “a nasty little bitch”, “slut”, and “whore” and in a doggie position shows her use as a fuck toy. When you see her put out for a complete stranger, you’ll wish your girlfriend would put out like that.

Scene 4 – Michelle Christian
Girl C. Personality B. Sex C.

Just turned 18, this shorthaired blonde slut races to make an interracial video. Dumb and vulnerable, she’s only interested getting experience being fucked. Like the others, Michelle jumps in and starts sucking cock. Not a least bit glamorous, she is a perfect pick up for a fuck-date. She does the standard cowgirl positions. She squeals like a high school virgin losing her innocence with each thrust of cock pushing into her little pussy. When Michelle lets hot cum drain down her throat, you get the idea for an 18-year old she really loves what men have between their legs.

Scene 5 – Shannon Getsit
Girl D. Personality C. Sex C.

Last is a brown-haired party tart named Shannon. She’s the type to fuck if you purposely didn’t want to know her name. She is there to service her man and while giving a sloppy, spitty blowjob, she’ll slap her tongue, nose, and cheek with a greedy black cock in her hand. When she leans back on the couch, she obediently spreads her legs and puts out her pussy like the fuck hole it is. The pussy stretch session seems long and rhythmically mundane. She finishes with a cum shower in her hair and on her face. After she scoops up all the cum from her body to her mouth, slap her on the ass and say, “Get out!”

Production quality: Fair
Score: 2.5 / 5

Interracial Nation 2 (Visual Images)
Genres: Interracial, Gonzo
Score: 2.5 / 5

In this sequel, Interracial Nations returns with a new set of five girls. While a couple of them are definitely not your girl-next-door, others are certainly are and it is in them that make the video enjoyable. Again, all scenes are 1-on-1. Though it scores the same as the original, there are two scenes that exceed the previous version. Its otherwise low score stems from uninspired scenes. Get it for scenes 2 and 4 if you’re into seeing girls corrupted by big, black cock.

Scene 1 – Jessica Darling
Girl B-. Personality C. Sex C.

Hottie Jessica is your typical stripper-blonde dragged out of your local trailer park. Men don’t approach her for intelligent conversation but rather to get between her legs and into her mouth. Jessica sucks cock with such delight you wonder if there’s a small plastic bag of chalk waiting for her after she’s done. She may be a vain go-go dancer, but when there’s a black cock in front of her pride goes out. When she’s fucking she sounds more like an incoherent cave woman. Jessica does do anal and takes her semen in her mouth like she should. When sticky cum runs down her chin, spattering her tits it’s hard to refuse her taste for expensive gifts. Go down to your local strip club. Chances are you’ll see someone resembling Jessica and you can imagine what she’s like with black dick inside her.

Scene 2 – Katrina
Girl A-. Personality A. Sex B.
She’s dumb too! Katrina is a cute blonde with a beautiful all-natural body. It would have been more erotic if she were dressed during her introduction rather than butt-naked ‘cause she’s got that girl-next-door look. Even the lucky dude couldn’t resist a friendly hug (and he’s going to fuck her!) While sitting on the carpet, Katrina sucks cock like a girlfriend; caring and dutiful. When she’s getting her pussy eaten, she looks almost guilty at the pleasure her body is giving her. The tattoos and body piercing she sports only brings out her true nature and the need to feel erotic and like a slut all the time. She even fucks like a girlfriend, somewhat submissive with subdued groans. She puts out for her black boyfriend even after she’s told he wants her for her white pussy. Katrina may act like a good, wholesome girl in front of her family, friends, and at church, but she has a need for sex and knows she has an appetite for black dick! Later, she takes it from behind while bent over a couch. Her moans are no longer held back and she’s anything but virginal. If only her boyfriend knew how close she is from being talked into whoring. In the end Katrina face is painted with cum and we wonder if a gangbang is around the corner.
Katrina is a favorite. She reminds you of that girl who’s really modest, never curses, smokes or drinks. It took a black cock to coax her out of her sexual shell where she’ll never return. An innocent girl was lost and a slut was born!

Scene 3 – Olivia Saint
Girl C. Personality C. Sex: C.

Not to confused with Silvia Saint, this porn slut is a slender blonde too with a love for black men. She doesn’t pretend to be innocent and enjoys the look on men’s faces when they know they’re going to get her pussy. You can hear how heavy his black cock when Olivia smacks her tongue with it. The fuck sessions are your typical positions with an anal ending. The best segment of the scene is the pop shot on Olivia’s face with a load on her chin as thick as cottage cheese.

Scene 4 – Cherry
Girl B-. Personality C+. Sex: B.

This 20-year old red head likes to bounce on the bed and thinks black men are good for fucking. Claiming she never had black dick before she acts almost naïve. When she puts a hard cock in her mouth, you can imagine her saying, “Is this how I do it?” After a tender session sucking dick and having her pussy licked, Cherry finally experiences black sexing. Speechless, her black lover endlessly stuffs his cock making room inside Cherry’s pussy. It is when she’s spun into doggie style while resting her head flat on the bed when it becomes hot. Dominated by her aggressive black man, Cherry is seduced into telling him her love for black dick before she swears to him her pussy for good! With a gentle kiss, they seal his possession of her. Cherry finishes her sexing with her face drenched in sperm knowing now that a lot of black cock is in front of her.

Scene 5 – Cailey Taylor
Girl B. Personality D-. Sex: D-.

Cailey is another blonde who looks like she was once a model before turning porn. Looking at her she might make you wonder, “Who is she fucking?” Her breasts are obviously manufactured but on her knees she’s all woman. She works to earn her pay for the week when she starts with a wet blowjob. The intercourse is basically mechanical but you can dream how a model likes to get fucked. Cailey does do anal and the saving grace is that the pop shot wasn’t wasted.

Production quality: Fair
Score: 2.5 / 5

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